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Mike Adams

The Filthy Truth About Hand Sanitizers and Anti-Bacterial Soaps

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The Washington Post reported that the F.D.A. has finally found fault in a chemical. The chemical is found in the urine of more than 75% of Americans, and research has shown for years that it is dangerous. New research has grabbed the attention of the E.P.A., F.D.A. and C.P.S.C. The chemical is so widely used that it falls under the jurisdiction of all three federal agencies.

Triclosan is an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal chemical. Astute readers may already be making the connection that anything which is poisonous to organisms is, well, poisonous. The poison is intentionally added to anti-bacterial soaps, pesticides, toothpastes, cleaning agents, shaving creams, and mouthwashes. In recent years, it has been infused into children's toys, bedding and some clothing. From observing the history of the chemical industry, we are making bets amongst ourselves as to how long it will be before it is a critical component of vaccines and infant formulas.

"But the FDA, which oversees its use in personal-care products, medical devices and products that come into contact with food, has been working for 38 years to establish the rules for the use of triclosan but has not completed that task."

-- Washington Post

For approximately four decades, the Food and Drug Administration has not managed to decide if triclosan is safe. Meanwhile, people are washing their hands and brushing their teeth with this chemical; with direct absorption into the blood through the mouth tissues.

Current research shows that triclosan is damaging to the endocrine system. The endocrine system is made up of glands that are responsible for mood regulation, metabolism and growth. Therefore, we have quite a disease-inflicting cocktail when this is mixed with fluoride in oral care products. When these crucial glands begin to fail, diseases emanate. Failure of the adrenal glands, for instance, can quickly result in the onset of diabetes or Cushing's syndrome. Failure of the thyroid gland can result in hypothyroidism and diabetes. Meanwhile, the establishment does not seem to know why these are epidemics.

The F.D.A. claims to be re-evaluating triclosan, but if they have been willfully blind to all of the dangers for the past four decades, will they suddenly find them now? The fact that the press has drawn attention to this poison is probably the only reason why the F.D.A. has finally shown the issue lip service. As usual, the involved companies will be paying the F.D.A.'s research costs to ensure that their products are found to be safe. Such approvals account for 97% of the F.D.A.'s income.

To exemplify how unsafe and ineffective this chemical is, some leading brands of triclosan-based hand sanitizers were recalled in 2009, after they were found to contain high levels of multiple strains of bacteria. The F.D.A. admitted that some of the bacteria were only found in "particularly unsanitary conditions". It warned that the subsequent skin infections could be so severe as to need surgical attention, and result in permanent damage.

Most commercial toothpastes should already be avoided, because of the fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate. The use of anti-bacterial soaps are the equivalent of taking an antibiotic several times each day. Chemicals that are placed on the skin will often sink directly through the skin and into the blood stream. Not only do we generally recommend against antibiotics, but it has also been shown that anti-bacterial soaps are no more effective than regular soaps in killing bacteria. The risk of illness actually increases with their usage, because of how the immune system is weakened by exposure to such toxins.


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Comments (2)
  • Anthony  - Soap

    Hand sanitizers are definitely not healthy. People need to start using good old fashioned soap again. Also, it should Not be anti-bacterial soap. Using antibacterial soap is liking taking a small dose of antibiotics everyday. We are meant to have some bacteria on our skin and should not be killing it every chance we get. Find a good, natural soap product and stick to that when you feel like you need to wash your hands.

  • Anonymous

    I could not agree more.Good old soap is all we need.We need good bacteria too .:)

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