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Soy is Unfit for Human Consumption

Written by Print 

The chemical industry perpetually uses devious tactics to con health-seeking people into poisoning themselves. The confusion existing around fats and oils is intentional, and it is designed to prevent us from making healthier choices. The margarine scam of yesteryear presented margarine as a healthier alternative to butter. The medical establishment bought into the lie, and then it advantageously based an entirely new business segment upon eliminating cholesterol. Thus began the lucrative partnership between the chemical fats industry and the pharmaceutical industry, which are conveniently owned by the same people. One division profits from doing the damage, and the other group profits by treating the resultant diseases perpetually.

The epidemic of heart disease began in the mid-twentieth century after butter and traditional oils were replaced in our diets by the new "healthier" vegetable oils. Leading the health-destroying parade was researcher, Ancel Keys. He is known as the father of the Lipid Hypothesis. Keys cherry-picked statistics to create an international study of heart disease, and presented it to medical publications to prove that natural saturated fats cause heart disease. For Keys' research, the term "international" meant using only the results from the 7 countries which yielded the results that he wanted. He even titled his original paper, "The Seven Countries Study". The data from the other dozen-or-so countries was stricken, because the data from everywhere else disproved the Lipid Hypothesis. Most of the data actually showed that there was no relationship between saturated fat and cholesterol, or even cholesterol and heart disease. At the time, many other research scientists were appalled by Keys' shoddy research, but the media and its top clients in the petrochemical industry embraced Keys' findings. Natural fats had to be replaced with chemically altered fats and highly processed vegetable oils, of which the young biotechnology industry was in the process of perfecting. All of this very conveniently opened the door for industry giants to obtain monopoly patents concerning food preparation. The processes of obtaining naturally occurring foods such as butter cannot be patented.

Keys' scientific swindle was so masterful that the medical establishment is still direly warning us about how dangerous butter is. In reality, butter contains a uniquely beneficial spread of nutrients and fats that are critical to heart, brain, dental, bone, and nervous system health. There is little wonder why the Bible foretold that the Christ would be raised on butter and honey, so that he would know the good. Most people now at least know of the dangers of hydrogenated oils. These are still doctor recommended.

Deceptive Marketing about Cooking Oils

Soy oil is still being promoted at retailers, despite all of the revelations about it over the past decade. All soy sold is genetically engineered and highly processed. It is interesting that the word "soy" usually only appears inside the fine print on the back of the so-called healthy vegetable oil containers, as if companies are finally beginning to hide it. Even though soy is now known to be an unhealthy oil by most health conscious people, companies are much more willing to alter their marketing than their unethical practices. Some of the oil containers boldly list olive oil in huge text across the front of the bottles; implying that it is the main ingredient, but the labeling often reveals that olive oil is actually the last (least used) ingredient. The real and main ingredients are toxic combinations of highly processed soy and canola oil. A few of the braver companies still emphasize that their product is canola oil, since not everyone knows about canola oil yet. When the dangers of canola become more widely known, we can be certain that it will be the marketing (not the ingredients) that changes. One toxic cooking oil product is even called Omega-3 Oil. This is despite the fact that it is virtually impossible to extract raw omega-3 oil without it immediately breaking down into something completely different, especially whenever heat (from processing) is added. The resultant non-omega compounds are hazardous. The Omega-3 Oil product is, actually canola oil -- which, by the way, loses all of its omega-3 and becomes toxic when heated. Bear in mind that it is an oil intended for cooking.

Pesticides are rarely used on soybean or canola plants, because both plants are so toxic that insects avoid them. Canola oil is officially an E.P.A. registered pesticide, and soy contains compounds that are designed specifically to disrupt hormones.

"The amount of phytoestrogens that are in a day's worth of soy infant formula equals 5 birth control pills"

-- Mike Fitzpatrick, toxicologist

What The Soy Industry Never Told You

There is no such thing as an all-natural soy-based food, because soybeans are toxic in their natural state. When you see a product that is claimed to have "healthy all-natural soy", then make a mental note to never buy anything from that unethical company. It has proven that it will happily hurt you, and lie about it for profit. The processing is essential for soy foods, because soy is poisonous in its natural organic state (containing natural insecticides) so there are never truly organic soy products for human consumption.

