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Mike Adams

The Sordid Story Of How The U.S. Government Appeased The Garbage Foods Industry By Perverting The Food Pyramid

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The food pyramid once contained four food groups: fruits and vegetables, meat, grains and dairy.

Generation II Food Pyramid

The fruit and vegetable category made up the base of the pyramid, to show that they were the most important component of the diet.  Unfortunately, the food pyramid from back then is gone.

It was replaced with a grotesquely bastardized food pyramid containing five food groups; one of which is comprised of sugars and fats.  Perhaps even worse is the fact that carbohydrates were made to be the base of the revisionist pyramid.  The food pyramid is supposed to be a guideline that explains how our foods should ideally be proportioned, but instead, it came to identify merely what we do eat.

Luise Light, Ed.D, a former U.S.D.A. nutritionist, wrote extensively about the food pyramid, long after she was asked to help recreate it.  Since leaving the U.S.D.A., she has written the book, A Fatally Flawed Food Guide, which chronicles her experience.  It explains how the food pyramid was not redesigned in the interests of health, but on behalf of those in the processed foods industry.

"Where we, the USDA nutritionists, called for a base of 5-9 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables a day, it was replaced with a paltry 2-3 servings (changed to 5-7 servings a couple of years later because an anti-cancer campaign by another government agency, the National Cancer Institute, forced the USDA to adopt the higher standard).  Our recommendation of 3-4 daily servings of whole-grain breads and cereals was changed to a whopping 6-11 servings forming the base of the Food Pyramid as a concession to the processed wheat and corn industries.  Moreover, my nutritionist group had placed baked goods made with white flour -- including crackers, sweets and other low-nutrient foods laden with sugars and fats -- at the peak of the pyramid, recommending that they be eaten sparingly.  To our alarm, in the 'revised' Food Guide, they were now made part of the Pyramid’s base.  And, in yet one more assault on dietary logic, changes were made to the wording of the dietary guidelines from 'eat less' to 'avoid too much', giving a nod to the processed-food industry interests by not limiting highly profitable 'fun foods' (junk foods by any other name) that might affect the bottom line of food companies.

"But even this neutralized wording of the revised Guidelines created a firestorm of angry responses from the food industry and their congressional allies who believed that the 'farmers’ department' (U.S.D.A.) should not be telling the public to eat less of anything.

"I vehemently protested that the changes, if followed, could lead to an epidemic of obesity and diabetes -- and couldn’t be justified on either health or nutritional grounds.  To my amazement, I was a lone voice on this issue, as my colleagues appeared to accept the 'policy level' decision.  Over my objections, the Food Guide Pyramid was finalized, although it only saw the light of day 12 years later, in 1992.  Yet it appears my warning has come to pass."

Our food guide was written by the garbage processed food industry, and our health guides are usually written by the pharmaceutical industry.  How convenient it all is.  Perhaps this is why Jello is a staple of the diet inside American hospitals.  It is so good for business, after all.  We should get the chemical industry to govern the disposal of hazardous wastes too.  Actually, they are already doing that.  Take for instance, how they are allowed to place fluoride in a multitude of products, including our drinking water.  Fluoride is literally the (sometime radioactive) toxic waste from the fertilizer, nuclear, and aluminum industries.

Current Food Pyramid

This sort of fundamental corruption can be seen throughout all of the American health care systems.  The crooks even redefine their behavior in an Orwellian manner to make all of it more palatable.  Bonuses are common, but are they are never called "kick-backs" or "bribery".  The latter two terms sound criminal, but these are all that the bonuses really are in the great majority of cases.  The upper level capitulating regulators are frequently seen in the revolving door of employment, whereby they find cushy jobs awaiting them at grateful corporations.  In fact, most of the upper level regulators nowadays see their governmental positions as mere stepping stones to lucrative private sector jobs later, where they will rarely be asked to even be present.  That's their "bonus".  We want to believe this sort of rampant corruption only happens in the third-world nations.  Look around.

In recent times, the pyramid has been changed yet again, so that it no longer gives any clear-cut recommendations whatsoever.  It is fairly open to artistic interpretation.  This is the goal.  There are no legitimate health reasons for having carbohydrates as the most important food group.  That is, unless your real agenda is to make people fat and diseased.  The newer pyramid (left) is completely useless, but it still manages to imply that carbohydrates are the most essential foods.

When people begin to take control of their own health, and stop expecting governmental and corporate agencies to honestly tell them what to consume, then the nation will be healthy.  It is the unwavering trust of these agencies which has caused our current state with dozens of 'incurable' disease epidemics.  How many people would realistically chose radiation for their cancer 'treatments', if it were not recommended by such agencies?  If it were not for the disinformation spread by these devils, we would rightly refer to intentionally dowsing ourselves with radiation as insane.  It is insane.  All of it.


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