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"And they said, 'Is not this Joseph's son?' And [Christ] said unto them, 'Ye will surely say unto me this proverb, Physician, heal thyself. Whatsoever we have heard done in Capernaum, do also here in thy country. Verily I say unto you, no prophet is accepted in his own country'."

-- The Gospel of Luke, 4:22-4:24 (King James Bible)

Most people cannot be healed. They walk about wounded because the health topics of today are as polarized as any system of political parties. As researchers of both alternative and orthodox medicine, we quickly learned that there are no neutral parties, and fewer who are innocent. We shall nevertheless continue onward, because we have nothing to lose.

Our being extraordinarily honest in the completion of this work shall not lose us any friends, because all of our peers have abandoned us. They consider us to be the bad guys of alternative medicine, because we dare to question the unquestionable, which is blasphemy. However, religion and science need not be enemies, and whenever one dogma is threatened by the other, then lies can be found in at least one of them. Real science is not afraid of investigation, and all medicine should be made to withstand scientific scrutiny. Very little medicine, either alternative or mainstream, can withstand being thoughtfully scrutinized. Most of the progress that the public believes has been made was built upon a foundation of lies, and an elaborate system has been constructed to distract us away from this core truth.

Our health research began with a humble blog in 2006, followed by a print magazine in 2008. Nobody had done anything like it before. Nobody had the guts, and we soon learned why. With Naturally Good Magazine, we had plenty of supportive peers. We spiritedly wanted to fight against the gross malpractices of a medical establishment that kills more Americans every year than any war in its history, and that is only counting the properly prescribed medications. Due to our old fashioned, investigative approach to exposing industry corruption, the magazine survived for less than six months. Our retailer unexpectedly began destroying our magazines, and told us that they could no longer communicate with us. We shall never know all the details; but judging from the terror in the woman's voice, we suspect that someone at corporate got a threatening telephone call from someone. We lost the first of many friends whom we would come to lose in the coming years. We knew that our magazine could not last, but we had assumed that we would get at least two years. Even we were surprised by the swiftness of the reaction.

Any sincere examination of the corrupt state of health affairs should rightfully begin with a painfully honest assessment of our own community. If we cannot be honest about ourselves, then we shall never effect positive changes in others. Alternative medicine is almost entirely made of fair-weather friends. The lofty ethics, ideals, and science dissipate the moment that they are critically analyzed. This overwhelming desire to have always been right supersedes seeking real truth or helping others. This common behavior shows that much of alternative medicine is likewise built upon lies. Cultish ideology is a destructive one, which has diseased our society to a level that exceeds comprehension. We have witnessed alternative practitioners telling the most grotesque of lies to prevent patients from visiting a standard doctor, just as we have been informed of regular doctors who tried to medically kill their non-compliant patients, just to disprove an alternative therapy. Make no mistake: these behaviors are quite normal, so the hero worship that is felt by most patients is assuredly not deserved. Evil hides wherever we least expect to find it.

The story of Suzanne Somers is an example of the politics and dishonesty on all sides. The famous actress supposedly cured her cancer using alternative medicine. Since then, she has written numerous books about dieting, and one in particular about curing cancer. Her high-profile success story was so threatening to the lucrative cancer industry that the American Cancer Society began issuing desperate press responses that told the public not to believe Somers. During this period of institutional panic, they carelessly released some statistics that they normally hide from the public.

"We're finding that about 25 to 30 percent of some cancers stop growing at some point, that can make some treatments look good that aren't doing anything. Until doctors figure out how to identify which patients have cancers that won't progress, the only option is to treat everyone."

-- Dr. Otis Brawley, the American Cancer Society's Chief Medical Officer

They were hoping that we would not notice that a 25% survival is significantly better than the success rates of standard therapies (4% for long-term survival). It means that cancer victims who do absolutely nothing have a 6.25 times better chance of living a longer and better life than those who get orthodox therapies. Avoiding standard medicine improves a cancer patient's chances by 625%, as shown by the industry's own statistics. Only the most dangerous and reckless of alternative treatments could compete with such failure.

On the other hand, the promotion of Suzanne Somers in the alternative community paints an unflattering picture of it too. Somers was not really saved with alternative medicine, and she is unqualified to write about medicine of any kind. These are the facts about Suzanne Somers' therapy:

  • Somers took radiation, and had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor.
  • Then she "medicated" with poisonous mistletoe extract, instead of chemotherapy. The cancer had already been removed. Mistletoe is not an accepted alternative medicine.
  • She now uses "bio-identical hormones", which are synthetic hormones that are offered by the pharmaceutical industry.
  • She rails behind stem cell therapy as a way to grow back limbs "in the near future", and fix damage resulting from surgery.
  • She promotes Dr. Stanilaw Burzynski, a doctor whose cancer therapy is injecting patients with extracts of human urine.

The Science of Modern Medicine

Understanding the science of modern orthodox medicine requires a study in the psychology of mass manipulation, because there is very little science involved. Take for instance that hundreds of people have been imprisoned for shaken baby syndrome (i.e. child abuse), due to the way that many infant brain injuries allegedly indicate that they had been shaken violently. Absent from the news reports and the medical reports is that the type of brain swelling seen mimics the brain swelling that is caused by vaccines. In almost every case, the deaths happened soon after vaccinations.

We have been researching long enough to know what has really been happening, but it will be forever impossible to prove. No researcher will ever commit the professional suicide of raising this hypothesis. We know how politically incorrect it would be, and so do they. Vaccines must not be questioned. They are beyond reproach. If a courageous researcher were willing to partake in such self-destruction, it would alas be an endeavor in futility, and this is not just because he would be institutionally ignored. It would also be futile because controlled testing of vaccines is unthinkable. Valid scientific study would require the presence of a test group and a placebo group, in order to isolate the results from the test against the results of the placebo (control) group. Any researcher who conducted a valid vaccine study would have to publicly admit that he had murdered children for the sake of science, because the control group would have to be allowed to die.

Test subjects are not willing to be infected with polio for the sake of learning if the vaccination will stop it, so the polio vaccine was never actually tested for effectiveness. However, the polio vaccine was cunningly released at the time of the epidemic's natural die-off, in order to ensure that the public saw a connection between the vaccine's release and the end of the epidemic. It is the same pattern for the release dates of all the major vaccines. As soon as the infection rate dramatically plummets, then "Eureka!". They suddenly have the vaccine ready for release.

The public, and quite a few doctors, were distracted away from the fact that silver medications were a safe treatment, which effectively killed polio quickly, as well as virtually every other virus known. Prior to the entire smoke-and-mirrors routine, silver medicines were recognized for doing what the establishment now claims is impossible. Had silver medicine not been stripped from the market, the polio epidemic never would have occurred. Today's huge vaccine and antibiotics markets would never have come into being. Silver had to go. Just to stack the dishonest vaccine marketing even more, the F.D.A. and the American Medical Association began promoting tonsillectomies for all children at the same time, while knowing that the tonsils are the only organ in the human body that produces polio antibodies.

The vaccine proponents have said that due to physical and ethical restraints, they must use alternative scientific criteria to evaluate vaccines. What this shows is that they cannot follow their own rules and still get the results that they want, so they change the rules. If they must redefine how appraisals of tests are determined, then it is not science anymore. It is instead politics, and it is ultimately a very murderous form. In all of history, there has never been an independent, peer reviewed, double-blind study of any vaccine. There is not a shred of evidence proving that vaccines do more good than harm, or even that they do any good at all.

Every vaccine was released to the public at a time when its target disease was already in its natural dying-off phase -- making it impossible to learn anything from the statistics. The vaccines were conveniently put into usage just after the epidemics had begun their natural dying-off process that all epidemics undergo. The inevitable dying-off process is why the epidemic of the Black Plague and thousands of other biological terrors no longer exist, and it has historically happened without the assistance of vaccines. The end of modern epidemics that were supposedly defeated by vaccines had successes that were mirrored in countries which did not use any vaccines, and which usually had faster rates of die-off. These statistics are institutionally ignored for the sake of vaccine political correctness in the Western world.

The lack of science is everywhere. For instance, the allopathic establishment cannot, and does not, test cancer medications in double-blind studies. Doing so would mean refusing to give treatments to dying patients (while lying to them about it), and then experimenting on another group with only an experimental treatment. Only the drug manufacturers test the drugs for safety and effectiveness, but they never really do. Valid scientific research (as accepted everywhere else) would require tests that ultimately get subjects killed in a much more direct manner than the industry is accustomed to. The manslaughters would be much more obvious, and much more prosecutable.

The corruption and brokenness of the medical system is not just relegated to cancers and vaccines. It is in every area of medicine. Let us consider a medical example that is easy to visualize. We have all seen defibrillators in action, whether in-person or in our entertainment. We have been led to believe that if doctors electrocute someone's heart enough, then they can raise the patient from the dead like Frankenstein's monster. Few people have paused to consider the ridiculousness of it all.

Now let us consider the science of defibrillators. How did they test those? Where did they find test subjects for electrocution testing? Did they inform test subjects that they would receive an electrocuting pulse of up to 2,000 volts (same amount used by electric chairs) through their hearts for the sake of science? More importantly: where exactly are the statistics proving that these electrocutions save more people than they kill? How would one prove it, other than bringing people back from the dead and then attempting other methods? Of course, they have us believing that they do bring people back from the dead, just like Dr. Frankenstein. Whether a given patient survives this insanity or not, the doctors are always thanked for having the heroism to electrocute their already dying patients. The proponents of defibrillators boast of a 40% survival rate, but what exactly is this compared to? How do they establish a baseline for comparison, unless they admit to having ignored a certain group of dead patients who got no treatments at all? What about the 60% of patients who die while being electrocuted? Is a 60% failure rate really a measurement of success? How do we establish what percentage of that 60% were killed by the electrocutions? Is there any real evidence whatsoever that they are not killing more people than they are saving? Defibrillators are just one of hundreds of examples that we could have used, but the overall point is that the so-called "science" of allopathic medicine is virtually non-existent. It is largely a business of showmanship.

Medical History and the Present

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

-- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The popular system of medicine now practiced by doctors world-wide was funded and engineered by the Rockefeller Foundation in the early twentieth century. The foundation continues to maintain very close ties to the F.D.A. and the American Medical Association. Truly conventional therapies were scrapped about a century ago, and replaced with experimental petrochemicals. The medical schools were persuaded to adopt the new pharmaceuticals as a stipulation for obtaining the Rockefeller grants, and surgery was also promoted for the next generation of medicine. These were set to become the two pillars of medicine. Entire libraries of truly conventional medicine were discarded. The first allopathic surgeons were literally butchers, who had been hired from meat plants.

The Rockefeller family had monopolized the entire petrochemical industry at that time, which was positioned to become the only source of medicine in the future. Such has come to pass. The man behind it all, John D. Rockefeller, was unwilling to use the new medicines on himself. He instead used traditional treatments throughout his life: the same ones now known as "alternative" medicine. As a result, his own family was spared the blights that decimated the rest of the population, such as polio and tuberculosis.

It was the Rockefeller Institute that first identified the polio virus. According to records from Rockefeller University, the organization began work on making polio more contagious in the 1940's; not long before the polio epidemic struck. We have no way of knowing if it was unleashed to bolster its new industries of vaccinations and antibiotics, or if this bio-weapon was released by mistake. We do know that the medical industry immediately began taking steps to perpetuate polio, using the following two methods: 1) removing the tonsils of all children, which happens to be the only organ in the human body that produces polio antibodies, and 2) by having the F.D.A. suppress the use of silver medicine, which was the only known medicine that effectively kills polio.

American readers will be especially stunned to learn that the Food and Drug Administration does not work for the American people, or even the U.S. Government. The overwhelming majority of its income is actually derived from private regulatory fees and from medical device approvals. In fact, the organization's total income from public money (taxation) is a measly 3%. Its pharmaceutical partners provide 97% of F.D.A. funding. The same shenanigans exist behind the scenes in countries with socialized medical systems, whereby money buys the medical policies. Pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. offer cooperative and high-ranking F.D.A. employees lavish job positions, where a surprising percentage of former F.D.A. administrators can be found. These rewards are a standard industry practice. The biggest perk of being an F.D.A. employee is entry into the next job, where the pay will be obscene; assuming that all the right regulatory decisions were made.

"The FDA protects the big drug companies, and is subsequently rewarded, and using the government's police powers, they attack those who threaten the big drug companies. The thing that bugs me is that the people think the FDA is protecting them. It isn't. What the FDA is doing, and what the public thinks it is doing are as different as night and day."

-- Dr. Herbert Ley, former Commissioner of the F.D.A.

Consider all of the research foundations that are searching for disease cures, and all of the various fundraisers that have been implemented to feed the disease industry. Whether it be "pink ribbon" campaigns or walking for cancer cures, we see it everywhere with well-meaning people who are trying to help. Our research has taught us about the futility of it all. The reason why no cures are being found, or ever will be, is because research foundations and other medical industry players are not allowed to find cures. At least in the United States, all therapies require approval from the government (F.D.A.) for doctors to avoid lawsuits, arrest, loss of licensure and imprisonment. In the past century, no cure for any disease has ever been approved. All of those research foundations are researching cures that will never be legal for anyone to practice. Cures have already been found for the diseases that plague us, many times over.

Since the F.D.A. has never approved any cure for any disease, it is illegal for a doctor in the United States to cure any disease. To even suggest vitamin B-17 therapy for cancer, a doctor is required to submit a written confession to the F.D.A. for disciplinary action against him; as if he had committed a crime for using a cheaper, dramatically more effective, and considerably safer therapy. It is how the system works, by design. The pattern is the same for every disease condition. The word "cure" has been removed from the medical vernacular, for every condition is "treated" perpetually. Instead of your healer, your doctor is your dealer.

The approved treatments are designed to worsen the underlying conditions, while temporarily suppressing the most unpleasant symptoms through immunosuppression. Over time, the real underlying health issues snowball as a result, and that is the business plan. Standard procedures are literally processes of slow poisoning to ensure that patients never heal; in much the same way that unlicensed drug dealers foster addictions. To demonstrate the appropriateness of this comparison, every addictive street drug was once classified as a "safe and effective" pharmaceutical, and prescribed by doctors. For example, Heroin from Bayer Pharmaceuticals was the industry's best seller of all time. Patients were dishonestly told that Heroin would cure their addictions to other "medicines", such as morphine, which too had been prescribed. Many pharmacies in the United States still keep cocaine in stock. The "street drugs" only became dangerous after the patents on them expired, when the pharmaceutical industry could no longer monopolize profits from them. This is why governments will never be allowed to stop the drug war, because the drugs represent unpatentable market competition. It is the real reason why cannabis (marijuana) is so "dangerous"; for it may well be the most useful plant in the world, and thereby the most dangerous financially. It too was prescribed.

