Everything is Wrong

It is no exaggeration to report that most of what Mike Adams writes about alternative medicine is woefully wrong, and in some cases, dangerous. We conclude that Michael Adams sorely lacks the skills needed to research the materials that he writes about, and most of what he teaches people about traditional medicines appears to be poorly researched at best. Mike Adams Natutral Health Solutions E-book What follows are examples of misinformation taken from Adams' e-book, Secret Sources. This section is included to help readers grasp the breadth of the problem.

The disclaimer of Secret Sources begins with, "The information should be used in conjunction with the guidance and care of your physician. Your physician should be aware of all medical conditions that you may have, as well as the medications or supplements you may be taking". Why must Adams' readers get permission from their doctors just to use vitamins or his advice? It is a rather odd disclaimer for someone who is supposedly fighting the system; especially since he asks readers to trust the orthodox medical establishment as the final authority in all health matters. The disclaimer need not exist for legal concerns, since his Taiwan-based operation should help him to avoid most messy legal issues.

"One final point on all this is that I make absolutely no money from the sales of the products I mention here. None of the companies paid to be listed here. This is not a giant advertisement. Many of the companies here are not even aware they are being listed, and won't know until this is published... You can get close to that experience today by using this freeze-dried berry blend product from Emergency Essentials. For $26 you get a can full of a blend of freeze-dried berries that are absolutely loaded with antioxidants and health-enhancing phytonutrients." -- Mike Adams

The switch-over from promising not to advertise products to advertising products happened quickly. At the time of writing Secret Sources, Adams had always disclaimed getting compensation from his advertised companies. The products listed in his book, for which he is supposedly receiving no compensation, include detailed pricing lists for products, and information about where they can be purchased from specific companies.

The word "phytonutrients" deserves special attention because it is one of Adams' favorite words. Phytonutrients is a word that actually has very little meaning except for people like Adams, who liberally use it as a buzzword to impress everyone with their finesse regarding health research. Mike cannot have a good understanding of phytonutrients, because the Mike Adams with a Puppet Honoring The Seed research about them is in its infancy. In theory, these little understood trace compounds exist only in plant-based foods, and they are not considered to be essential nutrition. Adams likes to sprinkle this word for two reasons: 1. to seem impressively brilliant, and 2. to promote his vegetarian agenda; since phytonutrients do not exist in meats.

Ironically, the nutrients that are found in meats are generally superior to comparable phytonutrients. Take for example that some researchers have labeled beta-carotene as a phytonutrient, which is the source of vitamin A found inside carrots. While there is nothing wrong with getting some vitamin A from carrots, it is important to know that the vitamin A derived from beef (retinol) is absorbed by the body at a level that cannot be obtained through vegetable consumption. It is one of the reasons why vegetarians have a greatly increased chance of developing terrible eyesight. These are the sort of nutritional facts that Adams seems to avoid.

"Blueberries have been clinically proven to lower cholesterol better than statin drugs." -- Mike Adams, 'Secret Sources'

Adams did not bother citing evidence, because there are no credible, third-party, peer-reviewed, independent studies yielding any evidence of this. As alternative health researchers, the whole premise of Mike's statement is appalling, because any decent alternative medicine practitioner would never consider the existence of excessive cholesterol as a disease in itself; but it is instead a symptom of a more serious problem. Cholesterol is actually a good thing, at least in the short term, because it aids a body in protecting itself from serious inflammation damage; and thus from both internal bleeding and drastic arterial damage. Cholesterol saves lives. It is not necessarily the evil villain that Adams and the medical establishment would have us believe. Blueberries might decrease certain types of inflammation; and that would be a good thing. If that is the case, then blueberries might also help to reduce elevated cholesterol levels.

