The Different Silver Products

There are many different types of silver solutions, including silver nitrates, ionic silvers, colloidal silvers, silver chlorides, and silver proteins. The only completely safe medicinal silver product, and the kind that we officially recommend, is colloidal silver.

Silver nitrate is produced by the pharmaceutical industry by combining silver with nitric acid. It can damage the liver and kidneys like most pharmaceutical drugs. It is the terrible side effects of silver nitrate that the establishment often uses to justify its attacks upon colloidal silver, in more slight-of-hand tactics. Pharmaceutical silver nitrate has a long history of turning patients' skin a bluish-gray color. Nitrates are the poisonous compounds that are added to meat products which cause cancers. In other words, the F.D.A. pushed the poisonous and carcinogenic nitrate compounds on the public, and blamed the consequences on silver.

Ionic and colloidal silver are almost identically produced. The main difference between them is the size of the silver particles. In ionic silver, the particles are atomically small, to such a degree that even testing for their existence is difficult. It is possible that the particles in ionic silver are so small that the water itself becomes a different substance, because the silver particles are no longer completely autonomous. In colloidal silver, the particles are still microscopically small, but not as small as they are in ionic silver. Ionic silver can be made using very small voltages, over extended periods of time with silver plates. Higher voltages, or decreased resistance in the water produces colloidal silver. For true colloidal or ionic silver, the water must remain pure, so the only way to reduce the resistance of the water is to heat it, which most commercial manufacturers unwisely do.

Colloidal silver is much more likely to have a color, whereas ionic silver is always clear. This is because the larger particles in the colloidal silver provide a greater surface area. Ionic silver particles are so small that they are actually smaller than the wavelengths of visible light, making the silver invisible and colorless in even high concentrations. All colloidal silver solutions are mixtures of ionic and colloidal silver, but ionic solutions can be completely ionic. It is not possible to produce colloidal silver without also producing ionic silver. This is analogous to a construction worker who extracts materials from a brick wall. He might use a grinding tool that yielded only a fine powder, or he could bash the brick wall with a sledge hammer, which would yield a mixture of large chunks and fine powder. The use of higher voltages for colloidal extraction is like hammering the silver. The larger particles that are found in colloidal silver solutions are especially beneficial for external use, including the treatment of burns. Ionic silver is useless externally, and its internal effects have never been studied by independent third parties. Only colloidal silver and silver nitrate have been scientifically scrutinized for effectiveness, and only the colloidal variant is truly safe. Incredibly, colloidal silver is the only type which the pharmaceutical industry has never sold.

Another silver product is silver chloride. It is essentially made in the same manner as colloidal silver, but with the addition of table salt (sodium chloride). It is a cloudy liquid (often whitish) that is extremely photosensitive. Upon illumination or heating, the silver chloride solution separates into silver and chlorine. This instability makes it unsafe for human consumption. When ingested, silver chloride has a tendency to migrate to the outer tissues. Then, when the skin is exposed to sunlight, the silver chloride will break down into silver and chlorine. This causes the bluish-gray skin discoloration that has been heavily publicized as damning evidence against silver medicine. Victims of this phenomenon often claim that they drank colloidal silver, but the addition of salt transformed it into a very different substance that was chemically unstable. Conversely, true colloidal silver compounds are extremely non-reactive. Silver chloride has no benefits over colloidal silver, and it comes with risks. The salt is usually added to speed production time, but the same effect can be achieved with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in a much safer manner. The addition of sodium bicarbonate will yield especially large particles, which is unwise for internal use, but the resultant solution would nevertheless be ideal for external use. It would be excellent for burn treatments and infectious wound treatments.

Silver proteins contain much larger particles than either colloidal or ionic silver, and they should never be used internally. These were formerly approved of by the F.D.A., and they were preferred by the pharmaceutical industry. The silver particles in silver protein solutions are so large that they simply sink in the water, and the particles never stay evenly distributed without the aid of an added gelling agent. Due to the large size of the silver particles, and the silver's binding with proteins, there is a dramatically increased likelihood that silver will become trapped in the fatty tissues. Therefore, these thick solutions are likely to produce the infamous bluish discoloration of the skin too.


Jennifer Skeen
# Jennifer Skeen 2013-08-15 20:57
Great info, thank you. Does the oxidation prevent the reuse of the silver when creating colloidal silver? I wouldn't think so, but should it be cleaned before the next use? Appreciate the information!
Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2013-08-16 07:30
Thank you for asking some very thoughtful questions. As a result, we will be revising the article to add some information that we left out.

It is not absolutely necessary to clean the silver between uses, but we do. If you do decide to clean them, use a white vinegar solution that is nearly saturated with salt, or vodka. Do not use polishing agents, or anything else that could leave a chemical residue. Be advised that the silver will never look new again, regardless of what you do.

