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Mike Adams

Vote Against Genetically Engineered Foods For Children by Boycotting Kellogg's

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What if Kellogg's foods had honest labels? Would you buy?

On November 26, 2007, there was an article in The New York Times titled, 'Next up for U.S. farmers: Genetically modified sugar beets'.  The New York Times interviewed a representative from Kellogg's for the article.

"A Kellogg spokeswoman, Kris Charles, said her company, the top U.S. maker of cereal, 'would not have any issues' purchasing such sugar for products sold in the United States, where she said 'most consumers are not concerned about biotech.'"

— New York Times

Cereals That Talk Back To You And May Just Bite Back

The Organic Consumers Association wrote a letter to Kellogg's, requesting that they do not use genetically modified sugar beets.  One survey after another shows that Americans do care about genetically modified foods, but they are unaware that they currently consume them.  A November 2004 report by Rutgers' University showed that only 31% of Americans believe they have ever eaten genetically engineered foods.  Given the fact that processed foods contain corn, soy, and Canola; there is little doubt that almost every American has eaten genetically engineered foods, and most Americans do so on a daily basis.  Due to governmental groups working for the chemical industry, the U.S. is the only industralized nation that does not require strict labeling.  Kellogg's responded to the Organic Consumers Association.

"Consumer preference is the critical factor Kellogg uses in determining the products being provided in each market, and those preferences are not the same in every country.  Ms. Charles was referring to a U.S. study conducted in September 2007 by the International Food Information Council stating that U.S. consumer 'concerns about the usage of biotech ingredients in food production are low'.  Public acceptance of biotechnology in Europe is lower than in the United States.  As a result, all Kellogg products sold in Europe are free of any ingredients derived from biotech sources."

— David Mackay, President of Kellogg's

That's right.  You vote for genetically engineered foods with every dollar that you spend on Kellogg's products, because this is all Kellogg's will listen to.  Other nations require labeling of G.M.O. foods, and most Americans would never willingly buy a food having a "GMO" label on it.  It is contrary to human nature to wish to become an experiment, or to trust big companies to toy with the lives of our children.

We are as committed today to protecting and promoting consumer confidence in our products as our founder, W. K. Kellogg, was when he had his name placed on every product as his personal assurance of quality.

— David Mackay, President of Kellogg's

In truth, W. K. Kellogg would probably be rolling in his grave if he knew what had happened to the company that he started with such noble intentions.  Despite the dishonest garbage pouring from David MacKay's mouth, Kellogg's was not intended to be a source of children's Frankenfoods, artificial flavors, or colors.  These were most certainly not the dream of W. K. Kellogg.

"One of the most beneficial services that could be bestowed upon civilization is to make the lives of little children happier, healthier, and more promising for their adult years."

— W. K. Kellogg

The Kellogg's of today is not a company that is dedicated to giving children a good start in life.  As C.E.O. David Mackay admitted, their choices of ingredients are made based upon what they can get away with.  Kellogg's exploits the ignorance of American consumers who are not allowed honest labeling, and the company now relishes the official policies promoting dishonest labeling from its friends at the F.D.A. and the U.S.D.A..  Kellogg's is definitely no longer concerned about creating generations of healthy children.

Kellogg's also owns the following organic brands (which we strongly recommend boycotting):

  • Kashi
  • Morningstar Farms
  • Natural Touch

Evil companies will not change unless we take a stand against them.  Now that you are aware of Kellogg's official and shameless policies toward genetically engineered foods, will you still buy from them?  Our children should not be part of their god-forsaken science experiments.  Send the food and chemical industries a powerful message by putting Kellogg's out of business.


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Comments (3)
  • mommyg05  - Close Call!

    Thank you again and again! My husband and I just bought two boxes of the KAshi brand cereal the other day from Walmart. Today as my children asked if they could have some as part of the healthy, (or so I thought), homemade trail mix I make for them, God reminded me of your article stating that corn is one of the GMO foods that is eaten unbeknownst to us. Needless to say, I did not feed that to my little ones.

  • Lynda Timms  - re: Close Call!

    Monsanto - try to rule the world on seeds!!!

    I am sincrely worried about Monsanto activities. eg. Kelloggs and their use of any Monsanto ingredeitns in their products.

    Roundup is a problem thoughout the world, just key in Roundup and Monsanto on the internet and you will find out lots.

    Bees are disappearing at a fast rate and if they do that we will eventually have no food to eat and it will be the end of the human race. This may seem dramatic but we are on the way........

    It is all to do with greed of Monsanto and not thinking about people and the natural word that has everything to give if we look after it as it was planned.

    The American President promised a few years ago that if a product had GM in it it would be labelled. This has not happened!!

    Very eminent scientists are very worried about the activities of Monsanto and how the plant and the soil are being affected eg by Roundup

    Please help and make people aware.

    very important -
    Saw on the internet a few weeks ago the shareholders of Monsanto are now getting worried.

    Help before it is too late. Please give me some hope as I met a Monsanto man in 1999 at Epcot and I talked to him for an hour and with a woman's intuition knew that we are going the wrong way with these seeds (and it has been proved that I am right.

    Lynda Timms

  • emmett brady  - Kellogs Special K with fortified Iron


    Here is another Kellogs story.

    When they say with fortified Iron they really mean it . This is not a joke.

    pour into water and take a magnet to them and watch them move across the water.

    It's iron filings sprinkled on to the flakes.

    Amazing, they are actually getting the truth and when they say SPECIAL K they really mean it.

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