It needs to be mentioned that Adams has a terrible habit of implicitly supporting the bad (and somewhat disproven) cholesterol science that is still influencing modern medicine, which contends that any diet containing what Adams calls "animal products" may be harmful by way of introducing saturated fats into the body. It conveniently ignores that a balanced diet containing some natural fats is vital for decreasing whole-body inflammation, and to thereby decrease the "bad" cholesterol levels. Adams does not accept the newer findings that verify what humans had already known for thousands of years prior. Namely that the human body needs real protein and some natural fats. Serious cholesterol issues come from not having a properly balanced diet, but Adams' typical solution is to imbalance the diet of his audience even further through vegetarian therapies. More vegetarians have contacted us about elevated cholesterol problems than normal people have, because a body will produce its own cholesterol if a person's diet is lacking in beneficial fats. This is why the cholesterol problem cannot be cured in most cases, because the recommended fat-free therapies themselves will cause a body to produce its own cholesterol at ever increasing levels to defend itself from the inflammation caused by the deficiencies of those diets.

"Broccoli - Contains an assortment of phytochemicals clinically shown to prevent the growth of tumors." -- Mike Adams, 'Secret Sources'

Adams somehow forgot to cite those clinical studies again. Broccoli is indeed a powerhouse food for health, but no tumor has ever been halted with broccoli. This sort of despicable misinformation leads to people dying horribly from cancer. Adams transitioned from the silly "phytonutrients" to the even sillier "phytochemicals". It is a concept that he borrowed from the American Cancer Society. Only alternative health gurus and the American Cancer Society suggest that cancers might be stopped with phytochemicals, despite the fact that we barely have any understanding of them. There are no documented cases of cancer patients ever being helped by either broccoli alone or by isolated phytochemicals. To state otherwise is patent dishonesty.

"As a service to www.NewsTarget.com [NaturalNews.com] readers, I've negotiated an exclusive discount with Emergency Essentials. Type 'newstarget' in the promo code box of the shopping cart at http://BePrepared.com, and youll get free shipping on any order more than $20 inside the united states." -- Mike Adams, Secret Sources, p. 49

Excerpt from Secret Sources by Mike Adams

Adams repeatedly insists that he is providing this information to people because of the importance of helping others, but the product plugs and price lists are withheld inside a book that costs $29 to get access to. A skeptic might conclude that he is double-dipping.

Recommended by Mike Adams the Health Ranger"Secret source #2 is a company called Walton Feed. Visit their web site at www.WaltonFeed.com. I have been using Walton Feed for many years. I learned about this company years ago when I was helping people with preparedness and nutrition. Walton Feed is absolutely the best source for affordable healing foods such as whole grains and quinoa. At Walton Feed, you can feed yourself and your family at a fraction of the price you've been spending at the grocery store... You should also avoid all milk, butter, margarine, shortening and sugar products." -- Mike Adams, 'Secret Sources'

No reason was given for the above recommendation against dairy products, but we know. Milk and butter are unacceptable because they are "animal products", as Adams calls them. Butter is almost an essential item for perfect dental and heart health. Natural butter can actually reverse cavities through a process known as remineralization, but butter's heart effects are too complex to cite here. We agree with Adams about industry's monstrosities, such as margarine and shortening; but the harmfulness of sugar is completely dependent upon the source and the amount. For example, people should not drink large glasses of unclean sugar water and expect to become healthier, which is something that Mike promoted in one of his videos. The problem for Mike with milk and butter is his personal issue with people eating "animal products". He has repeatedly demonstrated that he will spread misinformation about so-called "animal products", even at the detriment of his follower's health. Nonetheless, there were good reasons for dairy being categorized as an official food group, because there are incredible benefits to consuming (non-homogenized) organic milk, natural butter and organic yogurt. To drive the point home, dairy products are a critical part of alternative medicine's best anti-cancer therapy, the Budwig Protocol. It is a topic that Adams has always personally avoided, despite the protocol being all natural and despite it being the most successful anti-cancer treatment known.