Also, to make the silver last as long as possible, the polarity should be reversed each time. This means that the silver bar that is connected to the positive wire in one batch should be switched so that it is connected to negative in the next batch. Otherwise, one of the bars will be eroded rapidly.
Kathleen Scott
# Great Aticle Kathleen Scott 2013-08-15 21:58
Well written and very informative. Thank you very much.
Kenneth Quinn
# Colloidal Silver Generator Kenneth Quinn 2013-08-16 23:22
Thanks for the great article. About 13 years ago I bought a Colloidal Silver Generator but I haven't used it for a long time. Now I am reading that if my Arthritis is caused by a virus, which it should be because it is spreading, then maybe I should break this thing back out and start using it. It says "Robey" on it, and I remember reading the same thing, to stay away from the pre-made silver water, and make your own. This unit has a silver plate that is dark grey and a wire that is still kind of shiny, but I don't see a way to reverse polarity. Do you have any experience with this "Robey" unit? At the time they seemed very honest and knowledgeable and pretty much said all the same stuff in your article, except for the Chinese wire. Do you think it would be safe for me to start using again? It pretty much looks brand new. It has a dial for PPM to set at 20 and a start button. Don't want to supplement with a heavy metal though. I have been trying to clean myself of heavy metals. Thanks in advance.
Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2013-08-18 07:21
Unfortunately, we have no information about the 'Robey' unit. The importance of high purity is so great, however, that we feel it prudent to only recommend the bullion bars, because they are always pure. The PPM meter is a scam, as described with the TDS meters in the article. It is not possible to gauge the concentration of silver in the water electrically.
Robin Talsma
# Great Article Robin Talsma 2013-08-17 10:17
I have 1 quart mason jars that I will be using. I'm wondering how long to leave the silver in? You mentioned 2 quarts for 4 hours. Does this mean 1 quart for 2 hours? I will be using alligator clips, copper wire, silver bullion (1 oz. each), 3 9 volt batteries and steam distilled water.

Also, my mason jars have a metal lid. Will it be acceptable to put plastic over the top of the jar and then screw the lid down to store the colloidal silver?

Thanks so much for your help in advance!
Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2013-08-18 07:17
It may take slightly longer if you do not already have colloidal silver to prime it with. When it has a yellow or silvery tint, it is finished. It would be fine to use a metal lid for storing, so long as the silver is not in direct contact with it.
Mark Gleason
# Mark Gleason 2013-08-20 13:40
I think a TDS meter would be good for initially testing distilled water for contaminates. Atlas Nova has silver wire that they claim is certified to be .9999 pure. Canadian silver maple leaf coins are .9999 as well. Do you still recommend Ben Taylor? I've noticed his is much better than the overpriced colorless CS I've got from a certain "health store". Regardless, I've decided to make my own CS for a tiny fraction of what I've been buying it for. Great article!
Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)
# Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor) 2013-08-21 11:41
We have been dreading the inevitable questions about Ben Taylor (Utopia Silver Supplements), and this is a painful topic for us. Because of our past association with him, our people deserve an explanation, so we shall answer the question. For a variety of reasons, both professional and personal, our ties with Ben have been severed. We considered him to be a good friend in the past, and we felt that he had earned a certain degree of respect. Times change, and so do people.

Here is a quick chronology of the history.

1. We initially spotted Ben after Natural News featured an article about his battle with the F.D.A.

2. We interviewed him for an article in Naturally Good Magazine (now defunct) about his legal battle. In retrospect, we never actually possessed any official documents to prove that it ever happened, but those were our early days.

3. We so liked him that we interviewed him for the first of our audio shows. That show has been recently removed, because we do not feel that it would be ethical to continue promoting him.

4. A period of years passed whereby we exchanged information and correspondence about silver and a variety of health topics, and he periodically gifted us with huge tanks of his purple-brown, "colloidal" silver.

5. Several years ago, we began getting slightly hostile messages from Ben concerning our exposure of alternative medicine frauds and supplement frauds. From memory alone, I recall that Ben sells both silica "supplements" and colloidal copper (which is extremely and irresponsibly dangerous). Unfortunately, Ben will sell anything that makes money with plenty of bogus claims. He shamelessly attempted to use his influence on us to get our information removed, which would have been detrimental to our readers. Our respect for him started falling fast because of these issues.

6. The childish drama continued for several years, with a yo-yo like pattern of us being loved and disliked by him; depending upon our how our reporting impacted his business. For the most part, we quietly monitored his correspondence with curiosity and fascination, awhile hoping that our concerns about his character were just misguided paranoia.

7. We discovered that Ben has a foolish tendency of surrounding himself with crooks, quacks, and con men. He sorely does not appreciate having this pointed out. We specifically reported about some of the people who were hurt (and killed) by one of them in several of our audio shows, and the fraudulent methodology ("medicine") that was used. One of his friends, Ken O' Neal (Kenneth W. O'Neal, M.D.), injected unfiltered and unpasteurized ocean water ("Quinton plasma") directly into peoples' veins as a supplement -- with death being the usual result. That monster was permanently banned from practicing medicine, but his business got new life at Ben's Utopia Silver Supplements. Ben was actually sending his people to a guy who killed 3 people in a row. The new sham was "mineral analysis" (diagnosis and treatments) using hair samples, which too is rather iffy 'science'. We are willing to bet that this "doctor" recommends Ben's silica "supplements" -- since silica is an essential nutrient, after all -- and Ben's orally-consumed copper too. It took us about 15 seconds to uncover the guy's murderous history ( with a search engine, so Ben must have known. After all, he was promoting the guy as his verified medical expert. Anyway, Ben's correspondence with us became short and infrequent after we reported about it.

