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The Utter Corruption of the School System

Written by Print 

"You can't make socialists out of individualists.  Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming, where everyone is interdependent."

-- John Dewey, Father of Modern Education

Zach at William R. Davie Elementry School in the Davie County School System before homeschooling

As I mentioned earlier, Zachary recently started at Cornatzer Elementary School.  Thankfully he enjoys it, and he is interacting with kids of his age, which is good for his general health and social skills.  Each day he brings home paperwork, consisting of forms, documents, and advertisements.  They send order forms from their corporate sponsors, and operate in a way that reeks of a marketing corporation.  The school employees ask for money in various ways, leading parents to believe that the school must rely on donations.  Of course, this is far from the case.  As a public school, they are funded by the State and county governments for everything they need. Regardless, they ask parents to collect product tokens, send in donations, and sign up for 'exclusive offers' which support the school.  We already have the product catalog that we are supposed to utilize when sending five-year-old Zachary to make sales pitches door-to-door.  Thus, the school is already teaching Zachary the most important lessons -- that money is what really matters, and that children like him are tools to be exploited for corporate profit maximization.

One of their corporate sponsors is Campbell, who mostly sells soups.  The school asks parents to buy their products and collect purchase tokens to submit to the school for corporate rewards. Campbell products almost always contain Monosodium Glutomate (MSG), a dangerous food additive.  What makes this sickening is the people most at risk are children.  MSG is a synthetic excitotoxin which causes permanent damage to the brain (lowering intelligence by killing brain cells), causing seizures, ADHD/ADD, Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, obesity, migraines, weakened heart muscles, irregular heartbeat, and it hinders social interaction.  While ignored by the FDA, this is only a tiny sampling of what MSG does to a person. MSG is added as a 'flavor enhancer' in processed foods, because foods become so nutritionally deficient during processing that chemical additives must be infused to return them to having acceptable flavor.  In other words, your body would otherwise rightly tell you that the food is garbage.  Chemicals are used to deceive a body's normal defense mechanisms -- to hide the yucky taste that God gave us to protect us from ingesting such garbage.  On several levels, MSG is literally part of a cover-up for what the food industry and certain capitulating governmental agencies are trying to ram down our throats.  For a school to promote a company who readily adds this additive to their products is twisted, and it is a veiled way of poisoning children to dumb-them-down, and give reasons to encourage the use of chemical straight jackets, such as Ritalin, when the intended effects occur.

Unfortunately, my distress does not end here.  Throughout life, a child develops confidence and their social interactive skills progress.  They learn to make their own decisions, and lose the reliance they once had on their parents or guardians.  Teachers should foster a sense of independent free thought, but instead they obsessively try to control students in their every move.  Many teachers even seem to have developed the arrogance of considering themselves to be our authority figures.

As an example, they tell children to wear their backpacks over their stomachs, rather than on their backs, as the name 'backpack' suggests.  This produces exactly the opposite effect of what backpacks were designed to do.  Instead of relieving pressure on the shoulders, back, arms, and in particular, the small of the back, it actually maximizes stress and pressure on all these areas.  The stupidity of wearing backpacks reversed increases the chance of children developing stress injuries, scoliosis, and long term back injuries.  Of course, it is also none of their business in which way a child carries his school supplies.  No teacher should interfere unless the child is harming himself or others.  The way they are forcing students to wear their backpacks is actually harmful, as it places stress on the weakest areas of the body.  The teachers are intervening unnecessarily in a way which is harmful to the children in the long-term, and it seems to be more about showing their power than anything else.

Instead of teaching children about responsible citizenship, they are teaching them lessons about obedience, and about being ruled by authoritarian controllers.  The school is riddled with absurd rules whose only purpose is emphasizing the power structure -- which is not exactly the sort of thing which stimulates a future of us having a free and democratic nation.  For another example, they instruct the children which corner they may touch in order to turn pages in books, as if there is only one place where the paper can be touched.  Only the top corner of a book page may be touched.  Touching the middle and bottom sections of a page is strictly forbidden.

Instead of allowing the children to wash their hands before eating, they force them to use chemical hand sanitizers, which is unsafe for ingestion itself.  These are made from chemical-industry solvents which are intended to be at least poisonous enough to kill germs.  A child's immune system would normally eliminate any long term germ problems, and become stronger from doing so, but the same is not true for the directly ingested chemical toxins, and the ones absorbed by the skin, which may accumulate in his body for a life time.

