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Doubt They're Evil? About The Umbilical Cord, and The Profitable Procedure For Premature Deliveries

Written by Print 

"Another thing very injurious to the child, is the tying and cutting of the navel string too soon; which should always be left till the child has not only repeatedly breathed but till all pulsation in the cord ceases. As otherwise the child is much weaker than it ought to be, a portion of the blood being left in the placenta, which ought to have been in the child."

-- Erasmus Darwin, Zoonomia, 1801  

golfing doctorThe modern hospitalized birthing process usually goes something like this in the U.S..  The mother gives birth to a child, while being thoroughly drugged, and the child's umbilical cord is immediately clamped.  Soon after; male children are circumsized (usually without any pain killers) and then given a round of vaccines on his first day of birth.  This is the modern version of birthing.

There was a time when the umbilical cord was not cut until the cord stopped pulsating.  This would take somewhere between 2 and 20 minutes.  Nowadays, that practice has been abandoned, but it is not due to health considerations.  Early cord clamping provides no known medical benefits to either the child or the mother.  With most deliveries, the cord blood is taken to be sold, because it contains valuable stem cells, including hematopoietic cells.  These are sold for scientific research.  Before this highly lucrative market developed, the blood was allowed to travel to the infant to help him become stronger.  Instead, it is now stolen from him by the hospital staff.  This practice has become such a standard procedure that whenever the blood is not to be saved, it is just thrown away.

Early cord clamping restricts blood that was intended for the infant.  There is usually about a cup of blood transferred through the umbilical cord to the infant at birth.  A huge number of studies show that early cord clamping is a dangerous procedure, which weakens a newborn, and can eventually lead to brain and lung problems (if not immediately).  If the umbilical cord is attached, and the infant is receiving the highly-oxygenated blood, then there is not an urgency to immediately get the infant breathing.  The oxygen from the blood will ensure the survival of the infant.

Waiting for the cord to stop pulsating has become unusual in American hospitals.  Although, there was a time when an infant would have breathed well, and his skin color would have become normal before his cord was clamped.  An infant will naturally begin breathing without any assistance or encouragement if the cord is not immediately clamped.  However, the cord is now clamped long before the infant takes his first breath; producing obvious problems that stem from cutting off his oxygen supply.

Just Sign This Form

Parents usually have no clue that the blood of their child is being taken for research, and this is not accidental.  Parents usually sign the fine print allowing their hospital to "dispose" of the cord blood and placenta, which is actually saved, and then sold to the highest bidder.  Late cord clamping does not go well with the profit agenda.  Ironically, the aim of the research is often to find cures for disorders which are caused by this early cord clamping.  In other words, should we hurt John to help Luke?  We can be sure that early cord clamping is, in some cases, creating future life-long 'customers' of the medical establishment, but this seems to be the normal pattern with allopathic medicine.  Since the cord blood can contain one quarter of the total blood volume of an infant, the loss is a huge blow to his immune system.

Known problems with early cord clamping

  • Anemia
  • Brain lesions
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (S.I.D.S)
  • Respiratory Distress Syndrome (R.D.S)
  • Autism
  • Cancer

Premature Deliveries: Here's Where It Really Gets Evil

The cord blood of pre-term infants contains more stem cells than normal infants, and interestingly; early cord clamping is particularly promoted for these infants by the medical establishment, due to its higher market value.  The welfare of the child is not even considered.  For the hospital, this blood is a premium sales item because it contains more nutrients and stem cells than are normal.  These are desperately needed by the weaker infants.  This need is ignored, and the cord blood is literally stolen from the sickly child (by his own doctors -- no less), and then sold for maximum profit.  There is no doubt that this cord blood would result in much healthier premature newborns.

The great majority of people believe that there is no harm in delayed cord clamping, so would it not be wise to leave it attached until it stops pulsating?  Sometimes, the cord is clamped immediately for the convenience of the doctor, who desires to get in and out of the delivery room as quickly as possible, and back into his golf game.  Doctors do have priorities, after all.  Spending an extra 20 minutes in the delivery room would likewise make the customers less profitable for the hospital.

U.S.A.!  We're number 1 number 33!

When we combine this sort of "health care" with the onslaught to the immune system by dozens of completely unnecessary and unsafe vaccinations, then it is a wonder that most American babies survive.  In fact, the U.S. is ranked 33rd in infant survival, according to the United Nations; meaning that there are 33 countries with less infant fatalities by percentage of births.  America with its supposed "best in the world medicine", is in actuality, outdone by such nations as New Caledonia and Brunei.  It's beyond sad.  The delusional mythology behind it all is almost as pitiful. The topic of vaccinations has been covered throughout this website, and there is no need for more elaboration.