8. Our own experimentation with Ben's silver has shown that his uniquely, purple-brown product was excellent for external use, whether it was used for making eye drops or eliminating burns. We're just not sure what it is, because it is not exactly colloidal silver. In the very least, we have concluded that his "colloidal silver" is so extremely large particle that it cannot be truthfully called colloidal. If the formulation is purely silver and water, then it is obvious that Ben takes extreme short cuts in the process (like using high voltages or heating it). He refused to talk about what his manufacturing process is, so it is entirely proprietary, which means there is a good chance that it is not colloidal silver. There is only one way to make proper colloidal silver, and everybody who has taken the time to learn already knows it. So if his process is different, then the product cannot be colloidal silver. The result of his process does not even resemble colloidal silver, and we have seen significantly better results internally with true colloidal silver. (Hint: It's yellow.) In other words, you may use Ben's "colloidal silver" at your own risk. Our experience with him convinces us that he is wholly untrustworthy, and therefore; we would never risk our family's health with anything that he sells again.

9. Enter Ben's 'friends' again, who seem to always be swarming him and looking for ways to take advantage of his supplement empire. We feel that the worst offender is a twit named Tony Isaacs. Some of you may recognize Tony from such infamous quackery promotions as the use of the (poisonous) oleander plant as a "cancer cure", which has been murderously used by the establishment as "chemotherapy", or from his lunatic recommendations at ''. Like many establishment doctors, Tony's failed "cure" for cancer consists of poisoning dying patients. His newest one comes from his Internet "radio show". It is so comical that we have to mention it in passing. Did you know that you can talk to your DNA and tell it to fix you? We didn't! We can hardly believe that Ben cannot see through this guy. It is our (legally unqualified) opinion that Tony Isaacs is a textbook sociopath, who will manipulate those around him to hurt themselves in ways which benefit him. He drove-by here several times to "educate" us about why our audience should be drinking iodine, because we were making his "medicine" look bad. His games did not work here, and it could be said that he got a very warm reception. In revenge, he boasted about his super-close friendship with Ben Taylor (whom he could easily manipulate, in other words), and that we should expect to never hear from Ben again -- as our punishment. We have not heard from Ben Taylor since. We concluded that they must truly deserve one another.

10. We do not know if the problem is that Ben is simply not the person that he used to be from when we first met him, or if he has merely allowed himself to be surrounded by trashy people, who dragged him down. Either way, it is our personal and professional opinion that his present lack of character means that he cannot be trusted overall; and subsequently, we officially recommend against doing business with him.

We realized early on that our work would lose us lots of friends. We also realized that we would have to choose between truth and popularity. We accept the consequences of our decision.
Jimmie Miller
# Utopia Silver Jimmie Miller 2014-03-03 12:58
Bless you guys for the important work you do here, there is so much information and misinformation out there that it is hard to figure out which is correct and what is safe and effective or not. Thank you for this info. I had looked into CS and was thinking of trying the Utopia Silver since I saw a lot of good reviews on it. Maybe I'll get supplies to make my own instead because I want to use it internally.
Robin Talsma
# batteries Robin Talsma 2013-09-04 09:05
Hello, My first batch of CS appeared to have gone well. The proper color etc. I used the same batteries with my second batch. I used the remaining water in the gallon jug of steam distilled water. I also left it on for 2 hours longer.

This time, there were a few fuzzies around the silver bars and the bars were not as discolored.

The water is clear, no yellow tint whatsoever. Does this mean it's not concentrated enough? Should I have used new batteries? How many times can the batteries be used when making two quarts of CS at a time?

I also used vodka for cleaning everything, inside the jars and the bars. Copper wire from the terminal of the batteries to the alligator clips holding the silver bars in the water. Silver bars only immerced half way to avoid contact with the alligator clips.

Thanks for your response!
Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)
# Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor) 2013-09-04 12:00
It is probably fine. We have had similar batches ourselves. I'd bet that if you put the colloidal silver into a clean glass container (like a coffee pot) and held it between yourself and an incandescent light, then you would see it looking silvery. Some of our batches remind us of mercury. We have also had a batch that tinted yellow a day later, and we can't explain that. We're dealing with some weird science here that nobody fully understands. We have noticed that it makes the surface of the water super reflective from the underside, so that a 45 degree laser that is pointing up will be completely reflected down. It should taste slightly metallic. You can always try the freezing test to make sure it has silver particles, but the fuzzy stuff that formed around the bars should already tell you that. During the electrolysis process, what is really happening is that one of the silver bars is trying to electroplate the other one. Some of the particles don't make it, and end up being infused in the water. In some of out batches, we have seen the silver bars actually build a bridge between them of silver particles. The results will be better if there is stirring, and the particles are periodically wiped away with a wooden spoon.
Diahann Moyler
# Is it expensive? Diahann Moyler 2013-09-05 12:54
I am interested in making colloidal silver but I am a little apprehensive about my ability to do it correctly. How much does a bar of silver cost and from where would I get it? Is there any way you guys can make and sell the colloidal silver like you do the lotion? I would definitely purchase some. Can you provide a picture of the how the set up should be? I am a visual learner. Thanks so much for the information provided.
Norman Smith
# Norman Smith 2013-09-10 17:23
Thanks for a very informative article. I have already made up a gallon of CS for my immediate family and have passed the info along to my extended family. I used 999 silver bars purchased off ebay. Two each one troy ounce bars cost $65 with free shipping. I just made certain that the seller had a high rating from buyers. I did 2 quarts at a time and used 3 nine volt batteries, running each batch for 4 hours. I tested the batteries after the last batch and the reading for each was still over 9 volts. So the batteries deplete very little and should last for several batches. Investing in a voltmeter would be useful for those wondering how much voltage is left in the batteries. They can be found for as little as $10.