Mike Adams showing off his buffed body"Secret Source #3 is a wonderful company called the Amazon Herb Company. It sells what may very well be some of the most medicinally useful herbs in the world: rainforest herbs... These aren't just standard rainforest herbs, either. These are the most medicinally powerful herbs I've ever tasted." -- Mike Adams, 'Secret Sources'

The herbs come from the rain forest and have what Mike Adams considers to be the special medicinal taste, so we can be very certain that they are indeed powerful medicines. It's really hard to argue with science and logic like that. The special herbs are actually more powerful than the standard rain forest herbs, and that is really saying something.

"In other words, these 8 ounces of liquid contained the same concentration of herbs that could have easily cost $160 if I had purchased them as tinctures from another company. Yet the Amazon Herb prices were quite reasonable -- just a fraction of that $160... Amazon Herb products are based on truly miraculous medicinal herbs. It's no exaggeration to say that these herbs can prevent and even reverse chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes." -- Mike Adams, 'Secret Sources'

If the F.D.A. ever proved a financial tie, then Adams might find himself in prison for these claims for a very long time. It could be why he so frequently reassures his readers that he receives no compensation from the companies that he advertises. Falsely stating that a product cures cancer, and then profiting from the sale of that item is a very serious offense in the United States.

"Call it homeopathic influence if you want, but the truth is that the emotions and intentions of the people producing these products really do have an impact on your health." -- Mike Adams, 'Secret Sources'

That homeopathic influence explains much, but it is more important to note that mistreating the human body with fraudulent medicine is far more harmful than any amount of intentions. The positive intentions thing has a deeper, hidden meaning that is revealed inside the character section, reflecting what Mike considers to be his spirituality.

"The Amazon Herb Company goes even further and uses what they call a spagyric process for transferring the healing power of the harvested herbs into a consumable product... Nothing gets thrown away, and the full energy of the original plant is reconstituted back into the liquid or capsules that customers purchase. This spagyric process, which is only practiced by a few companies around the world, may help explain why I have personally found these Amazon Herb products to be so potent and medicinally valuable." -- Mike Adams, 'Secret Sources'

We would love to view the official research about that spagyric process. Perhaps it would explain Amazon Herb Company's techniques for transferring healing power. Some of our readers may have been thinking that Mike's marketing attempts were just hokey pokey, instead of the product of serious health research. Let the lesson be learned. How do they manage to reconstitute the vital plant energy with their special spagyric process? The spiritual plant energy is obviously more significant than the energy from animal products, and it betrays a heathenistic belief system.

"These herbs are so powerful that if I had a family member who was diagnosed with cancer, for example, I would immediately send them a combination of products from Amazon Herb Company, including Cat's Claw (Una de Gato) and Gravizon." -- Mike Adams, 'Secret Sources'

Mike Adams must be very unpopular with his relatives. Cat's claw -- that's another solution for cancer? Perhaps cat's claw should be used when the phytochemicals are not strong enough.

"Quinoa Flour... A versatile 'healing food' flour that can replace flour in most recipes. Quinoa is an ancient grain, used extensively by the Incas. It offers the highest protein of any grain, even boasting a complete protein (all essential amino acids)." -- Mike Adams, 'Secret Sources'

Hemp is the only plant containing all recognized amino acids; but a body would still become malnourished if hemp were used as a total replacement for meats, due to the lack of symbiotic fats, certain vitamins, and perhaps other nutrients yet to be discovered. The various proteins and fats in meats are the building blocks of the human body. Flour is never an adequate substitute. The fact that Adams hinted that real proteins might be replaced with (and we shudder) flour -- left us almost speechless. Containing a protein does not make any flour a special healing food. It suggests that diseases can be treated by a food item that is known to convert into sugar inside of the body; when in actuality, inflammation from excessive sugar is the single biggest cause of disease world-wide, and the aftermath cannot be halted with blueberries or phytochemicals.

