Why You Should Choose The Health Wyze Antiperspirant

We are honest about what our antiperspirant product contains, and we are honest about how it works. As you read more, you will come to realize how rare this is. Our antiperspirant is as natural as any effective antiperspirant could be. The vast majority of the products that are currently available are dangerous chemical cocktails, despite the frequently dishonest product claims. The phrase "natural" has been intentionally left unregulated, so products containing chemicals may be falsely labeled as being natural. The same happens with dishonest food labeling. Our product is the world's only safe antiperspirant.

Why Other Antiperspirants Should Be Avoided

There is an array of terrible ingredients that are present in most hygiene products. The worst ingredient plaguing most antiperspirants is aluminum. We have reported the dangers of aluminum in our main articles and audio shows, for it is so damaging to the health that even aluminum cookware should be avoided. It has been repeatedly verified as a cause of breast cancer, Alzheimer's disease, brittle bones, autism, infertility, and permanent damage to the central nervous system. Furthermore, aluminum mimics estrogen to imbalance the hormones; leading to hypothyroidism, endometriosis, decreased fertility, and virtually every ailment that targets women. Underarm products are one of the greatest causes of breast cancer, due to the fact that aluminum is absorbed almost directly into the lymph nodes from the armpits. Potassium aluminum sulfate makes up 25% of some products, and it cannot be excreted from the body without intervention. It accumulates within the body in ever-increasing amounts throughout a person's lifetime, so that the aluminum becomes substantially more disease inflicting with increased age. This includes cognitive dysfunction.

Aluminum kills the bacteria that is responsible for foul odors, so it is used specifically because of its toxicity, not in spite of it. It has never been necessary. A non-toxic (to humans) option could easily be used in place of aluminum, such as silver or copper. Our antiperspirant utilizes copper. It provides some benefits to health, and it is actually a trace nutrient. Such safer alternatives have always existed for manufacturers.

Another reason for the industry's use of aluminum is because its molecules sink into the skin to create such toxicity that the sweat glands can no longer function. It is unknown exactly how it happens, and perhaps this outlines the problem further. Various hypotheses exist to explain aluminum's ability to stop sweat production, and many of them are ridiculous. Copper will more-or-less yield the same result, in a completely non-harmful manner. We believe that it is due to the electrical properties of copper.

The makers of the toxic antiperspirants have attempted to justify their behavior by claiming that the particles of aluminum in potassium alum are so large that they cannot be absorbed into the body. Yet the particles of aluminum in potassium alum are typically so microscopic that they produce a completely transparent solution when mixed into clear fluids. The particles are so small that they cannot even produce a color change with all but the most complete saturation, which actually proves that they are small enough to have deep penetration. In fact, the science shows that aluminum only works to stop perspiration when it sinks deeply into the cells. It means that those "natural" antiperspirants could do nothing if they did not contain truly toxic aluminum that is absorbed deeply into the body. Therefore, we are being poisoned on a daily basis by companies that know the truth.

Most antiperspirants contain parabens. These are plasticizing chemicals that cause hormonal disruptions. Parabens are never clearly labeled. Synthetic fragrances are also common additives. Such 'fragrances' are largely unregulated chemicals, and they are used instead of their natural equivalents (essential oils) because they are cheaper. They are well known for aggravating inflammatory lung conditions, such as asthma; though the effects of transdermal absorption remain unstudied. The chemicals in deodorants and antiperspirants sink through the armpits, accumulating in the breast tissues and lymphatic system, making cancers significantly more likely, while impairing the overall immune system.

A Typical "Natural" Antiperspirant from Tom's of Maine

Ingredients: Aluminum Chlorohydrate, Palm Kernel Oil, Natural Fragrance, Stearyl Alcohol, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Talc, Dicaprylyl Ether, Olive Leaf Extract, Maltodextrin

Aluminum is the main ingredient. It is followed by hydrogenated oils. These carcinogenic oils are infamously known as trans fats. Talc is a carcinogen, even when applied topically. It is for this reason that "talcum powder", which was once used on infants, has been banned in children's products for over a decade. The soybean oil almost certainly originates from genetically engineered soy, and it contains phytoestrogens, which attack female hormones to cause a variety of diseases in women. Phytoestrogens also cause men to develop "man boobs". The inclusion of olive leaf extract appears to be little more than a marketing ploy to hook the health conscious, because it is ineffective at reducing bacteria, odors, or perspiration. For the sake of brevity, we shall not analyze each ingredient, but the formulation very far from natural.

