Privacy Policies

General Policies

We do not share your private information, ever.  It is that simple.  Any information that is shared with us is stored securely on our servers with the most paranoid of security measures.  Our security would be the envy of most banks, in fact.  We do not believe in invading your privacy or treading upon your rights.  Ethics is one of the things that separates us from most of our peers.  You will never be automatically signed up for a mailing list, or anything else.


We do not tolerate spam, nor participate in it. We actively report spammers that we find to make their attempts to communicate via the Internet a hellish experience.

Browser Cookies

Our server is likely to share cookies (temporary data files) with your Internet browser program, if you allow it.  These 'cookie' files contain information that is necessary to maintain your personal preferences. They are also necessary for you be able remain logged-in as a registered site user.  These 'cookies' that you get from our server are used for private information exchanges between your software and our server.

We recommend that you accept all browser cookies from, because they help our software remember your preferences, and they make it possible for you to get user accounts with us.

E-mail Privacy

The general rule is that your messages to us are private.  We may publish your correspondences or portions of it if we feel that it would be of compelling interest to our readers.  In such cases, the standard policy is to remove identifiable information, such as the sender's name and e-mail address, unless we get permission.  Nevertheless, we reserve the right to publish anything that is sent to us, so people who are prone to sending threatening, deceitful, manipulative, or hateful messages should bear this in mind.

Google is Watching

Health Wyze Media utilizes Google advertising and Google analytics. This gives Google the capability to track all traffic to our site by people who are not using ad blockers. Thus, Google probably knows about you, and knows that you are reading this. We feel that we should give you our complete honesty about the situation. The same is true for about 90% of the sites that you visit.

Google advertising has been disabled at our online store, so that it cannot gather any information about your shopping habits, or your private banking information.