Examples of Standard Care

  • Cholesterol drugs that supposedly prevent heart disease actually cause heart disease after long-term use, and they likewise cause fatal heart attacks in people with no history of heart problems. This can be verified in the drug information. They call these "side effects". Cholesterol-lowering drugs are used most often with the middle-aged and the elderly, but a lack of cholesterol in these older populations is the leading cause of death from complications, such as internal bleeding, and ruptured heart vessels. Kidney failure and liver failure are other well-known fatal side effects.
  • The use of standard heart medications combined with doctor recommendations to avoid beneficial saturated fats is the reason why heart disease is the medical industry's biggest failure, and the biggest killer for over six decades.
  • The new generation of synthetic insulins cause pre-diabetics to become full-blown diabetics. These chemical insulins destroy the pancreas over time to ensure perpetual dependence upon the drugs, so that curing becomes impossible. The F.D.A. banned all natural insulin products, which neither worsened diabetes nor caused addiction problems. It did it the same year that Eli Lilly patented its chemical version, and now it allows only Eli Lilly to exclusively produce it -- providing Eli Lilly with a monopoly on diabetes treatments. Since then, Eli Lilly has become a revolving door allowing F.D.A. employees to find new jobs at salaries many times higher.
  • Standard cancer treatments are therapies that are known to spread and feed cancers (radiation, chemotherapy, surgery). The results are so bad that the long-term cure rate is a depressing 4%, which is actually lower than the percentage of survivors amongst people who got no treatments at all. The cancer chapter explains how the statistics are manipulated to keep the lucrative cancer industry propped-up, despite its actual results. Alarming percentages of oncologists (cancer doctors) have admitted that they would never give their own medicine to themselves or to their own families. The cancer business is so lucrative that it alone is the 5th leading cause of bankruptcy in the United States. Medicine overall ranks as number one for bankrupting Americans.

The examples in the above list represent the best of the best of modern experimental medicine, for these categories are the most funded by research, and they are the most profitable areas of medicine.

The Food and Drug Administration

The F.D.A. began life in 1906 as the Division of Chemistry, and it was later renamed to the Bureau of Chemistry, long before changing its name to the Food and Drug Administration. Its name was changed to conceal its pro-chemical industry mission. Its true purpose is to provide legal immunity for companies that put chemicals into foods, and those who manufacture pharmaceuticals; by means of its chemical substance "approvals". Approvals are designed to leave citizens without legal recourse against the chemical industry. Safety is not the purpose behind the approval process. The agency's true job was, and still is, to officially sanction products from the chemical industry, and to thereby legally shield the industry from us by pre-emptively declaring what is "safe". Little has changed since its early days when it was called the Bureau of Chemistry. No jury in the land will vote any F.D.A. approved drug as malpractice, and that is the point of it all. An F.D.A. approval literally translates into a license to kill.

"I never have and never will approve a new drug to an individual, but only to a large pharmaceutical company with unlimited finances."

-- Dr. Richard J. Crout, Director of the F.D.A.'s Bureau of Drugs (Spotlight Magazine, January 18, 1982)

The F.D.A. privately gathers data to share with its chemical industry partners, helping them to mitigate liability. These records are kept confidential in direct violation of U.S. law, sometimes followed by claims that it must respect the effected corporation's proprietary secrets. There is no such requirement, and the law specifically forbids them from censoring governmental documents. This industry assistance often occurs with food contamination cases and especially with drug problems. Poisoning problems are treated as public relations issues.

Deadly pharmaceutical products are usually removed from the market voluntarily by the manufacturers, without so much as a slap from the F.D.A. The organization seems to only ban competing natural supplements in the majority of cases whenever it actually takes action, and these are normally mandatory recalls.

Meanwhile, the organization suppresses natural medicines that their industry cannot legally control and monopolize with patents. Natural substances can never be patented. This is why every natural and non-toxic therapy is automatically called "quackery" by the F.D.A., its chemical industry, and the medical establishment. Only unnatural (e.g. non-organic and toxic) chemicals can be patented, and thereby, all non-toxic medicines are a threat to the business of medicine.

The F.D.A. tried to block sales of unprocessed red yeast rice and its supplemental extracts, because they compete with patented cholesterol drugs, which are actually based upon a compound from the same rice. This food has been consumed for thousands of years. The rice was conveniently reclassified as a "drug", so that the F.D.A. could impose arbitrary bans by fiat. It has become a common trick ever since the U.S. Congress forbade the F.D.A. from regulating supplements; in lieu of its abusive history. Nowadays, any supplement that they target for having competed with their lucrative industry is simply reclassified as a "drug" to bypass the congressional rules. The F.D.A. claimed to be suddenly concerned about the safety and effectiveness of eating rice, but it was not worried about the equivalent pharmaceuticals, which cause liver failure (death). It is a familiar story. When a group of cherry farmers made it public knowledge that concentrated cherry supplements were proven, by multiple independent tests, to be far better than the most expensive arthritis medications -- the agency swiftly responded by literally threatening to shutdown the entire cherry industry of the United States, if it were necessary to stop the reporting of those scientific findings. It warned that it was willing to reclassify cherries as unapproved drugs, if necessary. American doctors are not allowed to tell their arthritis patients that a $10 bottle of cherry extract from a health food store would be safer and more effective than the $3,000 per month regimen of standard pharmaceuticals. Cherry therapy would not contribute to liver dysfunction, like arthritis drugs do, to eventually make the condition worse.

Pathological Medicine

When doctors went on strike in Israel in 1983, and again in 2000, the mortality rate fell by approximately 50%. In 1976, the number of deaths fell by 18% in Los Angeles when doctors went on strike for merely a month. This pattern has been mirrored in the 5 other major doctor strikes around the world.

This book will be paradigm shifting for most people. Simple facts that should have always been self-evident will finally become evident. One of the first of these is that the human body is never dysfunctional unless it is made to be broken. The human body is perhaps the greatest marvel in all the universe. It was designed to repair itself; not to naturally succumb to random diseases. When the body is broken, it is broken by abuse and neglect. It does not fail unless our actions or inaction have directly caused the failure. States of being at dis-ease are when the harmonious balance of millions of simultaneous reactions, which work together like a symphony, are disrupted. To truly accept this paradigm means accepting personal responsibility for whatever state you are in. All diseases, and all bad medicine, stem from a population that is unwilling to take personal responsibility, and its cowardly inability to take ownership of what was always theirs for the taking. Both the patients and the doctors have taken the politically correct logic of blameless diseases to such an extreme that they are routinely blaming the innocent DNA for diseases that are now labeled as "genetic disorders", as if the problem was God all along. Our crimes against him and our very bodies were never his fault. We did it willingly, and with a smile on our faces, all the way to the morgue. Our bodies and our lives are gifts that we so callously squander, and then we are arrogant enough to conclude that it was God's fault for having shoddy engineering. The engineering is sound, for disease is not actually the normal state of the human body. We destroy our bodies with our abominable food products, the vaccines, our terrible lifestyles, and then whenever the inevitable diseases finally appear, we have the doctors poison us. Our grandchildren will someday look back at the insanity and wonder how we could be so unable to reason. They will see us as we view the cavemen, and we shall deserve the scorn and mocking. They will wonder in amazement at how our society could believe that diseases are caused by drug deficiencies, and that undetectable chemical imbalances somehow require that we routinely harm ourselves through chemical warfare.

Our modern medicine is better suited for a study in pathological psychology than either medicine or science. Remember that one indication of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting differing results. We are reminded of the millions of people who have allowed themselves to get burned by cancer-causing radiation to supposedly stop cancer, or take pancreas-destroying synthetic insulins to supposedly stop diabetes, or those who have taken heart-destroying and liver-destroying anti-cholesterol medications to supposedly stop the inflammation that causes heart disease. It is like setting one's car on fire to ensure that it never wrecks.

Our faithful forefathers lived much happier and healthier lives, and they would have had double our life expectancy if they had our hygiene, our food production capabilities, and our heating systems. We would not last a week if we had to trade places with them. Have we really gained a better living through chemistry? Do people still live naturally and die peacefully, or do we live diseased and silence a dying person's agonizing screams with even more drugs, as they waste away in a hospice? This is not hypothetical. This is normal, and yet we manage to congratulate ourselves for our ingenuity.

The word pharmaceutical is derived from the ancient Greek word "pharmakeia". It meant sorcery. A person only needs to comparatively study the history of alchemy (ancient chemistry) with the occult practices of sorcery to discover that they intersect at many points, and that we have been cunningly deceived into accepting what was always unacceptable. People have replaced their faith in God's natural medicines with a faith in new-age sorcery that has been euphemistically renamed to chemistry. The consequences upon health (emotionally, physically, and spiritually) have always been the same. Future generations will recognize that our faith in such failed methodologies created a second dark age of death on par with the original Dark Age. We are as blind to the severity of our plight as the sufferers of the original Dark Age were.

The science of medicine is discussed frequently throughout this book, with a great emphasis upon the perverted science that is used to justify poisoning patients endlessly. However, it is not really science that matters most to people. Faith matters more, because people make their important, life-changing decisions based upon their faith; irregardless of what science proves. That faith is most often as misguided as it is betrayed. People are poisoned and butchered by their doctors, of whom they unquestioningly believe are basing decisions upon the soundest of scientific principles, without any indecent agendas. This misplaced faith is why medical treatments are the biggest killer in the U.S., as shown by the industry's own mortality statistics.

You may find this book to be your greatest hope someday, if you first make the appropriate leap of faith that is required to unlock its potential. If you do, then this book will help you to unlock the incredible power of God's medicine. The answers are in plain view, and they always have been. We can save you from the lies, but only you can save you from yourself. If you take that important step, then please read this book in its entirety, for a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Drink deep or taste not.


Writing for the B.B.C., Dr. Joanna Moncrieff explained that anti-depressants do not cure depression or make people happy. They merely numb people into drug-induced emotional comas, until the emotions are repressed to the point of forcefully reappearing: often explosively. She noted that the chemical imbalance hypothesis has never been proven, and moreover; it's wrong.

"Psychoactive drugs make people feel different; they put people into an altered mental and physical state. They affect everyone, regardless of whether they have a mental disorder or not... If we gave people a clearer picture, drug treatment might not always be so appealing. If you told people that we have no idea what is going on in their brain, but that they could take a drug that would make them feel different and might help to suppress their thoughts and feelings, then many people might choose to avoid taking drugs if they could."

-- Dr. Joanna Moncrieff

Antidepressant Drug Effects and Depression Severity was a 30-year research study utilizing the results of 6 clinical studies. It was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (J.A.M.A.) in 2009, revealing that S.S.R.I. (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) anti-depressants, in the overwhelming majority of cases, are no more effective than placebos. Their admission is ironic, because the same medical establishment routinely ridicules alternative methods as not having been proven effective in official studies.

The general public believes that pharmaceuticals are judged on a risk verses benefit basis. The pharmaceutical marketers and their regulatory partners in government have sworn that this is really the case for the drug approval process. So when the risks of suicidal ideation and psychosis are introduced by pharmaceuticals, then it seems unthinkable to the uninitiated that these same medications would not at least provide a benefit above that of a placebo. Anti-depressant medications for the depressed are like medicating diabetics with sugar pills, for the aftermath is blamed on the original organic condition. As a consequence, depressions tend to get worse with long-term medication, business gets more profitable, and survivors are unable to prove a connection.

S.S.R.I. pharmaceuticals have been the most commonly used drugs in the United States for decades, yet there is still little evidence demonstrating their efficacy. There is, however, overwhelming evidence of their horrific side effects, including suicide ideation, anxiety, and homicidal impulses. Anti-depressant drugs cause suicidal tendencies, in addition to a litany of physical effects. This entire class of drugs is required to come with a special Black Box notice about the high risk of suicide when taking them. The fact that anti-depressant using patients are killing themselves in significantly higher numbers than unmedicated patients clarifies the effectiveness of these drugs.

The F.D.A.'s Black Box Warning

Suicidality in Children and Adolescents

Antidepressants increase the risk of suicidal thinking and behavior (suicidality) in children and adolescents with major depressive disorder (MDD) and other psychiatric disorders. Anyone considering the use of [Drug Name] or any other antidepressant in a child or adolescent must balance this risk with the clinical need. Patients who are started on therapy should be observed closely for clinical worsening, suicidality, or unusual changes in behavior. Families and caregivers should be advised of the need for close observation and communication with the prescriber. [Drug Name] is not approved for use in pediatric patients except for patients with [Any approved pediatric claims here]. (See Warnings and Precautions: Pediatric Use)

Pooled analyses of short-term (4 to 16 weeks) placebo-controlled trials of nine antidepressant drugs (SSRIs and others) in children and adolescents with MDD, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), or other psychiatric disorders (a total of 24 trials involving over 4400 patients) have revealed a greater risk of adverse events representing suicidal thinking or behavior (suicidality) during the first few months of treatment in those receiving antidepressants. The average risk of such events on drug was 4%, twice the placebo risk of 2%. No suicides occurred in these trials.

Heroin Bottle from Bayer These drugs also cause severe addictions, which the pharmaceutical industry flippantly calls "discontinuation syndrome" to carefully avoid using the words addiction and withdrawal. These word games are both for marketing and legal liability reasons. By labeling the anti-depressant addictions as a disease possessed by the victims, it is another way for the chemical industry to pass the blame onto its victims, in much the same vein as 'bad' genes are now being blamed for the results of pharmaceutical toxicity and artificial foods. These mitigation strategies are beloved by lawyers world-wide. Discontinuation syndrome is their code phrase used throughout medical literature, which is used to hide the fact that these drugs cause terrible withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms are frequently worse than those from illegal narcotics. It is important to note that all addictive illegal drugs were originally created by the pharmaceutical industry and sold as safe medications. Take for instance that Bayer's wonder drug for treating drug addictions in yesteryear was Heroin (diacetylmorphine). Heroin is still reverently remembered as the pharmaceutical industry's best seller of all time.

S.S.R.I. drugs have only been shown to be partially effective in those with major depressive disorders. Those who go to a psychiatrist seeking a happy pill due to an episode of mild to moderate depression will not get any appreciable relief. Such patients represent the overwhelming majority of cases for which these drugs are prescribed. For major depressions, psychiatrists mix and match dangerous cocktails of psychogenic drugs like a game of Russian roulette, even though the drugs are not supposed to be mixed. No testing is ever done on drugs combined with other drugs. In fact, such tests are automatically disqualified as invalid by the industry and regulators.

The First Anti-depressant

Modern psychiatry has endeavored to hide the fact that cocaine was its first anti-depressant. It began in 1884, when Doctor Sigmund Freud published a series of papers praising cocaine for its use as a treatment for depression, alcoholism, and addictions. The psychiatric community has gone far to suppress the fact that cocaine and opium derivatives (like Bayer's Heroin) were its first medications, so history has been rewritten to state that Thorazine was the first pharmaceutical anti-depressant. This revised version of history claims that such drugging did not begin until the 1950's. The revisionists likewise neglect to mention that Thorazine's use greatly diminished soon after it caused America's first school massacre (Texas State University), in much the same way that Luvox sales took a dive after being linked to the Columbine massacre.

The real history is quite incriminating, regarding the psychiatric industry's wanton recklessness, its willful tendency to foster drug addictions, its general lack of ethics, and its institutionalized use of torture methods (electro-shock) -- even on toddlers. Psychiatry has never been the squeaky-clean and science-based industry that it portrays itself as being. Its journals never mention the connections between it and school shootings, or how patient records always 'disappear' after the incidents.