A More Typical Antiperspirant from Degree

Ingredients: Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex, Cyclopentasiloxane, PPG-14 Butyl Ether, Stearyl Alcohol, Hydrogenated Caster Oil, Peg-8 Distearate, Talc, Fragrance, BHT, Zea Mays (Corn) Starch.

Observant readers will notice that there is a surprising amount of similarity between the alleged 'natural' product, and the one that does not have such claims. In addition to having the more toxic ingredients from Tom's of Maine Antiperspirant, the Degree product also contains cyclopentasiloxane, an industrial solvent, and Peg-8 Distearate, which is a petroleum-based carcinogen. The cyclopentasiloxane is actually meant to help the aluminum penetrate deeper into the body.

The Industry's Lies

Other companies lie about their ingredients. The most common lie is when antiperspirant companies state that their products are aluminum-free, or they imply such by stating that the given products are "aluminum chlorohydrate-free", when aluminum clearly exists in their ingredient lists. They sometimes take advantage of their customers' lack of chemistry knowledge by deceptively hiding aluminum with terms like potassium alum, mineral salts, volcanic minerals, and alum. Companies also lie by claiming that their products are natural, when in fact, their products contain harmful chemicals that are never seen in the natural world. Brands which are actually aluminum-free usually contain other questionable ingredients, such as propylene glycol. Some of the companies are so flagrantly shameless that they have actually featured the Komen Foundation's pink ribbon on their aluminum containing, breast cancer-causing products, and one of those companies (Naturally Fresh) made threats against our organization concerning our reporting of their shenanigans.

Our Ingredients

  • Colloidal copper / copper hydroxide
  • Astragalus
  • Witch hazel
  • Rubbing alcohol (isopropyl)
  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
  • Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
  • Xanthan gum
  • Chalk (calcium carbonate)
  • Lemon essential oil

As always, we proudly showcase our ingredients. There is no fine print for our products, nor do we hide chemicals under generic names like "fragrance". The Health Wyze Antiperspirant is as safe and natural as we could possibly make an effective antiperspirant. The type of plastic used for the container is HDPE (#2). This is the safest plastic known. It is not known to leach chemicals, and this type of plastic is so non-reactive that it is used for storing chemicals that normally cannot be stored inside plastics. It may look and feel like any other plastic, but it is chemically more like glass.

The Naturalness of Our Product and Its Labeling

We confess that we are now uncertain if we would still use the phrase "All Natural" on our labels if we had to print them again. Most companies would have no qualms about using such labeling in regard to our set of ingredients, but it really is open for debate as to whether the isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol should be considered natural, for it was chemically synthesized. We would choose the better and safer ethyl alcohol (e.g. vodka) if we were legally allowed to. Regardless, the labels must remain exactly as they are for some time, because the bottom line is that the labels would be expensive for our small, not-for-profit organization to reprint. We believe that we have exerted more of a good faith effort to do everything right than anyone else has, and we believe that we succeeded in creating the safest antiperspirant that has ever been made. The big picture is that it is the closest thing in existence to a completely natural antiperspirant that is actually effective. We spent time finding the most trustworthy suppliers for our ingredients and did it well. All of the ingredients come from the U.S.A., as best as we could determine, with the exception of astragalus, which only grows in its native country of China. It, like the other ingredients, seems to be absolutely pure. We shall probably tweak our labeling in the future to remove ambiguities.