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Comments (22)
  • Jennifer B.  - sources?

    Very interesting and somewhat alarming... do you have sources to point to for your claim that hospitals sell cord blood?

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    You may want to look at this page for more information about the premature clamping of umbilical cords. The website also provides a lot of good information about natural birthing.

    The 10th edition of the Principles of Anatomy and Physiology, 2003 published evidence of hospitals selling the placenta and cord blood. Feel free to look that up.

  • Victoria S Pritchard


    Believe it...don't believe it…or better yet, Do Your Own Research!


  • C. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)

    No, actually we just make everything up as we go, like a creative writing assignment for junior high school. We sit about just thinking up incredible "claims" to make like some sick April fool's joke. That's what we call journalism. Wait a minute... I was confusing us with Fox News, sorry.

    We usually do a better job of citing sources, but the links included in this article are more than adequate for this story. Granted, one of those links has already "disappeared", which is a pattern for lots of our sources after one of our articles exposes something. For that reason, we archive many of our sources for what we consider the "big" stories.

    Meanwhile, there's this thing called Google that's just spiffy for verifying what we write. Let me explain.
    1. Type "" in your browser address bar (look up).
    2. Type "selling umbilical cord blood" in the little google text entry area (without the quotes).
    3. Hit enter.
    4. Read all that neat text that appears.

  • Michelle

    I am all for delayed cord clamping, and I agree it doesn't happen often enough, but not because the "hospital staff" wants to "steal" the cord blood and stem cells. In the case of full-term infants, it's just easier for the staff to have the cord cut early on. Some cords are so short you can't even place baby on mom's stomach after birth, let alone her chest. As for premature infants, the cord is quickly cut so they can get the newborn to a warmer to be assessed and possibly intubated. It's about convenience...not money. After a c-section the cord is immediately cut because what else can they do? There's no where to put baby and meanwhile they're held in midair, getting cold.
    The doctors do want to do what is easiest, but they're usually there 10-30 minutes after the birth anyway and I've seen them wait to cut the cord if parents request it. From the three L&D floors I've been on the placentas are either thrown out with the other bloody trash or put in formaldehyde, sent to the lab, and thrown away there (which I've seen by the way...there's no conspiracy). Quite frankly our doctors and staff are too busy and/or lazy to worry about the hospitals bottom line and what they do with the afterbirth.
    As a parent I have asked that my last two baby's cords be clamped after it has stopped pulsating. I didn't know to ask for it with my first. The problem with our nation's birthing system is convenience and tradition...not doctors cackling in corners just waiting to cut cords early.

  • C. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)

    Michelle, if you are going to present yourself as a medical insider and expert in these matters, then you really ought to list your full name and which hospital you work for. If you demand credibility and accountability from us, then you should provide the same. If you mean what you say, and say what you mean, then you should have no fear of standing out and identifying yourself. Otherwise, a large portion of our readers will assume that you are just another industry shill, and such suspicions have been well earned by people in your industry.

    For what it is worth, I personally believe you, and I believe that you are telling the truth as best you know it, and see it. I respect that. That doesn't necessarily mean that (in the general terms in which this article was written) that your statements are actually representative of the truth overall. Your statements do, however, likely represent what you, as an individual, have personally perceived in your experiences.

    Just because you have not seen it doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. It does happen, Michelle, and everyone should know about it. It is why we ran with this story.

    You may want to know that while we frequently attack "the establishment" for both its (sometimes intentional) blindness, and its gross corruption; we nevertheless know that the people manning the front-line trenches (like yourself) are often good-intentioned. A high percentage of nurses, in particular, are really noble people. Doctors, on the other hand, tend to be a different breed. There are some goods ones, but not many.

    About those "doctors cackling in corners". It usually doesn't happen that way; I agree. The cackling happens on the way to the bank.

    You were dead-wrong about one thing: there is nothing traditional about modern hospital child birthing. All of it is new, and part of experimental (not traditional) medicine; and the results are disastrous. What we write about is traditional medicine, and as a practicing nurse, you probably know absolutely nothing about it. In fact, you probably actually know less than nothing, because you spent years getting brainwashed to automatically discount everything "alternative", regardless of any scientifically observable cause and effect relationships to the contrary. You're in the Matrix, in other words, and there's a bigger and brighter world out there if you can ever unplug yourself.