My wife easily gets pneumonia and really suffers when she has to take a course of antibiotics. The side effects are terrible. I have her primed to take the CS at the first sign of a cold and hopefully this will eliminate many future problems. Time will tell.

Thanks again for the wonderful information.
Paul Rodrigues
# Paul Rodrigues 2013-09-18 21:21

I was wondering if it is worth buying a silver generator like silver edge ..
They say it makes the silver particles smaller and easier absorbed..
I"m on my way to make my own silver with the bars like you mentioned..
Are these generators in your opinion worth the over $200 investment?


Great site by the way..
Honest and true..
Hermann Mittelholzer
# Re: Thinking about buying a silver generator Hermann Mittelholzer 2013-10-07 10:09
If you are thinking about buying a silver generator I would suggest that there is a much cheaper option that is just as good, if not better.

When I was making my own investigations I found units starting at about $150 up to about $375, and some of the lower priced generators required that you purchase extra batteries, in addition to the .999 silver wire needed to make the colloid.

My own solution was to source (which I did on eBay), a good quality variable DC power supply which goes from 0V to 30V. A good quality power supply will cost, including delivery, around $85 and will serve you just as well as a dedicated unit, for a fraction of the price. Hope this helps.
Jim Morrison
# Jim Morrison 2013-11-17 11:17
Out this goes to lots of emails. GREAT article. I now see the fda [federal department of assassins] are a bunch of assissins for hire by the criminal drug companies, who have murdered millions of people. They did not "cause their deaths" - they murdered them.
Craig Hilles
# Similar issue to Robin Talsma Craig Hilles 2014-01-12 16:23
I had a similar experience to Robin Talsma. My first batch was a quart which I ran for about 2 hours, and it came out just like you said, slightly yellowish.

I ran a second batch with the same batteries and this one was completely clear. I went ahead and used it for a cold.

My third batch I ran for 2 1/2 hours (1 quart again), same batteries, and this one is VERY yellow. Do you think that one is safe to use or should I dump it? I could just take smaller doses.
Arnold Beland
# Arnold Beland 2014-03-24 03:45
There are three main factors that will determine the quality of the colloidal silver that you make. The first is the water that you use. It must be distilled to a high degree of purity. You will need some way to check that the water you are using is pure enough. The distilled water that is sold in grocery stores in 1 gallon containers will generally be good enough. You will still need some way to check it. This can be done with a conductivity meter or by some method included in the design and function of whatever generator we use.
The second factor is the purity of the silver that we use. We want silver ions and preferably no other metals. We want to make a solution containing silver ions, as they are proven to be of great benefit. There are many other metals, however, that can do us great harm. We must take every precaution we can to avoid taking toxic metals into our bodies. This is why we use only 9999 silver wire and insist on a certificate of analysis showing the impurities that are present. In the case of the highest quality silver the largest impurity will be copper which is not bad in small amounts. This will be the case in silver that comes directly from silver ore that is refined directly. If you buy silver without an assay certificate it could contain scraps from manufacturing facilities that are alloying silver with any number of other metals. So it's not just a matter of it being 9999, but what is the nature of the other .01%. When you consider the fact that when we make colloidal silver the result is a liquid solution with silver in parts per million (PPM), it makes no sense to try to economize on this. If we consider making colloidal silver at a strength of 10 PPM for example, 1 ounce of silver wire could make theoretically 100,000 ounces or 1500 gallons of colloidal silver.
The third factor is the amount of time that we allow the process. Hydrogen will appear at the cathode (the negatively charged electrode, where electrons enter the water), and oxygen will appear at the anode (the positively charged electrode). Back in the days of the 3 9 V battery and coins we would wait until we saw a cloud of what we were told were pieces of silver forming in the water and stopping the process soon after that. In reality, the cloud was form by hydrogen and oxygen micro bubbles and meant that the process was in a runaway mode. Disconnecting the batteries at that point would, if you were lucky, get you perhaps a five PPM colloidal silver solution. It would not keep its strength for very long as the larger particles would quickly collide with and absorb the silver ions. A few of us promoted the use of current limiting to prevent the runaway condition. Some of us noted that the higher resistance we used the better results we obtained in both higher PPM and stability. Many of us, including yours truly, tried every conceivable method of stirring to allow the use of a higher current in order to speed up the process. All of my efforts in this direction failed. I could not get around the fact that for a given surface area of silver anode only a certain amount of current was allowed. There is a region surrounding the anode called the Nernst diffusion area. To put it simply, it is a region that will only allow a certain density of ion's to exist before they agglomerate into larger particles. So for those of you with your own setups for making colloidal silver, try reducing the current and allowing more time and let us know the results.
G. Joseph Fondren
# G. Joseph Fondren 2014-06-11 08:29
Found this article on Because of a minor heart problem I've seen several doctors from Colorado to Alabama in the past year and expressed to each of them my distrust of Big Pharma, and gave them my opinion that two many doctors see every health problem as a "-)rug deficiency." I know well of one doctors' office that has forty employees that get fed lunch by various drug reps almost every day. How do the drug reps figure this is cost effective for them? Wink, wink.

I'm not completely new to colloidal silver though never having used it. Your info really impressed me. The expected "hard close" to buy something never came, and then you even went so far as to tell me in great detail how to make my own. Good job! I'll be encouraging my whole extended family to read it.