"As your body digests the quinoa, it will eventually figure out that there weren't a lot of calories in the meal. But by that time, you've already won the appetite battle. The meal is over. You've already fooled your stomach into thinking you've had a huge serving. This is a little trick to get around your ancient appetite control system -- the one we're all pre-wired with as human beings." -- Mike Adams, 'Secret Sources'

Adams' advice encourages his readers to diet via self-imposed malnutrition and carbohydrate consumption. It is not exactly the wisest health advice that we have ever encountered. What is most amazing is that such a diet will cause massive weight gain into the long term future, because the self-imposed malnutrition will trigger emergency survival hormones that will cause a body to hunger much more often and store significantly more food as fat. Of course, any diet consisting largely of flour-based carbohydrates is also a diet of mostly sugar. Such terrible advice is why most diets (particularly starvation diets) fail. The most successful diets have people eating more often, for the purpose of deactivating those hormones, which are already active in most of us, due to our less-than-ideal 1-to-2 meal lifestyles. Five or six small and healthy meals are ideal for the human body; and such exemplary diets are the reason why body builders have almost no body fat. Astute readers may also realize that body builders and others with low body fat do not diet with flour of any kind. Mike's flour-based suggestion for how to lose weight is truly a Natural News original.

"The Health Ranger (Mike Adams) is a holistic nutritionist with more than 5,000 hours of study on nutrition, wellness, food toxicology and the true causes of disease and health. He is the author of The 7 Laws of Nutrition, Grocery Warning, Spam Filters for Your Brain, and many other books available at www.TruthPublishing.com." -- Mike Adams, 'Secret Sources'

As an ethical journalist, Adams did not simply fabricate that 5,000 hour thing, and he did in fact, time himself. There is no such thing as a holistic nutritionist. We wish our readers good luck in getting a college degree for that. It is a self-endowed title meant to impress, and his secondary education is actually a degree in technical writing.


Jack Verbeek
# Jackv Jack Verbeek 2013-02-08 00:32
Nice article. I have rarely read Adams' newsletters in the last few years as it seemed to me he had swapped our interests for profit. Almost as bad as Mercola who's every post concludes with a supplement that one really should take.
Thanks for the indepth look, it would be nice to see a response from Adams should he acknowledge this article.
Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)
# Reactions to This Article Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor) 2013-02-14 16:00
When we decided to publish this article, we braced ourselves for what we thought would be the inevitable flood of hate mail and comments from fans of Mike Adams. We were shocked to find that just the opposite happened. We are actually getting lots of messages praising our courage and integrity, which by the way, we really enjoy. We can never get enough of those. I write this posting, because other people may have had the same expectation. Due to that expectation, some people may assume that we have been censuring these comments. There has been no need to do that, at least not yet. The only negative correspondence was the first comment posted, which actually supported the points we wanted to make, because the individual essentially admitted that he had no ethics himself, nor did he care about journalistic ethics. So, perhaps that is the best endorsement that we could hope for.

The number of fans that Mike has is obviously much lower than we anticipated, so the problems that we cataloged in the report may not be as severe as we thought. In any case, it makes some very important points that our community needs to consider, so we have no regrets. Again, we would like to say that we love all of the love that we have been getting.
Richard David Pesach ben Avrah
# Mike Adams Dark Predictions for 2013 Richard David Pesach ben Avrah 2013-02-16 16:10
Mike Adams has recently been trying to cash in on the scare market:
Probably trying to sell more survival foods.
Victoria Gautier
# Victoria Gautier 2013-03-18 13:03
Well I think your article was wonderful as is all your other work. I find all your information invaluable. Thanks, and keep up the good work.
Jacob Durant
# Jacob Durant 2013-05-22 14:42
I've been looking into Mike Adams recently and the enerfood green drink. It has chlorella and spirulina in it, you say that this is harmful which i agree if it's not grown in a safe enviroment. Could you send me a link to information on the potential dangers of these algae. Thanks and God bless.
Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2013-05-23 14:25
We have links throughout the article to the sources that we used. We try and do that for all of the articles on this site. We did our research, and we really don't have the time to put together custom bibliographies for people. The information is there if you need it. The bottom line is that you have three choices. You can believe us, not believe us, or do your own research.

