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Cutting for Fun, Profits, and Giggles: Surgically Removing the Appendix, Tonsils, and Spleen

According to the World Health Organization, the United States is ranked 38th in life expectancy, indicating that its standard medical practices are inferior to Cuba, South Korea, Costa Rica, Guadeloupe, Singapore, and 31 other nations.  The U.S. system of medicine is only slightly superior to the Czech Republic and Slovenia, despite the U.S. spending approximately 16% of its total expenditures every year for health related expenses.  Standard medicine in the U.S. is the world's most expensive, and yet it is among the least safe.

Creating Dependence For Repeat Customers

There are plenty of medical procedures which are both unnecessary and dangerous.  With most of them, a complete recovery is eventually possible provided that the patient steps away from the medical establishment, and begins taking care of his own health.

There are, however, three very common surgical operations which make recovery to perfect health practically impossible, as well as limiting the effectiveness of future health therapies.  These procedures leave their victims forever dependent on a system that is concerned primarily with ever-increasing profits.  These barbaric procedures cripple the immune system, making it unlikely that patients will ever be able to fully live healthy lives, and the establishment has misled us through its media influences into believing that random organ dysfunctions are unexplainable, normal, and incurable without surgical removal.  With truly neanderthal-like logic, they have perpetuated a belief that some organs simply become "bad", and that the best solution is hacking them out with knives.  Society will someday mock these procedures in the same way that it now mocks other dated medical techniques, such as blood letting.

(all' lo path ick)

1. Describing the system of disease management using surgery and drugs to suppress the symptoms of disease. 2. Experimental medicine based on laboratory testing: sometimes referred to as "science based medicine" by its advocates. 3. Derogatory slang used by practitioners of traditional health therapies to describe doctors merely involved in symptom management.

The three vital organs discussed herein play important roles in the immune system, and all three have been discarded as if they were useless by the medical profession, at one time or another.  The removal of these organs depresses victims' immune systems, which means that even weak pathogens acquire the potential to be fatal in such compromised patients.  These operations carry special risks above other surgeries, because the greatest cause of death following 'successful' surgeries is secondary infections.

Tragically, it is most common for children to be treated in this way.  Parents are characteristically afraid to question any surgical procedure that is doctor recommended, for doctors already have a reputation for contacting child protective services in order to surgically remove parents who have enough character to dissent, so fear is actually warranted.  Throughout the whole process, no person is ever given informed consent, including the parents', since informed consent requires full disclosure of the whole truth, not just the bits considered politically expedient or required by the hospital's legal department.

When removed, all of these organs have been documented to grow back: some more often than others.  It is fairly common for the tonsils to regrow, although they rarely achieve their previous size and efficiency.  These are are among the many signs that the human body knows much more about what it really needs than 'the experts' do.

The Tonsils

In the 1970's, several million tonsillectomies were performed every year in America alone.  These were purportedly done to prevent infections.  They were almost always performed on children.  Parents were assured that no lasting harm would be done to their children, and that children would eventually become healthier from it.  These operations were portrayed as the only option when antibiotics showed limited effectiveness in subduing infections of tonsillitis.  The allopathic medical establishment is finally admitting that the tonsils have an important role in human health.

The tonsils are composed of lymphoid tissues, which create white blood cells needed to fight infections.  Therefore, they are a critical part of the immune system.  The tonsils especially promote resistance to all infections that enter through the mouth or nose, before infections have an opportunity to go on to impact the entire body.  This pathway, which the tonsils guard, is the most common route for infections to enter the body.  Nevertheless, the allopathic medical establishment still performs 500,000 of these surgeries annually, despite a plethora of research proving that these surgeries are detrimental.

Removing parts of the body is something that we have come to expect from the orthodox medical establishment, because they are known for treating the symptoms of ailments, but never the causes.  Removing two inflamed (i.e. overworked) tonsils is the equivalent of removing smoke detectors because they are making too much noise.  Members of the orthodox establishment have actually proudly paraded this stupidity as cutting edge, modern medicine.  It is as if the emperor has no clothes.

Most shocking is the fact that surgeons usually wait until children are healthy to cut out their tonsils.  They incredibly call cutting up healthy children 'preventative medicine'.

A surgeon's knife has traditionally been used to cut out the tonsils, but electrocautery (a heated wire) has become an increasingly popular method.  At one time, X-ray radiation treatments were used on children's tonsils to shrink (destroy) them via radiation poisoning.  Then doctors realized that this process was greatly increasing their patients' chances of developing thyroid cancer, as if it had been unknown to them that cancers are caused by radiation.  Since this treatment was directly causing cancers, it is no longer used for tonsillitis even though radiation is still actually used, incredibly, as a cancer treatment despite its known connection to causing cancer.

"Although at least 60% of children will be recommended to have a tonsillectomy, no more than 1 in 10,000 (0.01%) actually need the operation."

-- Dr. Robert S. Mendlesohn, M.D., 1984

Creating The Polio Epidemic

Scientists, and some of the braver doctors, now wonder if the Polio Epidemic was caused by the high number of tonsillectomies done in the 1920's through the 1940's.  They discovered that the only organ in the body which synthesizes the antibody for Polio (Poliomyelitis) is the tonsils.  Persons with removed tonsils have extreme difficulty resisting infections by the Polio Virus.  In the 1920's, 30's and 40's, children tonsils were removed regardless of their health.  This was supposedly done for the sake of preventive medicine against tonsillitis, since allopathic doctors were falsely trained that the tonsils served no purpose.  Traditional Chinese Medicine and Alternative Medicine had long recognized the tonsils as a crucial component of a strong immune system, but leaders of the orthodox medical establishment claimed that they needed scientific tests to prove that these internal organs were actually there for a reason, even as they continually ignored the consequences of removing them.  This unique version of science is still practiced by the A.M.A., and the damage done by Polio resulted from it.

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