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It's not okay to be white, especially if you're in high school. At least that's the case according to various check-marked journalists on Twitter. Racial smears are perfectly fine, as long as they are applied to the right group of young people, which Twitter once again demonstrated.

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Video: Enrique Tarrio of Proud Boys Talks Political Persecution

Proud Boys leader, Enrique Tarrio, grants Sarah Corriher an in-depth interview about the political persecution that he has been experiencing personally, as well as the persecutions of his friends. Chronicled is how in boardrooms from Silicon Valley to Wall Street, Marxist managers have declared war against American values and America itself. Enrique gives first-hand details of what has been happening on the front lines.

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The 4D Chess of Trump and Reagan
Pravda Newspaper Israel's anti-missile defense system, known as the "Iron Dome", is based on Reagan's "Star Wars" defense system.

Democrats are nothing if not consistent. They didn't want to protect Americans thirty-plus years ago and they still don't want to protect Americans in the Trump Era. They were ferociously opposed to President Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative, which would have protected America from ballistic missiles, and they are now ferociously opposing President Trump's border wall, which would protect Americans.

The Strategic Defense Initiative (dubbed the "Star Wars defense system" by the media) was meant to be a defense against the Soviet Union's ballistic missiles. It was, in retrospect, a brilliant idea, and it was a major part of Reagan's arms race that eventually forced the Soviet Union to its knees.

Of course, when it was announced, liberals, Democrats and the media howled in indignation, demanded that Reagan give it up and said, even if he didn't, it wouldn't work and was too costly. Do those arguments sound familiar in today's political landscape? We've heard the same type of arguments against the border wall by the same groups. Once you're in a rut of being wrong, it's hard to break out of it. There is another parallel between the proponents of Star Wars/border wall and their elitist opponents. Namely, it is the sheer simplicity of the plans.

Stu Spencer, a political strategist, explained why President Reagan was at once so popular with the general public and so despised by elitists. "Reagan's solutions to problems were always the same as the guy in the bar."

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Silicon Valley's Axis of Evil

WW2 PosterFrom their sprawling headquarters in California's Silicon Valley, companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter are displaying a propensity and willingness to discriminate, which we would ordinarily associate with the totalitarian regimes of the Islamic nations and communism.

Google has become the defacto gateway to information for virtually the entire world. It wields the power to make and break people, politicians, and companies. It is not shy about using that power for evil. Arguably, its most insidious behavior is often hidden in plain sight. Namely, this is its discriminatory autocomplete feature. Type "lies told" into a browser and the first two autocomplete results are "by Trump" and "about Obama". Perhaps the sheer number of "lies told" results for "about Trump" searches and "by Hillary" broke Google's algorithms, or maybe it is just suppression of conservative views. Google's top ten autocomplete suggestions for "lies told" include "in the Bible", "on Fox News", "by President Trump", "by Donald Trump", "by Sarah Huckabee Sanders", and "by Brett Kavanaugh". An overwhelming 80% of the results have a leftist, pro-Democrat, and anti-Republican bias.

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Conservative Patriot: You Are Not Alone

Trump RallySince its most recent presidential election, the United States of America has indelibly produced some unfortunate images. This is largely thanks to media, both mainstream and social, which perpetuates the messages of the loudest, most persistent, and most shocking members of society. They have shown us the lunatic woman on her knees, screaming up at the sky, as if she were in agony during the presidential inauguration; hats that are meant to resemble the sexual parts of female anatomy; celebrities spouting the most profane hatred for a democratically elected president and absolutely anyone who is brazen enough to support him. To outsiders looking in, America has become easy to mock. The nation appears to have become a collective of faux-rebellious teenagers, who can perpetually be found screaming at the supposed injustice of them not getting their way for once; despite them being the world's most entitled people. Those same outsiders might feel befuddled by what devious manipulations must have led to a Trump presidency in the first place. After all, the entire country seems opposed to his 'fascist' regime.

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What Women Really Want: Real Men

Most women are attracted to masculine men. It should not be a controversial statement, but in today's political climate, it is enough to send some people into hysterics.

