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The C.D.C.'s Greatest Health Achievements

Written by Sarah C. Corriher

A reader from Valley Wide Health Systems in Colorado was outraged by an article that we wrote about the dangers of fluoride, and subsequently sent us a link to a Centers for Disease Control web page cataloging "the ten best health achievements of the 20th Century".  This person, of course, used a false name to hide.

Reading through that C.D.C. list actually became comedic for us, so we're going to share some key points, and explain how the C.D.C. is so very wrong on so many levels.  We feel pity for whoever was asked to write the list, because there have been very few accomplishments in the last 100 years in the area of medicine, despite the propaganda and hype.  Aside from the germ theory, and subsequent improvements in hygiene, medicine has not really achieved much at all.  We are thankful for the discovery of vitamin C by Hungarian researcher Albert Szent-Györgyi in 1934, and the discovery of the cause of cancer (ie. cellular oxygen starvation) by Dr. Otto Warburg in 1931.  However, both people were vilified by the establishment, because they were responsible for information that endangered its lucrative business.  They were noticeably absent from the C.D.C.'s list, and one would assume that curing cancer might actually make that list.  Before continuing, we should mention that we have chosen not to comment on non-medical related items on the list, such as automobile safety.  With that said, here we go!

Quick Tip: Burn Treatment with Silver

Written by Sarah C. Corriher

Medical silver creams, like this one, are only available with a prescription.

Day-to-day burns are often treated with various over the counter creams that are found at pharmacies.  They are notorious for having little to no effect, and burns to the tongue are deemed untreatable.  However, in burn centers, an alternative remedy is being used all across the country, and there is nothing that comes close to its effectiveness in existence.  This substance is silver.

Silver has been known for decades as the best substance for burns, and even the mainstream medical establishment cannot deny its benefits.  Nothing comes close to providing such relief.  Along with repairing the damaged skin, silver also prevents infections, which is a common complication with severe burns.  While silver is regularly used in hospitals, high-end medical creams can be problematic to obtain, because prescriptions are required.  Unfortunately, the federal government interferes with our right to access essential medical supplies, even when they are completely safe.  It's all about maximizing profits, compliance, and ensuring that sooner or later we will come begging.

Special Investigative Report: Why You Should Boycott the Susan Komen Pink Ribbon Foundation and Its Sponsors

Written by Sarah C. Corriher

It may stun many readers to learn that the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation sponsors Planned Parenthood, the "family planning" organization that performs assembly-line abortions. The Komen Foundation is also an organization that conveniently neglects to mention that both abortions and radiation from routine mammograms are methods of inducing breast cancers. The risk of getting breast cancer from either of these activities alone is greater than the risks of smoking and poor diet combined. The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation may very well be the greatest cause of breast cancer in the world.

The amount of money that the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation has donated to Planned Parenthood is being kept obscured. Life News reported that $730,000 was donated to the abortion organization in 2009 alone, but we are unable to confirm the exact figure. A public relations representative from the Komen Foundation disclosed to The Health Wyze Report that the amount of money annually funneled into Planned Parenthood is "about $700,000", which lends strong credence to the earlier figure. The Komen Foundation boasts that it has "invested almost $2 billion" since its inception in 1982. What the Komen Foundation actually does with that funding is never disclosed. The money is shrouded in secrecy, but it is said to be "energizing science".

"Our only goal for our granting process is to support women and families in the fight against breast cancer. Amending our criteria will ensure that politics has no place in our grant process. We will continue to fund existing grants, including those of Planned Parenthood, and preserve their eligibility to apply for future grants, while maintaining the ability of our affiliates to make funding decisions that meet the needs of their communities."


The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (alias Susan G. Komen for the Cure) maintains that the money given to Planned Parenthood is specifically earmarked for breast cancer screenings only. They neglect to mention that the money donated for radioactive screenings at Planned Parenthood actually frees Planned Parenthood's funding, so that it can provide more of its other services. They carefully omit mentioning the fact that the breast cancer screenings cause breast cancers, due to radiation exposure from the tests. Likewise, the contraceptive pills issued at Planned Parenthood, and the abortions performed -- more than double the cancer risk.