Cocaine cannot be patented by drug companies because it is a naturally-occurring substance. This is the main reason why cocaine was made illegal. Dozens of other naturally-occurring medicinal plants (so-called "drugs") were likewise banned for the same anti-competitive reason. Being natural, the coca (cocaine) plant was a threat to the business of the petrochemical industry, for it allowed people to freely treat themselves without paying industry royalties.

Cocaine is so safe in its natural form that coca was once the most notable ingredient inside the original Coca-Cola formula. It is where the drink's name came from. The company still uses coca leaves, which supposedly have their narcotic component neutralized. Their P.R. people claim that coca is kept in the formula for its flavor, but it is really there to stop competition; for who else is allowed to import cocaine into the United States? Now you know the true meaning of the slogan, "Have a coke and a smile". To grasp the magnitude of the governmental corruption and the overall dishonesty of the drug war, be advised that the Illinois-based Stepan Company imports truck-loads of "non-narcotic" coca into the United States every year for the Coca-Cola corporation, while this is flatly ignored by law enforcement and the U.S. media.

As is the case for all other pharmaceutically-extracted, mind-altering compounds, the cocaine that is synthesized by the chemical industry has been concentrated and designed for maximum addictive properties. Natural cocaine, as used by indigenous peoples, has never been addictive. The same thing happened in the case of Heroin. Heroin is a chemically modified variant of opium. Bayer marketed Heroin as the cure for morphine addictions to make sure that patients never really escaped, and morphine had been previously marketed as the cure for the significantly less addictive, and all natural, opium. Heroin was Bayer's biggest profit-maker of all time. L.S.D. was also a standard medication of psychiatry, for which the embarrassing history has also been carefully obscured. In every case, each subsequent medication was proclaimed to be safer, less addictive, and more effective than what came before, and the public always believed it.


"Every child in America entering school at the age of five is insane because he comes to school with certain allegiances to our Founding Fathers, toward our elected officials, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, and toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity. It's up to you as teachers to make all these sick children well -- by creating the international child of the future."

-- Dr. Chester M. Pierce, Psychiatrist

The large media houses, working in tandem with their biggest advertisers, have concealed the fact that the entire class of S.S.R.I. anti-depressant drugs cause a dangerous condition that is known as akathisia. Because of the mainstream media's ties with the pharmaceutical industry, most people have never learned of this neurologically-degenerative, drug-induced, psycho-pathological and physical disease. In the official pharmaceutical literature of today, akathisia is most often referenced as an "emotional blunting", and what this means in plain language, minus the mitigating marketing, is that the victim of this condition experiences a suppression of all emotions; subsequently causing something of a zombie state. The significance of this is that a person's conscience, and his ability to recognize consequences are derived from his ability to empathize with the needs of others, and to experience fear. A patient, or anyone else for that matter, becomes a dangerous person whenever the emotions behind his conscience are chemically neutralized for the sake of suppressing inconvenient emotions. Altering people's mental state to eliminate emotions produces drug-induced sociopaths. Our conscience is, after all, an emotional reaction. The ability to empathize with the suffering of others requires emotions. Mercy itself requires them. Akathisia is the connection between psychiatric drugs, sociopathology, and psychopathology.

For a small percentage of the population, akathisia produces a dreamy state, or more aptly, it's a nightmare state whilst being partially awake. In these special cases, it becomes a type of psychiatric drug-induced sleep walking, whereby the victim unconsciously acts in a sociopathic or a psychopathic manner. Friends and family may suddenly become monsters who should be exterminated. For these tragic cases, akathisia is like being possessed by a demon, except that the patient is actually possessed by a chemical. Akathisia is known to occur with every S.S.R.I. anti-depressant, and certain other psychiatric medications; particularly the anti-psychotics.

The irony of anti-depressants causing suicides, and anti-psychotics causing psychosis is hard to miss. The F.D.A. still refuses to label any drugs with a homicidality risk, although it was eventually willing to issue a Black Box suicidality warning for all S.S.R.I. anti-depressants; but this was only after immense public pressure from people who had lost loved ones.

The whole charade is easier to understand and accept once one learns that the F.D.A. actually works for the drug companies, because its drug approval process is where the organization gets most of its funding. The F.D.A.'s average profits for a single drug approval is $800,000,000.00. The agency gets a measly 3% of its income from taxes. The total yearly income that it privately receives for medical and drug approvals is $109,800,000,000.00. That's a hundred and nine billion dollars.

Since the 1950's, the definition of akathisia has been changing in an Orwellian sense, so that in the modern medical literature, it has either been redefined to mean only the so-called "emotional blunting" that was mentioned earlier, or only a type of motor dysfunction, which manifests itself like Parkinson's disease. In the latter cases, the drug-induced nerve damage causes bizarre and socially-awkward twitching that remains for an average of two years after the drug is discontinued, but it is permanent for a small percentage of patients.

A joint study by the North Wales Department of Psychological Medicine and United Kingdom Cochrane Centre, in 2006, attempted to correct this deceptive redefinition by citing the original and true description of akathisia from the 1950's. The study's authors noted that, in actuality, akathisia is much more than what is currently being reported throughout modern drug literature.

"The first few doses frequently made them anxious and apprehensive. They reported increased feelings of strangeness, verbalized by statements such as, 'I don't feel myself' or 'I'm afraid of some of the unusual impulses I have'."

The researchers were professionally courageous enough to reestablish the link between akathisia, suicides, general violence, and homicides. Their study also demonstrated the close connection of akathisia to somnambulism, which is otherwise known as sleep walking.

Every school massacre in the United States can be traced back to psychiatric drugs; and in the overwhelming majority of cases, the drugs were anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, or cocktails combining them. The combinations were never tested together, and none of these drugs were ever approved for pediatric use. The media does not report this, and there has been no disciplinary action against any doctor or any pharmaceutical company that had a connection to a school massacre. In almost every relevant instance, the psychiatric records disappeared when requested by independent media sources or attorneys, including the Virginia Tech massacre. One of the doctors involved in the first U.S. school massacre, at Texas State University, came forward to admit the massacre's connection to Dexedrine. Nothing like that has ever been allowed to happen since. Now the pharmaceutical companies pay lawyers millions of dollars to halt drug intoxication defenses and to keep these cases hushed from the public. The pharmaceutical companies have been known to send their own legal teams to local courts to ensure that the drugs are never put on trial. More about this will be detailed later.

The Texas State University Massacre

The first school massacre in the United States happened on August 1st, 1966, at the University of Texas, in the city of Austin. The killer was Charles Whitman, a former U.S. Marine sniper and Eagle Scout. To get an ideal location to randomly sniper his victims, he climbed to the top of the school's clock tower. From there he rained bullets on pedestrians. He had already murdered his mother the night before. Prior to the 2007 massacre at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, the University of Texas at Austin massacre by Whitman was the worse school shooting in American history, in both deaths and injuries.

Charles Whitman had seen multiple psychiatrists at the university, and he was given prescriptions for both Valium and Dexedrine by university doctors to cope with his violent impulses. Dexedrine was used as an anti-depressant in the late 1960's, and it is known for causing akathisia. It is a condition which increases the risk of violent behaviors; whereas unmedicated depressives tend to be significantly less violent than average.

After Whitman's shooting rampage, the University of Texas was repeatedly petitioned to make its medical records for Whitman public. The university's administrators refused with claims that the release of Whitman's records would be an ethics violation of confidentiality; regardless of the fact that the patient was certifiably dead. In other words, after the university's psychiatrists had prescribed a violent patient a psychosis-inducing drug, they did not wish to be held accountable for this negligence, the patient's death, or the deaths of his sixteen victims. The university had suddenly become more concerned about ethics than experimenting on people. In the university's defense, it was later discovered that Whitman had a brain tumor, which may have influenced his actions somewhat. Although no brain tumor has ever been attributed to any massacre, before or since Whitman's rampage.

The large media houses cooperated in the cover-up, by merely reporting Whitman's psychiatric visits, in order to convince the public that it was his organic mental problems that were to blame; instead of the censored psychiatric treatments. This is a journalistic pattern that has been repeated thousands of times in reports of violent crimes. Such omissions by our media corporations support their biggest sponsors, and are terribly convenient in promoting an agenda of disarming the American public.

Charles Whitman wrote a farewell note just before his shooting rampage, wherein he spelled-out his growing psychiatric problems. We shall never know with certainty if it was the brain tumor, or the Dexedrine which played the greatest role in getting so many people killed; but it was almost certainly a combination of the two.

One university doctor, Dr. Heatly, was honorable enough to come forward with his records on Whitman, despite the university's threatening posture. Dr. Heatly observed that Whitman became hostile with a minimum of provocation, had violent impulses, and that he had made vivid references to "thinking about going up on the [clock] tower with a deer rifle and start shooting people". The university psychiatrists had literally been given a face-to-face verbal warning by Whitman after their drugging campaign began.

After killing his mother the night before, Whitman sat down to write his farewell letter. He calmly explained that he had been a victim of irrational and unusual impulses that were hard to resist. He wrote of his plan to kill his wife as painlessly as possible, so that she would not suffer with grief after his death, and he noted his constant aggressive impulses. His lack of understanding of his own thoughts, rapid changes in mood, impulsivity, and vivid thoughts of violent acts were all characteristic of psychiatric drug intoxication; but in all likelihood, the doctors increased his dosage in response to his bad reaction, which is a standard procedure in psychiatry.

The Columbine High School Massacre

The most infamous of all school shootings was the one that happened at Columbine High School, in 1999. Columbine is a word that still sends chills through the spines of most Americans. After the massacre, the media thoroughly distracted and misdirected the public away from the pharmaceutical connections. People who remember the years following the massacre at Columbine High School will remember the blame being shifted onto school administrators, gun ownership, rock music, and even video games. Michael Moore wanted his slice of the propaganda action, and used his documentary, Bowling for Columbine to present the real problems as: Americans having too many freedoms, capitalism is bad, and that we need to be disarmed by a socialistic police state.

In all the news reports and documentaries immediately after the massacre were glaring omissions. Investigating the massacre is now fraught with challenges, and technically, such investigative journalism in the Columbine case is potentially illegal. This is due to the fact that U.S. District Judge, Lewis T. Babcock, ordered that records relating to Columbine litigation attempts be sealed for no less than 20 years. In all of our research, we had never before seen a court seal all of the records for anything, nor censor records for 20 years after a case's closure. Such an order is virtually unheard of, and is very legally questionable. Most amazing is that the records were sealed for a dismissed case that never saw a jury. Thus, there were no actual proceedings to be disclosed; just shrouded evidence that would never be allowed in any trial or news report. Columbine victims will not be given access to the evidence until after the statute of limitations runs out. The pharmaceutical defendants could not have asked for better legal immunity. By fiat, and the stroke of a pen, Judge Lewis T. Babcock made it a violation of a federal court order to hold the drug companies responsible for what happened at Columbine.

We know from our Littleton sources that both Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were using high, ever-changing doses of powerful anti-depressant medications, until the time of the massacre. We also know from the autopsy report of Eric Harris, who led the massacre, that he was still taking Luvox at the time of his death. Solvay Pharmaceuticals, the maker of Luvox, temporarily pulled Luvox off the market just two months after the massacre. The company claimed that it needed to revise its manufacturing process at that time.

The most damning element of the Columbine tragedy is perhaps the fact that the local government had been forcefully medicating Eric Harris, as part of a court-ordered anger management regimen. Therefore, there is a strong likelihood that Judge Babcock was protecting his judicial friends with his 20-year gag order on Columbine-related evidence.

At the core of the Columbine school massacre were apparently two teenage psychopaths, who suddenly began shooting down their peers, and even their personal friends, without any fear, and whilst laughing about it. Even the most hardened criminals would have had trouble being so fearless and carefree as the world around them crumbled. Whatever possessed those two boys was a bit more powerful than a video game.

Despite what most of us have been led to believe, Eric and Dylan were very typical teenage boys. Neither of them were mentally ill, and neither of them was ever in serious legal trouble. In fact, both of them were former scouts, and Eric in particular, was just short of his Eagle Scout rank. Both of them were intellectually gifted and fluent in multiple foreign languages. They were not the abnormal and hopeless wash-outs that the media presented them as. It is a myth that has been perpetuated for the sake of easing our fears, and subduing all honest investigations as to why the massacre really happened. It is most convenient for everyone involved that we merely believe that the boys were monsters by some genetic fluke. Of course, there is also video games, rock music, and teenage angst to shift the blame onto, but none of these things have ever caused sudden homicidal psychoses. However, such tendencies are actually known side-effects of the new generation of psychiatric pharmaceuticals. Yet the media companies avoid this connection, for the benefit of an industry that pays it more in advertising than all other industries combined.

It is rather common for teenage boys to fantasize about warfare, including playing war games or having secret plans of armed assault upon known targets. Boys will be boys. It is fairly common for boys to dream about blowing-up their own high-schools, and this writer is no exception to that. We know that the boys participated in mock war games for months, and possibly years before the real attack took place. It is unlikely that they ever seriously intended to conduct a real military-style attack during any of that time. Unfortunately, due to the emotional blunting (akathisia) effect of the drugs, the lines between dreams, fantasies, and reality blurred on April 20th, 1999. It happened on Hitler's birthday. In better times, losing one's emotional touch with reality was considered a terrible thing, yet this is exactly the intended design of modern psychiatric drugs; because reality is, after all, sometimes depressing.

The media industry reported, at best, fluff concerning the boys' mental state, and the topic of their psychiatric drugs was categorically censored by news agencies. People who did try to report about the drugs, or who tried to take legal action against the responsible medical parties were dealt with. John DeCamp was one of those people who were dealt with.

The Interview with John DeCamp

The following excerpt is from our upcoming documentary, Prescription For Manslaughter. Thomas Corriher interviewed John DeCamp. Mr. DeCamp is a former Senator and a practicing attorney. He is the author of The Franklin Cover-up. DeCamp was clearly afraid to answer certain questions during the interview, which speaks volumes about the power of the drug companies in suppressing the disclosure of facts about their products, and their culpability in violent acts. Unfortunately, DeCamp's nervous tone of voice cannot be replicated in print.

DeCamp represented families who had been brutalized by the Columbine High School massacre, in their thwarted attempt to sue Solvay Pharmaceuticals. The case was blocked by a federal court before it ever reached a jury. The records for the case were then sealed by Judge Lewis T. Babcock for twenty years. No media network covered this judicial cover-up, or the case itself. The mainstream media flatly ignored everything that was really happening in Littleton, the fact that the victimized families had identified the pharmaceuticals as the cause of the rampage, and that the families were actively attempting a lawsuit. The media instead reported that nobody had any clue about the cause of the massacre, and that the blame probably laid with violent video games or rock music. The same pattern has happened with every school massacre since.

