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Chlorophyll Supplementation

Written by Print 

Chlorophyll is what gives plants their green pigment. It is also responsible for channeling the sun's rays into chemical energy for photosynthesis in all plants. Photosynthesis is the transformation of carbon dioxide and water into useful carbohydrates and oxygen. In human beings, chlorophyll is one of the few substances that pulls more oxygen into the cells, while simultaneously protecting all of the cells from oxidative (free radical) damage.

During the 1950's, it was used in certain U.S. toothpastes, due to it being only toxic to harmful bacteria and yeasts, such as candida. It was a remarkable breath freshener that also stimulated gum repair in people with gum disease. The Colgate company had its own line of chlorophyll toothpaste. There was also Palmolive's chlorophyll soap for enhanced beauty and improved skin complexion. These products worked better than their modern equivalents, because they came before products were required to use toxic chemicals to preserve them for extremely long shelf life. It was before the poisoning of the public was required by official regulations.

There was a period when scientists actually believed that chlorophyll could not be absorbed into the human body, since no trace of toxicity could be detected from it. Modern chemists in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries have sadly become that unaccustomed to non-toxic substances. When a controlled study discovered chlorophyll inside the blood plasma of those supplementing with it, serious studies into the health benefits of chlorophyll finally began. Nevertheless, there still remains gross misunderstandings of the absorption and bio-availability of chlorophyll today.

colgate_chlorophyllChlorophyll has the rare tendency of binding with certain carcinogenic chemicals, preventing them from causing damage, and aiding their excretion from the body. This includes aflatoxin-B1, known for causing liver cancer, benzo[a]pyrene, known for causing lung cancers, dioxins, and components of typical tobacco products. These facets of chlorophyll are still being researched. Chlorophyll should eventually be recognized as the major cancer preventative that it is, because it reduces the cellular damage done by all carcinogens, including radiation. Moreover, chlorophyll actually removes benzene from the body, which is produced in proteins whenever they are exposed to radiation.

There are studies ongoing about chlorophyll's ability to prevent liver cancers in subjects who have had aflatoxin exposure. Aflatoxin-B1 is produced by a fungus which lives on moldy grains, beans and corn. There are some areas where this exposure is unavoidable, so human studies have been conducted in these Chinese regions. So far, it appears that chlorophyll supplementation provides massive protection to those who consume that carcinogen. Conclusive studies are expected to take about 20 years, but there is enough research already available for any reasonable person to see an unmistakable trend.

Supplemental Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is present in all green vegetables, and thus it could be obtained through diet if we were to eat enough vegetables. However, the great majority of people never get enough vegetables in their diets. This trend, in combination with deficient soils that no longer produce nutrient-dense foods, generates the modern need for supplementation. Chlorophyll is best purchased as a liquid concentrate. Multiple drops may be added to drinks or swallowed straight. Supplementation with chlorophyll provides a long-lasting boost of energy, by somehow increasing the overall oxygenation of cells to enhance respiration, but this process is not well understood.

Almost every bodily process is somehow related to oxygen usage. As a result, chlorophyll has shown to help its users resist not only cancers, but also diabetes and heart disease. According to the Linus Pauling Institute, chlorophyll has historically been used to speed the recovery of bruising, and as an internal deodorant. Chlorophyll is sometimes mixed in ointments, and applied topically to wounds, but we recommend against eliminating bruises with pure chlorophyll drops, because concentrated chlorophyll stains skin a greenish-black. Nevertheless, chlorophyll was well recognized as the most effective way to quickly eliminate bruising in the mid-twentieth century, likely due to its high concentration of copper.

Despite 50 years of study, chlorophyll has never shown any toxic effects. Through the act of providing more oxygen to the cells, chlorophyll increases energy, improves concentration, boosts the immune system, aids the body to cleanse itself, and prevents some cancers. It contains magnesium and copper, which are minerals that the overwhelming majority of Americans are deficient in. Magnesium deficiencies lead to heart attacks, migraines, depression, insomnia, and irritability. The copper is necessary for a body to utilize zinc.