There are some reasons your info really got my attention other than the obvious health benefits. I own a closed down silver mine with hundreds of tons of ore on top of the ground. I have a spring that has been professionally checked and rated "very good water." I have a government surplus 5 gallon still and have solar panels and a bank of 12v batteries that, as you know, can also be 24, 36, or 48 volt depending on how they are connected. Am I wrong to see this as a potential income or barter situation after the collapse? At this point it seems the biggest obstacle would be turning the ore into silver pure enough to be safe.

I have about 30, one-quart glass, Jim Beam bottles with handles and plastic caps. Would these be suitable for storage? Since I have the wherewithal to make moonshine, would that be suitable for cleaning in lieu of vodka? Would I need to use potatoes as a base for the moonshine? Would 24 volts from two 12v batteries be OK for the electrolysis? Thanks for some fantastic info.
Dean Striker
# Colloidal Silver works for me Dean Striker 2014-07-05 08:43
I learned first of CS about 10 years ago. I had just pulled in on a relocation after a long tow. Had an awful swelling on the right side of my face. I figured I would be heading to an emergency room!

New neighbor stopped by to intro and noticed my plight. He immediately went home and came back with CS and told me what it was and how to use it.

Three days later it was totally gone!

I'm now making my own CS, use it only when afflicted with something, and it works!
Laurier Belanger
# Colloidal Gold Laurier Belanger 2014-07-13 08:36
Very interesting report on Colloidal Silver. Been producing Colloidal Silver
for years. Now I see how the rods may come from China and be contaminated…….like most products that come from China.

I was wondering if anyone has information on Colloidal Gold and how to make it. Can I use the same copper wires and power source as used for the Colloidal Silver production?
dean rich
# dean rich 2014-08-12 11:27
is taking C S thru a nebulizer a great benifit to you can some one shed some light please tyvm d
Michael Johnson
# Quick calculation: Michael Johnson 2014-09-11 10:58
I found 5-gram silver bullion bars online. By the dimension of them, I figure that one can realistically use about 3 grams of each making colloidal silver. At 20ppm, it appears that 3 grams would make about 40 gallons. Double that to 80 gallons for two 5-gram bars. Does that sound about right?
Christine Frost
# 2 bars? Christine Frost 2014-09-20 22:34
Please forgive me if I overlooked the answer to this questions within the article. You write bars plural, so I'm assuming 2 are needed?
Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2014-09-28 13:07
Don't ever be afraid to ask. Two bars are needed to make colloidal silver. One bar would be connected to the positive wire, and the other to the negative wire.
Edward Robinson
# Silver Sol Technology? Edward Robinson 2014-10-09 08:55
Hello, I love how informative this article is and I wanted to know your take on Silver Sol technology producing nano silver and if it is effective or not. The claims are that a method was patented and I'd backed by clinical trials?
Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)
# Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor) 2014-10-11 10:13
The quick answer is that I think the signs indicate that they are an unscrupulous company. The warning signs that were cited in the article are present, since the company is supposedly producing a "silver solution" that is better than real colloidal silver, and it is so special that it is not really colloidal silver. Colloidal silver was so Twentieth Century, after all.

Let me break it down. They call it the "silver solution" because this phrase has no real meaning or regulatory value. There is no such ingredient as "solution", so the product can contain whatever they want, or nothing at all. I'm speculatively leaning more toward the latter. So the main ingredient could be chicken blood, and there would be nothing that anyone could do about it. By calling their product the "solution", there is an inherent dishonesty from the get-go, on the very front of the label, in a type of legal maneuvering and an avoidance of honest disclosure. What exactly is the product, and shouldn't they be proud to tell us everything about it? Was the "10 ppm" thing even tested, how, and by whom? It's not like there is a trade secret issue with the ingredients or the manufacturing process, because they boast that it is already patented, and therefore their formulation and process should have full legal protection against competition. They were being honest about that patent thing, right?

About that patent thing. In actuality, a patent does not mean anything remarkable, but sleazy marketers have trained us to falsely see the existence of patents as something indicating a special quality. I literally could patent the way that I floss my teeth, if I were willing to pay the required fees. That has probably been done. Judging by what else is on the labeling, I'm not going to assume that they have been honest about having a valid patent claim. I'm not going to bother looking, frankly. Whenever I see or hear the phrase "patented...", I mentally translate it into "we're so full of...". You should do the same.

I'm betting that the "clinical trials" do not exist, and I noticed that there is no further information about the trials. You really should bet with me on this one. For the sake of discussion, let's pretend there really were some clinical trials. What exactly was the methodology, who was doing the testing, and what was being testing for exactly? Do you believe that maybe the F.D.A. handed over thousands of sick patients for an official trial? I have a few doubts about that. If they did indeed have a huge and valid clinical trial about their product, then would we not expect for them to have the details proudly posted everywhere instead of hidden? Why do they seem to be so afraid of their own scientifically-proven results? I'd certainly love to evaluate the data personally -- that is, if it exists. From my own testing, this company registers 95% on my B.S. meter.

Beware of this company's supplements, for I also noticed the following text on the label of one of its products, "Manufactured for SILVER SOLUTION USA, LLC". This means some other unnamed group provided the supplements and maybe a dozen other companies provided the ingredients. It screams the overwhelming probability of "no accountability" and "China" at the same time. Of course, if you are interested in supplementing with lead, antifreeze, and cadmium, then the origins might not be of concern for you. The type of testing that we should be seeking is a toxicology screen.

