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Understanding Foods Labeled 'Modified'; What Is Modified Food Starch and Should It Be Avoided?

Written by Print 
The Chem-Shield 4000 (TM) -- Perfect for grocery gettin' and chemotherapy techs!

Selecting healthy foods from grocery stores is very difficult in this era, since so many of the products are actually toxic. Reading the ingredients can be scary, and most people do not understand them. This is intentional. There is one ingredient that reoccurs often: modified food starch. What we discovered in our research of it was disturbing. The only thing this label tells with certainty is that the "food starch" is not really food starch anymore. There is no definitive way to know what the derived substance is; but they would not conceal it if it were natural.

It is most often corn starch that has been chemically treated to change it into a thickening agent, emulsifier, or a stabilizer. It can be chemically treated in many ways, and for different reasons. Many of the foods are now being altered by being fermented with genetically engineered bacteria. Consumers have no way to know. The F.D.A. believes that people have no right to know, as is the case for radioactive foods, genetically engineered foods, and so on.

An ingredient simply labeled "modified starch" has been treated with an acid in order to lower its viscosity. The chemical industry apparently believes that acid, especially sulfuric acid, is an essential nutrient. Perhaps that is why U.S.P iron supplements are made with it and why iron supplements are so dangerous. The long-term health effects of these things are completely unknown. These modified starches are difficult for a body to digest, and of course, there have been no publicly-released studies about the long-term effects of eating these mystery substances from the chemical industry. Modified corn starch often contains about 10% maltodextrin, which is a common keyword used by industry to hide the presence of monosodium glutamate.

A huge portion of modified starches come from China. The lead poisoning of toys and the melamine poisoning of infant formulas should have resulted in huge concerns over Chinese food supplies, but the F.D.A. treated the poisoned babies as just a public relation's problem, and even coached the companies involved about how to best deal with the media backlash. Modified food starch is in the great majority of processed foods, and if they were to become likewise tainted by the Chinese, then millions of American citizens would die before the source was discovered.

Modified food starch seems to be an all-encompassing term which allows food manufacturers free reign over what they do to their products. There are several different base foods that can be used to produce food starch, including corn (usually labeled as "modified corn starch"), potatoes, tapioca, and wheat.


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Comments (4)
  • Dorothy Rognsvoog  - modified corn starch

    Now I know why I get so bloated and misserable in my stomach. Thank you for the education.
    Dorothy Rognsvoog

  • Zarlos

    right-on my brother!

  • Tracy Forker  - Maltodextrin and Bowel Disease

    My son was DX with Crohn's disease last summer. He is 13. In researching the disease we came across a study which indicated a connection between bowel disease and Maltodextrin--that maltodextrin actually caused a mutation in E.coli bacteria in lab dishes (we all have E. coli in our guts). The E.coli became "stickier". Interestingly, this same mutated E.coli is often found in the guts of people with bowel disease. We have tried to cut it out of our diet completely but I keep seeing this "modified corn starch or food starch" and wonder if it may be similar.

  • Chris O'Shea  - Learn more about the food industry

    For anyone who wants to know more about the evil things going on in the food industry watch this video on YouTube you will be appalled.
    Genetically modified foods in America health documentary

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