Soy must be processed in some manner for it to be safe for human consumption, and even then, it is not truly safe. The fermentation processes historically used by Asian nations are no longer used today, and the overall health of modern-day Asians is rapidly declining. Soy is now made safe by chemical engineering in large-scale food processing factories. Putting all of the toxic impurities and changes from the processing aside, the soy itself retains many of its original poisonous compounds that directly attack the thyroid, such as its hormones that are designed to disrupt fertility. Women are especially prone to experiencing horrific hormonal disorders like endometriosis from soy intake. There is no way to accurately determine how many miscarriages and how many of cases of infertility are the direct result of soy consumption.

"Tofu and other soybean foods contain isoflavones, three-ringed molecules bearing a structural resemblance to mammalian steroidal hormones. White and his fellow researchers speculate that soy's estrogen-like compounds (phytoestrogens) might compete with the bodys natural estrogens for estrogen receptors in brain cells.

"Plants have evolved many different strategies to protect themselves from predators. Some have thorns or spines, while others smell bad, taste bad, or poison animals that eat them. Some plants took a different route, using birth control as a way to counter the critters who were wont to munch.

"'Plants such as soy are making oral contraceptives to defend themselves', says Claude Hughes, Ph.D., a neuroendocrinologist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. 'They evolved compounds that mimic natural estrogen. These phytoestrogens can interfere with the mammalian hormones involved in reproduction and growth -- a strategy to reduce the number and size of predators.'"

-- John MacArthur

Soy's Effects on Human Health

  • 250% increased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Brain shrinkage and premature deterioration
  • Produces steroidal hormones
  • Produces estrogen-like compounds
  • Vascular dementia
  • Decreases brain calcium-binding proteins
  • Early puberty in girls and retarded physical maturation in boys
  • Unnatural menstrual patterns in women
  • Malnutrition - soybeans have potent enzyme inhibitors
  • Reduced protein digestion
  • Interference with tyrosine kinase-dependent mechanisms required for optimal hippocampal function, structure and plasticity
  • Inhibits tyrosine kinase which impairs memory formation
  • Inhibits dopamine
  • Movement difficulties characteristic of Parkinson's disease
  • Depressed thyroid function
  • Infants who receive soy formula are 200% more likely to develop diabetes
  • Birth defects
  • Due to suppression of the thyroid, fluoride becomes much more toxic
  • Inhibits zinc absorption

Mayonnaise and Cold Pasteurization

All commercial mayonnaise is cold pasteurized, because the raw eggs that are necessary for mayonnaise could not be left unrefrigerated for months on store shelves otherwise. Cold pasteurization is the process of saturating a food with radiation to sterilize it. Any "cold pasteurized" food is laced with cancer-inducing radiolytic compounds, in addition to benzene. It is very likely to still be radioactive at the time of sale. Radiolytic compounds and benzene formation are normal, expected occurrences whenever proteins are exposed to high levels of radiation.

In addition to its radioactivity, commercial mayonnaise is made primarily of genetically-engineered soy oil, which is heavily chemically processed. Furthermore, mayonnaise typically contains hydrogenated oils and chemically-engineered additives. Since the toxins in mayonnaise are bound inside various fats, and since the human body protects itself by storing toxins inside fat cells, it is easy to deduce that a body will rapidly convert commercial mayonnaise to body fat.

Why Vegetarians and Vegans Should Consume Hemp Instead of Soy

Vegetarian diets leave individuals lacking in key nutrients, proteins, fats, and amino acids. Adults have a right to make such decisions for themselves, but parents who keep children on vegetarian diets are guilty of chronic child abuse via intentional malnutrition. Vegetarian diets for children should be illegal, and this is doubly so for vegan diets.

When people choose to be vegetarian or vegan, they generally utilize soy-based products to compensate for their protein deficiency. Soy is horrendous to a body, and it is unfit for human consumption. Infants who are fed soy formulas are far more likely to develop hormonal diseases like endometriosis and thyroid disease later in life. The estrogen-like compounds contained within soy hinder development by mimicking estrogen. They imbalance human hormones; especially in females. The ever increasing use of soy in today's processed foods is one of the reasons why young girls are starting puberty at younger ages than ever before.

Hemp-based alternatives have become widely available. Hemp does not contain THC, the active narcotic found in its close cousin, cannabis (marijuana). Therefore, hemp products come with no legal liabilities for its possession. It is a miraculous plant that contains similar amounts of protein to soy products, but it comes without any of soy's risks. Shelled hemp seeds are about 31% protein, in comparison to 35% for soybeans. Hemp protein is widely available in higher concentrations. It is produced naturally by simply sieving out the fiber. Hemp contains every important amino acid that science has been able to identify, and high amounts of omega-3, a substance that is lacking in almost every Western diet. Vegetarians should take heed that hemp contains even more omega-3 than walnuts, the most highly acclaimed vegetarian source for it.