The ignorance of these teachers toward the health problems that they create is astounding.  All we can do is actively explain these situations to the teachers, in order to ensure that they know of the harm.  With the corrupt state of things, we figure they are not likely to listen, or even believe us -- because deep-down most of them do not want to honestly know the painful truth about the system which they are actively a part of.  Heroic teachers who wish to fix the corruption and stupidity of the establishment are eliminated quickly from the system for being trouble makers.

They actually told Thomas that he had to talk to the principal for being late, before telling him that he would not be allowed to send food and drinks to school for his son.  To give some background, Thomas has a certain intensity to his character, and he went to a military school.  It did not take long for Thomas to explain it to the teacher in a way that she could not help but understand.  She does not say much anymore.

I wonder how many parents only reinforce the lessons of obedience and servitude toward so-called authorities on their children by meekly appeasing these demanding egos.  A lesson that Thomas and I learned from military school, and a lesson which the schools should be teaching as they once did, is that one should always question -- especially alway question authority.  We owe that to our democratic heritage, and to our future generations.

Another sign of the system being totally corrupted is their Smart Boards which are replacing blackboards in every room.  Along with most other so-called "smart" technologies, it is really a device intended more to dumb-down the users, or to at least insult their intelligence.  These devices cost roughly $5,000 per unit, and require an additional recent model notebook computer to drive them.  Therefore, when the cost of one of these is added to the cost of its driving computer, plus the cost of setup, plus the cost of all of the required software, plus the cost of training, then the price is certainly over $10,000 per classroom (and likely closer to $20,000 per room).  This would place the cost for each upgrade at well over a million dollars per school every couple of years.  One has to wonder to whom the kick-back checks get mailed to.  How many books could be purchased, new schools built, and teachers hired for what the grand total is every couple of years, whenever they purchase a "required" upgrade?  If the students are really "falling behind" as the teachers recently admitted to a group of parents, then do they really need those distracting $10,000 cartoon display devices in their classes?  A look at the county's "technology plan", and the diagram of the school's network topology exposes the agenda as one of maximizing expenses.  Do they really need those top tier, high priced, fiber optic cables for their e-mail?  Why are they using Novell Netware servers on a mixed Apple and Windows network, unless the true goals are to increase complexity, and thereby increase the expenses?  More team players will need to be hired to manage the resultant security issues from this design -- the friends of the school-board who will remain silent and pretend not to notice all the intentional incompetence.  Can you smell the money?  Money!  Money!  Money!

Do not miss your chance to take advantage of the system too with Davie County School's "Golden Opportunities Program"!  After all, you are just one check away from having the school system sell out for you too.  There really is no shame for these corporate whores.  I love how the flash document at the above link suggesting that Golden Opportunities Partners "Sponsor a breakfast or lunch for character education students", followed by "Donate gifts to staff members", and "Speak to classes about your work [corporation]." What kind of character education would this be?  The schools are even offered for "product development" (product placement) testing, and the school system proclaims that "The possibilities are endless".

Will Zachary ever be a student at the Davie County, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, American Airlines, Pepsi-Cola High School?  Will his reading and writing in English be fluent if he does, and will knowing English qualify him as multi-lingual?  Will he know enough about American history to realize how far it has fallen?

Let us review what we have learned so far, before venturing into a pop quiz:  Thinking bad... obedience good... reeding, spellin, and wrightin bad... computer cartoons good... independence bad... corporate sponsorships good... hygiene bad... synthetic poisons good... backpacks bad... frontpacks good... turning the page from the top right good... turning the page elsewhere bad... respect for legitimate authority (parents) really bad...

What are the real lasting lessons that the kids are being taught?  Is it that they should forgo hygiene and instead rely on the chemical companies to keep them well?  Is it an allegiance to their corporate sponsors?  Is it that the acquisition of wealth is of greater value than responsible independent citizenry?  Is it that basic fundamental education is obsolete to "smart" education -- which is so profitable to those who have betrayed the rest of us?  Is it that parents are neither worthy of the same respect, nor the obedience granted to the State's agents, stemming from thinly veiled attacks against the family unit?

It was only a matter of time before it got this bad. Whenever God is removed from a place (such as the schools), there comes another who happily takes his place.  What kind of dark future are these educators creating for this nation?  There is a particular irony that each day begins with reciting The Pledge Of Allegiance (to the American flag), considering what they are doing to the U.S..

Andrea and Thomas are seriously considering the home schooling option for the future. The system is so bad that on average, home schoolers have reported needing only about fifteen minutes of a day studying in order to far surpass the academic levels of the public schools.  That's fifteen minutes.  Sad is it not?  We figure that if we spend a full hour per day on teaching Zachary, then he should be ready for college by age 10.  Yes, the schools are indeed falling behind, and for good reason.  Home schooling is not likely happening anytime soon, because Zachary really seems to be enjoying school more-or-less, and it is giving him a chance to meet lots of new friends.  He is a really good kid.  They did a great job.


