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The Problems Of Modern Education: How Conformity Leads To Failure

Written by Print 

"You can't make socialists out of individualists.  Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming, where everyone is interdependent."

--  John Dewey, Father of Modern Education

Yesterday I spent some time looking at the people on Facebook who had been to the same school as me.  I was noticing some very disturbing patterns, and I am sure that they will be of value to the readers of this blog if they can apply them to their own situations.  Eckington School was different from most in the area.  The local community believed that you would get a better education if you went there, as it was deemed a "specialist engineering college".

The generation that schools like
Eckington have mass produced.

(Image from the movie, "I, Robot")

In truth, that meant little more than the fact that the school got over a million pounds extra from the government each year.  The educational plan was little different from other schools, but rules were enforced more vigorously, and many of them were unnecessary.  These were about power, not education.  As a result, two classes of people were formed: the conformists, and the rebels. There was no middle ground.

One of the Alumni, using Facebook, asked people who went to the school to explain what they had done with their lives, and what they had succeeded in accomplishing.  Most of those who responded were in their 30s.  One after another revealed that they ended up working as caretakers, in nightclubs, supermarkets, and many revealed that they filled the cliché of living with their parents.  None of them were hugely successful.  Most interesting of all was the fact that those who had spent the most time in college were also the most unsuccessful.  This was especially the case for those who entered sixth form, which is a method through which people can voluntarily stay at Eckington for an additional two years to obtain their college A-Levels.  You see, those people were the ones who enjoyed Eckington the most.  They were the ultra-conformists that modern schools seek to mass-produce, and they were the ones that couldn't make it in the real world.

None of these people seemed to see the pattern.  In fact, they saw the solution as returning to college and being 'educated' further.  Their problem is not a lack of education, but a lack of creativity, and an inability to independently think for themselves.  They became so reliant upon others issuing them orders that the only one to obtain a stable job is in the military.  There was one other who became a journalist, but she dropped out of school before she finished her exams. There is no coincidence here.

For nearly a century, societies have believed that higher education is necessary for success, but the opposite is true with the modern version of education.  For instance, most of the high-tech companies were created by high school dropouts, who dreamt of doing something that nobody else had done.  You won't find such inventive and pioneering attitudes in those who have been through school, college, and then university.  Students are trained to only strive for self-limiting 'reachable goals'.  For a lot of people out there, it is time to realize that creative, independent, free thought is more important than anything they can learn at any university.

"I never let my schooling interfere with my education."

-- Mark Twain

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The Problems Of Modern Education: How Conformity Leads To Failure

The Problems Of Modern Education: How Conformity Leads To Failure


Comments (5)
  • Anonymous

    Brilliant! You have made a much needed observation. What does modern education produce? As I have just finished reading Dorothy Sayers essay on The Tools of Learning, she concludes well by saying, "For the sole true end of education is simply this: to teach men how to learn for themselves; and whatever instruction fails to do this is effort spent in vain."

  • susy  - interesting to know


  • Tala

    This is a very good article and I know myself, I hated high school and I really did think it was corrupted. My little brother who is now attending the same high school said that bisexual people are okay, a man from the army came in and gave a talk about how hes living with his boyfriend and when my brother objected and said it was wrong in class, he was sent to the headmaster. When I attended a college in UK doing my A levels, it was the same thing, especially in Sociology where I was forced to learn and memorise a paper about gender identities and whether it was okay to be a man and dress up as a woman vise versa, I hate it ....honestly. This world is becoming so evil, people are forgetting God and the more they forget, the more evil will come of it!

  • Marie Barck  - so true!

    I have had to un-learn most of my 'education'and now get to re-learn as I am home educating our children. No public school brainwashing and conformity for these kiddos! Love the Mark Twain quote.

  • Dev Pero  - A home education

    I fully agree with the article.
    IIRC the fabians took over the curriculum and rewrote it.
    The education system produces non thinking clones and for my money I would self educate.

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