Vegetarians frequently have problems with stamina, which has been shown to be massively improved with hemp; especially when combined with iron. Hemp also helps those who are lacking fiber, and those who are embracing gluten-free diets. Readers should be aware that this report does not imply that any vegetarian diet could be considered ideal, but merely that the introduction of hemp as a complete soy replacement would be a very wise health choice. An occasional steak to provide bio-reactive iron that the human body can actually use would be wise too.

Whole Foods Market Promotes Soy

Some years ago, we stumbled across a web page promoting the use of soybean-based foods at the web site of Whole Food's Market. We knew that soy-based products were being sold at the company's retail outlets for customers still embracing vegetarianism, but it was disturbing to witness the company openly promoting soy as a health food. Anyone taking a moment to search the Internet for information about soy will immediately see the countless reports about soy-induced infertility, miscarriages, premature puberty, obesity, hypothyroidism, endometriosis, and let us not forget cancer. Females can develop a permanent case of P.M.S. if soy is consumed regularly, or possibly something considerably worse. At least people consuming soy need not worry about pesticide residue, because soy plants kill off the insects. Virtually all soy is genetically modified too.

"Soy has been traditionally prepared and consumed in a fermented form (miso, tamari, and tempeh). Fermenting soy reduces the quantities of phytic acid (which can interfere with the absorption of minerals like calcium, iron and zinc) and renders the soy more digestible, in addition to providing beneficial microorganisms."

-- Whole Food's Web Site

Whole Food's admitted that its promoted health food removes calcium, iron, and zinc from the body to cause multiple mineral deficiencies. They neglected to mention that it also reduces the absorption of magnesium, copper, and vitamin B-12, which are all crucial for cardiovascular health. Soy's dangerous phytic acid may be reduced by the processing, but it is not gone. They furthermore neglected to mention that soy is no longer fermented with the traditional methods that were once used in Asia, and instead the company dishonestly implied that it still is. The new 'fermentation' is done chemically and with genetically engineered bacteria to ironically make the genetically modified soy less toxic. It is the type of food preparation that requires an environmental protection suit. Whole Food's Market admits that one of its most promoted health products disrupts a body's ability to absorb nutrition, which is the most common route to serious chronic diseases. It actually refers to the genetically engineered germs and yeasts in its soy products as "beneficial microoorganisms".

Practically everyone who has read about soy in the last 10 years knows that soy has been proven to be extremely harmful to health, so one might wonder where Whole Food's Market got its information. According to their web site, they found one source of information that was willing to publicly agree with them. It was an organization calling itself Stevens & Associates. Who or what is Stevens & Associates? This is a question for which no person seems to know the answer. Their web site (now defunct) at was registered to Roger H. Stevens, who appears to be a one-man public relations firm that works as damage control for the soybean industry. He has the prestige of appointing himself to write the soy F.A.Q.


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Comments (21)
  • Lisa

    This article was so disappointing, but I had to link to it on my facebook to get the word out. I thought I was doing well by avoiding soy milk and eating tofu that indicated non gmo on the labeling :confused: ...I will toss that in the trash too...Thanks for the information, it can save lives.

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    Don't fret about it. If you were lucky, then you really were eating non-GMO tofu. However, non-GMO soy has become a rare thing, because all it takes to make it GMO is pollen contamination. Furthermore, we know from history that corporations will lie about such things, and D.N.A. is kind of hard to verify. They are well aware of that fact. Nevertheless, even the natural soy is bad, especially when you are female.

    In any case, it sounds like you are trying to do the right thing for yourself, and your family, so stop kicking yourself. I assume that it has not caused you any major problems, so just be glad that you were lucky.

  • kathleen ring

    My 23 yr old daughter was born w/ a neuromuscular disease that rendered her so weak that she is ventilated and has to be tube-fed. I have always made her formula, which until today I believed was very nutritious. It contains vegs, fruits, yougurt, etc. The protien I used was tofu-organic,. I was always told that it was very healthful for her . Now I am very concerned! What have I done to her? What can I do to correct this and what are good protien sources . I'm sort of freaked out by this!

  • Mike Copeland  - What about coconut oil?