All of these things would be considered horrendous by the pro-life advocates and churches who regularly donate to the Komen Foundation. They are kept ignorant of the special partnership between Komen and Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is scarcely mentioned on the Komen web site. In the event that the partnership is noticed by Christian benefactors, the Komen Foundation has a statement ready from their token Christian, Norman Roberts, who attempts to rationalize funneling donated funds to Planned Parenthood as "moral". The organization considers its fund raising to be moral, despite defrauding its own donors as a routine part of its 'charity' work.

Komen appears to have a policy of partnering with unethical organizations and their pink ribbons never appear on organic foods. They tend to promote only cancer-causing foods and products. The irony of their past support for aluminum-containing (breast cancer causing) deodorants is staggering, and their partnership with KFC was mocked publicly by comedian Stephen Colbert. The organization's partners range from aspartame-laced yogurts to MSG-containing pizzas. Under the banner of saving lives, we find an organization promoting cancer in its every action.

Cancer Causing Deodorant

You are likely to find the Naturally Fresh brand of deodorant in Whole Food's Market sporting a Komen pink ribbon emblem. Its ingredient's list includes, "natural mineral salts (potassium alum)". That alum is nothing natural. It is made from aluminum that has been chemically processed. It is an accumulative, carcinogenic, heavy metal compound that is made with aluminum and phosphorus. It was used instead of aluminum chlorohydrate in the product, in order to disguise the fact that the product still contains aluminum. Deodorants containing aluminum compounds are one of the leading causes of breast cancer. This is a typical Komen Foundation endorsed product, so buyers should beware of the pink ribbon.

The evidence suggests that the Komen organization has no sincere interest in the cause or cure of cancer. Any success would immediately dry-up its funding, so cures are the last thing that the foundation wants. This is why its members sidestep mentioning any safer or more effective therapies than the status quo. One need not have billions in research funding to discover effective cures or the causes of cancer; for all that is needed is a free card to any public library, or an Internet connection to learn about the 1931 Nobel Prize in medicine discovery of Dr. Otto Warburg. The Komen organization's continued silent complicity with a medical system that easily kills 10 times the number of people who are killed by the cancers themselves is positive proof that maintaining the status quo is their for-profit business model. Meanwhile, as the cancer industry carnage continues, their profits have gone from the millions into the billions, and Komen does not even pay tax.

Where exactly is the two billion dollars of research? After its 31+ years of existence, the organization has yet to show an accomplishment or even a single research paper. On the other hand, it has helped to fund millions of abortions using other people's money without their consent. That could be considered an accomplishment from a certain perspective.

Corporations who market with Komen's pink ribbons do so because they get greater profits due to increased customer sales. It is a con job of legendary proportions that despicably targets the most well intentioned of our society. Awhile, not so much as a finger has been lifted in any honest effort to save any person's life. Readers may wish to begin their own quest to locate any cancer victim who has ever been helped by Komen. The cancer deaths indirectly caused by the products of their corporate partners, and more directly from the Komen-sponsored abortions, are easily into the many millions.


Despite dishonest public comments from Komen's representatives to the contrary, abortion increases the risk of breast cancer. It is not a small increase. For virtually every category of women, in every age group, the chance of getting cancer more than doubles after an abortion. When abortions are combined with birth control pill usage, and radioactive exams (both given by their partner organization) then the long-term prognosis is bleak.

Something never mentioned by Komen or Planned Parenthood is the fact that the surest way to prevent breast cancer is to have a child and then breast feed him. Women become more vulnerable to breast cancer as soon as they become pregnant, showing the unique influence of pregnancy-related hormones, and many researchers believe that a permanent hormonal imbalance is created whenever an abortion interrupts the natural birthing cycle. This explains the correlation between abortion and breast cancers. It is similar to the way in which women with C-sections cannot lose weight afterward, since the natural birthing process was interrupted, which in-turn prevented their hormones from automatically resetting. Following pregnancy, women who breast feed their children are well protected against breast cancer. Cancer resistance is much greater for these woman than for those who did not have children. This is why breast cancer was once referred to as the "Nun's Disease", because only nuns (who were childless) got breast cancer. One might expect these findings to be in Komen's literature, since the organization purported to be so concerned about preventing breast cancers. Instead, the hormone research is a topic that is avoided, but it has been public since the 1970's.