Vocal, radical feminists have turned "masculinity" into a dirty word and being male into an unforgivable sin. A man can hardly live one day of his life without committing several infractions against the laws of feminism. Assertively taking charge of a situation, voicing his opinion, or holding a job that he enjoys are now crimes against supposedly less-privileged women and minorities.

Clearly, if so many women were vehemently opposed to everything masculine, they would prioritize finding feminine traits in their potential partners, right? Not so. If anything, the enticing taboo about having manly traits has created something of a fetish for hyper-masculinity.

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Legacy Media Manipulates the Immigration Debate by Selective Omissions
Pravda Newspaper Pravda: The Soviet newspaper that was dedicated to keeping Russians uninformed for the power of a single party. It meant 'truth'.

"Modern journalism is all about deciding which facts the public shouldn't know because they might reflect badly on Democrats," a PJ Media reporter, Jim Treacher, wrote some time ago. Some one-liners reveal only hollowness and stupidity. Others are almost sublime in their truthfulness and they become even more accurate over time. Treacher's comment is in the latter category. Today's journalists must be quick with shovels because, as Treacher noted, modern reporters have become little more than Democrat operatives with bylines, who must bury facts that embarrass 'progressives'. Nothing proves Treacher's comment more than the minimal news coverage that most outlets gave to the murdering of Californian police officer, Corporal Ronil Singh, during the last week of 2018.

A few hours past Christmas of 2018, the 33-year-old officer was shot to death after stopping a suspected drunken driver, Gustavo Perez Arriaga. Perez Arriaga, an illegal alien, was later arrested after having fled the scene.

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Colonel Baldwin Meets Mr. Lincoln
Colonel John Brown Baldwin

"I supported President Lincoln. I believed his war policy would be the only way to save the country, but I see my mistake. I visited Washington a few weeks ago, and I saw the corruption of the present administration -- and so long as Abraham Lincoln and his Cabinet are in power, so long will war continue. And for what? For the preservation of the Constitution and the Union? No, but for the sake of politicians and government contractors."1

-- J.P. Morgan, American financier and banker, 1864.

The assertion that Lincoln genuinely attempted to avoid war has been preached since General Lee's surrender at Appomattox. The testimony of a Southern peace representative who spoke with Lincoln on April 4, 1861, in an effort to avert war provides keen insight into a side of the issue seldom heard or taught.2 Some historians dismiss the importance of the meeting between Lincoln and Colonel John Brown Baldwin, but it is beyond dispute the meeting happened and pivotal issues were seriously discussed. On February 10, 1866, Baldwin testified before the Joint Committee on Reconstruction in Washington, D.C. His comments appeared in a pamphlet published in 1866 by the Staunton Speculator and he provided his account to a fellow Confederate in 1865 just prior to the end of the war.

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It is no secret that Americans are losing trust in large institutions that were once believed to be beyond reproach. The media, once considered a paragon of integrity, is viewed with cynicism and suspicion. Our former faith in governmental programs and the 'best and brightest' has plummeted steadily from doubt into resentment. So it seems politically foolish for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, in the midst of its own opioid crisis, which has wrought hundreds of thousands of deaths, laid waste to the life prospects of millions, and lined the pockets of its unscrupulous partner corporations, to issue a warning against the use of a natural herb that combats opioid dependence, eliminates drug withdrawal, and kills pain. Of course, being a naturally-growing plant does not automatically qualify something as safe. There are, after all, varieties of poisonous mushrooms and berries, but people intuitively know to place a greater trust into organic substances.

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Video: What If U.S. Healthcare Had a Truly Free Market

This video is based on the article, Imagine If U.S. Healthcare Had a Truly Free Market.

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The Medicinal Uses of Holy Basil and Tulsi Tea

A cup of tulsi teaHoly basil has been dubbed the "Queen of Herbs" in India, where the spice originated, and by a multitude of users who herald its natural healing properties. Some folks even refer to holy basil as the "elixir of life", due to its reputation for promoting both longevity and overall physical well-being. The Indian herb is also known as Tulsi. For centuries, holy basil has been used as an ingredient in Indian recipes to treat a vast array of conditions, ranging from ringworm to malaria. Holy basil should not be confused with the Western spice, known simply as "basil".