John DeCamp: I have been involved in a number of super high-profile cases since first edition of Franklin Cover-up came out, but perhaps the most frightening to me has been the Columbine case, where I represented various victims of the massacre and/or their families. I believe as a result of those cases, I am the only lawyer to have taken the depositions of the Harris boy's mother and father, and I am one of the only victims' lawyers to have seen certain Columbine materials and tapes. I have reached certain conclusions on Columbine which I feel obligated to put into print here in hopes it will some day make a difference. More court action has been done to keep everything secret and destroy the depositions than anything I have seen in my forty years of court activity. So, for my own personal and legal safety and protection, let me say simply that everything, absolutely everything, I say here is simply "my opinion and belief", and not done to violate any court orders or sealed records, but say these opinions and beliefs, I must. Number 1: I believe the first crime committed at Columbine was the slaughter of the children, Harris and Klebold's classmates, by Harris and Klebold. Number 2: Just as surely I do believe the second crime of Columbine has been the continuing and strong suppression of the information and evidence by the legal system which keeps parents and the public from really ever knowing the truth, or at least having a real opportunity to make judgments as to what the truth is, by having available all the information from which to make judgments. Number 3: I believe as sure as I believe anything on this Earth, the claim I made in a lawsuit in federal court, in which I alleged on behalf of the Columbine children, that the Harris boys actions, including particularly and especially his final act of suicide were caused or influenced to occur by the anti-depressant drugs he was taking. Number 4: Remarkably enough, within a year or so after I dropped out of the lawsuit, and the lawsuit was dismissed by the federal judge, it became public information and knowledge that certain of these anti-depressants do in fact cause suicidal behavior, particularly in children and teenagers, and now this fact must be put on the drugs when they are sold or prescribed to children. But of course, when I had this lawsuit going, none of this information was public knowledge, but it was all denied by the drug company, and one of these days, soon, when I get a legal comfort level to do so without getting punished by the legal system, I intend to blow it out all straight on the real Columbine truth. In the case, of.. what's his name? Harris, or Klebold, whichever... Anyway, I happen to have... I've got to be careful what I say. Remember all the depositions I took, plus all kinds of stuff is sealed, never to be accessed. You are aware of that, right?

Thomas Corriher: Erm, I have heard that.

John DeCamp: The judge ordered that, and I condemn that, but anyway.

Thomas Corriher: What was his...

John DeCamp: You'll discover if you had access to that, for example, you would discover that, it had gotten to the situation where he didn't have to go even though (pause) officially these drugs were given to him via a doctor, certified to give drugs, a nurse, and er... anyway... it was very open access and he was doing very excessive amounts and had weird conduct and behavior going on, but that's clearly documented in those... (pause)

Thomas Corriher: Sometimes, these psychotic reactions only happen after the drug is discontinued, like immediately afterwards. They go through a...

John DeCamp: That's also involved in the information in those.

Thomas Corriher: Can you tell us, what was the actual court order? I mean, I'm not a lawyer, and I'm not that familiar with how these things work, but can you tell us, what did the judge actually say? I mean, about being quiet.

John DeCamp: Said they're sealed, and I'm not supposed to talk about them. They actually sent some friggin' team of whatever here to supposedly go through my records and make sure I turned over everything I was supposed to. I think I might have mentioned that somewhere in my book. You said I mentioned it in that statement...

Thomas Corriher: Yeah, but by maintaining those confidential records, like you're supposed to as a representing attorney, you're not committing any crime whatsoever. What gives them the authority to come and snatch your records? To me, that doesn't sound legal.

John DeCamp: Good question. I don't know.

Thomas Corriher: To me, that sounds like a direct violation of the Bill of Rights, to just come -- snatch what they want.

John DeCamp: Under the legal system, judges can... anyway, do about what they want and get away with it.

Thomas Corriher: Whether it's legal or not, technically, right?

John DeCamp: Pretty much. You must know that.

Thomas Corriher: This isn't normal behavior, is it? I mean like, for instance, I'm sure courts ask attorneys to turn over stuff to the court all the time, but they don't show up with hired guns usually to do it, do they?

* DeCamp laughs nervously *

Thomas Corriher: I mean, you know, it's...

John DeCamp: I guess you better speak to lawyers other than me. I don't know what all they do, because I was kind of shocked and didn't think they'd do this.

Thomas Corriher: Yeah, I mean, didn't they show up with the Federal Marshals?

John DeCamp: I have... I can't remember right now.

Thomas Corriher: Okay. I'm sorry.

John DeCamp: And that's 500 miles away, they came to show up. Here! Nebraska! My office!

Thomas Corriher: Whichever agency, they were definitely law enforcement personnel who showed up?

John DeCamp: I probably have some records or something on it.

Thomas Corriher: Okay.

The Depression Business and F.D.A. Science

There has never been a recorded case of any drug ever successfully curing depression. Every study that shows better results with pharmaceuticals than traditional psychological methods was sponsored by the maker of the drug. However, there are numerous documented cases whereby the depressive disorders were worsened in the long term by the drugs, and this is why psychiatrists are now desperately prescribing cocktails of various anti-depressants in a shotgun approach to medicating. The drugs are never approved for such mixed use, or tested for interaction dangers.

According to the May 2004 issue of the British Medical Journal, and a twin article in the New York Times, Allen Jones had been appointed to be a lead criminal corruption investigator for the Pennsylvania Office of the Inspector General, in July of 2002, after it uncovered evidence of payments into an off-the-books account. This mystery account was earmarked for "educational grants". It was funded, in large part, by Pfizer and Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Withdrawals from the account went specifically into the private bank accounts of drug regulatory agents, who were officially developing governmental guidelines recommending experimental, on-patent drugs over older, cheaper drugs that had better safety records.

On April 28th of 2004, Allen Jones was escorted out of his workplace immediately after state officials accused him of leaking information to news agencies. In his subsequent lawsuit against the Pennsylvania State Government, Jones reported that he had been harassed by his superiors and Pennsylvania governmental institutions, in order to suppress his constitutional rights of free speech and freedom of the press. He also stated that the campaign of aggression against him was intended to, "cover-up, discourage, and limit any investigations or oversight into the corrupt practices of large drug companies and corrupt public officials who have acted with them". We attempted to make contact with Allen Jones, but he has apparently found refuge in a log cabin that he built, and he has (perhaps wisely) made reaching him a challenge.

One method used by the establishment to manipulate drug studies is the handling of patients who die during drug trials. Test subjects who die are flatly ignored, as if they had never existed. This standard policy is justified by claims that the dead individuals did not complete the studies. Having dead test subjects might bias the safety conclusions of the study, after all. There are also in-place official policies at the pharmaceutical companies, which disallow suicidal patients in any of their anti-depressant studies. In practice, this ban translates into encompassing all depressed patients, since depressed patients always test to have stronger suicidal tendencies than the general population. So, in the vast majority of cases, official anti-depressant drug trials are never actually conducted on depressed subjects. It ensures that all subjects will not be suffering from depression at the end of the trial, because none of the subjects had actually experienced depression in the first place. Moreover, all drug studies are privately performed by the same pharmaceutical companies that are seeking approval, so the private research scientists have compelling reasons to get only the 'right' results. That is, if they hope to keep their prestigious careers. Doctoring the results in these ways are the standard procedure of the pharmaceutical industry, and it is officially F.D.A. approved. They call it "science".

Anti-depressants, and particularly S.S.R.I.'s, have been the subject of a large number of court cases, due to the drugs having caused patients to act irrationally, impulsively, and as if they had no conscience. Emotional blunting, in other words. Patients are never warned of these issues. Lawsuits have provoked certain drug companies to publish so-called "Defense Manuals" that are covertly provided to prosecuting attorneys. These manuals provide attack strategies for the prosecutors in cases involving psychiatric drug intoxication. They have been designed to ensure that the drugs are never put on trial, even when their relationship to the crimes has been established.

A Zoloft-specific defense manual was unintentionally made public, due to its use in the Chris Pittman trial. It was obtained and publicized by Court TV. The Zoloft Defense Manual dishonestly claims that Zoloft reduces violent behaviors, and that nobody has ever been given a reduced sentence due to Zoloft intoxication. This is despite precedent-setting cases to the contrary, which is something that the pharmaceutical legal departments know. Pfizer's defense manual states that previous trials concerning S.S.R.I.s, such as Prozac, are irrelevant; ignoring the similarities of these cases. These defense manuals are intended to manipulate agents of the courts, in order to shift blame from the pharmaceuticals onto the unwitting victims of the intoxications. The manuals are very appealing to prosecutors who wish to appear tough on crime.

Something is inherently immoral, and likely illegal, if it involves secret evidence meant to satisfy corporate agendas at the expense of due process. Our inquiries have shown that, in most cases, prosecutors cooperate with the drug companies to the point of illegally concealing these manuals, in direct defiance of lawful discovery procedure requirements.

The fears plaguing most of the expert witnesses makes defending oneself in such cases nearly impossible. The expert witnesses know that their testimony could suggest that they have drugged patients into criminal activities too. Such an admission would be a terrible career move, in the very least. Thus, the experts are ironically the least credible witnesses in these cases, due to their need for self-preservation. It is similar to the way in which Mafia organizations stop members from witnessing. If everyone is made to have a skeleton in the closet, then nobody is going to speak publicly about the crimes.

S.S.R.I. Drugs Are Not Selective

"We can choose to use our growing knowledge to enslave people in ways never dreamed of before, depersonalizing them, controlling them by means so carefully selected that they will perhaps never be aware of their loss of personhood."

-- Carl R. Rodgers, former President of the American Psychological Association

Contrary to what the public has been led to believe, the prevailing theories concerning serotonin and serotonin-effecting drugs did not originate from either doctors or scientists. They began life as intensive pharmaceutical marketing programs, which promoted fabricated scientific facts so successfully that they became facts in the minds of doctors, regulators and the general public.

Serotonin is a hormone that influences emotions, appetite, digestion, and the central nervous system. It was first noted for its effects on the cardiovascular system, particularly relating to constriction of the blood vessels. In more recent times, it is most often referenced as a neurotransmitter; meaning that it aids in the transmission of electrical signals inside the brain. Eighty percent of serotonin is used by the gastrointestinal system and only 10% of serotonin is used by the brain.

Due to the fact that serotonin is primarily used (80%) for the absorption of nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract, it is likely that serotonin's primary function inside the brain is likewise to keep brain matter nourished. This rather obvious conclusion points to the too-often-ignored evidence that depression is usually linked to malnutrition, nutrition loss through pharmaceutical drug use, or sources of toxicity, such as heavy metals. Psychological depression is often the result of a physical metabolic depression that is caused by starvation hormones that are triggered by the aforementioned factors.

The presiding dogma of depression is that serotonin should be freely floating throughout the brain, particularly around the neurons. With depressed people, serotonin is allegedly assimilated too quickly by the neurons. It is said that this somehow neutralizes the serotonin, and this phenomena is labeled "re-uptake". When serotonin is absorbed too quickly, it simply vanishes and depression ensues -- goes the hypothesis. These drugs attempt to slow the absorption of serotonin, thus allowing it to remain stagnant inside the brain, mysteriously keeping people happy by not being actually used.

We can test for serotonin levels in the blood, but never in the brain of a living person, where the results would be meaningful. There are no methods of testing for the re-uptake of any neurotransmitter, or even if re-uptake actually happens as presented. The entire science is literally founded on a marketing fairy tale. Modern psychiatry dishonestly purports that the chemical imbalance hypothesis is hard core science, but it has never been proven in any study, ever. In fact, most of the independent depression studies that are available actually disprove the hypothesis of serotonin imbalance.

If low serotonin caused depression, then depression could be induced on any person by reducing his serotonin. This has been tested, and depression could not be reliably produced. Some studies have proven that depressed people already have higher serotonin levels, while others show that serotonin levels may actually be different in different areas of the brain. In truth, the methods of testing serotonin change from one study to another, because there is no accurate way to measure chemical concentrations in a living person's brain. Using current technology, accurate and meaningful testing would require surgery that would be fatal to the test subject.

Attempts have been made to study the serotonin levels in the blood of already depressed people and compare the results with those from healthy people. There has been absolutely no relationship found between depression and serotonin in the blood. There are approximately the same number of studies demonstrating high serotonin levels in depressed people as there are demonstrating low serotonin levels.

There is a reason why psychiatrists do not perform lab tests prior to diagnoses, or even prior to prescribing powerful drugs that are supposed to fix chemical imbalances. There are no tests for chemical imbalances of the brain. We do not even know what a healthy chemical balance would be, if we discovered it.

If the problem were simply that a neurotransmitter is needed to fix depression, then depression could be alleviated in less than 24 hours after taking a drug that increases it. Yet, S.S.R.I.'s take 5-6 weeks before they have any effect upon even the most severe depressions. Their horrible side-effects can occur within days, or even hours.

In studies that compared either nutritional therapies or exercise against drug therapies, the drug therapies were always the least effective. Furthermore, placebos are generally as effective as anti-depressants for the overwhelming majority of patients. Independent (non-industry) studies show that placebos are more effective, and they are absent of the dangerous drug complications.

The acronym S.S.R.I. is an abbreviation for "selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor". Even the name for this category of drugs is, in itself, fraudulent. There is nothing selective about which serotonin in the body is effected, and most of the body's serotonin is not inside the brain. Most of a body's serotonin is used by the gastrointestinal tract, which means that the main effect of these drugs is causing nutritional imbalances. The drugs attack the body uniformly (opposite of selective), and their common ingredient, fluoride, suppresses systems throughout a body without regard to serotonin levels. There is no physical evidence that re-uptake in the brain is effected by these drugs, or proof that re-uptake even happens.

The Real Anti-Depressant Side Effects

"The machinery looks good, the technology seems nice, the stainless steel is shiny, everything smells like isopropyl alcohol; I mean they are the greatest salesmen in the world. We're going to go look back at this century and we're going to laugh eventually, but we'll cry first. This is one of the most barbaric periods. It's going to be called the Dark Ages of Medicine."

-- Dr. Richard Shulze, N.D., M.H.

Anti-depressant drugs carry massive risks, not only to the brain, but also to the heart, kidneys, liver, and central nervous system. Scientific research that is independent of the pharmaceutical industry has repeatedly shown that S.S.R.I. drugs can cause severe kidney and liver damage. These drugs also have the potential to cause cardiac arrest and a Parkinson's-like syndrome. Doctors are not required to advise patients of these risks, and they rarely do.

Serotonin works in conjunction with insulin to regulate the blood sugar, so an increase of serotonin in the blood causes the blood sugar to drop. Due to this, people taking S.S.R.I. drugs often get extreme cravings for sugars and carbohydrates. This perpetuates a cycle wherein people turn to junk food to satisfy these cravings, so weight gain that is caused by anti-depressant usage is compounded by the new bad diet. This is why these drugs cause a 2-to-3 times increase in a person's risk of developing diabetes.

The effects of S.S.R.I. drugs upon blood sugar can make stopping serotonin-altering drugs nearly impossible. Quitting the drug means that the regulator of the blood sugar is eliminated, yet the cravings continue, due to blood sugar instability, habit, and addiction. Thus, the addictions to S.S.R.I. anti-depressants are quite similar to alcoholism. We do not fully understand how these relationships work, but the bigger problem is that nobody understands.

