Progress Update: Production of this movie is a year behind schedule. We had to suspend all work on the movie during the year 2012 because of our other duties. Due to recent massacres, we are getting large numbers of requests for this movie, and we have resumed work on it.

About The Film

'Prescription For Manslaughter' will uncover shocking facts about modern anti-depressant drugs that are typically censored by the mainstream media. Namely that these drugs cause some people to enter into a dreamy ("zombie") state, which was originally recognized by the medical establishment as 'akathisia'. The term 'akathisia' has been redefined by the psychiatric establishment for liability reasons -- to suppress lawsuits after drug-related killings. Akathisia causes its victims to become homicidal at extremely high rates. Pharmaceutical companies have concealed their own studies dating back to 1988 on this topic, so they have known about these risks for decades.

Amongst a well-documented carnage of suicides and drug-induced homicides, there are hundreds of patients who have been unjustly imprisoned for actions that they could not control. The film reports actual cases wherein it was clearly determined by experts that a person was acting against his own will whilst killing, and yet was prosecuted for murder nonetheless. Prosecutors justified the prosecutions of these people with the fact that the killers did not technically meet all of the criteria for an intoxication or an insanity defense; simply because the drug intoxications came from legal drug usage. Unlike criminals who kill after using illegal drugs, these people became killers for doing everything that they were told to do. It could happen to any of us – just for following a doctor's orders.

Every school massacre in the U.S. has been committed by people who were taking or undergoing withdrawal from doctor-prescribed S.S.R.I. drugs. Yet not a single mainstream news agency has ever reported this fact. The cover-up goes quite deep as the film will expose.

We have also discovered that people of a certain genetic line are lacking an enzyme necessary for metabolizing S.S.R.I. anti-depressants. This unfortunate group of people have a severely impaired ability to excrete these drugs from their blood. The drugs quickly reach elevated levels in the blood of such people to reach amplifications of 15 to 20 times normal dosages in as little as a week. Preliminary research into this topic indicates that it is members of this group who are the most likely to have psychotic reactions.

This movie is especially important for children, who are frequently given these drugs without F.D.A. approval, and against official F.D.A. recommendations that these drugs specifically not be given to children. Children who demonstrate leadership and creativity (the ability to think independently) are the most likely to be drugged, which is part of the plan by the New World Order to keep such children dumbed-down, passive, and obedient. This is why a main ingredient of these drugs is fluoride. The policies are inline with John Dewey, the father of modern education, who once said, "You can't make socialists out of individualists. Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society [communism] which is coming, where everyone is interdependent."

This documentary will help to ensure that those who take S.S.R.I. drugs are, for the first time, truly given informed consent of what these drugs really do, and how they do it. It will also provide a method through which those who have been unjustly imprisoned might get a second chance at justice and a normal life.

Sponsor Rewards Program

$5 Our thanks, and a thank you on our movie release page. $5 sponsorship and rewards.
$25 An official copy of the DVD when it's finished, and a thank you on our movie relase page. Sponsorships from outside of the United States require an additional $10 to receive the DVD. $25 sponsorship and rewards.
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$1,000 All rewards listed above* for all sponsorship categories, plus a 20" x 30" movie poster, and a 'Prescription For Manslaughter Productions Dept.' cloth baseball cap, in your choice of color. *One of each reward item. $1,000 sponsorship and rewards.

Why We Need Funding

The fact that we have been able to produce over half of this movie while in debt, is nothing short of a miracle. Alas, there are things that we need to continue our work. We need a professional video camera, money for interviews, travel expenses, licenses for copyrighted media, and eventually we'll need funds to promote the movie. There are incredibly few film projects that will allow you to save lives, particularly the lives of children, but ours will.

Sponsor Rewards

Rewards should arrive within a month of the film's release date. Most of the film's sponsors will use PayPal, because it is probably the most secure online transaction source, and their policies are designed to protect both you and us. If you are not comfortable sponsoring 'Prescription For Manslaughter' through PayPal, then please contact us.

Remaining Anonymous or Refusing Rewards

Some people simply wish to help without something in return. You are entitled to refuse any reward that you do not wish to get, and this includes not having your name reported at our website or anywhere else. We realize that many people like anonymity, and anyone's desire for privacy will be absolutely respected. Furthermore, let it be known that we do not share information with any outside parties, and we have no tolerance for spam.


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