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Comments (21)
  • Holly  - wow

    The quote at the top blows me away. The article was also an eye opener. So glad my kids have always been homeschooled.

  • Merit  - Homeschoolers in Davie County

    Hi - My family Homeschools in D/C too. We have a great Homeschool Support Group in Davie County Called T.E.A.C.H. I didn't know if you were already "connected" somewhere so I just thought I would mention it when I came across your post. You can check out the group at the above link and see if you think that T.E.A.C.H. would be a good fit for your family. I hope that your Homeschooling is going well! God Bless, Merit

  • Anonymous

    I can confirm the costs on the "tech" being installed. Each "Administrator" gets a $2500 tablet PC with docking station and 24in screen, Counselors and teachers get Laptops ($1500) and docking station to be hooked to the smart board. Upgrading is MANDATORY and FORCED. I was at a school doing a rollout and had faculty SCREAMING at me because they didn't want the new machines (mostly because they were too ignorant to backup their files. Or not even notified to do so.) I was also unlucky enough to overhear some of the "schoolwork" now. It's so packed full of pseudo-environmentalism it made my head hurt to think about it. Seriously I'd hammer pencils into my brain though my ears if I had to go back now.

  • Sai Kit  - I thought Hong Kong was bad enough

    I thought Hong Kong's education was bad enough because they put us through so many exams, homeworks, and so much rules.

    Now they have technologies, but they only used it to create more brainwash and distraction that actually dumb the children down.

    Sarah, are you like an adopted daughter of Thomas's family? (I know you are a staff) Is Andrea Thomas' wife?

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    Yes, I was adopted here, and Andrea is Thomas' wife. If you haven't already, read the About Us page for more information.

  • Sai Kit  - About Us Page

    The about us page made it very confusing, like you would notice that Andrea and Thomas have the same last name, but Andrea is said to be the mother figure of rest of you (to me that means she was a mother figure to Thomas also).

    Then when introducing Thomas, it mentions "his wife conceived their son around the time of their marriage." without ever mentioning the name of Andrea specifically as his wife.

    "the time of their marriage"? it made me thought that so there was a time when Thomas was married?

    It was very funny if it is written that way intentionally.

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    Well, adoption really isn't the most appropriate word. I was rescued from England, because I had to escape my evil father. He was/is a male witch.

    Andrea is Thomas' wife. She does baby all of us, and makes sure that we eat in between working.

  • Sai Kit

    How did you manage to connect with Thomas' family?

    About this time I am thinking about rescuring/adopting abused children as well. I thought when I have more money and have a wife I will start doing it... I have got to learn where to start

    And it is interesting how when you conceive a new idea, soon you will find someone who is doing it.

    Prior to that thought of rescuing/adopting children, I never met a "family" like yours.

    The Christians I know in real life don't really care much about suffering children ( they are too busy with their own life and churches, and they totally leave it to the government to do it on their behalf), but of course there are always exception out there.

    If I haven't seen how you concoct the copper solution, I would think you are a stern lady!

    And when you arrive at Thomas' family, how did you guys come to the inception of this website/naturally good magazine?

    Is this ministry self-sustainable financially yet?

    I am in a similar situation, so your example does help.

    You guys have a lot of faith.

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    We met on the internet at a time when I was in desperate need of help. After I came here, and cured my diabetes, we felt compelled to tell the world about the corrupt system of 'medicine'. That was why we started the magazine, and it is the same mission that we still embrace with The Health Wyze Report.

  • Sandra

    I don't even know where to begin, except to tell you as a retired teacher, all that you have mentioned in this article is the God's honest truth, but what you may have missed is that people like me who tried to do things differently got into trouble. The school systems do not want "older" teachers who know better, they have indoctrinated the "newer generations" that anything "old" is bad and we don't know what we are talking about.

    I actually quit teaching when I had a 20-year-old intern from the local college try to "talk to me" while I was trying to get a room full of first graders in from lunch recess. She "told" on me and I was suspended for two days. I never went back to that school.

    This is the state of our schools. When I subbed in a classroom, I refused to let children use those toxic "hand sanitizers" and told them to go and wash their hands with soap before lunch.

    If I were doing it now, I would NEVER send my children to public schools. On top of the indoctrination, they are trying in most states to make children receive vaccinations before they can attend school also.

