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Mike Adams

Your Metal Drinking Bottle Is Probably A Toxic Plastic Bottle In Disguise

Written by Print  E-mail

This "safe" Sigg brand drinking bottle (sold at Whole Food's Market) is not as safe as we were led to believe.

In a small victory for consumers, BPA-free water bottles have found their way into regular grocery stores. Researchers and the public already know the dangers of BPA, despite the refusal of the F.D.A. to acknowledge them. However, the new water bottles may not be as safe as people assume. While they may not leach the hormone destroying bisphenol-A (BPA), a strong plastic taste can still be noticed in water stored in the new generation of bottles.

The chemicals that leach out of plastics are always harmful to health. Oftentimes these chemicals go unnoticed because flavored drinks can mask the chemical taste. As a rule of thumb, plastics should be categorically avoided for food and beverage containers. All plastics leach, but they leach different chemicals at varying levels. Therefore, some plastics may be safer than others, but none are completely safe. The plastics used to make milk jugs are fairly safe, along with water stored in milk jug type containers. Clear plastics, like those used for soft drinks, are the worst.

Those who realize the dangers of plastic bottles will usually use metal containers. Unfortunately, manufacturers are using extremely dirty marketing tactics to continue poisoning us. A major design problem was found with the cheap aluminum containers, and an even more insidious solution was employed. The problem was that common aluminum drinking bottles normally react with acidic drinks (all popular soft drinks), to cause the drinks to become toxic with heavy metal compounds, while the containers themselves decay from the acids. Instead of switching to a non-toxic, more resilient metal like stainless steel; manufacturers secretly began lining aluminum drink cans with clear plastic, like clear coats that are used on automobiles.

Most of the safe metal water bottles are essentially plastic bottles in disguise. While no mention of this is found on the labels, manufacturers have an incredible tendency to boast about the plastic linings on their websites:

"A baked on inner-lining which meets F.D.A. requirements, doesn't impart odors or tastes."

"Contains a strong, taste-neutral bpa-free plastic lining."

"This eco-friendly bottle has a special leach-proof lining."

They completely disregard that the primary reason for the purchase of metal bottles is because people do not want plastic. Manufacturers are charging consumers four times the amount that they would charge for a plastic bottle of the same size. They trick customers into buying plastic containers, when customers are specifically attempting to avoid them. The scam is perpetrated by simply adding a thin aluminum outer layer over the plastic interior, which exists for deception only.

Sigg Brand Bottles

Sigg, a brand which is proudly made in Switzerland, is one of the companies that deceives consumers with this method. In fact, Sigg boasts that they use a special "proprietary" lining, which means that they go to special efforts to hide which plastics they use. We paid special attention to this company, because it is the brand sold in Whole Food's Market. It is a store that most people feel is safe for finding non-toxic merchandise, but unfortunately, this seems to be changing fast.


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Comments (8)
  • Tom  - Sneaky advertiser!?


    I just reading your article; 'Your Metal Drinking Bottle Is Probably A Toxic Plastic Bottle In Disguise' - when in the last paragraph you mention that one of your advertiser were using plastic lineded liners! Was it the company you mentioned earlier, Klean Kanteen???



  • C. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)

    Klean Kanteen was one of the very few innocent companies, but their bottles are being made in China now, so we cannot recommend them.

  • Rebecca  - Quench brand

    How about a metallic bottle brand called 'Quench'? I bought one by this brand from Marshall's for my 2 y.o. daughter.
    If you have any info about the bottle made by this company I would be appreciative.

    Thank you-

  • C. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)

    From their company F.A.Q. document, I read this:

    Question: Where are Quench bottles manufactured?

    Answer: In a factory near Shanghai, China. China is unquestionably the best place for manufacture of stainless steel consumer goods at this writing. Although we would love to manufacture them in the USA, the price is prohibitive. So, alternatively we rely on independent inspectors [the Chinese manufacturer in other words] to conduct regular quality control inspections of the facilities

    I should hardly need to say more. They boldly admit that their higher profit margins are more important than the safety of our families, and they have sold-out their own country for a little pocket change. You asked for our advice, so you are going to get it. Our advice is to boycott that company, and all like it. We have written about the Chinese policies of willfully poisoning U.S. children many times, and it has become a tiring topic. We would trust that company about as much as we would trust a company that made lead toys.

  • Cheryl  - Liberty Bottleworks

    Have you heard of Liberty Bottleworks? I believe the bottles are lined with ceramic. (I have friends that have worked there) They are 100% American made here in Yakima, WA. I used to have a cheap metal bottle. I can definitely taste the difference in the water since switching to a Liberty bottle.

    If you find out they are not safe I will send mine to the recycling bin.

    Thank you,

  • Mariel Thomson

    Thermal ink cash register receipts have a coating with a lot of BPA. And it rubs off into your pockets and whatever else it touches. You can check a receipt by applying heat and seeing if it darkens to the ink color.

  • Michelle  - Liberty Bottles lining?

    I would also like to know if the Liberty Bottles linings are truly safe. They are BPA free and made in the USA which is good. But isn't what they are lined with just plastic? "Food-grade polypropelene" they call it...doesn't that mean plastic? There is also a bad smell and taste at first, even after I washed with warm soapy water I could still smell & taste it (which they claim on their facebook site is not harmful). I have looked hard and not found too much information on the Liberty liners.

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    The problem is that BPA is not the only problem with plastics. Plastics will never be as safe as stainless steel, because they are made with petroleum. We recommend against all plastic bottles for that reason, and you can never really be sure what will leach out of them.

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