Some people are more likely to experience side effects because they lack the liver enzyme: CYP2D6. This enzyme is necessary for the proper elimination of S.S.R.I.'s from the body. Without it, this class of drugs accumulate, in ever-increasing amounts, inside the body of a patient. A simple test for the enzyme can detect whether a person is deficient, to determine if there is a significantly increased risk of a bad reaction; but the test is never done prior to prescribing the drugs. One in every ten people lack this liver enzyme; meaning that every S.S.R.I. drugged individual has about a 10% chance of an accidental drug overdose that could eventually lead to organ failure or psychotic episodes. It is not unusual after S.S.R.I. murders for defendants to be found to have 10-to-20 times the dosage that they were prescribed in their systems.

Depression is exaggerated by nutritional deficiencies, which in-turn means that depression can be exaggerated by these nutrient-robbing drugs. Serotonin plays a role in the absorption and assimilation of basic nutrients, and through alterations of the blood sugar, serotonin can alter food cravings. Thus, these drugs are dangerous because they inevitably lead to a state of malnutrition, which is often compounded with severe weight gain. This is one reason why a huge percentage of patients become more suicidal after being medicated, due to the subsequent explosion of weight gain.

Elevated levels of serotonin in the body leads to the poor absorption of zinc, a mineral that is crucial for proper immune system function, along with maintaining skin, hair, and nail health. S.S.R.I. drugs also reduce the usable calcium in the body to thereby make magnesium unusable; since magnesium and calcium are interdependent. Magnesium is believed to play a vital role in the release and re-uptake of serotonin, so the relationship between S.S.R.I.'s and fluctuations in magnesium have been documented by the psychiatric community. People with low magnesium levels are at an increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, seizures, personality changes, anxiety, hyperactivity and agitation. It has been shown that depressed people are already low in magnesium, and depression can sometimes be alleviated through magnesium supplementation alone. S.S.R.I.'s can also cause brittle bone disease by inhibiting the usability of calcium in the body. This has led to increases in broken or fractured bones in the elderly; whom S.S.R.I. drugs are frequently prescribed to, inside of nursing home settings.

According to the Boston Globe, Paxil gives women a 7 times (700%) increase in the risk of breast cancer. In the United States, 1 in 8 women will get diagnosed with breast cancer at some point. Therefore, a woman who uses Paxil for long enough is virtually guaranteed to get breast cancer. According to our statistical calculations, a woman has approximately an 87% chance of getting breast cancer if she uses Paxil for a decade.

"The FDA encourages studies in pediatric patients. Clinical trials involving children and orphans are therefore legal and not unusual."

-- GlaxoSmithKline, message to DemocracyNow

On April 4th 2011, David W. Freeman of C.B.S. News reported that anti-depressant drugs cause human arteries to dramatically thicken over time, irreversibly increasing the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes. Normal hardening of the arteries is slowly reversible with lifestyle changes, but anti-depressant induced arterial damage is permanent.

"'There is a clear association between increased intima-media thickness and taking an antidepressant, and this trend is even stronger when we look at people who are on these medications and are more depressed.', lead investigator Dr. Amit Shah, a cardiology fellow at Emory University in Atlanta."

-- C.B.S. News

S.S.R.I. drugs damage the liver, sometimes inducing a condition that mimics hepatitis C. The fact that the main ingredient of these drugs is fluoride also means that they dramatically increase the likelihood of thyroid disorders, particularly hypothyroidism, and these drugs weaken the bones throughout the body. Hypothyroidism can cause permanent hormonal imbalances that lead to countless other diseases, or new psychological disturbances.

Serotonin syndrome (also called serotonergic syndrome) is a life-threatening condition that occurs when serotonin levels in the body rise too high. This condition can only be induced by S.S.R.I. drug usage. It often occurs when people are prescribed multiple S.S.R.I. drugs, as is common in children. The symptoms of serotonergic syndrome include: restlessness, diarrhea, rapid heart beat, hallucinations, increased body temperature, loss of coordination, nausea, overactive reflexes, rapid changes in blood pressure, and vomiting. The agonizing muscle spasms can cause complete muscle breakdown throughout the body, and the waste products then cycle through the body to toxify the kidneys. The strain can cause kidney failure. Serotonin syndrome is rarely cited among the long list of side-effects that are listed with anti-depressant drugs. This well-documented and potentially deadly condition is not known of by most doctors, and the F.D.A. has been working to ensure that doctors remain ignorant of it. In fact, the F.D.A. routinely deletes documentation on this topic, despite attempts by its parent organization, the National Institutes of Health, to publish it.

S.S.R.I. anti-depressant drugs are known to alter the electro-chemical transmissions within the prefrontal cortex area of the brain. The prefrontal cortex is what was severed or scrambled by the lobotomies of yesteryear. Destroying the prefrontal cortex is what makes people passive and compliant to authorities, so it was once considered the ideal treatment for undesirables in U.S. mental institutions. The practice was eventually stopped because the movie, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest had graphically showed the public that the surgeries were inhumane and violated the human rights of the patients. Yet, S.S.R.I. drugs have been studied and found to alter the same area of the brain, essentially doing the same thing with chemistry, minus the ice pick. While surgical lobotomies were abandoned decades ago, they were simply replaced with their chemical counterparts. The chemical versions seem less gruesome and barbaric, but they have the same effect upon the brain, thereby creating the appearance of more humane treatment.

The ability of these psychiatric drugs to cause aggression is routinely hidden under other names. For example, the U.S. National Institutes of Health admits that S.S.R.I. drugs can cause "hyperarousal", which is better known as the "fight or flight" response. The N.I.H. documentation recognizes that these drugs can cause people to become violently dangerous, by stimulating archaic instincts. Some side-effect labels are now even including the term, "akathisia". Although the chemical companies involved are towing the party line by maintaining that akathisia is merely a minor motor dysfunction. Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (now a division of Pfizer), the maker of Effexor, was the only company that was willing to list "homicidal ideation" alongside "psychosis" on their drug labeling. Pfizer no longer allows such labeling.

In 1998, Patricia Gerber et al. from the University of British Columbia published a research study titled, Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor-Induced Movement Disorders, demonstrating that S.S.R.I. anti-depressants can cause multiple types of motor dysfunction. The most frequent of these syndromes is Parkinsonism. There is debate as to whether it is actually Parkinson's disease or just a syndrome mimicking Parkinson's. The occurrence of the condition is usually treated as being coincidental, as if the drugs had no involvement in the condition's development. Medical professionals have historically overlooked the causal relationship between the drugs and Parkinsonism, either willfully or through ignorance. This often results in increased dosages, or the addition of more medications. In Prescribed Drugs and Neurological Complications, the British Medical Journal reported that S.S.R.I. drugs are more likely to cause Parkinson's syndrome than the older class of tricyclic anti-depressants. Ironically, the newer S.S.R.I. drugs are preferred because they have been marketed to be safer than the older anti-depressants.

The older class of tricyclic anti-depressants created effects that were more likely to be personally bothersome for doctors; such as ticks, shakes, and other disturbing neurological symptoms. These effects made psychiatrists very uncomfortable, which led to a dramatic reduction in their use. The newer S.S.R.I. drugs are more likely to trouble the patients, by inducing zombie-like states, or making them feel out of control. They make the patients more compliant and suggestible, which is appealing to the psychiatrists. The most dangerous physical effects of the newer class of drugs are drawn out over an extended period; causing conditions like diabetes and cancer, which are less likely to be disturbing to the prescribing doctor than a convulsing patient, as sometimes happened with the older drugs.

S.S.R.I. anti-depressants are prescribed to some pregnant women to suppress depressions caused by normal hormonal fluctuations that are an expected part of their pregnancies. It took thirteen years of Paxil being on the market before the Food and Drug Administration released a warning about Paxil causing birth defects, in December of 2005. A class action lawsuit against GlaxoSmithKline, the maker of Paxil, resulted in the pharmaceutical company paying $1 billion to settle over 800 cases, which was filed by parents of children with birth defects.

Every S.S.R.I. drug has been linked to a wide range of birth defects, and some of them are deadly. The most common S.S.R.I. birth defects are atrial septal defects and ventral septal defects, both of which are holes in differing areas of the heart. These are most likely to occur whenever the mother is given these drugs during her first trimester of pregnancy. When the drugs are used later in the pregnancy, persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn (P.P.H.N.) is common, whereby blood cells do not get adequate oxygen. In July of 2006, the F.D.A. warned that women who use S.S.R.I.'s after their 20th week of pregnancy have a six times greater risk of delivering a child with P.P.H.N. Other known birth defects include club foot, craniosynostosis (a skull defect), and infant omphalocele (abdominal wall defect). Kaiser Permanente published the study, Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy and Childhood Autism Spectrum Disorders in November of 2011, showing that anti-depressant drugs taken during pregnancy doubled the risk of autism.

Discontinuation syndrome is a phrase that was coined to describe the withdrawal symptoms which are experienced by people who attempt to quit S.S.R.I. drugs. The World Health Organization reported that the phrase "discontinuation syndrome" was a way to obscure the proper association between addiction and these drugs, in order to cover-up the fact that these drugs are extremely addictive. The psychiatric establishment originally gave it the name "anti-depressant withdrawal", after it was discovered that between 20% and 80% of S.S.R.I. drug patients experience it. The percentage depends on the particular drug used. Recognition of anti-depressant withdrawal became a serious marketing problem in the 1990's, so "withdrawal" was renamed to "discontinuation syndrome" at a symposium in 1996 that was sponsored by Eli Lilly.

The most dangerous periods of S.S.R.I. drug usage are when users are first starting, changing dosage, or quitting. During these periods, people are unusually prone to becoming violent, suicidal, and homicidal, even more so than when they were taking the drugs at a stable dosage. It is when extreme akathisia is most likely to occur. For a large percentage of patients, the torture of so-called "discontinuation syndrome" is more extreme than illegal drug withdrawal, and more dangerous. Discontinuation syndrome is often so severe that people are unable to completely quit the drugs, or they become suicidal because their physical and emotional suffering is so great. Withdrawal symptoms often include electrical brain zaps, sensations of electrocution, hot flashes, random pains throughout the body, food poisoning-like symptoms, extreme fatigue, dizziness, anxiety, irritability, panic attacks, decreased concentration, and insomnia.

Anti-depressants are not just prescribed for depression, but rather for a whole host of chronic diseases, including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and arthritis. These drugs are frequently prescribed for conditions that physicians cannot explain, because the drugs make troublesome patients easier to manage. This happens despite risks that the patients may kill themselves or others, and a small percentage will experience a complete loss of identity requiring institutionalization. This usage is completely off-label and irresponsible; for there is no research showing that these drugs assist in suppressing the symptoms that they are being prescribed for. It is entirely about patient management for the convenience of physicians. The drugs are sometimes euphemistically referred to as "happy pills" when used in this manner, because the agenda is to keep the patient artificially appeased, in spite of the fact that his condition is worsening.

S.S.R.I.'s are prescribed for nicotine addictions too, ironically replacing the addiction to tobacco with a more dangerous one from the pharmaceutical industry. If you must choose one addiction over the other, choose the much safer tobacco addiction.

Military personnel are being used as a testing group for these dangerous drugs. There are several rarely known side-effects of these drugs, which have proven especially beneficial to the military's chain of command. An effect of anti-depressants is that they generally make people more submissive to authority, and this is the primary reason why these drugs are being given to children with attention deficit disorder, for the drugs are not truly being given for the benefit of the kids. The real motivation is that the drugs help authorities maintain better control over the patients, whether those authorities be teachers, parents, care home nurses, or military commanders. Such usage is more about power and control over patients who are in no position to give informed consent. Take for example the drugs' wide use in nursing homes, schools, and in the military, which is significantly greater than for the remaining population. As further demonstration of this unofficial agenda, children in the public school system are given fluoride treatments at school, typically without parental consent or notification, and military bases throughout the United States mysteriously have had fluoride in their water at such high levels that soldiers have been warned to stop drinking the tap water. This is not happening by accident, and fluoride is an active ingredient in all S.S.R.I. drugs, due to its pacifying effect.

In the past, the military has done experiments with ecstasy, L.S.D., and anti-psychotics. Using these drugs, the command structure intended to make soldiers into better warriors. Soldiers were to become fearless and aggressive. For this change to take place, the drugs must first numb the conscience. Now, massive numbers of military personnel are taking S.S.R.I. medications, and as a result, military suicides are at record highs.

The Mothers Act

It is hard to forget the past horrors of thalidomide whenever we think of pregnant mothers taking anti-depressants. S.S.R.I. anti-depressants have been tied to birth defects, including club foot, persistent pulmonary hypertension, craniosynostosis (skull deformity), infant omphalocele (abdominal wall defects), and congenital malformations. Despite this, there has been a push to force expectant mothers to be screened for mood disorders, and then to undergo mandatory treatments when the tests are positive. Has any pregnant woman in history not had severe mood swings? A bill titled, The Mothers Act was introduced twice in the U.S. House of Representatives, but it never made it out of the committee in either case. It would have forced pregnant women to undergo screenings for mood disorders, and then it would have forced them to take prescription anti-depressants when they inevitably tested positive. This bill would enshrine into law the practice of forced drugging of all pregnant women, since pregnancy itself causes hormonal changes that lead to mood irregularities. While the bill has already failed twice, it is likely that another bill will appear in the future with the same demands.

The Fluoride Connection

"Principles of mental health cannot be successfully furthered in any society unless there is progressive acceptance of the concept of world citizenship [one world government]. World citizenship can be widely extended among all peoples through applications of the principles of mental health."

-- National Association for Mental Health, 1948

Notice the "fluo" part in Prozac's chemical name, fluoxetine. It denotes the drug's main active ingredient: fluoride. Fluoride is an active ingredient of all modern S.S.R.I. anti-depressants, and the trend of medicating depressed patients with high doses of fluoride began with Prozac. Fluoride robs people of their will; and therefore, it makes people easier to control for both authorities and psychiatrists. This is why these drugs have become so popular for supposedly treating attention deficit disorder, and the newly popularized, oppositional defiant disorder -- revealing that there is an agenda more related to social control than the legitimate practice of medicine. As one might expect, these drugs have become extremely popular in the military and the prisons.

In the 1930's, Germany's NAZI party envisioned a one world government, dominated and controlled by the NAZI philosophy of pan-Germanism. The German chemists produced an ingenious and far-reaching plan of mass-control that was adopted by the German General Staff. The plan was to control the population of any given area through forced mass-drugging with fluoride, via the drinking water. Through this method, they could pacify the populations of entire regions, reduce populations by water medication that sterilizes women, and so on. In their scheme of mass control and population control, sodium fluoride occupied a prominent place.

The following excerpt was reported by Charles Perkins, in 1954. He was an American chemist, who was rebuilding the German infrastructure.

"Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual's power to resist domination, by slowly poisoning and narcotizing a certain area of the brain, thus making him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him. The real reason behind water fluoridation is not to benefit children's teeth. If this were the real reason, there are many ways in which it could be done that are much easier, cheaper, and far more effective. The real purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistance of the masses to domination and control and loss of liberty. I was told of this entire scheme by a German chemist who was an official of the great IG Farben chemical industries and was also prominent in the NAZI movement at the time. I say this with all the earnestness and sincerity of a scientist who has spent nearly 20 years research into the chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology of fluorine."