In any case, even if algae were completely safe, why would anyone use it over the hundreds of fruits and vegetables that are available, and which were designed for human consumption? Some people just love the idea of eating something novel, but it comes at great consequences, and absolutely no benefit. Unless of course, you are trying to profit from other people's ignorance. Even if you could find some that was absolutely pure and harmless, it is still a diet of pond scum, and there is nothing natural about that. Go ahead and try to improve upon God's engineering if you like, then see how well that works out for you. In principle, it is essentially establishing a Monsanto-style diet.

If you need our help with a real health problem, we are always here.
Nick Grouwen
# Great article Nick Grouwen 2013-09-14 07:26
WOW, that was EXCELLENT information. BOMBSHELL. I knew not to trust this guy when I saw his face on the Alex Jones show. Never trusted him to begin with, but this article just totally exposed him, totally rips off his clothes and makes him run off bare nekkid!
Keith Tauber
# Thanks Keith Tauber 2014-02-06 13:26
I am grateful to find this site and this article in particular. I found it from the Garden of Life Facebook page because of a scathing report Mike Adams wrote about how much heavy metal GOL protein products have. Something GOL disagreed with. Anyway, one of the commenters posted this link so walla.

I am a Christian and my wife and I have began eating Organic foods for almost a year now, at a huge cost I might add. We both have lost weight, feel better and our 2 girls (8 and 9) do not get sick as often as they have previously.

I have followed Mike Adams for a while and began to "get" what he was all about. I used to be "allowed" to comment on his site, not anymore. When I began to question his ethics and suggest that he is really just a salesman, that is when they banned me. It is so apparent that what he writes is for the purpose of selling more product that it is laughable.

However, I will add that I am troubled by GOL (Was owned by Jordan Rubin who is a Christian) that they would not challenge the info that Mike Adams found with his new lab showing extreme high levels of Lead, Mercury and Tungsten. Not to mention that GOL uses a pyramid on their product with their logo up above it making an all seeing eye.

The Bible tells us to not be "ignorant of Satan's devices" and Masonry is one of his devices. The all seeing eye and pyramids are masonic and satanic symbols. It is troubling to see pyramids being used on packaging of professing Christians products.

Anyway, I look forward to reading more on your site. BTW, I have known about corruption, greed and selling all in the name of trying to help people in the health food industry for years. (It is where the term snake oil salesman originated from)It is human nature to be this way. This is why we need salvation and deliverance from ourselves and Satan.

Keep up the good work.
Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)
# Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor) 2014-02-07 18:27
Thank you for the thoughtful and kind comment. Believe it or not, "snake oil" actually refers to an old practice from the allopathic medical establishment. Snake oil was an extract from the echinacea plant, and it really did work against snake bites. The brainwashing and propaganda are so thorough that history has been rewritten to state that it was a fraudulent alternative practice. In our articles about snake bites and spider bites, we discuss the benefits of echinacea in high doses for neutralizing venom.

We are not very familiar with Garden of Life or its products, but we did make a quick inspection. Due to the fact that we saw quinoa, chlorella (algae) and brewers yeast, it would seem very likely that Mike Adams once had a close relationship with somebody high in the company. Most likely, their business arrangement went sour, and in a typical sociopathic manner, Mike Adams became vindictive. We do not have any evidence, but it is a logical deduction based upon the behavior of both the company and Mike Adams.

Mike's lab report was probably a lie, since either he or his lawyers decided that the information needed to be pulled immediately. Any legitimate journalist who has a scientific laboratory backing him up with facts does not run and hide in the shadows.

What is richly ironic about the situation is that there is a good chance that the Garden of Life supplements really do contain heavy metals, because the supplements contain algae. It is something that Mike Adams has recommended for everyone for years, and he sells it at his site -- supposedly as a food for human beings. At some point during Mike's reflection, he may have realized that the source of the heavy metals was the algae, which would have given him greater cause to quickly pull it.
Dev Pero
# adams Dev Pero 2014-02-22 05:44
I noted many years ago that natural news was promoting the agenda of global warming. Something that was a preposterous notion from the outset - it was somthing that made me very wary of his site. It was also notable that as public opinion changed the slant that natural news took also changed. A very slimy tactic.

