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The Story of Christopher Pittman, an Antidepressant Murder, and How Chris May Still Be Denied Justice

Written by Sarah C. Corriher

Christopher Pittman was 12 years old when he fatally shot both of his grandparents, just before setting fire to their house.  He was intoxicated with antidepressants.

After running away one night, state troopers picked him up and took him to an institutional facility for troubled kids.  Whilst there, he was first prescribed Paxil for mild depression.  When taken out of the facility by family members, he was taken to his grandparents, in the hope that the new atmosphere would help him.  He was immediately taken off of Paxil by a new doctor, without a weaning process, and was prescribed Zoloft.  Chris began to complain about side effects, including a burning sensation under his skin and difficulty sleeping.  Instead of removing the new medication, the doctor doubled his dosage.  Five days later, Chris committed the double murder.  The doctor was never charged for malpractice, or his involvement in the murders.  Instead, Chris was arrested, imprisoned for three years prior to his trial, tried in an adult court at age 15, found guilty of murder, and sentenced to 30 years imprisonment.

Naturally Eliminating Cluster Headaches and How the Establishment is Blocking Cures

Written by Sarah C. Corriher

Cluster headaches are otherwise known as suicide headaches, because it is the common fate of many sufferers. These headaches are worse than migraines, and persist between 15 minutes and three hours, several times a day. This continues for weeks, months, or even years. These headaches frequently occur during sleep, on only one side of the head. Researchers have dubbed cluster headaches "one of the worst pain syndromes known to mankind". Those experiencing one of these super-headaches enters a disoriented state, with confusion, short-term memory loss, the inability to understand those around them, and unbearable pain.

The Debate between and Jim Humble about whether M.M.S. is a Fraud

Written by Sarah C. Corriher

Editor's Note: We are featuring this article on the front page again. This is because Jim Humble and his band of sock puppets are bombarding us again with psychological games, in an effort to get us to remove this article, which means it is having a huge impact saving people.

On the 30th of July in 2010, I browsed through my e-mail messages to make a startling discovery. We had received a message from none other than infamous Jim "M.M.S." Humble. After a brief moment of eye rubbing, to ensure that I had not been hallucinating, I eagerly read his message and then shared it with Thomas. Humble was upset about the unflattering findings that our research uncovered about his alternative "medicine".


In the left corner, we have Jim Humble, "inventor" of "Miracle Mineral Solution".

In the right corner, we have weighing in, Sarah C. Corriher of

How To Create A Natural First Aid Kit

Written by Sarah C. Corriher

We have been asked numerous times to create a list of natural, effective first aid items for campers, survivalists, and militia organizations.  These are our recommendations for those in a survival scenario.  Many of them could be utilized on a simple camping trip, but this is aimed at longer-term situations in which other medical help may not be available.

Toxins in Disposable Diapers: Dioxin and Sodium Polyacrylate

Written by C. Thomas Corriher

Most parents have heard about the dangers of BPA in infant bottles, and as such, stores usually sell BPA-free options.  However, there are other dangers that parents do not yet know about.

Disposable diapers pose a health risk to children.  We have previously reported on sanitary pads and tampons causing endometriosis through dioxin exposure.  Dioxins are a byproduct of chlorine, which is used during the bleaching process.  Dioxins accumulate in the body throughout the lifetime of victims.  Dioxin exposure as a child will impede the immune system of the individual forever.  It means that they will never be as strong as they should have been.  Dioxins are responsible for a range of reproductive and developmental problems, damaging the immune system, along with causing major hormonal imbalances and cancer.  Many infants are now exposed to dioxins 24 hours a day, and yet society wonders why girls are beginning puberty younger than ever, and hormonal disorders are becoming increasingly common in children.

The Big One: Naturally Preventing and Curing Heart Disease

Written by Sarah C. Corriher

Those who would prefer to listen to this report may do so on our audio archive page.

No health topic is more important, more full of misinformation, and more complex than this one. This report tackles the four most common conditions associated with "heart disease": hypertension, stroke, coronary heart disease, and congestive heart failure. The information herein should be useful for all heart problems.

