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Video: Dealing With Doctors (Edition 1, With Subtitles)

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Note: The narrated version of the movie can be found here.

We have released a new video, called "Dealing With Doctors". At only 9 minutes long, you have no excuse not to watch it. Rather than describing the video and ruining the surprise, we ask that you watch the video instead, and help us spread it far and wide.

Comments (8)
  • Ioseph

    Nice video. If you're uploading to Mininova I'll volunteer as a seed when the bandwidth is open. Surely youtube won't let this stay online for long.

  • Russ Fye  - Excellent Video!

    Just wanted to take a minute and thank you for producing such a great video! It is high-time people start waking up and stop living in the "smoke and mirror" world. It is sickening to me how these greedy men and women who sit atop the human "food-chain" think. We are all human beings and need to stop destroying everything and appreciate Mother Nature, Earth, and ourselves. Keep up the great work Healthwyze (my favorite website of all time)! Love and Peace to you all...

  • Paul Fassa

    Our subtitle is "Escape from the Medical Mafia Matrix". We posted your "Cancer Report", and we'll be posting this video too. Keep up the great work.

    Documentaries with live people rousting about and audio narrative has more emotional impact - BUT, the type you're doing gets those DETAILS imbeded in peoples' minds better, I think. And that's very important. It's like you're forcing them to read with focused attention.

  • Ioseph  - re:

    Not to mention it saves server space for those who do use BitTorrent daily. Would like to note that the next advancement in Bittorrent is streaming in a way similar to youtube but the viewers share the bandwidth. Might want to keep an eye out. I know I am.

  • Inpatient Drug Rehab Counselor

    This really grinds my gears as most of the addicts I deal with have for the most part been exposed to these drugs as children, and then to top that off, they are then prescribed more drugs as treatment. thanks for sharing!

  • Donna  - Dealing with Doctors

    Thank you for the video! This was a cunning comparison. I really enjoyed it as I enjoy all exposures of the establishment especially in the health field. I praise the Lord for His ways of health for us! I also enjoyed the Cancer Report very much & passed it on to others as well. for some reason I wasn't able to leave a comment on the youtube site even tho I have an account & did not use any website in the comment place.

  • Donna

    I wanted to also mention that for me, the text is a good feature & I seem to remember the information better & I also take notes!

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