Rewards Program

The Health Wyze Rewards Program rewards loyal customers with something that everyone likes: free stuff! Every customer receives a certain number of points during a purchase, if he is logged-in. These points accumulate across purchases, and they can be redeemed to get free products. Points may be redeemed within the shopping cart, and redemption is also available during checkout. You're welcome!

Product Points Earned
Points Needed
to Acquire
Defy Your Doctor and Be Healed (book) 500 3700
Health Wyze Colloidal Copper Lotion 850 4250
Health Wyze Antiperspirant 500 2500
H.W. Chocomeal Facial 500 2500
Health Wyze Dental Cleanser 500 2500
Byte Back Itch Remover 200 1250
H.W. Brew 600 3000
H.W. Brew Sample 50 1000
Tote Bag - 5000
Apparel - 6000
Leaving a Product Review 300 -

Notes and Exclusions


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