Fluoride has been shown to accumulate in the pineal gland. The pineal gland is a pine cone-shaped organ near the center of the brain. It is believed to be responsible for melatonin production, and thus the regulation of the sleep cycle. It is also believed to play a role in seasonal depression, because more melatonin is produced in periods of darkness. Brain serotonin appears to be in the highest concentration inside the pineal gland.

In most medical literature, calcification of the pineal gland is expressed to be a natural phenomenon that increases with age. Calcification is when calcium, fluoride and phosphorus combine; until they merge into a hard, rock-like object that is viewable on brain scans. Despite the medical literature's promotion that this occurs normally with aging, pineal calcification is actually only a problem of Western lifestyles; indicating that it is our chemical exposures and diets that cause brain calcification. In West Africa, for example, a hospital that performed 20,000 skull x-ray examinations over a period of 10 years encountered less than 10 cases (less than 0.05%) of patients having pineal gland calcifications. In contrast, calcified pineal glands are visible in about 50% of Caucasian adult skull radiographs, for people over the age of forty in the United States. The rate for American Negroes is 25%.

Fluoride is known to accumulate in the pineal gland in even greater amounts than it does in bone. It increases the uptake of calcium into the cells, which worsens their calcification (hardening), since calcification is predominantly misused calcium. Modern S.S.R.I. anti-depressant drugs are fluoride-based; so they add to the calcification of the pineal gland. The accumulated fluoride attracts calcium. This ironically will worsen depression permanently, by artificially limiting the body's ability to regulate its sleep cycle, and disrupting the production of hormones.

More Effective and Safer Alternatives

Niacin (vitamin B-3) is typically ignored and marginalized, so multi-vitamins and B-complex supplements usually contain negligible amounts of it. Since 1 in 3 people die from heart disease, and depression effects about one in every ten adults, niacin supplementation should be paramount. Niacin is an essential nutrient that Westerners rarely get enough of through their diets, due to depleted soils and processed foods. It can be found in dairy products, poultry, fish, lean meats, and nuts. It is vital for the digestion of food, as well as nerve health and repair. It maintains healthy skin. A condition known as pellagra typically occurs amongst poor populations who are extremely deficient in niacin. It destroys memory and mental health, in as much as it causes chronic physical diseases. It is characterized by gastrointestinal disturbances, skin eruptions, and mental disorders in the worst cases. A niacin deficiency may also cause diarrhea, dermatitis, dementia, hyper-pigmentation, thickening of the skin, inflammations of the mouth and tongue, digestive disturbances, amnesia, delirium, depression, and with extreme deficiency: death.

Niacin is very helpful for the treatment of depression and anxiety, in part because the body can convert it into L-tryptophan. Pellagra sufferers have historically displayed the symptoms of dementia (which is not to be confused with the modern, redefined version of "dementia", which is Alzheimer's disease). This mental condition most closely resembles what we now diagnose as schizophrenia. Approximately 500 mg. of niacin has been shown to increase short-term memory by 40%. The effects upon long-term memory maintenance could be even greater.

Just like in the case of scurvy (vitamin C deficiency), death from pellagra is much slower in this modern age, and both deficiencies often manifest themselves in the form of heart disease. Niacin protects the arteries from damage and dramatically reduces cholesterol levels, since cholesterol is produced by the body to patch inflamed arteries. It decreases the risk of heart attacks, since it eliminates the conditions that place undue stress upon the heart and the arteries.

Exercise is always more effective than medication for both curing and treating depression, in every independent study ever made which compared them. Diet and exercise only fail in the pharmaceutical industry studies.

Depression is sometimes caused by candida albicans, a yeast that lives in the intestinal tract. Candida can release bio-toxins into the blood stream that can effect an individual neurologically. It can also prevent the body from being able to properly absorb crucial nutrients from foods. If nutrients are not properly extracted from foods, then depression can result from malnutrition alone. Processed carbohydrates such as white breads, white rice, and pasta that is not whole wheat tend to feed the candida, so limiting these carbohydrates in the diet could be essential. Anything that has been bleached white or minerally depleted, including white sugar and table salt, should be avoided. Yogurt contains flora, a healthy bacteria that fights candida in the body, so plain (preferably organic) yogurt should be added to the diet. Flavored yogurts contain unhealthy sugars, which will feed the candida, and would thus be counterproductive. Yogurt is homogenized, so supplement with vitamin C and folate (or the inferior folic acid) to protect against inflammation and arterial damage. Read the section about Allergies and Candida in the Alternative Medicine chapter for more information.

Serotonin, L-Tryptophan, Fructose and Lactic Acid

L-tryptophan is an essential amino acid that is found in many foods. It cannot be produced by the body itself, so it must be gained through a healthy diet, or through supplementation. It is the compound inside turkey that causes drowsiness, and turkey is the greatest natural source for it. L-tryptophan was a very common dietary supplement before being blocked for a year by the F.D.A. in 1989. It is used as a natural and holistic treatment for depression, and as a sleep aid.

It is widely believed that the body uses L-tryptophan as a building material to produce serotonin as needed. This is technically not true, as will be explained later. There is greater efficacy from L-tryptophan supplements than pharmaceutical S.S.R.I. anti-depressants, because supplemental L-tryptophan helps a body to naturally regulate its own serotonin effectively, so that there will never be too little or too much. It additionally helps the body to produce lactic acid, which has its own effect upon mood regulation.

As a natural substance, L-tryptophan cannot be patented, which became a big concern for the F.D.A. and its business partner, Eli Lilly (maker of Prozac), during the late 1980's. In the fall of 1989, the F.D.A. banned L-tryptophan sales in the U.S., claiming that it caused a rare and deadly flu-like condition known as eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome. The allegation was dishonest, following the usual pattern regarding herbs and supplements. L-tryptophan is merely a naturally occurring amino acid (protein compound) that is already found inside of our foods. In other words, all of us would be in serious health trouble if the F.D.A. cronies had been telling the truth. Vegetarians would have been the only survivors of the tryptogeddon.

The illnesses reported by the F.D.A. were actually caused by toxic impurities in a specific L-tryptophan product, which had been imported by a Japanese manufacturer. The manufacturer was discovered to have been secretly experimenting with a genetically engineered bacteria, in an attempt to speed the production process and increase the potency of its tryptophan product. The company's mixing of a genetically engineered neurotoxin with a neurotransmitter precursor like L-tryptophan resulted in accelerated excitotoxin reactions beyond what is normally biologically possible. It was the process of mixing something similar to aspartame with a bio-engineered, bio-toxic, nervous system stimulant together: only worse. The deadly end product of this engineering was never truly L-tryptophan, but the perverse product was nevertheless the ammunition that the F.D.A. had been waiting for. The Japanese company was likely paid to taint its own products by the U.S. biotechnology industry, because the biotechnology industry would win regardless of the product's success or failure. Either they would find a way to patent their unnatural 'L-tryptophan' to legally kill the natural competition, or they would justify removing the competing natural tryptophan supplements from the market using the scandal.

Eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome was relabeled to "fibromyalgia", because the alleged cause (L-tryptophan) was removed from the market, and yet it occurred anyway. A completely different disease was quickly created by fiat, which conveniently had exactly the same symptoms. This way, L-tryptophan was still guilty of the completely different and yet completely identical disease. No action was ever taken against the Japanese company which was responsible for the poisoned L-tryptophan products, and its involvement was abruptly hushed. Instead of disciplining the manufacturer, or addressing the issue of contaminated products, the F.D.A. completely banned L-tryptophan as an illegal product on March 22nd, 1990.

Prozac was first officially approved by the F.D.A. in December of 1987, but the big marketing scheme had not yet been employed. Just 4 days after the F.D.A. ban on L-tryptophan, on March 26, 1990, Newsweek magazine featured a cover article praising the new anti-depressant drug Prozac. Its cover paid homage to a floating, gigantic green and white capsule of Prozac, with the bold caption: "Prozac: A Breakthrough Drug for Depression". Eli Lilly marketed Prozac as a new "breakthrough" to differentiate it from the older antidepressants, which had been taken off the market because they were so dangerous.

This four day coincidence went completely unnoticed by media sources, but it is jarring to anyone with a knowledge of how these two substances are believed to work. L-Tryptophan and Prozac are both believed to work with serotonin, which was a relatively new concept for allopathic medicine at the time. Prozac (fluoxetine) is marketed to "enhance" the serotonin that is already present in the brain through some mystical reaction that can only be defined in grotesquely-long marketing buzz words. It made great fodder for waiting room brochures. Prozac was never fully understood, so everyone was fair game.

In contrast, the all-natural L-tryptophan is very well understood. It is used as a building material by the body to produce either serotonin or lactic acid; both of which play large roles in mood regulation. This allows a body to produce the exact amount of natural serotonin and lactic acid that it needs; so that a body neither has too much, nor too little of either. Tryptophan is the body's safety net for an internal balancing act. It safely works with a body, instead of against it; by giving it a tool that is needed, instead of overloading it.

The drug patent on Prozac expired in 2001, which coincidentally is the same year that the F.D.A. ban on L-tryptophan was lifted. The F.D.A. was actually helping Eli Lilly again: this time by eliminating would-be competitors. With L-tryptophan again on the market, it was impossible for smaller competitors to successfully profit with generic Prozac, since they would have to compete with Eli Lilly's products and tryptophan at the same time. The F.D.A. was getting flooded by legal actions regarding Prozac at the time, due to the drug's side effects. Eli Lilly soon after re-branded Prozac as Sarafem for the treatment of pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder, in an attempt to illegally extend the patent through deception. Their patent was invalidated in a lawsuit against a manufacturer of generic Prozac, which judicially laid the patent to rest.

The known effects of serotonin on the brain are mostly conjecture. When a patient tells his doctor that he is depressed, there are no tests of his serotonin levels. No such tests exist. Yet serotonin-altering drugs are prescribed, just as surely as antibiotics would be for the common cold. Doctors and other medical professionals are increasingly coming forward to question whether low serotonin levels really lead to depression.

We have done exhaustive research about the mechanisms of L-tryptophan. Those who are lactose intolerant, experience gastrointestinal problems, or who experience fructose malabsorption are likely to experience depression. This is believed to be because L-tryptophan from food sources is not being properly absorbed by the intestines, leading to reduced L-tryptophan in the blood and brain. Thus, supplementation would seem prudent for treating the symptoms. However, there are loopholes in this logic, because both fructose and lactose are metabolized and absorbed differently.

Exercise results in both reduced depression and an increase of lactic acid in the blood. It is this lactic acid that is believed to be responsible for muscular soreness afterward. Exercise has been proven to be equally effective as a treatment for depression as pharmaceutical anti-depressants. Thus, exercise brings about physical changes that can reduce depression, and we will shortly see the clear link between blood-borne lactic acid and mood elevation going beyond the endorphins. Lactic acid is one of the endorphins.

The reason why people with lactose intolerance and fructose malabsorption experience depression may not be a direct result of L-tryptophan deficiency, but of a plasma lactic acid imbalance. Fructose can be converted into lactic acid, but not in the case of someone who is suffering with fructose malabsorption. Those who are lactose intolerant are unable to create their own lactic acid through the usual route of lactose metabolization. This could be remedied by L-tryptophan intake, since lactic acid is metabolized from L-tryptophan reserves. This tells us that lactic acid may well be the cure for non-psychological depressions, but not when it is ingested in a synthetic form. It must foremost be ingested as L-tryptophan or fructose, and then be converted by the body. Without this conversion process, lactic acid is known to produce side effects, which ironically include depression.

Curing is about restoring balance, and the body can do better regulation than any chemist. With that said, lactic acid has long been demonized; especially by ignorant athletes. Recent studies are showing that such attitudes may be backwards. According to the New York Times, new studies show that lactic acid is the main catalyst for muscle repair and re-growth; not an athletic menace causing unnecessary pain and suffering.

The following table shows some of the organic chemical transformations that take place inside the human body. It shows the importance of lactic acid, and that the body can use L-tryptophan whenever it needs to produce either serotonin or more lactic acid, to get the so-called "chemical imbalance" balanced again.
Serotonin --> Lactic Acid
Fructose --> Lactic Acid
L-tryptophan --> Lactic Acid
L-tryptophan --> Serotonin

Of course, we are not going to recommend that people start consuming processed sugars or high fructose corn syrup to eliminate their depressions. To the contrary, the lactic acid that is produced from chemically-extracted fructose seems to be much less effective in helping with depression, and it fosters a huge array of very serious disease states. People should also avoid homogenized milk as a source of lactic acid too, because it too will bring long-term health consequences through inflammation, and these consequences include heart disease. Lactic acid from whole milk is nevertheless something of an anti-depressant and calmative, as is shown in its use with young children. Crying over spilled milk is not just a figure of speech.

We recommend L-tryptophan supplementation for those who are suffering with non-psychological depressions, as a method to naturally increase bio-usable lactic acid, but not necessarily serotonin. 5-HTP is based upon L-tryptophan, and has very similar effects, but it is not believed to be as effective. The calmative actions of both lead to a much more restful sleep, which is normally a chronic problem for depressed individuals. L-tryptophan will only produce more serotonin if it is needed. Only the right balance of serotonin and naturally-produced lactic acid helps to reduce depression. L-tryptophan allows the body to tip the bio-chemical scales in whichever direction they need to go. It demonstrates the difference between new age medicine and God's medicine.

Additional Depression Fighting Supplements

All of the nutrients that we recommend to reduce depression should be present in a healthy, balanced diet. However, it is becoming difficult to eat a healthy diet, due to our fertilizer-depleted soils, the biotechnology industry, the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the nuclear industry. People with well-balanced diets very rarely become depressed.

  • Imbalances of zinc and copper have been tied to depression, and they are interdependent in the body. A deficiency of one can cause an unhealthy excess of the other. They should always be supplemented with together, to allow the body to create an ideal balance. *
  • Cashews and walnuts are very helpful in stabilizing the hormones that contribute to depression, and provide the B vitamins that improve moods. Peanuts are not very helpful.
  • Magnesium (requires vitamin D and calcium). Supplement in moderation, because an excess of magnesium can cause other nutritional deficiencies.
  • Salvia Divinorum. This is a powerful hallucinogen, which is smoked. Be sure to learn about it before using it, and be aware that it may be illegal in your area.
  • White vein kratom (Maeng Da) can be used as an anti-depressant. It is important to know that white vein kratom has entirely different effects to its close cousins, red vein (Thai) kratom and green vein (Green Malay) kratom. White vein kratom is known to enhance a person's mood, while paradoxically being a calming stimulant. Some people find that it also improves their drive and overall desire to accomplish. Reference the Painkillers section of the Alternative Medicine chapter for detailed information about kratom.
  • Hormone regulating fruits, such as pears, peaches and apples. These work best in combination, so reference the Hormone Regulator recipe in the Juicing chapter.
  • 5-HTP has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years for its efficacy in eliminating depression. It has been demonstrated to be effective in multiple studies. Start supplementing with 25 mg., and increase the dosage by 25 mg. every four days if it is not having any effect. Do not exceed 100 mg. If you feel anxious, have trouble sleeping, experience nausea, or have diarrhea, reduce the dosage. A lot of people overdose with 5-HTP and thus experience side effects.

