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Genetically Modified Foods At U.S. Grocery Stores: How To Avoid These Frankenfoods and The New Pesticides That Do Not Wash Off

Written by Print 

Frankenfoods parody

Foods that are G.M.O. (genetically modified organisms) are always grown using modern, non-organic farming methods. The combination can easily become less nutritional than a diet of processed carbohydrates and cola.

There is a means to differentiate the good produce from the Frankenfoods in U.S. retailers, despite the fact that the F.D.A. does not require that G.M. (genetically modified) foods be labeled in any way that would be easily understood. This is, of course, intentional.

Fruits and vegetables in the U.S. usually have a small sticker on them. This sticker will include a "PLU" number. The first digit in that number is significant.

The Meaning Of The PLU Number (First Digit)

8 The product is genetically modified, and almost any chemical may have been used on it. It is a verified Frankenfood. Please boycott all companies producing and distributing it.
3 The product is likely genetically modified, and almost any chemical may have been used on it, at any time. The genetic heritage is unknown or not disclosed.
4 The product was grown with synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides.
9 This is organic. It is the highest quality produce, most nutritious, most natural, and the most safe.

You may wish to print our printer friendly PLU reference card.

If you are wondering why the system is made to be so confusing, it is because our regulators are encouraging us, on behalf of their industry partners, to eat the new chemically-laced, G.M.O. Frankenfoods, without our consent or knowledge.

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Comments (9)
  • Lynn D.

    It's all about Eugenics (covert population reduction and control). Control the food supply, control as well as cull the people. Ancient warfare strategy.

  • Krissy

    I made a comment back in 2002 to a co-worker that was being trained for management I said "I think there is so much cancer and sickness in the World due to our food being man made."The Co-worker worked for a company before he worked with us making Low -Carb Bars.He was a Scientist.He responded with anger at me and never talked to me again!!! he said "How dare you make a comment like that because of food being processed people are living longer now more than ever!!"I said "No way too many people dying from Cancer ,people thought to be healthy dying younger and younger from cancer"We never talked again at work .I trained the SOB and was glad when he went to his office .

  • kevin

    It's all about money...

  • teresa  - g.m.o.

    :( It saddens me that this is happening and it will only get worse....

  • dollly  -!!

    yes this is very evil :evil: but we cant reaaly do anything about it :( apparently it causes cancer... :X :X :pinch: :shock: :( so it should stop! what ever happened to normal veges and fruits? :unsure: :huh:

  • Laura

    Is there any other way to tell what is GMO other than the small sticker on fruits and vegetables? I purchased greens in a plastic container,probably the first mistake, that said "organic". When I got home I read the label again and it also said "Triple washed and ready to eat". My way of thinking, Why does it need to be washed three times if its organic? There isn't a little sticker with a number on it, can any information come from the bar code?

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    If it is USDA-certified organic, then it should not be genetically engineered. Be aware that organic produce is often grown using natural fertilizers (manure), so it should be washed very thoroughly.

  • Joel Gold  - GMO detection

    Aside from questionable stickers, how exactly can a product be determined to be GM? Can it only be accomplished in a laboratory with expensive equipment that is inaccessible and unaffordable to most? It would be a tremendous breakthrough if there were discovered a simple test any consumer could perform, if not in the store, at least at home. When I say 'simple test', something like Ph strips to assess acidity-alkalinity comes to mind. Or a magnet to test for a minimum of other metals in stainless steel. Simple and highly accurate is what I want and so do we all! Are there any biochemists out there who have ideas, OR who can say with authority that there is no accurate test save for high-tech spectrographic blah-blah machines? I cannot tell you how ecstatic I'd be to have, for example, a solution that turns a certain color if a few drops are placed on a GM product and a different color if organic. Or perhaps one color if organic, any other color meaning either GM or chemically contaminated.

  • Scott A. Marquardt  - Thanks for the info, but...

    Is there any way to tell if the vegetables in plastic bins, sold in supermarkets are G.M.? Like baby spinach and the spring mix salads?

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