    For more information about traditional birthing, see the following article. ought-to-reevaluate-what-they-were-falsely-taught-about-child-birth.html

  • Karen Somers  - "Business" is Not Graphic

    There is nothing graphic in the excellent documentary called The Business of Being Born. There is a quick side shot of a C-Section, but otherwise only normal birthing scenes, of which the American public (including youngsters) are not exposed to enough.

    Good article. Thanks.

  • C. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)

    It might not seem graphic to anyone who has lived his life in a nudist colony, but that movie is 'graphic' for the rest of us. Ricky Lake did everything but pole dance in the video. At several points, I wondered if they were going to show couples making the babies, and it would not have taken things much further.

    It would be truly irresponsible and immoral to show this film to kids. If you believe that your children need to carefully study vaginas, then you are a sick feminist indicator of the twisted times that we live in.

    Please just go away, Karen. We cater to a higher class of people here. I recommend Natural News for you.

  • samza  - Thomas you're hilariously straight to the point

    It is true that many people nowadays think it is okay for their children to see their vaginas while they give birth, let alone their fathers and father-inlaws .. i come from a traditional culture and such is abominable, only women who have given birth before are allowed to witness that scene, and until recently, even the husband was not allowed to witness that event. that being said, I still think Thomas is tooo funny with that rude sounding humor. I appreciate this website.

  • SurgAssist

    I wanted to expound on the hospital issue. I have been in the operating room for thirty plus years. Worked in L & D also. Back in the early 80's we didn't bank or save cord blood, except for routine lab for the infant. We stripped the blood out of them after the baby was detatched and sold them to a graft company that made A/V grafts for dialysis patients. Never told the patients. I always thought that was HORRENDOUS. We also saved femoral heads for bone grafts without consulting the patients. We were also told in the early 90's that when we received a trauma patient through the ER that it was a law that we contact the tissue/organ bank BEFORE the family was contacted. This allows time for a member of the retrieval team to come ASAP and assess the patient BEFORE the family can get there. Facilities that don't do this are jeopardizing their medicare/medicaid assignment.
    Some people in the healthcare business are cradled, in that they have limited experience. I have been in MANY hospitals and you wouldn't BELIEVE some of the things that go on. And has all changed dramatically.
    With socialized medicine, I am seeing some other trends that people would never believe go on and no one is talking.
    You are right. I won't give my name and credentials because I only have a few more years to retirement and I'm not willing to commit financial suicide. Anyone who believes there is no one cackling in the corner is just not informed or has a serious craniorectal inversion.

  • Guggie Daly

    It's well written, but if you could include a few "additional resources" links, it would really give parents the confidence to stay open minded and research this more deeply.

    Most people already have a hard enough time sharing information like this. Without additional links, few people will share it as they will just be trolled and dismissed.

  • Truth


    I just wanted to say that, from what I remember, 'TBOBB' really failed to tell the truth.

  • Elizabeth  - Close to my heart...

    I birthed naturally at a hospital at 17.
    I knew about delaying cord clamping, and I fought for it as hard as I could. But they won in the end.

    It caused my son to have breathing problems at birth and be REMOVED from my room.
    They also LIED to me and said he was severely bruised from my long labor, come to find out he wasnt.
    They said that to make me agree to Vit K shot. Which I did, and this with the cord cutting gave him AWFUL jaundice...
    I barely was able to hold my son FOR TWO WEEKS because of his jaundice levels. He was too sick to eat.

    And, he STILL has clogged tear ducts from the eye antibiotics he didnt need. (I got std tested before birth AND breast milk works the same.)

    Never will forgive them. I dont need any sources to prove their claims IVE EFFIN SEEN IT!

  • Laurie Potts

    Oprah had a couple on with sextuplets the other day. Before the mother had these babies, she had twins. She said they both died right after their cords were cut. I was wondering how living breathing babies would both die after their cords were cut? She did not say whether they were permature or not - so many babies are delivered too soon - another problem nowadays - but how did this happen ? I think the answer is here and more mothers need to be aware of their choices and rights.

  • Katy  - Umbilical cord theft

    Thank you for this article. My 34 week old premature newborn had his cord taken in 1989 by two attendants with a dedicated cart. No forms were signed by me. My son survived after five days in the hospital, but he had RDS and was in critical condition. I was very upset that they took the cord from my son who was having trouble breathing. It was more important to get his cord blood than to care for him.
    My daughter's cord was taken in a different hospital in 1987 and I noted it, but she was healthy. All the women I knew were unconscious during their children's births! I was undrugged during both births and very aware of the evil behavior that the hospital refused to knowledge. I had a preemie to care for and moved on. Just wanted everyone to know that this has been going on for a long, long, time. No justice and who benefitted?

