Additionally only NPK + CaCo3 is added to most commercially farmed soils. This is based on victorian investigations into soil nutrients and the base method hasn't really changed in 70 or so years. Crop rotation no longer exists.
Mineral content in most available foods through supermarkets are mineral deficient as a consequence hence the poor state of nutrition of our resent populations. Ive seen the results from testing that shows specifically the mineral contents of foods 50 years ago in comparison to todays foods were up to 50 times greater than present levels. The comparison stands with ordinary verses organic.
Emphasis in my opinion should be primarily on mineral spectrum present in foodstuff since it is the building block of our bodies.
Avoidance of comparisons between mineral content in differing crops (organic v commercial) clearly demonstrates commercial attitudes shrinking away from the obvious basic deficiencies as they are less easy to disguise via testing protocols.
We are starving in food abundance.