Thomas CorriherUnlike most of our articles, this one is expected to be updated regularly.  Let me tell you something about web sites which applies particularly to sites specializing in health information, and allow me to preface this with a few notes about the topics of 'astroturfing' and 'sock puppets'.  Let's start with the more familiar phrase, namely, sock puppets.  We all know the literal meaning of sock puppets, I'm sure.  As kids, most of us glued fake eyes, and perhaps a mouth, onto a sock for a cheap, homemade puppet.  A somewhat different type of sock puppet exists on the Internet.  It is a phrase used to describe professional marketers and web company employees who deceitfully impersonate random or anonymous 3rd parties in various comment and forum posts.  They call it marketing, but we call it deceitful manipulation.  Sometimes this behavior is called astroturf because it is intended to create a false appearance of grass roots support, or feign public disfavor toward something.  It is used to market or to discredit; but either way, it is patently immoral and despicable.  It's also quite normal.  We see it all the time.  We have spent enough time researching Internet abuse, and reading from other sites to know that it is a pandemic.  Apparently, a large portion of the Internet population, including the owners of some of the most prestigious sites believe that open deception is tolerable on the Internet, and that they need not worry about accountability.  It's beyond sad.

It bolsters our opposition, who generally prefer their corporate controlled media, as is frequently demonstrated in mocking statements such as, "you must have read that on the Internet".  We've all heard it, and unfortunately it is actually a valid point.  It is so hard to find credibility, and it is why we work so hard at getting everything correct, and why we work so feverishly to back ourselves up with multiple, credible, 3rd party sources before we ever begin typing an article.  Correctness is also an issue for us because we subscribe to the motto of "first do no harm", even though few others seem to.

While they try to conceal it, most other sites (particularly competing ones) have a virtual army of sock puppets.  Don't get me wrong: some of them are real people.  Most aren't.  Most people won't post unless you write something that gets them terribly angry, and then you can't shut them up.  Sad?  Funny?  I guess it depends on your perspective, but it is definitely true.  Most people nowadays are (and how can I say this nicely) cowards.  It is the way it goes, and it is one of the reasons why we don't get more comments.  We could have plenty of comments like some of the other sites if we started stacking the deck with sock puppets.  Sure, we could whip up a virtual army of clones, and give ourselves favorable comments that would draw more people in.  We don't go there, as many of our peers do.

The very core principle behind everything we do is the truth.  We do not understand how some of our contemporaries can call themselves journalists and writers.  How can they do it?  How do they look at themselves in the mirror?  We are human, and will therefore make mistakes from time to time, but the one thing you can count on from us is that we not lie to you.  Deceit is not a part of our marketing strategy, and it will never be.

You'll notice another thing about us too.  We're Christian, and I'm not talking about the more common hypocritical kind.  We mean what we say, and we say what we mean.  Our faith plays a large role in that whole truth thing, and it explains why we are so different.  You'll notice the other leaders in our movement are slowly being dragged down by what we call the "bless'ed bees".  We have written about the satanic religions before, and how they have infiltrated traditional medicine; hiding under the thinly veiled disguise of earth and nature worship.  There is nothing harmless about them, or their supposedly harmless "white" magic.  Their "pagan" pretense is all about seducing people into their covens, and leading us down a much darker path.  Beware of these people, or mark these words: you'll regret it someday.  Take for example, one of our leaders eats raw bloody meat -- like an animal -- and preaches it to others now.  Another leader has fled this great country to live like a tribal person in some God-forsaken, 3rd world country -- to commune with mother ("The goddess") nature, and has surrounded himself with God-less imbeciles who are methodologically destroying his reputation.  It's been a long fall for them since the time when they were Christians, and neither one of them knows that their new set of "friends" laughs at them in private.  Anyway, let's move on.  Either you're already with the good guys, or you're serving the other side (even by doing nothing), so further preaching would be in vain.