The site if viewed objectively is telling in that its main promotion is fear.
Looking at the index of titles on the front page it reads like a horror story, classic newspaper sales stance of sensationalism.
Not much needs to be said - he is a business sales man plain and simple.

I enjoyed your write up on Mike Adams. It confirms much of what I suspected but for different reasons. Your reasoning being more thorough!
Eric Rowland
# Splendid, informative article. Eric Rowland 2014-05-16 10:48
Wish that I had read this article before signing up for a trial subscription with HSI, through an ad. on the Natural News website. Adams promoted this company some time ago http://www.naturalnews.com/021887_natural_health_news.html and I have since read several unflattering reviews about them. I am currently attempting to terminate my trial subscription, but this is not quite as straight-forward as taking it out was, surprise, surprise.
Wishing you success in the future.
Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2014-05-16 12:20
We are so not surprised. Have you ever tried to get off of one of his mailing lists, or Mercola's? We doubt that Mike has any friends or associates with scruples, because they could not tolerate him. Apparently, Alex Jones finally dumped him too. We assume that it happened because of how Mike tried to crash the Bitcoin system, but we are not certain. Does anyone know?

We do our best to ensure that our advertisers are honorable and respectable. If you ever notice a disreputable company that has slipped through the net, then please let us know immediately. We have a very low tolerance for garbage, but we see plenty of it.
Harold Dalton
# RE: The Legend of Mike Adams and the Reality Harold Dalton 2014-05-17 03:24
If the F.D.A. ever proved a financial tie [to Amazon Herb], then Adams might find himself in prison for these claims for a very long time.

This is actually pretty easy, at least circumstantially. Adams is CEO of the "Consumer Wellness Center," a 501(c)(3) with EIN 84-1129375. This was formerly known as "Terra Christa Communications." Their last full Form 990, for 2003 (bulk.resource.org/irs.gov/eo/2003_09_EO/84-1129375_990_200212.pdf), was filed July 6, 2004.

After having no revenue the year before, Terra Christa took in an even $100,000 in 2003, essentially all of which was paid to president Terri Pezzi. Almost immediately, Adams began promoting Amazon Herbs (www.naturalnews.com/000358.html):

I personally have no financial involvement in this company, but Terry Pezzi, a distributor of Amazon Herbs, has agreed to donate 50% of her profits to global charities that support nutrition and healing.
Note that although the dateline that appears on that is May 24, 2005, Google has the page itself indexed as of July 30, 2004 (i.imgur.com/VEyA6zf.png). There were no more federal filings until 2007, when Adams took over (starpas.azcc.gov/scripts/cgiip.exe/WService=wsbroker1/names-detail.p?name-id=05225664&type=CORPORATION) and changed the name.
Grafton Reed
# About Time Grafton Reed 2014-10-16 10:51
That's the problem..... You don't know who to trust in a field with no regulations. Only the egregious such as Kevin Trudeau get prosecuted. In this field, you guys, in general, hold conventional medicine to a standard different from your own. It's about time you took a good look at individuals like Mike Adams, as a reflection of your own, and what you promote as a whole. Admittedly, it was a hard thing for you to do, and took a long time of looking the other way.
Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)
# RE: About Time Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor) 2016-08-31 18:01
We get people like this all the time.

  • We know who is trustworthy in this field. All of our fans do too. Gafton should leave, since he does not know who is trustworthy.
  • We absolutely do not hold conventional medicine to a different standard, and this very article proves it.
  • We did take a good look at people like Mike Adams. Again, did you notice anything at all about this article?
  • Mike Adams is in no way a reflection of us or anyone whom we would associate with.
  • We do not promote any scams or frauds.

The only thing that Gafton got right was that it really was a hard thing to do, but we did it. No one else could or would do it. What exactly have you done to make things better, Gafton? What exactly, other than accuse us of being no better than our peers for having policed in a way that they were unwilling to? How does our having taken a stand for the truth when nobody else would make us equally bad?

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