* Some alternative medicine sites sell copper supplements, but oral supplementation with copper is dangerous. Overdosing with copper is very easy to do when using copper supplements, so it is very likely to happen. It leads to liver and kidney failure. For safety, copper must only be orally supplemented with by way of using a chlorophyll supplement. Overdosing with chlorophyll is virtually impossible, and it has other health benefits. Chlorophyll supplementation is the safe way to get extra copper. Transdermal application of copper is likewise safe: just do not drink any copper solution. Chlorophyll concentrate is preferable to more common diluted chlorophyll products that require drinking large volumes to get any effect, and they contain impurities.

Zinc supplements can be purchased at health food stores, and should only be taken on a full stomach.

Unlike L-tryptophan, supplementing with melatonin can make depression worse or improve it, depending upon the individual. We thus recommend against supplementing with melatonin. Melatonin is produced from serotonin, so the need for melatonin can be fulfilled with L-tryptophan supplementation.

Despite the knowledge and use of L-tryptophan for decades, official studies are still surprisingly scarce, because no company will spend millions on something that they can never patent -- an ingredient of turkey. Nevertheless, there is compelling evidence that it can safely and effectively reduce depression.

Notes About Eliminating Depression

Whenever treating depression, it is critical to remember that depressions are often appropriate for the circumstances. If depression can be linked to an obvious psychological cause, such as the loss of a loved one, a poor work environment, or a relationship that went terribly wrong; you should consider coping with these psychological issues before seeking biological options. To feel depressed in these cases is entirely normal, and not the result of an imbalance.

Try to do something that makes you happy, and perhaps seek a Jungian Analytical Psychologist; for they are the elites in the psychological community. They deal with the root unconscious causes of psychological problems, and they do not prescribe dangerous drugs. Taking L-tryptophan supplements alongside the psychological analysis is an option for some, especially for those whose depressions are severe. For best results, take tryptophan on an empty stomach, because mixing it with foods decreases its effectiveness.

The Avoidance of Pain

Depression questionnaires determine if medicating might be of use, but questions determining if the depressions are psychologically appropriate, such as those caused by grief, are not even asked. The prevailing philosophy is that we can chemically turn-off the problematic emotions and worry later about the consequences; in much the same way that most alcoholics began their drinking to suppress depression. Similar to the way a heart attack releases hormones to make a person depressed and slow his metabolism, and post pregnancy depression does the same to force a new mother to slow down, depression is sometimes an appropriate response to overwhelming emotional pain. Psychiatry is routinely medicating natural conditions with very unnatural results.

Depression causes people to become self-absorbed, and this creates materialistic tendencies; whereby people learn to seek physical items to compensate for their sense of emotional emptiness. They sometimes temporarily fill the void with drugs or alcohol, or even shoes. This materialism feeds back into the depression; because the constant need for more money fuels anxiety, and it eventually increases a victim's sense of emptiness more.

The old-fashioned approaches of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis are proven cures for psychological depression, but no drug has ever been documented to cure any patient. The point of psychoanalysis is to gain a greater acceptance and understanding of oneself, so the analyzed may better relate to others beyond himself. The end result is a process going from selfishness to selflessness. The secret is: if you want to help yourself to recover from depression, then find somebody else to help. It is the surest way to improve someone's sense of self worth, appreciation, and for him to be loved. This code of loving thy neighbor being the most effective cure demonstrates that the problem is usually a moral and spiritual one, instead of a physical one. It is why the famous psychoanalyst, Dr. Carl G. Jung, referred to depression-related disorders, such as alcoholism, as being the product of "spiritual impoverishment".

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous was founded on the basis that faith, and the sense of wholeness that accompanies it are required for people to overcome their alcoholism. It was influenced in large part by Dr. Carl G. Jung. A patient of Dr. Jung's was an alcoholic recorded as "Rowland H". Dr. Jung had attempted to cure Rowland of his alcoholism, but in failing to do so, he told Rowland that the only thing that could salvage cases such as his was a spiritual awakening that led to an emotional rearrangement. Rowland passed this message onto others; eventually reaching Bill Wilson, who would later become the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. Wilson contacted Dr. Jung to ask about the famous psychiatrist's fateful lecture to Rowland, and he received this personal response from Dr. Jung:

Dear Mr. W.;

Your letter has been very welcome indeed.

I had no news from Rowland H. anymore and often wondered what has been his fate. Our conversation which he has adequately reported to you had an aspect of which he did not know. The reason that I could not tell him everything was that those days I had to be exceedingly careful of what I said. I had found out that I was misunderstood in every possible way. Thus I was very careful when I talked to Rowland H. But what I really thought about was the result of many experiences with men of his kind.

His craving for alcohol was the equivalent, on a low level, of the spiritual thirst of our being for wholeness, expressed in medieval language: the union with God.

How could one formulate such an insight in a language that is not misunderstood in our days?

The only right and legitimate way to such an experience is that it happens to you in reality and it can only happen to you when you walk on a path which leads you to higher understanding. You might be led to that goal by an act of grace or through a personal and honest contact with friends, or through a higher education of the mind beyond the confines of mere rationalism. I see from your letter that Rowland H. has chosen the second way, which was, under the circumstances, obviously the best one.

I am strongly convinced that the evil principle prevailing in this world leads the unrecognized spiritual need into perdition, if it is not counteracted either by real religious insight or by the protective wall of human community. An ordinary man, not protected by an action from above and isolated in society, cannot resist the power of evil, which is called very aptly the Devil. But the use of such words arouses so many mistakes that one can only keep aloof from them as much as possible.

These are the reasons why I could not give a full and sufficient explanation to Rowland H., but I am risking it with you because I conclude from your very decent and honest letter that you have acquired a point of view above the misleading platitudes one usually hears about alcoholism. You see, "alcohol" in Latin is "spiritus" and you use the same word for the highest religious experience as well as for the most depraving poison. The helpful formula therefore is: spiritus contra spiritum.

Thanking you again for your kind letter

I remain Yours sincerely;
C. G. Jung

"As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God." (Psalms 42:1)

Alcoholics Anonymous co-founder Robert Smith ("Dr. Bob"), noted that the basic principles of A.A. came directly from the Bible. He wrote that, in particular, the essential passages he considered essential to successfully turn around a person's life were: The Book of James, Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, and Corinthians 13. The act of reading (and taking to heart) these passages is more powerfully life-changing than any pill, and hundreds of thousands of former alcoholics can attest to it.

A.A. records indicate that in Cleveland, Ohio, there was a 93% success rate for recovery in the early 1940's. The group's mission was to provide people with Christian empowerment, and in so doing, free people from their addiction. Over time, the mission became more watered down, and discussions about God were eventually considered politically incorrect. Today, "God" has been replaced with "Higher Power" and "religion" has become "spiritual". Modern statistics show that the success rate has plummeted to a depressing 5%. The success rate is almost the opposite of what it formerly was, to the degree that avoiding A.A. has a higher success rate than the new A.A. "spiritual" programs.

"Over the years a disturbing change began to take place. As an increasing number of alcoholics joined A.A. chapters, many turned out to be misfits who had rejected Christianity, Judaism or the Kiwanis Club. Dogmatic and opinionated in their non-beliefs, they found in A.A. an instrument for a new kind of bigotry. Their only meaning in life was that they had heroically become 'arrested' alcoholics. Arrogant egoists, they soon dominated many of A.A.'s 10,000 chapters. Weekly meetings, once spontaneous and exciting, became formalized and ritualistic. Anyone who questioned A.A.'s principles or even expressed curiosity was handed the slogan, UTILIZE, DON'T ANALYZE, and told to sit down. The desire to help others degenerated. As one disheartened former A.A. member told me, 'I felt nobody cared what happened to Mary W. I felt they were just interested in another alcoholic who would become another notch in their belts. I felt as if I was being pressed into serving their cause and building up their oligarchy.'"

-- Dr. Arthur H. Cain

From the earliest records of human history, people have found bio-chemical aids for coping with extreme stress, depression, and grief. The original anti-depressant was wine. It has only been in our recent history that a new generation of synthetic, chemically-engineered solutions have caused mass-murdering rampages coupled with a high rate of suicides. S.S.R.I. drug-induced massacres and suicides tend to be the most vicious and gruesome of killings, which reveals how extreme the psychoses are for people under the influence of these mind-altering drugs.

S.S.R.I. Victim: Kurt Danysh

"I was on Prozac. It's supposed to calm me down, and like level me out, but since I got on it, when something bothers me, it bothers me to [the] extreme. I just act differently. I don't have the energy or personality I used to. I spend half the time in a trance. I didn't realize I did it until after it was done, and then I realized it. This might sound weird, but it felt like I was left there holding a gun."

-- Kurt Danysh, police confession

Kurt Danysh Kurt Danysh was an outgoing 18-year old boy, whose troubles began when he was prescribed Prozac by a doctor who had performed no testing. The teenager quickly became withdrawn, and his emotional instability tail-spinned, making him reckless and violent. His rapid drug-induced deterioration continued; placing him in a fight with his best friend, and later compelling him to intentionally crash his truck into a stone wall. He then vandalized his own kamikazed-truck with graffiti in a manner that was reminiscent of the Charles Manson cult. This era of Kurt's life ended with him fatally shooting his father, at only 17 days after his first dose of Prozac. There was no motive for the crime, and Kurt had no history of violence.

The Court's Shenanigans

While being incarcerated for eighteen months awaiting a trial that would never come, Kurt refused to plead guilty. He was cruelly taunted by the jail staff with newspaper clippings about him. His attorney, Paul Ackourey, met with Kurt in the county jail, and implored him to plead guilty to third degree murder. The attorney claimed that Kurt's case was hopeless, for there was an apparent lack of evidence linking Prozac to violence. Kurt was refused a trial by jury for eighteen months, where he could have submitted a recount of his experience. The drug had been provided by the sheriff department's doctor, who had met Kurt after a minor offense. It is something that would have looked really bad in the press.

On one fateful day, Mr. Ackourey produced graphically disturbing photographs of Kurt's father at the scene of the crime and at autopsy. Kurt was then threatened that if he did not plead guilty, then his family would have to witness the grotesque images at the trial. Mr. Ackourey then left Kurt alone with the disturbing photos. He later returned to find Kurt crying. Kurt finally agreed to plead guilty, and he was immediately driven to the court house to enter a formal guilty plea. After having waited eighteen months, it suddenly took only minutes to get Kurt into court. That is, once he agreed that there would be no jury, and that the drug that had been provided by the sheriff's department would not be mentioned.

Despite the court having been informed that the state's doctors had been continuing to drug Kurt with two major psychogenic tranquilizers, which are usually reserved for schizophrenic patients, the guilty plea was nevertheless accepted. The court made this decision despite evidence that Prozac had dramatically altered both Kurt's thinking and behavior at the time of his crime, and despite the fact that the state itself was actually giving Kurt even more mind-altering pharmaceuticals at the time of his confession. The Court of Common Pleas, of Susquehanna County, PA., accepted Kurt's "confession" for case number 132-1996 CR. Judge Kenneth Seamans sentenced Kurt to 22.5 to 60 years inside a maximum security prison. Kurt has been incarcerated at SCI Frackville Prison in Frackville, Pennsylvania since 1996.

During his sentencing, Kurt addressed his family:

"First and most important, I never meant for this to happen. If I was in control that day, it never would have. I know that doesn't lessen the pain, or the loss, or the anger, but it's the truth. Even though I had no control, I know I did a terrible thing. Words can't begin to describe how I feel. I feel the same hate and anger you do towards myself. The pain I feel will never fade... I am truly sorry for what I have done. I hope my sentence will bring some closure to the family... and to Dad, who I know is watching; I want you to know I always loved you and I never meant to hurt you."

Kurt later received the expert opinion of Donald H. Marks, M.D., informing him that Prozac can cause violent behavior. Kurt appealed to the court with this newly discovered evidence, including additional complaints about his unlawfully coerced guilty plea, and his being under-represented by an attorney who was unable to uncover the scientific information pertaining to his case. On July 22nd, 2003, the same judge who had originally sentenced Kurt, Judge Kenneth Seamans, denied his appeal and excused this by referring to Kurt's appeal as "untimely". The potential of Kurt having been innocent was irrelevant to the judge, because in his opinion, the evidence was delivered too late. Meanwhile, Kurt waits in prison due to his lack of punctuality.

Eight years into Kurt's conviction, the F.D.A. finally admitted that S.S.R.I. anti-depressants, such as Prozac, cause psychotic suicidal episodes; particularly in adolescents and children. These drugs were never actually approved for pediatric use, and such use is termed as an "off label" use. The F.D.A. now requires that all such (S.S.R.I.) drugs carry a Black Box Warning; citing that they are to be considered dangerous for pediatric patients, due to their unpredictable psychiatric effects. A Black Box warning by the F.D.A. is the last step before an official ban is placed upon a substance, but doctors are actually prescribing S.S.R.I. drugs to young people more often in disregard of the warnings.

Since then, it has been revealed that Eli Lilly & Co. (maker of Prozac) covered up its own data from 1988, which linked Prozac to violence. No disciplinary action was taken against them. Such cover-ups by the industry are implicitly encouraged by the F.D.A., and it allows companies to conceal negative findings under the guise of "commercial trade secrets". It has obstinately argued that pharmaceutical corporations cannot be compelled to divulge the results of unflattering research, even when the lack of disclosure will result in deaths. Neither will the F.D.A. release its own so-called "proprietary" drug information, and the agency cites that it is compelled to maintain secrecy by law. There is no such law. Pharmaceutical corporations are actually allowed to cherry pick the results that they wish to be made public.

A 1988 document that Eli Lilly held secret for 10 years indicated that 3.7% of Prozac users attempted suicide, which according to C.N.N. is 12 times higher than for other medications. The same document showed that 2.3% of users suffered from psychotic depression, which is double the rate for other anti-depressive drugs. In one paper called, Activation and Sedation in Fluoxetine Clinical Trials, the company's researchers reported that Prozac produces nervousness, anxiety, agitation or insomnia in 19% of patients. These research papers were 'misplaced' for approximately ten years, and it appears that Eli Lilly went to great lengths to hide them from the public. They became public only after an anonymous source leaked them to the British Medical Journal, which subsequently published them in December of 2004. Eli Lilly now maintains that they were never missing; and moreover, that they are insignificant. Stamped across each document is the key phrase, "Fentress Confidential". Fentress is the surname of one of the victims of a Prozac-induced shooting.

Kurt Danysh filed an appeal on October 11th, 2008, citing new DNA evidence that supports the claim that Prozac played a crucial role in his father's death. Genelex Corporation, a laboratory which tests for the liver enzyme CYP2D6, positively identified Kurt as a poor metabolizer of S.S.R.I. medications, such as Prozac. Kurt's inability to properly metabolize such drugs greatly increases his risk of having poor reactions and bizarre side-effects. His liver cannot properly process these drugs, so they accumulate in his body in massive dosages over very short periods of time.

