About Us

Thomas Corriher and Sarah Corriher of Health Wyze Media We're Thomas Corriher and Sarah Corriher, but we're also collectively known as "Health Wyze Media". It is best for you to visit our home site if you are seeking detailed information about us, and what we do. Visit our store's contact page or call 1 (877) 378-2260 if you need to communicate with us. You will have to use the following phone number if you are outside of the U.S. and Canada: 1 (336) 528-4120.

We are keeping this short because store visitors are probably more interested in learning about our products than us. We've been selling since 2008, when we began with our flagship product, Health Wyze Colloidal Copper Lotion. We manufacture all of our products ourselves in the United States, except for the tote bag, book, and the apparel. We use domestic suppliers whenever possible, and we avoid Chinese items categorically. The tote bag and apparel are printed by another American company. Our books come from two printing companies in the United States. Some of the ingredients for the H.W. Brew come from India, because that is where these herbs natively grow, and the purity of these ingredients are laboratory tested by our U.S. vendor.

We know that you probably arrived here to shop, but if you get bored with that or change your mind, then check out our audio shows at our main site. We're Health Wyze. Have you told your friends about us?