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Alternative Medicine and Why We Are Proud Not To Be "Scientific"

Written by C. Thomas Corriher
Demonstrating the principles of modern medical science.

Alternative medicine is often criticized for its use of time tested methods of observable cause and effect relationships, such as the observation that those who get vaccines can often regress within a short time period, and are disproportionately diagnosed with autism.  A recent fan-mail from an insider commented about our "anecdotal, unfounded, unscientific gobbledygook".  He noticed that we are not "scientific" like the people he considers to be "experts", who by the way, cannot seem to even cure their way out of a runny nose, much less any real disease.  On the other hand, the list of people we have helped to cure is ever growing.

Basic Animal Care and Common Sense

Written by Sarah C. Corriher

We generally do not tackle veterinary issues on this site, due to the overwhelming need for human health information.  We must admit to having used veterinary research information to tackle certain diseases, which our medical establishment will not approach with the same openness and honesty.

Pharmaceutical companies routinely target the family dog as a recipient of chemical numbing agents.  Just like in the case of children, normal behaviors are suddenly being redefined into the symptoms of disease.  When a dog repeatedly digs holes, modern vets are prescribing them with anti-anxiety drugs.  When they chase their tails, they are diagnosed with compulsive behaviors, and when they bark too often, they are suffering from "territorial aggression" resulting from anxiety.  If a dog appears lazy, he is actually suffering from a depressive disorder (possibly a bi-polar one).  In all cases, there are suddenly drugs available.  It is very common for families that regularly visit veterinarians to have their animals placed on S.S.R.I.'s.  So, the next time a dog attacks somebody, perhaps the family should claim an S.S.R.I. defense prior to it being euthanized.

Health Alert: Avoid Imported Orange Juice

Written by Sarah C. Corriher
Florida's Natural is one of the more ethical and safer companies to buy from.

HEALTH ALERT: Minute Maid, Simply Orange, and Tropicana brands of orange juice have been found to be contaminated with a dangerous fungicide.  The Health Wyze Report Staff recommends only purchasing orange juice from companies that do not import their oranges, such as Florida Natural, and disposing of any other orange juices.

The F.D.A. is currently doing an "investigation" and has temporarily stopped imports of orange juice, which means that they are waiting until all of the tainted orange juice has been consumed, so they may proclaim that the crisis is over.  There is no recall, nor will there be one.

In Brazil, a fungicide, known as carbendazim is used to prevent fungus from growing on trees, but this fungicide has not been approved in the United States.  Carbendazim has been linked to birth defects in humans, and death in fish.  The manufacturer, DuPont, has already been forced to pay damages for some of the harm that their chemical has caused.  Carbendazim was banned in Australia, due to studies linking it with infertility.

Please Join the Horizon Milk Boycott and Horizon's Dirty Little Tricks

Written by C. Thomas Corriher

We routinely purchase milk that is pasteurized, but not homogenized.  We recently noticed the presence of Horizon brand, ultra-pasteurized, "organic" milk, during a visit to our local Walmart store.  There was no mention of homogenization on the labels, which I had always assumed was a requirement.  To the contrary, there are actually no mandatory labeling requirements concerning homogenization.

Be A Part Of Our Work By Spreading the Word About Our Documentary Fund Raising

Written by Sarah C. Corriher

Progress Update: Production of this movie is a year behind schedule. We had to suspend all work on the movie during the year 2012 because of our other duties. Due to recent massacres, we are getting large numbers of requests for this movie, and we have resumed work on it.

About The Film

'Prescription For Manslaughter' will uncover shocking facts about modern anti-depressant drugs that are typically censored by the mainstream media. Namely that these drugs cause some people to enter into a dreamy ("zombie") state, which was originally recognized by the medical establishment as 'akathisia'. The term 'akathisia' has been redefined by the psychiatric establishment for liability reasons -- to suppress lawsuits after drug-related killings. Akathisia causes its victims to become homicidal at extremely high rates. Pharmaceutical companies have concealed their own studies dating back to 1988 on this topic, so they have known about these risks for decades.

Being Poisoned by Candlelight

Written by Sarah C. Corriher

Candles were once used as a primary source of light, but now they litter people's homes as decorations, relaxants, and scenting agents.  Most people never consider the possible health implications of candles, and may find themselves shocked by the new "lead-free" labels on certain brands.

Prior to 2003, candle wicks were tainted with lead compounds, and often antimony.  They were shown to release large amounts of lead vapors into the air.  The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission subsequently banned the importation and sale of wicks that contain lead compounds.  American companies that use wicks laced with metallic compounds switched to using zinc and tin.  However, many imported candles still contain lead compounds, in spite of the 8-year-old ban.  Customs officials are not exactly busy testing candle wicks, so the poisoning is allowed to continue.  Once again, our reliance on unreputable countries like China has left Americans with reduced quality products and poisonings.

Mail Bag #11: Trusted Companies, Pagan Infiltrators, Colloidal Silver, and Supplement Safety

Written by C. Thomas Corriher
From: Thomas Corriher
To: *************
Subject: Re: Some Questions
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2011 14:23:00 -0500 (EDT)

"First, do you know of a good place online that I could buy some "high quality" Fo-Ti root and/or Saw Palmetto? In the past, I bought some from this website..."

We usually avoid recommending particular brands for a variety of ethical and journalistic reasons.  The real question is: who can you trust?  Being informed means reading the labels and learning something about the history of the company.  Sometimes the choice is a particularly tough one, and the person is left following his intuition.  Perhaps prayer would help.

A Letter from the Editor: The Truth About Our Radio Shows and When Friends Stop Being Friendly

Written by C. Thomas Corriher

Thomas CorriherWe have promised two exciting audio shows to our readers and listeners during the last two weeks, but later found ourselves being forced to break those promises.  The people from the Revolution Broadcasting network made those decisions for us, without warning, just before both of those shows aired.  We want every person to know that we place great value upon keeping our promises.  It is part of an unspoken code of honor to which we adhere.  We do not appreciate any third-party tricking us into being fools and liars.  We are sincerely sorry it happened.  In retrospect, we now know that there was a reason for all the madness that we have recently witnessed in regard to our radio shows, but the truth behind it is not easy to accept; even for us.  The time has come to set things right again, and that requires that we first expose the raw truth to all of you.

The 2010 Worst Restaurant of the Year Award Goes To Subway

Written by Sarah C. Corriher

Nationwide restaurant chains are invariably unhealthy, which makes choosing the worst restaurant of the year difficult.  Our 2010 award may come as a shock to some of our readers.  It is a restaurant that uses toxic ingredients, while marketing its products toward the health-conscious.

Subway was started in 1965 by a 17-year-old, named Fred DeLuca, who wanted to make extra money to pay for his college tuition.  He borrowed $1,000 from a family friend, Peter Buck, who would later become his business partner.  Their food has always been marketed as being fresh and healthy.  The Subway chain is now owned by Doctors Associates, Inc., which in turn is still owned by Peter and Fred.  Neither of which are medical doctors, by the way.  From what we can tell, Doctor's Associates, Inc. does nothing more than own Subway, and gives the misleading impression that doctors are being consulted about the nutritional value of Subway's foods.  In fact, there appears to be no doctors involved with Doctor's Associates, Inc. at all, and Subway no longer offers fresh and healthy alternatives.

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