How to Make Genuine Colloidal Silver at Home
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Quick Tip: How To Eliminate A Sore Throat

Written by Print 

Whether people are suffering with the common cold or bronchitis, a sore throat is often one of the first symptoms. There are very few useful pharmaceutical options, so even doctors frequently recommend home remedies. We have found a cure for some cases of sore throat. It can dramatically reduce pain in a matter of minutes.

Mix one teaspoon of powdered cayenne pepper with one teaspoon of sea salt, in an 8 ounce glass. Fill with water and mix well. Gargle with this formula, and then refrigerate it. You should re-use it whenever the throat becomes painful again. It does not need to be warmed. It will break-up the bacterial coating in the throat, so expect to be profusely spitting for a few minutes afterward. Discard it after a day, and remake it as necessary.

While most people are familiar with gargling salt water, combining it with cayenne massively boosts the efficacy. Contrary to what most people will assume, the cayenne does not burn, nor is it unpleasant. In the right conditions (like a raw throat), cayenne pepper actually acts as a numbing agent. It will be a welcome relief from the suffering. Cayenne is an extremely useful herb, regulating the blood pressure, helping with the heart, acting as a numbing agent, relieving shingles suffering, assisting weight loss efforts, stimulating the body, and of course, relieving sore throats.

In addition, standard hydrogen peroxide (3% strength) can be extremely useful. Turn the head sideways (best done whilst laying down sideways) and use a medicine dropper to squirt a small amount of it in both ears. Wait until fizzing stops before standing up. It should take about 5 minutes. Roll the head slightly in all directions while it is sideways to ensure that the hydrogen peroxide reaches its maximum depth inside the ear canal. This kills bacteria deep inside the ear, making it much easier to recover from the infection. Be warned that for bad infections, the tickling sensation from the bubbling hydrogen peroxide can make laying still a challenge. Have a towel ready to catch the hydrogen peroxide when you become upright again. You may also periodically gargle with the peroxide if you have a sore throat, and this should help to hasten the recovery time.

With a little luck and quick timing, you can normally kill a sore throat infection before it becomes a serious problem. A little colloidal silver helps too; both in the gargle and ingested.


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Comments (2)
  • Peggy  - Another efficacy boost

    Adding some organic apple cider vinegar before the water will boost the efficacy of this remedy as well. Vinegar promotes the flow of saliva, which helps flush out germs and hastens the action of expectorants. It also helps draw out the alkaloids in the cayenne pepper, making them more readily usable by the body.

  • Robert James

    Cayenne seems to have some amazing properties and combined with other additives (honey , as mentioned here by Peggy here, vinegar,Vegemite etc) can producing some amazing results quickly.}
    Made a concoction of Cayenne, manuka honey and vinegar stirred in warm water to disolve and sipped through the day, energy levels remained high and stable, dont have it before bedtime though, a restless night may be experienced !

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