Heart disease is the number one killer in America, and yet it does not induce terror as cancer does. The reason for this is because people are horrified of the cancer treatments, not the disease itself. Alas, heart health is frequently ignored in lieu of cancer concerns, with breast cancer being an excellent example of this short sightedness. Case in point: For every woman who dies of breast cancer (cancer treatments) 11 more will die from coronary heart disease. About 60% of heart disease deaths happen suddenly in people who had no previous symptoms and normal cholesterol levels. These people simply collapsed unexpectedly. The real lesson to be learned, as you will see, is everything that we have been taught about heart disease is wrong. If the experts whom we have been listening to were right, then heart disease would not be the #1 failure of modern medicine.

Video: A Family Fights Hospital for Life Saving Vitamin C and the Horrors of Socialized Medicine

Written by C. Thomas Corriher

Allen Smith receiving medical care in intensive care with life support after the hospital staff decided that a "drug induced coma" would be therapeutic for his "swine" flu.
Allen Smith after escaping from the hospital, with help from his family, and self treatments with orally administered vitamin C.
Any questions?

Salvia Divinorum: Exposing the Power of Alternative Herbal Medicines and The People Who are Threatened by Them

Written by C. Thomas Corriher

We recently uncovered research on salvia divinorum's ability to curb the cravings for heroin and cocaine amongst addicts.

"You can give a rat free access to cocaine, give them free access to Salvinorin A [the active component of salvia], and they stop taking cocaine."

-- Thomas Prisinzano, University of Iowa

Salvia Divinorum is a perennial herb and a member of the sage family.  It was commonly used by the Mazatec Indians medicinally for the management of cluster headaches, diarrhea, rheumatism, and anemia, according to Leander Valdez III, Jose Luis Diaz, and Ara Paul of the University of Michigan.  The Mazatecs also used the leaves in large doses (50-100 leaves) to induce altered states of consciousness, which they believed helped them to intuitively detect the root causes of ailments.

Judge Revokes Approval for Genetically Engineered Sugar Beets

Written by Sarah C. Corriher

Most American's believe that they have never eaten genetically modified foods, and if so, only "once or twice" in their lifetimes.  However, the majority of Americans eat unlabeled genetically engineered foods on a daily basis, in the form of soy, corn, canola and sugar.

On Friday 13th, U.S. District Judge Jeffrey S. White ruled that genetically engineered beets can not be planted, because regulators did not complete a review of how genetically modified crops effect other plants through cross-pollination.  The judge instructed the U.S. Department of Agriculture to issue an environmental impact statement, which normally takes two to three years.

Before being approved for use, genetically modified beets were never evaluated for the impact that they would have on the environment, and the risks presented to both organic and conventional growers.  This is actually contrary to the law.  While organic produce is still becoming more popular, it is becoming harder to grow, because genetically engineered foods cross pollinate.  There is usually no visible difference between organic and G.E. produce, so farmers can only know if their crops have been infected by spraying Monsanto's Roundup on them, and watching to see if they die.

Treating and Maybe Curing Hepatitis C With Natural and Holistic Methods

Written by C. Thomas Corriher

Hepatitis is truly a vicious devil. It is a virus that spreads and reproduces primarily in the liver like a parasite.  When attacked, hepatitis may go dormant and hide itself in other parts of the body like herpes, chicken pox, and H.I.V. do. It may strike again later, when a victim's immune system is weak enough for it to overrun the body unopposed. Even a liver transplant will not cure it, for the virus hides in other parts of the body. It enters a transplanted liver whenever a body becomes sufficiently weak. Thus, organ transplants only restart the cycle with a healthier liver. Of all the hepatitis variants, the "C" version is the worst, and it is officially considered to be incurable. It is the type that this report and our treatment protocol focuses upon. Other versions, such as hepatitis A and B will be eliminated by an immune system in time without intervention, so long as the patient takes reasonably good care of himself.

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