Privacy Policy

We treat your security with the same carefulness as we do for our own, because your security is our security. The staff of Health Wyze Media pledges not to collect unnecessary information about you, and we shall never share your information with any outside parties, except as is necessary for payment processing. We shall not misuse your information, nor send e-mail to you unless we actually have a very good reason. In other words, we shall treat you in the manner in which we would wish to be treated.

Encryption is used to protect the security and privacy of store visitors. Our system attempts to exclusively communicate with your Internet browser using a 256-bit encrypted channel, for maximum security. If your software is not capable of this, then 128-bit encryption is used instead. Even with the weaker security option (128 bits), it is still safer to use a credit card here than at a retail location, due to the way that it is verified, and the fact that none of the card's information will be seen by any human being.

We do not store credit card or banking information in our systems. In cases wherein customers opt for the system to remember their credit card information; that information is actually stored off-site by our payment processor. When customers use the feature that remembers their credit card information, we are issued a special I.D. number by our payment processor, which allows our system to exclusively re-run the card without actually using its real number. This I.D. system makes the information that we store useless for anyone else. It means that if someone somehow managed to break through our impressive security, then they would still be unable to get to your bank accounts, even if you opted to allow us to re-use your card for future transactions.

If you are a computer tech, then you may be fascinated by some of the extra steps that we went through to secure this online store, which we documented in this article.

No Windows to Break

Every computer system that is used by Health Wyze Media (including this one) is powered by the Linux operating system, for performance, ethical considerations, and security. Microsoft's software is banned.

We accept payments by all major credit cards. American customers may also pay by check or money order.
We treat your security with the same carefulness as we do for our own, because your security is our security. Read the Privacy Policy for more information about how we guard your privacy and security.

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