  • Jeanice  - Great article

    Thanks so much for this well-articulated, extremely accurate article. Here are some links that might be of interest to the doubters:

    Are Doctors Causing Brain Damage by Cutting The Umbilical Cord Too Soon infant-brain-damage-by-clamping-the-umbilical-cord-prematurely/

    Cosmetic Placenta,9171,1000192,00.html

    Hospital sells placenta to cosmetic firm luxury-cosmetics-firm-instead-using-medical-research.html

    Petition Site re: Selling of cord blood and placentas

    Shipping Stem Cells Leads to Conviction

  • Diana  - Selling to cosmetic firms is true where I worked

    I can corroborate the articles above that speak to selling of placentas to the cosmetic industry. Working as an LPN in a L/D floor back in the late 80's, we put the placentas in brown bags and dated them then froze them. A guy came once a month to pick them up and I was told by an older RN that it was a cosmetic company and they paid $1.00 per placenta. No parents knew of this and I always thought that seemed kind of crappy to do.

  • Melissa  - What doctors tell my students...

    I'm a childbirth educator and some of the things my students have been told are just comical if it weren't for the fact that these doctors either a) believed the ludicrous statements or b) were intentionally telling lies to expectant parents. And I'm not sure which is worse.

    "Delayed cord clamping causes jaundice."
    "All the blood will come out of baby and back into the placenta if you wait to long."
    "If you want delayed cord clamping, then you can't hold your newborn right away; I'll have to keep the baby level with the placenta or the blood will travel back down."

    Talking to a local L&D nurse, I found out that when the cord is attached, the OB has 2 patients, mom and baby; once it's cut, the OB's responsibility (and therefore liability) are cut in half - the baby becomes the ped's patient. That made more sense.

    Doula friends have seen OB's using their hands to clamp the cord to make it "stop pulsating" sooner. It really is just infuriating.

    I've also read how some states keep the blood sample from the child for many years afterwards - they don't tell parents that they have biological identification of their offspring.

    Hospitals scare me. I've been told, "You're brave for giving birth at home!" No! Walking into a hospital takes far more bravery than I have!

  • CL  - wow

    I am literally in tears right now. I am a social worker in california, and I carry a caseload of 65 developmentally disabled kids...Im doing a running inventory in my mind of those little ones I think may have been saved from their struggles had our sick, twisted, greedy, negligent, unintelligent, and yes, EVIL, medical professionals done the right thing- made the choice to value life over a few nice cars, a fancy house, a nice vacation. I really hope people like this enjoy rotting in Hell. It's a mad, mad world that we're leaving in. :(

  • Tala

    Oh my God, this makes me so freakin angry....LET THEM ROTT IN HELL!!! By the way can someone please tell me the best country to give birth in? If I have kids one day, no way the states!!!

  • Jon

    For what it's worth my dad's a doctor and he'd never harm anyone for money. Like most doctors however he is utterly incapable of going against his training and admitting that alternatives might be of value.

    I tried changing his mind by bringing up the Hunza and Marquesans, and how they often lived over 100 without medicines or disease, and only got sick after being put on a Western diet. He was silent for a few seconds then he introduced a really lame strawman argument. No point arguing further with that kind of closed mind. Like other doctors he will never admit to being wrong, least of all to a non-doctor.

  • Jeanice Barcelo  - The Real Agenda

    Frankly - there is a deep, deep rabbit hole here, and the deeper you go, the more evil you find. We are living in the darkest of times -- where people in positions of power are engaged in satanic rituals that involve siphoning the life force of innocent children in order to bolster their own. This life force comes through the blood and body parts of pre pubescent children and hospitals are a major supplier of blood and organs for these very sick rituals.

    When you find infant foreskins and infant placentas lined up by the dozens in hospital refrigerators, you know you are living in a surreal technological nightmare where human body parts and human blood are being used for evil! This is not just about cosmetics. It is much, much darker than that.

    There are very sick individuals who are responsible for creating the violent and abusive protocols of hospital birth. They know exactly what they are doing and the harm that it will cause. Hospital birth protocols mirror the techniques of trauma-based mind-control and each and every intervention is deliberately and methodically created to do the most harm to the child and to the bond between mother and child.

    This is The Truth. And for those who would like to learn more, please visit my website here: agenda-behind-the-violence-of-hospital-birth/

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