Finally, the company has some of the more obvious, flat-out frauds, like spirulina and "digestive enzymes". I'm not making a joke when I write that they claim the spirulina will reduce allergies. That's like how the establishment once claimed that Heroin cured drug addictions. Maybe the business plan is to make the customers sicker with the spirulina and "digestive enzymes", so that the silver products sell much better. I would so not be surprised.
Edward Robinson
# Edward Robinson 2014-10-11 17:59
Thanks a lot for the reply! Ever since I learned about colloidal silver I have been sent in multiple directions....this silver is better than this silver that really is very confusing for a new consumer to make an educated purchase, my friend just ordered some Sovereign Silver and that one claims to be the #1 selling silver so you can understand my uncertainty....I think I'll try my luck making my own silver by following the article instructions....thanks again
Mr Ralph F Stone
# CS & Hep-C Mr Ralph F Stone 2014-10-22 15:01
Greetings...I just ran across this site today. The article above has to be one of the best I've ever read. The 'big sell' never came, and I was truly impressed. I've been familiar with CS for years but have never made it. (Never bought it either)!! Far too expensive. My chiropractor / brother in law showed me how to make it 10+ yrs. ago, and the silver, batteries, etc, never added up to robbery. Now then, if no virus can stand up to CS, this must include Hep-C as well, right? I've had the virus since 1993, but have never taken any treatment for it. And I won't. Not pharma treatment. My enzymes are within safe range, but I'd still like to eradicate the virus.
Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)
# Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor) 2014-10-22 15:15
We have a report about hepatitis too. Just use the search box at the top-right of every page. Welcome to H.W.
Mr Ralph F Stone
# Mr Ralph F Stone 2014-10-23 09:49
Thank you & thank you. ;-)
Nancy Johnston
# Dark Yellow Results Nancy Johnston 2015-01-18 06:05
After reading your article I decided to make some colloidal silver myself. I've made two batches so far but both have turned much darker than pale yellow. I used silver bullion and a glass pot, alligator clips to hold the bullion but I bought them with the battery connectors already attached and the wire may not be copper, I can't tell as it's covered in red and black plastic but I am assuming it's not. Is using copper wire absolutely essential? Making 1 quart at a time and both times it's only taken just over two hours, am I letting it go too long and that's why the colour is coming off as dark yellow or is the wires (which do not touch the water ever). I'm hoping for a response as I have consumed some and am worried now. Thanks! PS - love your website!
Jim Brooks
# Jim Brooks 2015-02-13 12:51
Thanks for all the info on the colloidal silver.
I have everything I need to make colloidal silver and have had it now for a couple of weeks.

My frustration is, I cannot find an adapter that puts out the suggested 30Volts DC with 3 amps or one in the 26 volt range even. I live in a fairly large city and have made numerous calls to every electronics store and computer store in the area and have not come up with this part. Radio Shack does not have either. Can you guys please direct me to where I mind find this...very anxious to start brewing some CS.
Thanks much!
PS just joined the site today and can't wait to read all the goodies inside.
Craig Hilles
# adaptor Craig Hilles 2016-05-14 18:25
It's probably too late for you since your message is a year old, but in case it helps anyone else, why don't you just use 3 9-vold batteries? You connect them together in a triangle (just attach each battery to the other, negative to positive. it ends up looking like a triangle).

I have a multi-meter and it comes out to almost exactly 28 volts DC which is what you want. Then just get wires with alligator clips on each end, and attach the batteries to your silver bars. (Just make sure the alligator clips don't touch the water!)

By the time you get tired of buying 9-volt batteries (I'm getting pretty close), you can find a power supply on Ebay that will work. Just start out with 9 volt batteries to make sure this is something you are really going to keep up doing.
Angela Perkins
# Questions on Making this Angela Perkins 2015-05-07 11:54
There's hasn't been any posts to this article in a while, but I really need some help. . . I've made two batches using the directions but there's a white substance that goes between the two silver bars. Please, can someone give some input as to what I may be doing wrong?

Thank you-
Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)
# Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor) 2015-05-07 16:23
Are you sure that it is white? Silver particles tend to accumulate between the silver bars to make a bridge if the bars are touching the container. The bridge should be a gray color to a silvery color. Such bridges should be periodically broken to minimize electrical shorting. We recommend scraping it with a wooden spoon periodically. There is a contamination problem if you are getting white residue anywhere. If you are not following our recommendations religiously, then you are begging for trouble. The best (most pure) distilled water that we have found is Walmart's "Great Value" brand.
Darryl Sinclair
# Wow! Darryl Sinclair 2015-06-11 02:01
Greetings :-)

I make Colloidal Silver at home and have for several years. I have watched probably, every video on the subject on YouTube and have seen some pretty bizarre things and claims...

In all of my research, I have not come across a better article on the subject, than this one... It covers everything... Even sourcing the silver... I buy mine from the Bank as it's 99.999% pure...

I can attest to the lack of accuracy of the little PPM Testers... I have often placed mine into the solution and got a different reading each time... The only thing I use it for, now, is to test my Distilled water... Usually it's 0.00% but occasionally, it will register 5 - 10 PPM impurities... I can live with that as I don't sell the stuff... It's for me only...

Anyway, Great writeup :-) Thanks
Carlos Dasilva
# Aging Carlos Dasilva 2015-08-02 18:13
I find that the color changes dramatically to a light to medium honey color tone overnight or after few hours (the color starts off silvery), making the original strength hard to gauge. After that the color does not change.

