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This will first call your phone, so enter your number. When you answer the phone, you will be prompted to press 1. Do press 1. Then hold the line until we answer. Be forewarned that we shall not answer if you select "keep number private", nor accept anonymous calls.

Telephone:  +1,  (336) 528-4120

Inquiries, orders, comments, and donations may be mailed and made to:

Thomas Corriher
142 Redwood Drive,
Mocksville, N.C. 27028
(United States)

Ethical E-mail Providers

Many providers now participate in "feedback loop" complaint systems. These report you as the problem to spammers (for complaining), which will of course, give the spammers your e-mail address for vengeance.  Look it up, if you don't believe it. Don't assume that you can trust your Internet provider.

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Please be aware that we get many requests for research and assistance. We respond to most of these requests.  We consider it time well spent whenever we can help good people. It has been surprising to us that many of the people who have sought our help have been unwilling to give us even the most basic respect.  For example, approximately half of the requests that we have gotten did not include a person's name, and about half of those that did only listed the person's first name. No person sends anonymous notes to a doctor and expects to get help, and we deserve considerably more respect than most of them do. We consider cowards to be a useless drain of our resources and of society's overall.

We will not be able to respond if you omit your e-mail address, or if you use Earthlink or Mindspring. Both of these companies are censoring Health Wyze, so we recommend upgrading to a more ethical provider.

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