As I noted earlier, we spend enormous amounts of time verifying everything that we write, and making ourselves a credible source of life-saving information.  We do not take any of it lightly.  We don't want to hurt any of you, anymore than we would want to lie to you.  These things would be clearly wrong.  Despite all of this, we still get attack messages sometimes from people who do not agree with what we are doing.  Perhaps it is a good sign that some would want to persecute us, or drag us down.  Don't get me wrong, because most of our messages are positive.  The negative ones are from people with... let's just say... lower standards.  Some of them are clearly astroturf.  We certainly get plenty from the iodine drinkers and the MMS sales people.  Like the "bless'ed bees", they hate us with a passion.  We consider their hatred to be a good sign about what we are doing.  It actually inspires us to keep going, and hints that we are indeed saving people from them.  Some of the random negative messages are just plain stupid to the point of being amusing.  Some of our attackers come here, and then write to us to "explain" the topics that we spent weeks researching.  They come to "educate" us.  Their source of information (whenever they actually have a source) is usually the manufacturer of a health fraud that we have already exposed.  I'm serious people.  It's incredible.  From time to time, one of us is tempted to match wits with one of them, but then realize that it is not fair to fight unarmed opponents.

For your reading amusement, some of the recent nuggets are cited below.  You may notice that in addition to being experts, the people schooling us are also literary geniuses.  I feel certain that we'll be adding more entries in time.

Subject: are you misleading us?

Message: i called the vitamin company that uses the usp on its labels. they said their products are from natural sources and that usp is just a tested standard.!!!!  infact, they stated that the b 12 from cyanocobalamin is the natural form and that the other form that you mention with an m is more readily absorbed by the body but, that the one that starts with an m is synthetic because it has to be altered chemically. so you are saying the opposite of what he says and to me it made sense so if something is altered so that we can absorb it better, does it really make it synthetic and bad for us instead of better for us?

Subject: Bull S**t

Message: The photo of the child up there is photoshopped. People aren't that stupid.  Seriously if you make up crap don't make it that obvious...


Subject: iodine info

Message: There are two types of iodine needed by various organs in our bodies.  Some organs require both, and others utilize one or the other.  Iodine and iodide are the two forms needed to provide sufficient iodine supplementation throughout glandular organs. Dr. Brownstein recommends Lugol's iodine or ladoral as a supplement that contains both forms, and has been used safely for 200 years.

Your thyroid gland needs selenium to sufficiently utilize iodine.  Selenium is available as a supplement, but two to three Brazil nuts a day can provide all the selenium you need.  Avoid these iodine killers: fluoride, bromine, and chlorine derivatives.  That means avoiding fluoridated and chlorinated water as well as most popular soft drinks and refined flour products, which contain bromide.!


Subject: Sea vegetables

Message: Sea vegetables could be one option to suggest to eat instead nof kelp or seaweed or if organic can't be found.  Hiziki, arame etc. Grows on land.  The Macrobiotic diet is pretty credentialed in healing illnesses as well, especially cancer. Not sure if you talk about it in any sections of your site.  I am a bit worried you just state apply iodine transdermally?  Why do that?  For what reason?  in relation to celiac.. And is this info from reading Elaine G's book?  Lots out there are very gullible and could end up sicker or in trouble with some of your recommendations. Or doing the iodine one.  Baking soda as well. I can't recall all right now. but I have read tons over 14 years due to having an illness. I read mainly alternative and natural health. And found out baking soda is not wise to ingest. It can destroy something natural in our system. A bit likely won't hurt but daily not good. ( not talking about bacteria) I like natural things and remedies but they are not all good for us. Some can wreck electrolytes or bacterial balance. Baking soda as well is not good if one is on thyroid medication. Many people that have certain illnesses often get hypothyroidism and have to go on medication.  Even if they figured out a way to get off it, its difficult cause the body is dependent. So given that. They have to be careful with salt, including baking soda.  I know this as I have hypothyroidism on medication, did my research. If one is on Thyroid medication for Thyroid disease.  Already or has been for years.. you can't just go out and use iodine.

Hope this makes sense.. Sorry its late as I type this so I am tired.  Keep up the good work.

Subject: Chlorine Dioxide is not the same as Chlorine

Message: Dear author, please read up on chlorine dioxide ["The MIracle Mineral Supplement"] (ClO2) and chlorine. The two are vastly different. You have not discussed the effect of chlorine dioxide at concentrations recommended by Humble. Chlorine, of course, is toxic - no one needs to be told that!  Some knowledge of  chemistry is required before attempting to write on such topics.

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