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The Health Wyze Report's Writers' Guidelines

The Health Wyze Report LogoWe expect our writers to write what they mean, and to mean what they write. We expect them to be able to stand by their words, and sign their name to them. We have high standards. The following list describes our ideals and journalistic policies. You should think of them as our journalistic code of ethics. If any of these policies is disagreeable, then please contact us to discuss your reservations.

Section I - Journalistic Policies

  1. We fact-check, format, and provide editing for all articles.
  2. You do not need to be an expert to write for us. In fact, the 'experts' tend to make us nervous.
  3. Credentials are meaningless. Just show us that you have the talent, character, and discipline. These are the important traits; not pieces of official paper.
  4. Honesty. This includes being honest even when it hurts, and people are going to laugh at you in disbelief. If we just give people believable lies, then we are no better than our peers.
  5. If a person is credible, then his writing speaks for itself. We include facts and statistics whenever possible to enhance the credibility of our articles. We also use quotations liberally. Whenever we cannot find 3rd-party credible sources to dispute a fallacy from an organization, which is otherwise considered credible, then we utilize quotes from the agency itself, in order to use its own words against it. There are usually enough good and honest whistle-blowers to make it possible.
  6. We operate on the premise that God provided all that we need to live long and healthy lives, and that pharmaceuticals in the long term cause much more harm than good.
  7. We do not have a set article length. Articles should be made as long as necessary to convey all of the important points that an author is attempting to make.
  8. As an (unregistered) non-profit organization, we are unable to pay writers, but as a high profile health site, we are able to give authors a great amount of exposure.
  9. We will treat you with respect, unless you make it impossible for us to do so.
  10. We expect you to be able to write about complex topics in language understandable by average people, while making certain to never insult their intelligence.
  11. You may need to provide your own article topics, until you have earned a certain degree of trust with us, because we are tired of publications stealing our topics.
  12. Do not be offended if we research into who you are, before we allow you to write for us. Be prepared to send us a short biography to include with your articles, if requested.
  13. Articles should be written in third person, following standard journalistic practices, unless a compelling human interest angle would be better suited for the topic.

Section II - Copyrights and Legal

  1. You must authorize us to reprint and republish submitted works at, and any Internet domain name that we move this web site to in the future.  Be advised that submitting your work to us for publication implicitly gives us this right.
  2. Our Liberal Copyright Policy does not apply to the works from guest columnists, unless they wish for it to.
  3. Authors will always be given conspicuous credit for their work, including web-based link backs, and authors retain all rights to republish their work in any manner that they see fit. We will never limit an author's rights to his own work. We generally allow our guest writers to write their own by-line sections.
  4. For all works submitted, which have been previously published, we require the disclosure of this information, so that we may include it in the article's by-line. It is the responsibility of authors to ensure that they have not surrendered their republication rights. Articles that have already been printed by large media companies are unlikely to be republished by The Health Wyze Report. Our preference is to be the original publisher.
  5. We will never grant 3rd parties permission to republish your work.

These policies are official as of 8/10/2012, until amended.