Most people should supplement with small amount of chlorophyll daily, for optimal benefit. There are no side-effects, and it is essential for the proper functioning of the body. It is fairly tasteless when mixed with juices. The improved energy and concentration derived from it are remarkable. Kids will love the fact that chlorophyll drops will make their mouths green when placed directly on the tongue, which is the fastest way to absorb it. The concentrated form is more natural and effective than weaker competing solutions with additives. A person using chlorophyll will feel the difference in energy, which happens from almost immediately to hours later. We are not aware of exactly which factors influence its delay in activity.


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Comments (18)
  • Sterling  - Wheat Grass

    Wheat grass is an excellent source of chlorophyll as well.

  • Johnny Edwards  - Method and Quantity of Chlorophyll one should take

    Hello....I am seeking a way to increase the level of oxygen in my blood. Is chlorophyll supplementation a good way to do this? If so, how much should I take daily?

  • kevin canan  - chlorophyll

    Where would I find the chlorophyll drops you suggest?

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    Concentrated chlorophyll is available at most major health food stores (like Whole Foods), and it is available online at Regardless of where you purchase, always read the ingredients to ensure that no additives are present, such as sodium benzoate. Some unscrupulous companies are now adding harmful additives to their chlorophyll products.

  • Eric P  - Chlorella as a source of Chlorophyll?

    What is your opinion of Chlorella as a source of Chlorophyll? I am reading positive things about broken cell wall Chlorella, and since it obviously has Chlorophyll would it be a good source?

    I've seen where you do not recommend Algae ( supplementation-problem-and-our-supplement-recommendations.html), although I could not find a statement explaining why you do not recommend it.


  • C. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)

    What's even better than chlorella is horse manure. I mean -- it's all natural and organic. Therefore, It's obviously a food item that would benefit your health. You don't even have to order it from Natural News. You can cheaply get horse manure from your local hardware store. Let's not forget its delicious algae-like taste either! Was it chlorella or horse manure that was the great temptation in the Garden of Eden? Perhaps we'll never know.

    Every time we get a question like this, it is obvious that Mike Adams has made a fool out of another person.

  • Marie Barck  - Magnesium deficiency/ supplemeting

    I was especially irritable one day (and mad that my hubby forgot to pick up my magnesium supplements.) He asked me what in the world was wrong with me, and I screamed, " I need some flippin' magnesium! That's what's wrong with me!" Yeah, definitely irritable amongst other symptoms.

    Question is, should I still take this Cal-Mag-Vit D supplement I've been taking along with Chlorophyll?

  • Jose Mancillas

    Speaking of chlorophyll as an internal deodorant, it really is. I stopped taking chlorophyll because a guru told me it was not necessary, not effective and maybe dangerous. Well, I should have listened to my body instead. Thanks for the article; on my way to get more chlorophyll.

  • william kopelovich

    Hi there,

    Was wondering if you red about the difference between Chlorophyll and Chlorophyllin since the liquid supplements contain the Chlorophyllin form.

    It seems that chlorophyll form has more benefits...but after a little search, one can only get this form from algae (not recommanded i know) or by consuming fresh vegetables.

    here's one of the links (but there are many more out there) :

    I'm sure you guys have done much more extensive research than my short webbing so i would be happy to here where you stand on that subject.

    Thank you,

  • Alejandro Con

    I also found similar results stating that 'copper chlorophyllin'(this is the liquid form sold), has less benefits that actual chlorophyll.
    here is the link:

    But i also found a very interesting pdf report(link below) with studies on 'copper chlorophyllin' from where it shows it does have more benefits. 221719209_Copper_chlorophyllin_A_food_colorant_with_bioactive_properties/file/ 79e4150dea19428e13.pdf

  • Vilma Oman  - Where do you get safe chlorophyll?

