We have recently received some requests for information about "how to subscribe" to The Health Wyze Report. We assumed that a mailing list was implied by the questions. Most of the other health-related sites have mailing lists that broadcast their articles, so it was only a matter of time before people began requesting one from us. Until now, we resisted creating a mailing system for our readers, e-mail and mouse for a variety of reasons that are too protracted to cite here. We have historically been focused on creating an educational site with alternative and newsworthy information that is credible, in addition to producing various other health-related media. This mission has not changed. Nevertheless, requests have come for us to change our position about implementing a mailing list, and we are changing our position.

Other health sites generally have one-way mailing lists: meaning that the readers are censored by default. Yet getting off of these mailing lists is virtually impossible. For the owners of such systems, their mailing lists are merely product-plug delivery systems. We find it to be absolutely despicable, and the overall sense of stigma from these practices is one of the main reasons why we avoided using a mailing list ourselves. We do not spam, nor do we tolerate it in any form. Our media has never been covert marketing. Believe me, we have been contacted by quite a few companies that were willing to provide us with paid "guest authors" for covert marketing partnerships. We've spotted quite a few of them at some of our peer sites, as well. Our articles are always the real thing, just as we are. You will know whenever we are trying to sell something, because we will be honest about it. We hope that you find this to be a refreshing change.

We can, and should do much more with a mailing list than merely create another one-way broadcasting system, whereby all of the readers are merely passive consumers. It is great for marketing, but it is terrible for community. Most of you are very good people. Perhaps so good that perhaps divine providence guided us to be together here at this place, and at this moment in time. Most of you have been trained to feel impotent as things have inevitably gotten worse, but whether you realize it or not, you are already a member of a rapidly growing army of conscientious dissenters of the status quo. You should realize it, and realize that we are much more powerful united than we are alone. So we want your voice, and we want you to join our mailing list. We desperately need leaders, and the toughest part of leading is taking the first step. You won't be alone.

Please reference our official mailing list policies and our community standards before signing up. We suggest bookmarking both of those links, if you wish to join.

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If you are a customer of AT&T or any of these divisions, then you may not be able to receive messages from Health Wyze. It does not currently seem to be a problem, but it could become a problem again at any time. If you do business with these companies, then you cannot be certain that you will receive our messages. AT&T periodically blocks our e-mails for random periods of time, for no apparent reason.


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