"The longer women breast feed the more they are protected against breast cancer."

-- The Lancet, 2002

Komen has been under fire from legitimate breast cancer charities, due to its unethical marketing schemes. Particularly highlighted as an example is its partnership with Yoplait, which donated ten cents for each lid that was mailed in by consumers. At the time, postage for this cost 37 cents. Thus, the campaign was largely a farce, but it managed to get people to buy the product at an increased rate, and it required customers to give their address details to Yoplait marketing. This overall pattern of trapping good people through bait-and-switch tactics is seen throughout the huge pink ribbon industry. It is worth mentioning that Yoplait is a yogurt that features high fructose corn syrup, and it also includes the chemically-engineered form of vitamin A to make it 'healthy'.

Komen likes to threaten lawsuits whenever legitimate non-profits use the phrase "for the cure", and it warns companies to never use the color pink in combination with the word "cure". Normally, charities do not legally attack others who have the same altruistic goals, but Komen is not a normal charity; and it is very arguably not even a charity at all. Showing its true character as a business, Komen protects what it perceives to be its trademarks. Jennifer Jenkins, Director of the Center for the Study of the Public Domain at Duke Law School, claims that such threats are typically on "shaky legal ground". Everyday phrases like "for the cure" cannot be trademarked; but so far, no one has challenged this corporate superpower's bogus intellectual property claims of owning everything associated with the color pink and breast cancer.

While they are adamant that they are making a positive difference toward curing breast cancer, most of their public activity involves supporting non-progressive organizations that provide failed, cancer-causing procedures or carcinogenic toxins. There is no mention of the risk of false positives for tests, the dangerous effects of radiation exposure, or the bleak outlook for those who follow the procedures that Komen supports. They especially neglect to mention that avoiding an abortion often saves two lives. There's a killing to be made, after all.

The use of pink in Komen marketing, and the constant female-only imagery shows the unfortunate influence of feminism in our society. For this reason, other news organizations shy away from criticism of Komen, since questioning the organization is an easy way to get labeled as sexist and unsympathetic to cancer victims. Therefore, Komen is relatively immune from criticism and honest coverage about its activities. To most news outlets, this 'charity' is beyond investigation.

Planned Parenthood and the Komen Foundation make surprisingly fitting partners, since they are both militant promoters of a feminist ideology and internally have a death worship culture. These ideals overshadow any amount of compassion for the women who they claim to help. The ultimate product of their agenda is broken families and widespread death. While Planned Parenthood manages to achieve its anti-family and anti-Christian agenda in a direct and obvious manner, the Komen Foundation is more subtle with its own internal strategy groups, such as the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender National Advisory Council.

