The Official Health Wyze Community Mailing List

This mailing list is a very low volume one, so you will generally get quality over quantity.  Please read our mailing list policies and community standards before signing up. As a member, you will receive messages from us and from others in the community.

Notifications Mailing List

The Notifications Mailing List is for people who do not want to receive messages from the Health Wyze community, and only wish to receive official updates and messages from Health Wyze Media. The drawback is that you may miss something interesting from another member, and you will not be able to make comments yourself. Both mailing lists are extremely low volume, but this one is for people who really do not want to be bothered.

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To access our podcast using a program such as VLC or Miro, use our standard feed link: /podcast.xml

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We usually post updates about additions to our site using the Twitter and Facebook services, but very little else is posted to these services. You may find our Twitter page here and our Facebook page here.

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