    Great article on fats. I am suprised there was no mention of coconut oil or palm oil (non hydrogenated of course). These fats are very resistant to heat and are processed totally different in the body. These benefits are numerous. Also beef fat from grass fed and finished beef is excellent. Thanks for all the great info you share. Mike

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    Coconut oil is great, and we make sure that we get some daily, because it is a stimulant. However, we have previously read that it has a low smoking point, so it is not good for cooking at high temperatures. I'll have to do a little more research on that, though, because I just found conflicting results with new searches.

    Palm oil often has pesticide and herbicide residue in it, unfortunately. As such, we generally avoid it.

    We avoid consuming fat from any animal because fat is where the body stores toxins. Thus, it can be very unhealthy. You may be interested in this article, which describes that in more detail.

    Thanks for your comment!

  • Sondra

    I cannot believe there is no mention at all, about all the wonderful miracles of coconut oil on every level, including cooking. I recommend the Miracle of Coconut Oil by Bruce Fife. It is a real eye opener.

  • C. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)

    This article was written specifically to warn people about so-called "healthy" oils which are harmful; instead of recommending good oils. Perhaps the article is not yet complete because we neglected the inclusion of positive recommendations.

    You are right about coconut oil, and perhaps it deserves to be called a 'super food'. The F.D.A. actually went on the attack against Dr. Mercola for making "unapproved medical claims" about coconut oil. This alone shows just how bad it is for their partners' businesses (and how beneficial it is for our health). You can read for yourself Dr. Mercola's threat letter in issue 2 of Naturally Good Magazine, on Page 26.

    I'm making a mental note that this would make a great future article. Feel free to run with it yourself, and send it to us.

  • cidpusa  - awesome

    Awesome information

  • Harold B. Smith  - Extra virgin olive oil

    I have always been told that one can not cook with extra virgin olive oil. Have I been told wrong? I belive it was supposed to be because of what happens to the oil when it is heated. Let me know please, I would rather use it than anything else. Thanks

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    Olive oil should be fine except for high heat cooking. For example, it would be foolish to use olive oil for deep frying. However, olive oil should be fine for most cooking. For high heat, we believe that peanut oil is the overall safest oil that is reasonably healthy.

  • Paul

    I've read that extra-virgin olive oil should not be used for cooking because it oxidizes quickly when heated. Regular olive oil should therefore be used for low to medium heat cooking. The extra-virgin oil should only be used for such non-cooking uses as salad dressing, bread dipping, etc.

  • Mike Lamb  - Butter is better.

    I dropped the use of margarine from my diet 6 months ago, my bad cholesterol dropped a 105 points at my last blood test.
    I think the closer you get to nature, the better, and for me this is proof. Note, I don't take any of the medications they hand out.

  • Anonymous  - Organic soybean oil????

    Could you please not print any name or IP address? Thanks so much!

    I've personally experienced a healing from an autoimmune disease through nutrition and supplementation; therefore, we seek to eat as healthfully as possible, organic, local, non-GMO, etc. So does this mean the Trader Joe's organic mayonnaise made with "organic soybean oil" is really bad? Does this mean that any certified organic food with organic soy oil contains GMOs? My son does like Nature's Path Granola with organic soy oil. Along with an organic ranch dressing we get from time to time when we have guests that has organic soybean oil, those are the three products we purchase. Do you recommend avoiding all three or do you think each could be a lesser of two evils situation?

    Thank you for your time and service!

  • C. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)

    We do not publish your I.P.. We only publish the network address, so that people can get a very general idea of your geographical location. Your actual I.P. address requires all four sets of numbers separated by periods ( "dots" ). Nevertheless, we manually altered your network address as requested. Your real address would have only told readers that your location is probably in Missouri.

    The tougher question is the one about choosing the lesser of evils. These always tend to be the toughest questions, and there is rarely a right answer in such situations. Basically, your overall lifestyle (and a bit of luck) will determine how well your family tolerates various forms of food toxins and nutritional abuse. There actually is a right answer in this case, but we both know that is exactly what you least want to hear. All I can say is that if you are naughty in one area, then do your best to compensate in all other areas. Of course, that's no guarantee that the dragon won't bite.

  • Kelly  - Mayo?

    Are there any mayo brands sold at grocery or health food stores that are not cold-pastuerized? My mayo doesn't say how it is pastuerized. I am assuming it is cold-pastuerized though--it's kraft.