    I checked out some liquid chlorophyll supplements. Most seem to be made from alfalfa. Which of course is now 90% likely to be GMO. I could not find any brand using certified organic inputs.
    Do you have any suggestions?

  • CJ Bass


    I've recently run into the same problem. I can't find any true organic chlorophyll supplements on the market. I share your suspicions that the ones available are GMO. What's also suspicious, is what I find when reading the product label. Every brand I've seen has an ingredient called chlorophyllin. It's not the same as chlorophyll. I've halted my purchase of chlorophyll until I can find one a brand that is safe & unperverted.

    I understand why the Corrihers are apprehensive about recommending a specific brand. Lots of trickery by the manufacturers is involved. Finding a product that is safe & effective is really complex.

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    Okay, we get the hint. We will tell you what brand we currently use. As always, check the ingredients before you buy, because they may have changed by the time that you read this. We use "ChlorOxygen". Also, we do not believe that there is any problem with chlorophyllin. Most of the research that has shown the positive benefits of chlorophyll was done using chlorophyllin. We can understand and appreciate the apprehension with things that are not completely organic, but this is a case wherein the extract looks like it is just as good as the original, except for being much more concentrated. The biggest problem with chlorophyll supplements is the inclusion of various other filler ingredients. Always avoid any ingredient containing the word "benzoate". As of this writing, ChlorOxygen contains sodium copper chlorophyllins extracted from stinging nettle leaves, purified water, and vegetable glycerin. We are not sure that we could have formulated it any better ourselves.

  • CJ Bass

    LOL @ calling me out! This site is great!

    Muchos gracias Sarah!

  • CJ Bass

    And I understand your stance on recommending specific brands. I bug you guys with questions all the time, so you can tell I constantly check labels (advice of yours that I take heed to).

  • Susan Koehrn  - COPPER LEVELS HIGH


    I'm new to the group and thrilled to find this article and forum. I have been taking a chlorophyl supplement for over 1 year. I love the taste and my lungs are stronger than they have ever been! However, routine blood work showed very high levels of copper. There is apparently high copper levels are not good? I don't want to stop taking my suuplement. Can you tell me if there is any reason to worry about high copper levels? My supplement is Chloroxygen (alcohol free). I am a singer and have a big event coming up in 3 weeks. I NEED my chliroxygen. Thank you so very much for any insight you can help me with.

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    You didn't provide any numbers, so we do not have anything to compare your results to. However, copper is only a problem if it is high enough to put stress upon the liver and kidneys. It is doubtful that you have reached that point with chlorophyll alone. If you are taking copper supplements, then they can easily cause such overdoses, which is why we recommend only chlorophyll for copper supplementation.

    Nutrition is not as well understood as most of the 'experts' like to pretend, so if you were to query a doctor about what exactly is a dangerous level of copper, he would not be able to tell you. In your position, we would let our bodies indicate our health, instead of putting faith in lab results. The tests are not as meaningful as they would have us believe.

    For the body to properly utilize copper, zinc is also needed. So, supplementing with a small amount of zinc, or increasing the amount in your diet, may be prudent. We have an article about zinc that you can find using the search in the top right of every page on our site. With zinc, you will probably have less copper flowing through your body, but what you have will be more useful.

    If you do reach a point of copper overload, then your first symptom will probably be the development of a metallic taste, as if you are holding a penny in your mouth. Otherwise, it is probably helping you to build new arteries and red blood cells as needed.

  • Amy C

    Oh how I wish I read this article when my daughter went into the ER for asthma at 16 months, then again at 19 months... and when I spent $$$$ the following 2-3 years getting her off steroids, so she would get her immune system back! Chlorophyll would have put the oxygen she needed into her lungs, something I could have used instead of Albuterol, the rescue medicine. All these drugs have stunted her growth, putting her in the 5th percentile for height right now at age 10...

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