    My dream is to start my own school and actually teach children. The only thing I need is a building. I will teach for free as I know lots of other "put out to pasture", retired teachers would do. All I need are books and I have plenty of those.

    Do you know they don't even use books to "teach" children to read anymore? Smart boards, charts, computer programs, etc.--these are the "tools". No wonder kids cannot read. This is a tragedy.

    Thank you for this article. I am so sad I am unable to teach anymore. But, you either bow down to the system, or be constantly berated every day for being "wrong".

  • Tala

    Oh my god, Sandra I know it is so sad...forcing kids to use these smart boards and stuff its just getting completely out of hand. Of course kids cant read...its a complete shame.

  • Tuhua  - Very Informing

    I enjoyed this article very much! Thank you, Sarah, for taking the time to write it and share it. I am one that is torn between home schooling and public school, too. Having six children and having home schooled the older 4 from the get-go, and then putting in the younger 2 to the public system has been an interesting watch. I guess we are a tad fortunate that we are in a small town, so not quite as much that could be wrong. We do have the smart boards, tho, and as another person commented...yes those prices are actual! I have insight from both sides of the fence, as I have kids in school, at home as well as working for the school system (me). I am the one that gets to fill in for the regular custodian and/or be an 'Educational Assistant'. Those 2 jobs have been interesting seeing what goes on in-class as well as what is given for the parents to see.

    My main reason for posting a comment is that I have come to the conclusion that I'm failing (or have failed) my older 4 in home schooling. Kind of a long story in sabotage of curriculum used and 'not right', and help being given then taken away. I won't get into it, just suffice to say that had I had the constant support from the beginning we all probably would be doing great! SO I chose just this last few weeks to enroll 3 of my older 4 into the public system and they are there now until the end of the year (or until I really see some messing up on the school side and can see it through my kids and what they bring home).

    I see another article that comments on home schooling and will read that to possibly get ideas and maybe get the confidence again at trying to school them myself. ...shrug.... we'll see - irregardless I think as a parent you have to be very involved in what your child is doing (and not doing) such as Thomas and Andrea were with Zachary! Well done! I know I've already mentioned to my youngest (6) how to handle the bully on the playground as well as informed his teacher that he DOES have my permission to knock someone on their **** IF it is the only way to protect himself. He may get in trouble with the school - but he won't be in trouble with me. I think the teacher was shocked with my thought process -- but she'd better get used to it. :side:

    Okay rambling, just totally enjoyed the story (thanks to my Sweet Husband for sharing this with me). Keep up the great writing!

  • Anna  - I am an informed teacher

    I am 63 to be 64 in Dec. I have an MPH. My first real career was in public health. due to changes in life ... I became a teacher. I teach High School since 1994 retiring from prison in Jan. 31,13.

    I can not tell the number of times I have been written up by these ignorant School Administrators and even suspended for two days...pending investigation... because I dare to tell the truth. Telling the Truth as you may already know a revolutionary act. NOT Really but for these folks it is. the school nurse is nothing but an extension of Big Pharma doing their dirty work for them for free. pushing vaccines... I show the students where by law every school district's info on vaccines must also tell people the right to exempt. I donot allow hand sanitizers... I immediately react to the abnoxious oders and chemicals nor do I permit any thing with perfume. I teach a career pathway elective program... Health Science Technology Education... HA! I am the only teacher in this district and other districts that inform my students of the real world of medicine. Their lies and corruptions, especially vaccines. I am a Doula, independent childbirth educator and completing my Health Coaching Certificate. I have done this work part time but now it will be full time. I have heard of other teachers not totally indoctrinated by this woefully inefficient school system.. but not met any..:-) I call this school system Juvenile Storage Facilities. I could tell you stories....
    I will be free at last in Jan. Oh yes I have collected my documents about the stupidity of this school district and will be confronting the School Board cause I am a tax payor of the District. I told my program Coordinator this and He was like... what are you going to tell them... Its a shame I have to quit as a teacher to come forth to tell the truth of things...Anna

  • C. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)

    We would love to hear your war stories, and I'm sure that our audience would too. Perhaps you would send us a summary of what you experienced. Perhaps we could interview you for an episode of our audio show or otherwise feature the stories.

    We can make a difference. All that is required is a little courage.

  • Anna  - My war stories as a Teacher

    Sorry about some of my grammatical mistakes... I have so little time...