The Wall of Shame
Komen Pink Ribbon Corporate Sponsors
1 a Minute
A&A Optical
ACH Food Companies
American Airlines
American Blue Ribbon Holdings
American Italian Pasta Company
Anchor Bay Entertainment
Anne Fontaine
Ansell Healthcare Products, LLC
Ariela-Alpha International
Arizona AFO
ATP Electronics, Inc
Autobiography of SORAYA
Avery Dennison
Balance Walking by Foot Solutions
Bank of America
BCBG MAXAZRIA and ClearVision Optical
Beemster Cheese
Belcam, Inc.
Bernina of America
Bi-Lo, LLC
BMW of North America, Inc.
Boar’s Head Provisions Co., Inc.
Boots Retail USA, Inc.
Boston Warehouse
Bowl for the Cure
Brinker International
California Pear Advisory Board
Cameo Apple Marketing Association
Candy Coburn
Caribou Coffee Company, Inc.
Carlisle Collection, Ltd.
Carnival Cruise Lines
Cause Care, LLC
Century Payments
Chesapeake Bay Candle Co.
Citizen Watch Company of America
Coldwater Creek
Collegiate Shipping Products, LLC
Company C
Corning Life Sciences
Crabtree & Evelyn
Dallas Cowboys
Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group
Deluxe Checks
Deuce Brand
DOVE Chocolate
Dr Pepper Snapple Group
DS Waters
Eggland's Best, Inc.
Electronic Arts Inc.
Everyday Coupon Book
Pottinger Nichols Media Group, LLC
Exercise TV
Ford Motor Company
Freed’s Bakery, LLC
Glacéau SmartWater
Honest Tea
General Growth Properties
General Mills
GUESS by Marciano
Hallmark Gold Crown Stores
Helzberg Diamonds
Heys USA
Holland America Line
Home Shopping Network
Imprintables Warehouse
Irish Dairy Board, Inc.
Jingle Heart
Kelly Gale Amen Design
Kentucky Oaks
Kimberly-Clark, Huggies
Kobian USA, Inc.
Koch Filter Corporation
Koi Design LLC
La Madeleine
LaCroix Sparkling Water
Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA)
LIFE Event-The Val Skinner Foundation
LifeWorks Technology Group
Litehouse Foods, Inc.
Louisville Stoneware
Lowe’s Companies, Inc
LPGA Golf Clinics for Women
Major League Baseball
Massage Envy
McNeil Nutritionals, LLC
MD Jockey Club
MegaGoods, Inc.
Merck Consumer Care
Meredith Corporation
MMG Corporation
Mobile Edge
Mrs. Baird's Bakeries
NAPA AutoCare
Napa Valley Naturals
Nature's Flowers
NBC Today Show
Nestle Purina PetCare Company
New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.
New Global Charities
Nonni’s Food Company
North American Licensing Company
Not Your Daughter's Jeans
NYGÅRD International
Olivet International
On The Border
On the Go Hosiery
Ontic Golf
Oregon Cherry Growers, Inc.
Oriental Trading Company
Otis Spunkmeyer, Inc.
Pandora Jewelry
Paramount Coffee
Payless ShoeSource
Pepperidge Farm
Perdue Farms Inc.
Philips Consumer Lifestyle
Pink Ribbon Produce
Planet Smoothie
Pottery Barn Kids
Premium Outlets
Princess Cruises
Prolacta Bioscience
Provide Commerce
Quilted Northern Ultra
Rally for the Cure
Raymond Weil
Rich Products Corporation
Root Candles
Salon Quest LLC
Samsung Electronics Europe
Santa Barbara Design Studio and Designs by Lolita
Sarah Fisher Racing
She Colors My Day
Shuman Produce, Inc.
Simon Malls
Specialized Bicycle Components
Springs Global
Stanley Black & Decker
Stein Mart
Stylemark, Inc.
The Hillman Group
The Mohawk Group
The Republic of Tea
Tim Halperin
Trident Seafoods Corporation
True Religion Brand Jeans
Tumi, Inc.
Ultradent Products
Victorinox Swiss Army
Wacoal America
Warner Brothers
Yoplait USA
Young Dental
Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity
Zumba Fitness


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Quick Tip: Eliminating Weekend Headaches

Written by C. Thomas Corriher

For many people, headaches are a normal part of life, and are expected. Ironically, those who have stressful, and particularly thankless jobs will often experience headaches most often during the weekends, instead of during their work-weeks. As a result, stress factors are usually dismissed. There are many who spend months trying to track down the cause of their weekend headaches, to no avail. Readers who experience these headaches have likely tried multiple remedies, in an attempt to relieve them, but such trials in self-medication can be a perilous process.

For sufferers of weekend headaches, the sudden change from a state of stress to one of rest on the weekends causes the neurotransmitter chemicals of the brain to be massively discharged. It can create a painful headache (or even a migraine) that takes a particularly long time to fade.

Why Experimental Medicine and Health Have Become Mutually Exclusive

Written by Sarah C. Corriher

A recent study by the C.D.C. has estimated that 30% of Americans will have diabetes by 2050.  The mainstream media has already reported this extensively, and it appears baffled by the new revelation.  However, diabetes is not the only disease that is rising annually.  Despite assurances from the medical establishment that there are stunning breakthroughs in modern medicine, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease and autism are not going anywhere.  In fact, they are becoming rather common, and thereby more profitable.