After my first (2hr.) try,overnight the color turned to a medium honey color -for a quart of water. If I leave the 1 ounce bullion any more than 1 inch apart (1 quart glass jar) the solution will hardly ever produce “smoke” if any.

I first tried fixing the bullion to the 2” mouth of a mason jar, I did this after I saw a youtube video. This method produced so little reaction that I think it would’ve taken 5 hours to produce anything, The youtuber used higher voltages though.

So is everything ok that it changes to a light to medium honey color after a few hours from the initial state?
Steam distilled water - store bought
3 9v batteries
1 quart mason jar
2X 1 (not troy) ounce .999 silver bullion
approximately (no more than) 1 inch between bullion.
Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)
# Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor) 2015-08-08 07:05
It's probably fine. Although, what you describe would be especially strong. You could probably dilute it to 50%, and still have very potent colloidal silver. It's just a guess from what I am visualizing.
Michael Koh
# making genuine colloidal silver Michael Koh 2015-09-11 20:28
Picture tells thousand words but a video tells million words. Can you not show us in detail how it is done rather than explaining it to us in text?

I would really like to make this and do it properly so that I don't harm myself and my family or make something subtherapeutic.


Michael Koh
Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# RE: making genuine colloidal silver Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2015-09-12 19:09
Your wish is our command. We have made a video about making colloidal silver at home, and it should be published tomorrow. Sign up for our mailing list to get a notification as soon as it is released, or conversely you can look us up on YouTube tomorrow, or look for an update on this article.

We have been working on the video for two months, and we are proud of it. It is extremely thorough. It has everything you would ever need to know about making colloidal silver, including the things that you don't know that you need to know.

You have very good timing, Sir. The movie is being uploaded as I write this.

Update: You may watch the video now:
Mr Ralph F Stone
# The Vid & Article Mr Ralph F Stone 2015-09-24 20:34
This is just truly the very best information on colloidal silver I've researched thus far. I first learned to make it in 2002 using 3 9v batteries. I think using a power supply unit is the best for consistent quality product. You people amaze me. Thank you. (I'll be purchasing the book shortly).
Emily Epstein
# Making CS Emily Epstein 2015-10-05 21:47
Thanks for the video.

We made colloidal silver and according to the video, ours is the same color as the jar labeled "large particle, too strong, possibly impure." It is a dark yellow about 3 days after producing.
We used 2 (1 oz.) bars of silver from a us mint certified dealer, an inch apart. Silver was cleaned with vinegar and salt, then vodka. We used a distilled water from our home water distiller. There was a lot of black in the water at the end. We filtered through a coffee filter and have kept covered.
We let it run in about a gallon of water for about 12-13 hours at 30 volts. My husband said there was a lot of silver formations before stirring. The silver bars were clearly utilized; one looks half as thin. (did not switch polarities during process).
Either the water was impure or we left it running too long, but it was probably a combination.
Just wanted to share our experience and we will be attempting again.
Our question: Can we dilute our the "large particle, too strong, possibly impure," dark yellow batch with store bought distilled water to attain color shown in your video for ideal CS?
Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)
# Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor) 2015-10-07 02:49
Yes. You have our official permission to disregard our safety advice and drink that tainted solution to your heart's desires. Good luck with that.
Mihaela Stiso
# Where to buy the silver bars? Mihaela Stiso 2015-10-06 11:49
Thank you very much for the video(and all other information) , it is a life saver ( literally). I have very hard time finding a bank that would sell the silver bars. Can someone guide me in the good direction as I do not want to buy them online because of the so many fakes out there.

Best wishes,
Mihaela Stiso
Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)
# Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor) 2015-10-07 02:42
We have been getting some reports like this from frustrated shoppers. Our recommendation is to order from a company known as JM Bullion ( The company formerly produced the famous "Engelhard bullion", which was the standard of bullion purity for decades. It was featured in our video just to make everyone jealous! While there have been a few changes in the company since those glory days, we nevertheless have not found any indication that they have lowered their standards. The short story is that we would trust them, and we literally do in the making of our own colloidal silver. We normally do not buy silver online, of course, but we would feel safe if it came from them.
Mihaela Stiso
# Mihaela Stiso 2015-10-07 10:39
I appreciate your answer so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Mihaela Stiso
# Making a hole in the silver bars! Mihaela Stiso 2015-10-08 13:58
Hi Thomas/Sarah ,
I am sorry for bugging you again (better bug you then do something wrong, right?)i watched the video a few times , i did not see how i am gonna make the holes in the bullion bars. Is there a tool or what do i use to do that ?
Thank you again

Mihaela Stiso
Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2015-10-14 10:45
Simply use a drill with a tiny drill bit to make the holes at the top of the silver bars.
Mihaela Stiso
# something is off Mihaela Stiso 2015-10-19 12:33
I did my best to make the colloidal silver but somewhere i did something wrong. Please advise me. I purchased a little bottle of colloidal silver from Brian to prime my own colloidal silver with. I have the bullion bars from the website you recommended , i fallowed everything that Sarah and Thomas shows in the video ,i cleaned the silver bars with vinegar and salt , then vodka , then distilled water from walmart(the great value) , i measured the voltage (was 30), i left it for 4 hours switching the alligator clips every hour or so , i stir the solution with a wooden spoon. The only thing i didn't do is not wearing gloves (i didnt have any on hand) but i did wash my hands with soap, vodka then rinsed with the distilled water. My colloidal silver had some black particles and the color is pretty dark, as you show in the video (the 3rd jar you showing). It was a light gray when i finished it but the next day turned dark. i even made a second batch but came out the same. I used a 6 cups glass jar (about 1.5 Quarts) So what can i do at this point ? Is there a way to test the purity of the water ? I don't know what i did wrong ? Please help !