Holy basil can cure malaria, a mosquito-borne illness that causes a high fever, lethargy, skin rashes, and nausea. If malaria is detected in its early stages, consuming just a few holy basil leaves has been successful in stopping the disease, the Bioactive Food as Dietary Interventions for Liver and Gastrointestinal Disease (2013) report revealed. Various mixtures of Tulsi and herbs, such as cinchona, have been used to combat and cure malaria for centuries.

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Imagine If U.S. Healthcare Had a Truly Free Market

There is no American who is ignorant of the fact that healthcare costs are currently exorbitant and prohibitive. We are collectively faced with the false narrative that healthcare is an inherently expensive endeavor, and thus people are either doomed to face bankruptcy in any free market, or the government must save us all with a single-payer model. Leftists posit that prior to the presidency of Obama, America suffered under a free market failure, and that people were too often bankrupted by unforeseen accidents and diseases. They insist that the problem with Obamacare is that it did not do enough, and that affordable care remains impossible because the government did not remove the profit motive from medicine altogether. They say that we can only solve the affordability problem by demanding that our government save us from the real problem, which we are assured is greed.

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How to Eat Seasonally Without Sacrificing Health

It's not a new concept. Both health and culinary experts alike have espoused the benefits of eating seasonally for decades. In-season foods tend to be more fresh and flavorful, offering distinctive advantages to both your overall wellbeing as well as your taste buds.

It seems simple, but eating seasonally can be tough in locales that experience harsh winters, or for individuals living within modest means. However, when done correctly, eating seasonally can be done throughout cold winter months, and on any budget.

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How to Naturally Cure Burning Mouth Syndrome

Burning mouth syndromeBurning mouth syndrome (glossodynia) is diagnosed whenever a patient experiences the symptoms of a severely burnt tongue without any obvious cause. The symptoms include redness, soreness, and a sensation of being burnt that covers the entire surface of the tongue. The soreness continues for years in the worst cases. Throughout the manifestation of this disorder, a victim's ability to taste is reduced, as if a real burn had occurred. Over time, the condition can seem unbearable, as the soreness eventually morphs into outright pain. It is remarkably common for those who are afflicted to experience depression. These depressions may be caused by the overall suffering in some of the cases, for a person's pain-free enjoyment of food is a foundation of a satiated life, but there also exists the possibility that some of the depressions are associated with the same nutritional problem that commonly causes burning mouth syndrome.

It is generally accepted that burning mouth syndrome is a symptom of nerve damage, which is more formally known as neuropathy. The initial cause of the nerve damage varies, but it is due to diabetes in most cases. In the remaining instances, it is usually caused by pharmaceutical drugs, radiation exposure, vitamin B deficiencies, or exposure to toxic mold.

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The Chickenpox Vaccine and Vaccine Mythology

The mythology of vaccines greatly differs by location, depending upon one's native country, and the availability of a given vaccine. This is plainly demonstrated in the contradictory documents about chickenpox, from both the English and American governments. Within Britain, the chickenpox vaccine has only been offered when there were special circumstances, but the immunization has never been available to the majority of the British population. In contrast, the chickenpox vaccine is mandatorily demanded as part of the official vaccine schedule throughout the United States of America.

Throughout Britain's literature regarding chickenpox, the infection is described as being mild, common, and as relatively benign; whereas the American writings depict it as a deadly contagion that merits mandatory vaccinations, as an absolutely critical measure for obtaining public safety. Chickenpox is the same condition regardless of where one dwells, so if vaccinations were as scientific as is generally alleged, then the rationales for them would be nearly identical. However, the descriptions of the infection are essentially the opposite, which could lead a thoughtful reader into pondering which establishment is telling the truth about chickenpox, or if neither establishment is. The only certainty is that at least one of the two establishments has an agenda that is not based in science.

