Byte Back Itch Remover

Byte Back Itch Remover
Byte Back Itch Remover Byte Back Itch Remover
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Using therapeutic oils extracted from chamomile flower blooms, this roll-on tincture immediately stops the itching and burning of most insect bites. It is especially fast and effective in neutralizing mosquito bites. This is not like the products that are found at retail locations, because of its natural ingredients, and the fact that it actually works. A bottle should last most people throughout the warm months. It is ideal for Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, gardeners, and anyone else who spends a great amount of time outdoors. It is in convenient glass bottles, with a roll-on applicator.

Our Ingredients:

  • Distilled water
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Witch hazel
  • Chamomile extract

Having tried the products at pharmacies to no avail, our research began. Prior to Byte Back, one of our staff member's (Sarah's) bite reactions were so bad that she was nervous when giving youth lectures on the topic of abuse for the local domestic violence department. ´┐╝Eventually, we created a tincture that extracted chamomile oils with alcohol. The combination seemed miraculous. The golf ball-sized welts dissipated into small, normal-sized red circles in a matter of minutes after application, and soon disappeared completely. When others were bitten who had much more tolerance to these bites, the solution caused their bites to completely vanish within 1-2 hours, but the itching stopped almost immediately.

Chamomile blossoms have strong, natural, anti-histamine properties, and alcohol helps to extract the oils that are responsible for this. The alcohol also dissolves the oils already on the skin, helping it to quickly penetrate. Nobody really understands how chamomile works, but its effect cannot be replicated with modern chemistry. For the greatest efficacy, the blended chamomile must soak in an alcohol solution for several weeks, so it is ideal to keep prepared in advance, particularly during the warm months. Over the years, we have found this solution to be helpful on numerous occasions for bites and allergic reactions of the skin. Chamomile is a relative of ragweed and should be used with caution in those who suffer from ragweed allergies. If any allergic symptoms occur, then discontinue use.

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