How It Works

Astragalus and witch hazel are astringents, which means that they cause the pores to contract, and thereby reduce sweating. We discovered the little-known benefits of astragalus while researching natural treatments for staph infections. Upon examining Traditional Chinese Medicine, we learned of astragalus' benefits to the lymphatic system, and its use as an astringent. In other words, it does the opposite of aluminum -- strengthening the lymph nodes instead of crippling them. Alcohol initially kills the odor-causing bacteria, it helps the antiperspirant to penetrate through the oils of the skin, and it helps to preserve the antiperspirant itself. Chalk is added because it is somewhat drying, so it helps with the antiperspirant action in a similar, but safer manner than talc. Xanthan gum is added to thicken the liquid, so that it does not leak from the roll-on container. Lemon essential oil (made from cold-pressed lemon peels) is added to provide a fresh, clean scent. The colloidal copper works similar to the manner in which aluminum works in traditional antiperspirants. However, unlike aluminum, the copper is non-toxic. We have always used colloidal copper for our lotion product, because it is anti-microbial, and because it has profound benefits to the skin. It thusly seemed to be a perfect ingredient for the antiperspirant.

How Well It Works

We believe that the sweat reduction obtained from our product works about as well as mainstream commercial products, and its combined deodorant-like properties make it very effective at preventing odor. Too often, using safe products means making sacrifices. Our antiperspirant proves that it is not always necessary. Unlike competing products, it does not leave behind an oily or waxy residue. Many people will not realize that it is working for several days, because then they will finally realize that they had not noticed anything. It virtually disappears and does the job. Although, there may be a slight lemony scent that is noticed from time to time. The scent is like lemon-flavored Starburst candy. Of course, results may vary.

Common Questions and Answers

How do I use it?

The Health Wyze Antiperspirant is very easy to use, and it comes in a convenient roll-on container. Simply use it as you would use any other antiperspirant. We recommend shaking the product vigorously just before use, to cause it to become thinner. It should then stay thin for a couple of minutes.

Why did it make beige spots on my white shirt?

  1. The most obvious cause is having used too much. People tend to assume that they will need more of this product, because it is made with natural ingredients. They assume that it will be much less potent than what they are accustomed to using. In actuality, most people need to only use a small amount. Using less, and allowing it to dry before fully dressing, will greatly decrease the likelihood of it getting on clothing. The beige color comes from the astragalus extract, and it does not stain.
  2. This product may act as a chelation agent for some individuals. Its chelation property was an intentional part of the product's design. For those unfamiliar with the term, a chelation agent is something that removes toxic materials from the body without being toxic itself. We believe that some of the smaller ionic particles of copper will penetrate deep into the lymph nodes, where they will combine with aluminum, to form a less toxic compound. Then the astragalus in the product has a double action wherein it encourages the lymph nodes to flush out foreign materials. What all of this means is that some individuals will notice a toxic residue that was flushed from their bodies by our product. At least, that will be the case for some if the antiperspirant works as it was designed to. We believe that the product has this property, and that makes it the most health-wise antiperspirant available.

Is this product really as good as the chemical antiperspirants?

This is absolutely the safest antiperspirant product available, and this was our primary consideration during the formulation of it. Other antiperspirant products cannot compete with this product purely on the grounds of safety. It simply outclasses everything else on the market. However, individuals will have varying results of effectiveness. The quick answer is that it will be as effective as competing products for most people, most of the time. There are some exceptions when this product is less effective. There are usually external factors involved whenever this happens. An example of this would be a person using this product in a hot and humid environment, wherein the person was sweating heavily while applying it. This could cause the antiperspirant to be washed from the body before it has an opportunity to sink in, as a consequence of it being totally water-based. This product can be extremely effective, but it must be given time to sink in. Sometimes customers believe that it doesn't work when they use too much of it. Again, since this product is water-based, it is easy for a customer to use so much that it cannot be absorbed, and then to assume that the product itself is sweat. Sometimes people feel that they need to use a lot, because they believe that any truly natural product would have to be less effective, but the over-application of it is actually counterproductive. It is important to remember that this product is intended to reduce sweat and body odor, but creating a formulation that would entirely eliminate sweat would be dangerous. The environment and a person's overall sweatiness determines how often the product will need to be reapplied for effectiveness. Some people need it once a day, and other people need it twice.

Wilson's Disease

Do not use this product if you have Wilson's disease


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