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Interviews from the Kratom Protest at the White House on September 13th, 2016

Sarah Corriher from Health Wyze Media interviews protesters in the park area across the street from The White House. Protesters explain why the D.E.A. should not be allowed to create new laws to block access to medicinal herbs of extreme benefit, such as kratom. The interviewed protesters detail their heart-wrenching stories. Surprising new benefits of kratom for the treatment of illnesses are revealed by users, which merit further investigations.

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Additional Anti-Cancer Therapies That are Natural

The Budwig Protocol is our most recommended anti-cancer therapy; although other effective alternatives exist. We covered the best of them in detail within our documentary, The Cancer Report. What follows is a brief listing of the natural anti-cancer therapies which we consider to be the safest and most effective.

  • Essiac tea
  • Vitamin B-17 (laetrile)
  • Oxygen/ozone therapy possibly including intravenous hydrogen peroxide
  • High-dose vitamin C therapy
  • The Hoxsey Regimen
  • Gerson Protocol
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Radioactive Smoke Detectors
Radioactive smoke alarm warning label This radiation warning was hidden beneath the housing of a radioactive smoke alarm. The manufacturer put another case over it to hide the warning sticker from customers and retailers.

There are two main types of smoke detectors that are sold to the public: ionizing and photoelectric. They detect fires in differing ways. Both technologies are widely misunderstood, to the degree of there being rampant, ludicrous explanations that abound on the Internet from people who are simply ignorant of electronics. The ionizing smoke alarms utilize a radioactive material, americium-241, which is placed inside of what is referred to as an ionization chamber. This metallic chamber features a slight gap between its energized plates and the radioactive americium. This design produces what is essentially an internal radiation detector. Whenever the americium's radioactive emissions are warped (frequency changed) by smoke, the alarm sounds. Alternatively, the much safer photoelectric-based alarms utilize light instead of gamma radiation, wherein a beam of light is aimed to miss the sensor during normal operation. Whenever smoke is presented, the light is dispersed by it. This causes some of the scattered light to reliably strike the sensor, sounding the alarm.

A variety of watchdog groups have warned about the danger of having radioactive americium-241 inside homes, but they strangely retracted their warnings without explanations. Ralph Nader is one such example. He issued a warning in 1976, wherein he stated that the ionizing smoke detectors "unnecessarily subject Americans to the risks involved in radiation exposure".

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Neutralize Chlorine with Vitamin C

The consumption of chlorine changes HDL ("good") cholesterol into LDL cholesterol, creates oxidative damage throughout a body, acts as an immunosuppressant, causes severe arterial damage, and it destroys the fatty acids that are needed for heart health. Chlorine exposure is even one of the main causes of respiratory illnesses in wintertime, for people use humidifiers, which release chlorine gas whenever they are filled with chlorinated water. Showering in chlorinated water similarly releases the gas, and this is strongly tied to asthma.

Nevertheless, chlorine remains the standard chemical that is used to sterilize water supplies throughout the world. It is toxic to every living thing. It truly is effective at killing the bacteria and microscopic parasites that live inside water, but it is likewise destructive to human health. Societies throughout the world have paid an incredible price in carnage for having chlorine-sterilized water. While the 'purification' of water by chlorine has prevented large-scale outbreaks of diseases such as cholera, it has also largely caused our current epidemics of heart disease and cancer, to name a couple.

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M.M.S. Sellers Prosecuted for Selling Poisonous Bleach as Medicine

Handcuffed manThis is a story of twists and turns from the criminal underworld. It involves a closely-knit group that sells poison to unsuspecting victims as an alternative medicine. They have labeled their so-called medicine as "M.M.S", which they state represents either "Miracle Mineral Solution" or "Miracle Mineral Supplement". It is neither a supplement nor a mineral. It's chlorine bleach. This disturbing topic has been covered here, at The Health Wyze Report, on multiple occasions, but now raids have finally begun, and as a result, more information about the operation of these criminals has become available.

Their spokesman, who is publicly the head of the pyramid, is a man named Jim Humble. This name may, or may not be, an alias. Although, he admitted that his relocation to Mexico was merely to avoid criminal prosecution, when he stated publicly that he moved there "just in case". He has made videos and even books to promote the group's predatory operation.

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