  • Brian nelson  - Grapeseed oil

    I have looked and searched through your site and found no mention on grapeseed oil. I had read good things about it but in reading the articles over the past two days I am questioning if it was propaganda or it is a good oil. I view this site as a breath of fresh air and will enjoy all the articles I'm sure thank you.

  • Ashley

    I love how the Pharmafia wants us to produce "scientific" literature.

    That's exactly like saying, "we need your rapist to confirm that he raped you" in order for us to believe you.

  • Chris Klomp  - Are Edamame beans ok?

    If I'm correct Edamame beans are unripe soy beans. They are cooked before consumption.
    I had some the other day originating from China and labeled Non-GMO. Considering that they are still in the pods, but precooked, the amount of 'processing' seemed acceptable.
    I ate them without salt, I seldom add salt to my food anymore.

    Is that safe or is there still unhealthy toxins in those beans and should they be avoided? There is a lot of hype about their nutritional value.?!

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    Thank you, but it is not our job to tell you what you want to hear. Soy should be avoided in all of its forms. In fact, unprocessed soy is the most dangerous, because pure and uncooked soy is too toxic for human consumption. The safest soy products are products like soy lecithin, because they are so heavily processed that there is very little remaining of the original soy. Your solution is like consuming pure fluoride, because the fluoride sold in pesticide products is not pure enough, and believing that it is better because it is more natural. It is a great analogy, because the two have virtually the same effect on human hormones.

    Also, the Chinese do not exactly have a track record of providing safe products, or honest labeling.

  • Thom Alexander  - What about topically applied Soy?

    I am guessing that soaps containing soy are just as toxic. However, I am unsure about the health effects in topical application. Your article has mentioned the effects of consumption, and I am interested in the effects of topical application via soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc. I was recently shopping and decided to look at the content of soap, and was surprised to see soy listed in so many brands, which reminded me of your article. Is this a serious concern? Would you be able to educate me on this?

  • Ryan H  - Eating for better skin w/o soy

    Since I have found your site I have lost 40lbs. without exercise or cardio.

    Now I have to mention that I am just 28 and have had 2 hip surgeries on both hips(last one was in April), pes valgus deformity (a horrible foot deformity that many docs said was just plain old flat feet, because of the statute of repose I can not sue). I also have nerve damage and spinal disease......

    Life has been very hard ever since I left for college. I was a 3 sport athlete and was varsity in 4 sports. I won't go on beating my chest but I should have never been allowed to participate in basketball or any sport for that matter. Because everything is connected my feet have destroyed my gait and entire body because of how I had to compensate for my foot deformities. I saw every doctor including professional sports team doctor. I can barely walk and mostly I lie down just to get comfort. i was also prescribed highly addictive pain meds (which I'm almost off now).

    The point is I never would have even known about the deformity or the hip problem or the spinal disease without being my own advocate....which has really just been the last 2 years. YOU SHOULD REALLY LOOK INTO THE LAWS (especially in MA) when it comes to the "statute of repose" and how even victims of negligence and malpractice have no recourse legally after 7 years from the incident! NOT FROM WHEN THEY FIND OUT! So children that have deformities/health problems that have been neglected or w/e from their doctor have 7 years from the time the doctor messes up to get justice. But many children have problems that manifest later in life, so when they find out and sue there is nothing to do. It's such a joke and people think MA is liberal and have such great healthcare, but theres a reason for that IMO and its because docs can literally get away with murder(actually has happened) and keep their license.

    Sorry to go off on a tangent so I will get back to the issue. Since I have lost 40 lbs and I want to lose another 40-60, I am obviously concerned with my skin and getting a double chin or the other problems that come with losing weight like that. I am also very cautious because I can not lift weights because of my other issues, but have recently been given the ok to ride my bike and I plan on riding first thing in the morning to more effectively target the fat.

    I just want to know if there are any alternatives to soy because my novice research shows it helps with anti-aging and skin health. but i know it flares up candida and is super toxic.

    Thanks so much for this site. I pass papers on my house in 2 weeks and can not wait to get equipment:bread maker, dehydrator, vitamixs30, blendtec, wheat grass station, spices and herbs, skin care products, supplements, and a water distiller/berkey filter, better mattress and special equipment to help keep my neck straight when I am on the computer. Also plan on buying your book, toothpaste, and antiperspirant. Also the chlorophyll you suggested and some other products I have written down from you and others.....Thanks so much. I literally have motivation and can see some light at the end of the tunnel, largely due to your resources here.

Only members may write comments.

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