Kurt requested for Judge Kenneth Seamans to be excused from the hearing, due to him having committed glaring errors, and because Judge Seamans has shown an agenda of suppressing the issues surrounding Kurt's drug intoxication. Judge Kenneth Seamans has repeatedly refused to recuse himself from any of the proceedings.

Susquehanna County District Attorney, Jason Legg, filed an opposition to Kurt's right to even have an appeal hearing, because he likewise claimed that Kurt was too "untimely". Mr. Legg alleged that since the DNA test has existed since the year 2000, Kurt should have discovered it earlier (from his prison cell).

For the court of District Attorney Jason Legg, and Judge Kenneth Seamans, destroying someone's life is given less consideration than their more important face-saving measures of political self-service, and protecting their friends in the sheriff's department. As a result, no jury will hear about the Prozac connection to Kurt's crime. It is a repeat of what has happened in thousands of other cases.

"I would estimate that well over half of all defendant's are on some form of medication -- and I have never seen a case where such medication caused a defendant to lack the capacity to enter a guilty plea. There have been occasions when defendant's have appeared in court intoxicated, and, on those occasions, the pleas were rescheduled."

-- Jason Legg, District Attorney

Jason Legg wrote the above statement on his personal blog regarding the use of involuntary medications being used during confessions. It is concerning that defendants are encouraged to make guilty pleas while being given (forcefully at times) mind-altering drugs. It tends to make getting 'confessions' rather easy. D.A. Jason Legg is not only okay with this, but he openly boasted about it in public, without any sense of shame. Then he noted that if a prisoner appears intoxicated, then the confession is rescheduled to a time when it doesn't make the officers of the court look so bad.

The Court Documents

In official documents and letters, the prosecution's own expert stated that Kurt's criminal actions were based on drug-induced insanity, which should have provided Kurt with a concrete defense. The sheriff's department was forcing Kurt to take more of these drugs before and during his confession.

One doctor who evaluated Kurt prior to the confession made the following judgment:

"With regard to his legal dilemmas I find that Kurt Danysh is competent to proceed with his defense. He has killed his father, he has admitted and confessed to the killing of his father. Kurt is severely mentally ill. He has experienced hallucinations, delusions, distortions and illusions. He has been depressed and at least hypomanic. At the time of the crime it is not clear that he was fully conscious of his behavior. There certainly did not appear to be any clear cut motive. Nevertheless he was generally aware of what he was doing... In spite of overwhelming mental illness I do not believe that Kurt Danysh meets the specific criteria for insanity as set forth in M'Naghten. It is clear, however, that his mental illness was the causative factor in the shooting death of his father, and were it not for his mental illness that has chronically impaired his judgment, this crime would not have occurred."

-- Gary M. Glass, M.D.

Hallucinations, delusions, distortions and illusions are classic symptoms of psychiatric drug intoxication. This combination of symptoms only happens through medication or severe head trauma. It never happens organically. Such "impaired judgment" -- not being able to discern right from wrong -- is the very basis of innocence by reason of insanity.

In the documents we received from District Attorney Jason Legg, the doctor questioned whether Kurt was even fully conscious during the murder of his father. He furthermore reported that the crime was completely without malice, without intent, without motive, and without criminal guilt. Nevertheless, Kurt was charged as if he held full responsibility, and he was given the maximum sentence for third degree murder in Pennsylvania.

The Anti-Depressant Legal Defense

The "Paxil Defense" has now been established in court. It has resulted in multiple people being acquitted of criminal charges, or given reduced prison sentences, due to their lack of self-control at the time of their crimes. The "involuntary intoxication" defense has also been used multiple times for other S.S.R.I.'s, such as Wellbutrin and Zoloft.

Herein is an attempt to provide precedent-setting legal information that may help psychiatric drug victims to mount legal defenses. Below is a list of people who were either acquitted, or who received a reduction in sentence, due to the effects of the anti-depressants that they were taking. This list was originally compiled by the S.A.V.E. Project (Stop Anti-depressant Violence from Escalating), but it was not actually placed online.

Cases Resulting In Acquittal

2000: State v. DeAngelo, CR 97 018766S (Milford, CT)

Christopher DeAngelo was acquitted of first-degree robbery, due to anti-depressant (Prozac) intoxication.

COUNSEL: John Williams, Esq. (New Haven, CT)

2000: Louisiana v. Pinckard, No. 2000 CR 286 (35th Judicial District)

Paula Pinckard was found innocent of murdering her 11-year-old daughter by reason of insanity. Her doctors testified that the Prozac she was taking before the shooting caused her behavior, for it acted as a catalyst upon her bipolar condition.

COUNSEL: George L. Higgins (Pineville, LA)

2000: Washington v. Curry, No. 99-1-02073 (Spokane County)

Sharon L. Curry was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the stabbing death of her 8-year-old daughter. The Sanity Commission found that the murder was the result of a drug-induced psychosis, and the court found that the drugs (Paxil and Adderall) were involuntary; since they were prescribed.

COUNSEL: CeCe Glenn (Spokane, WA)

2002: Arizona v. Jodi Lisa Henry, CR 2000-017302 (Maricopa County)

Jodi Lisa Henry was acquitted of trying to murder her two daughters, because she was insane and suffering from delirium, which were caused by her involuntary intoxication from the non-abuse of prescribed drugs (anti-depressants).

COUNSEL: Bernardo M. Garcia (Phoenix, AZ)

2004: California v. Meyers, No. F05187 (Santa Cruz County)

Andrew Meyers was acquitted of attempted murder due to anti-depressant (Zoloft) intoxication.

COUNSEL: Kristen Carter, Public defender (Santa Cruz, CA)

2005: Florida v. Larry J. Smith, No. 2003 CF 016229 NC (Sarasota County)

Larry J. Smith was acquitted of attempted murder by reason of insanity. He was found to have been insane at the time of the crime, because he was involuntarily intoxicated by a prescribed anti-depressant, which caused his violent psychosis.

COUNSEL: Jerry Meisner, Asst. Public Defender (Sarasota, FL)

2006: Washington v. Attwood, No. 05-1-1891-1 (Thurston County)

Eric Attwood, who was charged with attempting to kill his wife, was found legally insane at the time of the offense, because of his psychotic reaction to Wellbutrin.

2008: State v. Witlin, No. CR-07-0159548-T (Stamford, CT)

Eric Witlin was acquitted of attempted murder, assault, burglary, and risk of injury to a child. Two psychiatrists, including one hired by the prosecution, testified that Witlin suffered a psychotic episode, which was brought forth by Prozac and Adderall.

COUNSEL: Wayne R. Keeney (Stamford, CT)

2009: Kansas v. Housworth (Reno County)

Andrew Housworth was acquitted of five counts of battery against correctional officers, and two counts of aggravated battery of a corrections officer and a fellow inmate, because Prozac "caused his aggressive behavior".

COUNSEL: Alice Osburn (Hutchinson, KS)

Cases Resulting In Reduced Sentences

2001: South Carolina v. Brooke Jewell, No. 37608 (Charleston County)

Jewell, with no history of violence, committed and pleaded guilty to charges of rape. The judge concluded that Paxil did contribute to the man's crime. Instead of sentencing Jewell to two life sentences, the judge imposed a reduced 21 year sentence.

COUNSEL: Andrew Savage (Charleston, SC)

2001: Regina v. Hawkins, No. [2001] NSWSC 420 (New South Wales, Australia)

David Hawkins strangled to death his wife of nearly 50 years. Hawkins pleaded guilty to manslaughter on grounds of diminished capacity. The judge held that, "but for the Zoloft which he took... the prisoner would not have committed the crime". He imposed a reduced sentence of 3 years.

COUNSEL: Ian Barker (New South Wales, Australia)

2001: Virginia v. John Lowe, No.11-447 & 00-449 (Washington County)

John Lowe shot his estranged wife and a deputy sheriff. A jury sentenced him to 54 years. The judge, relying upon testimony concerning the effects of prescription drugs (Prozac, Remeron, and BuSPAR) upon the defendant's mental condition, reduced the sentence to 19 years.

2002: Washington v. Corey F. Baadsgaard, No. 01-1-00208-5 (Grant County)

16-year-old Corey Baadsgaard took a rifle to his high school and held 23 classmates hostage. Despite being convicted as an adult, of kidnapping and assault, the court found that Effexor and Paxil caused "prescription drug side effects" justifying the mitigated sentence of time served (508 days) and 5 years of community custody.

COUNSEL: Tom W. Middleton (Ephreta, WA)

2004: Utah v. Leonard Preston Gall, No. 011919226 (Salt Lake County)

Leonard Gall had just begun taking a cocktail of Paxil and Zyprexa, when he killed his mother with an axe. He was found "Guilty-Mentally Ill" of manslaughter and theft. He received a sentence of 1 to 15 years.

COUNSEL: Stephen R. McCaughey (Salt Lake City, UT)

2006: U.S.A. v. Patrick Henry Stewart, No. 8:06-CR-257-T-30MSS (Florida)

Patrick Stewart was charged and convicted of embezzling $1.8 million. Defense Counsel requested, and was granted a sentence reduction that was based on the "Paxil Defense". Mr. Stewart received a sentence of 12 months of home confinement.

COUNSEL: Kevin Darken; Cohen, Jayson, and Farber (Tampa, FL)

2007: Texas v. Robert Crerar, No. 12521 (Bastrop County)

Robert Crerar, who killed his wife while suffering a violent reaction to Cymbalta, was sentenced to 10 years of probation for his role in the death.

COUNSEL: Art Keinarth and Robert Jenkins (Smithville and Bastrop, TX)

2010: South Carolina v. Christopher Pittman, No. 26339 (Chester County)

12-year-old Christopher Pittman used a shotgun to kill his grandparents. At trial, Pittman attributed his actions to Zoloft, but was found guilty of murder. That conviction was overturned on appeal. As part of a plea deal, Pittman was permitted to plead guilty to the lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter.

2011: Nevada v. Mary Baymiller, No. CR10-0267 (Washoe County)

72-year-old Mary Baymiller stabbed her husband, over 200 times, to death. The court found that Mary's "conduct was directly and proximately caused by the combination of mood altering medications [Paxil, Ativan and Ambien] which she was prescribed" and imposed a sentence of 5 years of probation.

The Big Psychiatric Picture

The psychiatric industry is perpetuating a fallacy of Eastern religions which corrupted Alcoholics Anonymous. This is namely that rationality combined with a lack of emotions is essential for personal success and growth. It has been modernized in the creed that logic and science shall save us from ourselves, because the underlying belief is that our real illness is our humanity. So at its heart, it is downgrading instead of uplifting. Under the guise of what is widely regarded as "Emotional Intelligence", psychiatry is encouraging people to develop sociopathic traits, to restrain their emotions, and to only exhibit emotions when they are useful for the exploitation of others. It is the warped Machiavellian philosophy of most practicing psychiatrists; most of whom have god complexes, so it is self-evident to them that these socially destructive traits must therefore be good and healthy. After all, their "god" (themselves) feels this is an appropriate way to "manage" others. No longer is psychotherapy about healing through self-understanding and transferent methodologies that are meant to foster empathy amongst all parties, but it has become the psychology of conditioned responses and domination.

These psychiatric 'principles' were codified in the book Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Coleman, and they were whole-heartedly adopted by the psychiatric community as scientific facts. As a result, new therapies are intended to alter people's personalities, so that patients learn to hide or fake their emotions as deemed appropriate for bending their environments. Emotions become a tool for exploiting others; instead of being bonding factors of personal relatedness and interpersonal warmth. This industry-embraced amorality has been defined as being "adjusted" (healthy) by modern psychiatry, but its replacement of real morality with a self-serving philosophy of deception does not breed functional members for any healthy society. It does the opposite, and the subsequent broken society breeds depression and mental illnesses in a self-perpetuating cycle of evil. These psychiatric policies project a reflection of the psychiatrists' own power drives that are closely linked to their own god complexes. It is always the other people who have "the problem", for not being more like them in controlling others through the careful management of their own emotional responses. Inwardly, they believe that life would be better for the patients if only patients learned to dominate others likewise, and to toy with other people's emotions as necessary for the desired goals. The doctors usually convince themselves that this is the superior method for dealing with life's problems. It must be superior, due to the fact that it is used by superior people, such as themselves. With great irony, this degree of narcissism and delusion makes the doctors classic examples of mental illness.

Whenever men have railed for truly uplifting ideals and freedoms throughout history, they have always been wrought with passion. We have no heroes or role models from history who were mediocre or sociopathic. Such people never inspire us, and they are themselves the uninspired. They may successfully manipulate us at times, but this is not the same as leadership, nor does it denote worthy character traits. The health of a society and the health of its individuals suffer equally from enslavement, and manipulative personalities were considered mentally ill in better times. By the old standards, almost every practicing psychiatrist would be considered severely mentally ill and maladjusted. Their reasoning skills are impaired by their illness. For example, their religious adherence to the teachings of emotional intelligence has them confusing "success" with "health", in believing that these are the same; but the two are mutually exclusive whenever a given power structure is itself dysfunctional.

It is emotional bonds that unite us, which are essential for building free societies that have yielded our inventors, artists and revolutionaries. To care about the freedoms and rights of others requires conscience and passion. Our feelings were never the enemy. Passion is our only hope. The trouble-makers whom psychiatrists seek to drug into compliance are our society's only hope. As society becomes increasingly reason-based at the whims of psychiatry, socialism creeps upon us, as it always has in societies that morally decayed into sociopathology. In the end, the agenda is to destroy our spirit, so that we no longer seek the great ideas, such as our hard-wired programming to seek who is God and peaceably live by his natural laws. These yearnings were the basis of America's founding, and every great nation that has ever appeared on Earth. No decent, moral society has ever thrived being sociopathic, amoral, or while having its spirit destroyed. The countries that have prospered most were those guided by passionate and rebellious trouble-makers. They were blessed because their societies were not crushed by the secular humanistic drive to destroy all that makes humanity great, and they were the great exceptions to history. We should consider what we are sacrificing when we trade away our emotions and individuality, in order to become a compliant workforce; because this is the hallmark of a communistic society. For a century, people world-wide have died trying to escape the slavery that is befalling us, to reach our blessed Western nations. Through the sorcery of modern drugging and the institutional promotion of evil, those blessings are disappearing.

Being a functional, healthy and moral individual frequently means being unsuccessful, due to the efforts of those with lesser degrees of ethics. Nevertheless, greatness is having the character to do what is best for the long-term good, regardless of the consequences; instead of taking the easy path that provides quick satisfaction and less personal risk. According to the philosophy of emotional intelligence, a willingness to embrace necessary failures is not to be honored as a mark of character; but of stupidity. Under this banner, the psychiatric community is not fighting disease, illness, or social ills anymore. Their enemy, behind all of their psychological games, is God, our Christian code of morality, and our esteemed Western civilizations. This evil brood has begun its unholy crusade by first targeting our children, our elderly, our military, and we the people are next. There is much more at stake than people realize, as drugging us into compliance becomes even more normal.