Rewards Program

The Rewards Program gives loyal customers something that everyone likes: free stuff! Customers receive reward points after their products are shipped, if they are logged into their registered accounts at the time of checkout. Points accumulate across purchases, and they can be redeemed to get free products. Points may be redeemed from within the shopping cart, and point redemption is also available during the final checkout. You're very welcome!

Product Points Earned
by Purchasing
Points Needed
to Acquire
Defy Your Doctor and Be Healed (book) 500 3700
Health Wyze Colloidal Copper Lotion 850 4250
Health Wyze Antiperspirant 500 2500
CBD Oil 500 5000
H.W. Chocomeal Facial 500 2500
Health Wyze Dental Cleanser 500 2500
Byte Back Itch Remover 200 1250
H.W. Brew 600 3000
H.W. Brew Sample 50 1000

Terms and Exclusions

  • Reward points are granted whenever purchased items are shipped, for customers who had been logged into their accounts during their checkouts.
  • Points cannot be spent during the checkout wherein they were earned.
  • The average wait time for points to be awarded is two days.
  • The normal shipping fees still apply, but orders for multiple items usually produce shipping discounts, and it is okay to mix free (reward) items with purchased items to get a better deal on shipping.
  • A second set of reward points will not be awarded for free products, such as items that were obtained through the Rewards Program (double dipping).
  • Refunded or replaced products disqualify the reward points for those items, unless we determine that we were at-fault for the customer's dissatisfaction.
  • Free items that were obtained through the Rewards Program are not eligible for refunds in either money or points, but we shall restore the lost points to particular customers, in cases wherein we did not fulfill our obligations.
  • Items obtained through the Essentials Pack combination package do not qualify for reward points, due to the savings already granted. With the Essentials Pack, customers get immediate savings instead of reward points.
  • Customers who get banned from shopping with us, for any reason, forfeit all reward points.
  • This is a "free stuff" program that is meant to reward customers who are in good standing with us, but we reserve the right to change the policies of the Rewards Program at-will, even retroactively.