Thank you
Mihaela Stiso
Llyana Abbott
# Amount Llyana Abbott 2015-10-21 21:37
I have been using your method and taking the silver, and so far so good. But the article said to start off with about two tablespoons, then increase. I have been increasing but now I'm worried; how much is too much? Is there a max dose? For example, if I'm taking about a cup do I really need more than that? Maybe I overlooked it somewhere. Thank you.
Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)
# RE: Amount Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor) 2016-02-20 16:53
We cannot give you official dosages because there are no 'official' dosages anymore. The information from the early Twentieth Century, from when silver was used as a general-purpose antibiotic by mainstream medicine, was literally burned. I can tell you that the biggest risk of using too much colloidal silver is anemia, because the silver will bind with iron in the blood to both neutralize the iron, and cause the body to excrete too much iron. Iron supplements or a healthy diet will fix this, but it can take weeks before the formerly anemic person has regained his full energy. Of course, this is rarely noticed, since sick people already have low energy.
Benoit Deschamps
# Coilloidal silver and salt - Silver Chlorate Benoit Deschamps 2016-01-21 18:33
Great article! Really the best info I've found for making our own CS!
I've followed meticulously what you told in the youtube video and successfully made my own colloidal silver. It was slightly grey then turned pale yellow. It took about 15 hours for about 1 gallon of distilled water @ 30Vdc.

One thing I have an interrogation about is using salt on the silver bars for cleaning them.
Does salt combine with silver ion particules to form Silver Chlorate?
I've read somewhere that if you want to test CS, we can add some salt to it. If it generate white smoke in the CS, then the CS is more Ionic silver than colloidal.

How much of this is true?

When I put salt in my CS, it generates a white smoke, until all the liquid is slightly whiter but still not opaque.

Looking for your advice and experience. Thanks.
Mihaela Stiso
# Giving another try Mihaela Stiso 2016-02-12 07:54
Hi Sarah and Thomas,
I have been buying the silver from Purevon but i use quite a lot and i hate for my silver bars and power adapter to just sit there not used so i will give it another try or two:) (twice came out not good :( ). When i was getting the copper wire out to clean the silver bars i noticed that the wire got blackish where was twisted. Does this have anything to do with my very dark and contaminated colloidal something else?
Thank you
Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)
# RE: Giving another try Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor) 2016-02-20 16:37
Almost certainly. If the wire is changing colors, then you have something chemical going on. Electricity alone will not change the color of copper wire.
Craig Hilles
# testimonial and problem Craig Hilles 2016-05-14 18:16
First, testimonial. At work, every year I would get sick at least 4 or 5 days a year. I'm a big baby so even if I get a bad cold I just stay home instead of forcing myself to go to work and "tough it out".

Since I found your site in 2013, I have been using colloidal silver, making it on my own pretty much exactly as you describe. I had my boss check with HR, and I haven't had a sick day since 2013. Not a coincidence I think!

So I want to thank you for being the site that was convincing enough to get me started on colloidal silver!

NEXT: the problem. For the first time, it seems my jar of colloidal silver got contaminated with bacteria or other pathogen. It had that smell I know from making water to look at under the microscope. And kind of some stuff floating on top. Maybe 1-celled organism pathogens rather than bacteria.

So anyway I filtered it with a coffee filter, boiled it, and filtered it again, and it's fine now (still yellow).

But I wonder what my mistake was. Here's what I'm thinking: (1.) I didn't filter this one, I was lazy and just let the big parts drop to the bottom. (2) I was using distilled water, which I made myself using a water distiller and stored it in blue glass Skyy vodka bottles (which were cleaned extensively of course). But maybe that distilled water sitting in that jar for a long time was contaminated to start with...

Anyway, just wondered what your thoughts were on that. And thanks again for creating my "go-to" health site!
Diahann Moyler
# Silver in a bottle Diahann Moyler 2016-07-27 08:40
Thanks to the high heavens that now I just have to buy the Silver in a Bottle Colloidal silver. I have all of the ingredients to make my own but it seemed too complicated to me. Science phobia, I guess. Anyway, problem solved!
Jared Smith
# Thank you! Jared Smith 2016-08-21 16:24
Just want to say thank you for what you are doing. It is amazing but true that just a person or few can really change the world and I believe you are doing just that.

I am an avid researcher myself and after coming across silver and doing much research eventually came across your tutorial on youtube on how to make colloidal silver. Your tutorial is as good as any tutorial I have ever seen and the information seems the most accurate I have found. I have followed the tutorial precisely and made my first quart batch which came out a beautiful gold color at 17ppm. I then realized that I could possibly do 2 batches at once using the same power supply and was pleased to see that it indeed worked perfectly. I now have two 1 gallon jars going simultaneously.

I have already witnessed many benefits from using silver over the span of a couple weeks.

Thanks again. Keep up the incredible work.

Maybe something you can use. I recently starting using lime juice as a deodorant. It is working great to combat the stink while allowing sweat. I simply mix about 3/4 lime juice to 1/4 CS and put it into a bottle with a roller applicator. The lime juice appears to work fine without the CS but why not add some CS as well when it is nearly free lol.

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