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Health Alert: Avoid Imported Orange Juice

Written by Print  E-mail
Florida's Natural is one of the more ethical and safer companies to buy from.

HEALTH ALERT: Minute Maid, Simply Orange, and Tropicana brands of orange juice have been found to be contaminated with a dangerous fungicide.  The Health Wyze Report Staff recommends only purchasing orange juice from companies that do not import their oranges, such as Florida Natural, and disposing of any other orange juices.

The F.D.A. is currently doing an "investigation" and has temporarily stopped imports of orange juice, which means that they are waiting until all of the tainted orange juice has been consumed, so they may proclaim that the crisis is over.  There is no recall, nor will there be one.

In Brazil, a fungicide, known as carbendazim is used to prevent fungus from growing on trees, but this fungicide has not been approved in the United States.  Carbendazim has been linked to birth defects in humans, and death in fish.  The manufacturer, DuPont, has already been forced to pay damages for some of the harm that their chemical has caused.  Carbendazim was banned in Australia, due to studies linking it with infertility.

Minute Maid, Simply Orange, and Tropicana orange juice have been found to be contaminated with the chemical, and it is likely that the same is true for other brands that use imported orange juice.  More than a quarter of the orange juice that is sold in the United States is imported, despite the fact that the U.S. has southern states that can produce oranges throughout the year; and therefore, the importation of orange juice to the U.S. is simply a matter of greed.  Brazil is currently the top importer of orange juice into the United States.

The F.D.A. has temporarily stalled the importation of orange juice, but contaminated orange juice is still on U.S. store shelves and in people's homes.  None of the poisoned orange juice is being recalled.  The same is likely true for Canadian supplies.

The F.D.A. was not even responsible for the discovery of the poison.  The Coca Cola company, which produces Minute Maid, detected it in their own products and notified the F.D.A..  By not demanding a recall, the F.D.A. is providing immunity to Coca Cola from any damage that occurs as a result of this poison being in their products.  Legally shielding companies in this manner is the primary function of the F.D.A., as evidenced by its policies.

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Comments (2)
  • john

    we all must be very careful about anything we put into our bodies. it is getting harder and harder to find good holsome food and drink just about everything has been contaminated by the powers that be.
    but I have NO faith at all in anything the FDA say. they are part of the problem and not to be trusted in any way shape or form! don't forget Ojuice is full of vitamin C and that is the last thing these people want you to get, because it cures many things naturaly!!! didn't they just say last month that apple juice was contaminated with arsinic??? it is most likely the natural arsinic that comes from the seeds which will not hurt you and quite possibaly will help you! look into vitamin B-17 laitril, seems to cure cancer!!! thats the info they dont want you to have.
    pray to GOD to guide you to healthy food and do your best within your means to keep garbage out of your body that is the best we can do now.

  • Rob  - Orange juice

    Instead of telling people to buy that fake crap, encourage them to start making their own real juice at home. All that crap at the store isn't real orange juice any way.

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