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Advertising with The Health Wyze Report is a wyze Investment because:


  • We are a high volume Internet site with loyal repeat visitors.
  • Our readers are wyze and savvy.
  • Our advertising rates are very competitive, which virtually guarantees a positive return on your investment.
  • The uniqueness of this site will make your presence memorable to our readers; regardless of whether they buy now or remember you later.
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Just The Numbers

We average between 131,000 and 170,000 "hits" (browser connections) per day. Over the course of a month, that's a lot of people. We get up to 5.5 million hits per month.

H.W. Audience Age
9.5% 18 to 24
26.3% 25 to 34
23.9% 35 to 44
24.7% 45 to 54
11.4% 55+

Using the tracking facilities of Facebook, the information to the right is an approximate break-down of our audience. Our audience is approximately 64% female and 34% male. We have an exceptionally intelligent audience like no other alternative health site has, and we are growing rapidly as people tell their friends about us.

It is impossible to give a precise number of listeners per show, because we are replayed by dozens of online rebroadcasting systems. With an audio show, it is very difficult to gauge how many listeners there are, and this is true for even radio stations. The general rule is, everybody lies. To give an example, most radio stations absurdly claim that their audience involves every inhabitant within their signal range. They quote these ridiculously inflated numbers even when they know that there are just 3 or 4 people listening to their station. We are not going to play those games, but we will tell you what we do know about our audience.

We have two types of listeners, the type that listen to our shows from our site or one of the rebroadcasting sites, and we have those that download them for later listening. We can calculate a rough minimal number of listeners from that, but we cannot account for the listeners from the rebroadcasts, which is a greater number. Within the first month of posting a show, we generally get around 4,000 people who come to our site and either download or listen with our player. Based on the dozens of rebroadcasts that we get, the actual number would be more than ten times that size, and of course, this does not account for the downloads. Based on the numbers that we can put together, we can estimate that over the period of a show's first year, it would be listened to by between 40,000 and 80,000 people.

We maintain an audio archive wherein listeners can choose to listen to any of our shows, and they never disappear from the archive. This is one of the things that makes the number hard to calculate, because none of our shows have an end of life, and they are available forever to our listeners. For instance, episode 1, which was made in 2007, is still being listened to.

Checking How We're Doing For Yourself

You may browse our detailed demographics information for yourself, which is compiled from our server's log files. Please note that the numbers will usually be low or nonexistent for the current day, since the data is updated around midnight. It is also worth noting that the current month's report may not be as useful as the previous month's report, because there is less data to analyze in the current month, so you may wish to view the previous month for greater accuracy. This is especially true during the first couple of weeks of a month.

Deciding Which Type of Advertising is Right For You

Conventional advertising methods are available, but our recommendation is to advertise via the audio shows. Most people will notice how popular the audio shows are, and our numbers do not account for the people who listen to them via Tune-in, Shoutcast, the Bittorrent systems, and various other relay networks. The number of listeners that our logs account for only reflect a small percentage of our listening audience. In fact, we are always listed in first or second place in popularity inside of the health category of the widely popular Tune-In network. We've repeatedly been told that our shows tend to be listened to during gym work-outs, runs, and walks. From our own experience, we have noticed that our audio show advertising is by far the most effective. It is especially worth noting that the audio shows will always be available online, and therefore, audio advertisements have no end of life.

What's Available?

Recommended Advertising Options
Option 1 Right side vertical advertisement (every page) @ 160x600 or 160x240 pixels
Option 2 Rotating horizontal banner (bottom of every story) @ 468x60 pixels
Option 3 Non-rotating banner or advertisement on article or group of articles @ 468x60 pixels
Option 4 Audio show advertisement. We have a huge listenership!
Option 5 Everything


Pricing is not listed here because it is negotiable. Each of the options has specific benefits and drawbacks. We can help you produce banner advertising. We will also create custom audio advertisements, in case you do not wish to record your own. These are free services. Advertising is purchased at a flat rate, for a specified period of time (month/year), except for audio shows. In the case of audio shows, advertising may be purchased for the next show or a group of upcoming shows.

Regardless of the format or media type that you choose, the best advertisers remember that the most important factor in advertising is creating a brand awareness; and our audience will hold you in high regard if we approve your advertising. To learn more about us and our ideals, visit our about us page.

Contact Thomas or Sarah with questions or comments about advertising with The Health Wyze Report.

Telephone: +1, (336) 528-4120

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