    I would love to contribute... but I won't be free until Jan of 13... and then I may need a month or so just to recuperate from the repressive and abusive Educational System I have had to put up with for so many years just to receive the measley teacher retirement I will be receiving. It is possible that there may be ex-teachers suffering from Teaching post traumatic syndrome. LOL but then it could be possible... you just need to visit a school campus and observe some of these teachers.... terrified to step out of line just to avoid the harassment these Administrators seem just too happy to dole out. My favorite email from them is Anna we have received a "Student concern" or a "parent conern.... I teach approx. 100 students a day - five days a week and they want to call me on one or two student or parent concerns... seriously??? with all the grading and lesson planning deadlines I am required to meet and these activities are just the tip of the iceburg. Frankly, I just don't know how I lasted this long. Anna :-)

  • Jared B.  - Welcome to Amerika

    Welcome to Amerika! Its funny to me that every other high school in Amerika are literally called DROPOUT FACTORIES! In urban poor areas of large cities its almost every high school. But it seems like NO ONE in the DOE and school system knows how to fix it like its some puzzling alien bug. If you haven't watch Waiting for Superman. So the cut spending, waist more money on stupid shit and consolidate schools to more centralized control. And its getting worse and worse and they seem more puzzled. They aren't puzzled they know exactly what they are doing. A healthy, well educated, awake and aware population can't be ignorant corporate slaves! So on top of them making extremely hard to even get through grade school and high school they teach us nothing but corporate propaganda, pseudoscience and HIS-story (refering to the elites version of history), so the "smart" kids that graduate can work in higher positions then the factory line but dumb enough to believe this sick lie.

    And now with these fanciful "budget" problems (cafr anyone) they are now privatizing public schools, calling them charter schools -brought to you by AT&T, Monstanto & General Electric.

    I am 24 and made it through freshmen year and dropped out and took my GED. Now going to advanced indoctration school aka College. But even in "advanced" education i had a teacher literally told me to SHUT THE f**k UP and brought me outside because i didn't agree with him and called him on the propaganda he was spewing. Lol

    I dont have much hope for our future. I just dont think enough people are waking up fast enough. I know you here about how more and more are waking up and blah blah blah but to be frank i just dont see it in my life.

  • Fraser Hawkins

    If you start with family and very close friends, and go from there, eventually there might be hope.

    I found Sarah's opinion of having an independent school a good idea, where people are taught to develop in a better way

  • Fraser Hawkins  - Homeschooling

    I am 18 and don't think I could allow a child of mine go to public education, or any school really, until he was at least ten. I am a pretty independent thinker, and always have been because I love history and also how we don't know exactly how things happen, or how history can 'change'. It is worrying that so many people don't care and 'trust' other people with their lives and wellbeing. I went to a public school until 14 and all I did was pay enough attention to do the work and 80% of the time did my own thing, such as reading because they didn't want you ahead of anyone else, and I was in the top 2% for maths and science, the only subject I was relatively bad at was englsih writing which was 35%, though spelling and comprehension was still top 15%.

    I wish I had been home school because you get pulled back so much, and I can remember being forced to sit in class all Lunch (1 hr) when I was 9 for a week, with no talking or noise or reading, because they found a cigarette in the boys toilets. Every time I look back at that I think WTF? That same year I also got my first and only detention for having my legs out straight while I was reading, instead of folding them under my chair when I was doing my work. I got 2 warnings, no reason given for why it was wrong, and being a good boy I cried when I got it, because it was originally going to be for three days, and he limited it to one....

    Anyway, homeschooling for my children, because right now I know more than enough to teach them in everything until they are 12-13, without all that authority bull. Another example of how it changes you. I wouldn't do my homework sometimes because I would forget/unorganized, while others would say they did it but forgot to bring it. I wouldn't lie because I thought it was wrong, whereas they would lie because they felt not doing their homework was wrong...

  • Amy C

    Public school is much worse than you described... and no, it's not "getting worse" - it has always been bad.

    I'm 46, grew up in New York City public school system and I can tell you stories. Now I home school my children, ages 7 & 9 in NJ and I am a moderator of a home schooling Yahoo! group. I have heard a lot more public school horror stories!

    I just read the About Us about Sarah's background - this explains the articles about wicca and witches. There is some discussion amongst us home schooling moms that C. S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia teaches kids about the occult. Do you have an opinion on this one? C. S. Lewis is also a well-known Christian writer, so I'm a little conflicted.

    I'm sure you'd agree that Harry Potter glorifies the occult, right? I couldn't believe it when a Christian mom I know started spewing to me how Harry Potter's author is a church-goer and that she wrote the series to educated non-Christians on Christian values of sacrifice, bravery, etc. Never mind the fact that she made millions of dollars "educating" non-Christians and entertaining Christians. There's actually a small group of Harry Potter devotees who are Christian and think this way!

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