Video: An 11-Year-Old Homeschooler Explains The Problems With The Food Industry

Written by C. Thomas Corriher

In about five minutes, eleven-year-old Birke Baehr summed up the despicable behavior of our modern food industry, and how it needs to be fixed.  Birke is a homeschooler, and his presentation was better than some commercial documentaries.  He provided an evaluation of our tainted food supply, and how the food industry is manipulated by major corporations.  At his young age, he is already able to recognize that advertising is often deceptive, and that it is frequently geared toward getting children to market on behalf of corporate interests.  We encourage you to watch his entertaining speech, which took place in Asheville, North Carolina.

U.S. Federal Government Threatens the State of California: It Will "Arrest" Residents to Stop Lawful Marijuana Gardens

Written by Sarah C. Corriher
While one group of storm troopers hunts their fellow Americans for having drug addictions, another group of U.S. soldiers is in the Afghanistan poppy fields to ensure that the drug supply is never interrupted by the Taliban.

On November 2nd, Californians will be voting on the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010, otherwise known as Proposition 19.  The act will decriminalize the possession of cannabis ("marijuana") for amounts under an ounce, and allow people to cultivate it in their home gardens.  If enacted, cannabis would be treated like alcohol and tobacco; taxed, and only available to adults.

Staunch opponents compare marijuana's effects to those of alcohol's, but none of them support the prohibition of alcohol.  The pro-legalization movement generally consists of two categories of people who are leading the charge.  There are those who want to stop S.W.A.T. raids, the subsequent needless (often accidental) deaths, and the wanton splitting-up of families.  The other group consists of those who are aware of the financial situation in the United States, and see marijuana taxation as a method to get out of debt.  This was also one of the reasons that alcohol prohibition was ended.

The Vaccine Cover Up: Why the FDA is Attacking Chelation Therapy

Written by C. Thomas Corriher

Threatening warning letters have now been sent to eight supplement companies which are selling chelation products online.  An FDA spokesman told the Washington Post that on one hand, the F.D.A. maintains that chelation methods are unproven, and ineffective; just as they do with nutritional supplements.  Yet, at the same time, their excuse for sending out the letters is the fact that chelation therapy is too powerful.  It was ripe with the usual doublespeak that is used to avoid discussing the real problems that they have with alternative therapies.

"The companies that received the warning letters sell products without a prescription, often as 'dietary supplements', and describe multiple health benefits, none of which have been proven.

"The agency became alarmed about the growing promotion and easy availability of the products because the substances may cause serious health complications, including dehydration and kidney failure, and possibly be deadly, officials said."

— FDA via the Washington Post

Book Review: The Whole Story - Alternative Medicine on Trial

Written by Sarah C. Corriher

The Whole Story: Alternative Medicine on Trial, by Toby Murcott, sets out to provide an unbiased overview of alternative medicine; cataloging its strengths and weaknesses.  Mr. Murcott was the science correspondent for BBC World Radio, and he holds a PhD. in biochemistry.  His attempt at unbiased reporting in the book is flawed, because he misses a crucial point of good journalism: a journalist cannot ethically present both sides of a controversy in a balanced manner, if either side is known to be distorting the facts.  A reporter has a duty to note such deceptions, or he merely becomes a passive part of the propaganda apparatus himself, through his omissions.  Objectivity is a vaulted (but rarely seen) ideal of modern journalists, but it is hardly idyllic whenever it seduces them into perpetuating known lies themselves.  They may be drawn into the corruption themselves, ironically by working to distance themselves from it.

Greek Socialized Health Care is Pushing Amputations for Diabetics to Cut Costs

Written by C. Thomas Corriher

We have written in the past about the detriments of socialized medicine, and informed our readers that underneath its sparkling guise of humanitarianism resides an insidious charade that will lead to less options, and worse care.

In Britain, which has the supposed gold standard of socialized medicine, the elderly are denied knee replacements and cataract surgeries, due to a collapsing economy.  The weakest of society are being left to suffer, something perhaps devolving into the caveman past, or worse.  Some of the nursing homes have been shutdown as a cost saving move.  Perhaps the elderly will find a better life on the streets with the alcoholics and hopeless drug addicts, and perhaps they will finally feel shameful for being such parasites upon society.  Parasites are exactly what they ultimately are under communistic and socialistic ideologies, and the behavior in Britain is more than proof of it.

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