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Mike Adams

Death Rates Drop When Doctors Go on Strike

Written by Print  E-mail

Most people believe that doctors save far more than they harm, and that any doctor-induced injuries are usually minor.  However, there is plenty of evidence that shows otherwise.  In the year 2000, doctors in Israel decided to go on strike; demanding increases in pay.  Before long, morticians began to notice a bizarre trend.

“The number of funerals we have performed has fallen drastically”.

Hananya Shahor, the veteran director of
Jerusalem's Kehilat Yerushalayim burial society.

The longer the doctors' strike continued, the more the death rate fell.  In some locations, the death rate dropped by an astounding 50%.  Unfortunately, the doctors eventually stopped their strike, and the mortality rates returned to normal again.  This same thing had happened in Israel previously, almost twenty years earlier.

“There definitely is a connection between the doctors' sanctions and fewer deaths.  We saw the same thing in 1983 [when the Israel Medical Association applied sanctions for four and a half months].”

Meir Adler, manager of the Shamgar Funeral Parlour

This would be easy to dismiss as sub-standard Israeli medicine if this phenomena were restricted to just that part of the world, but similar results were seen in 1976, in Los Angeles, when doctors went on strike for just one month.  The death rate quickly decreased by 18%.  These shocking statistics have since been studied, and it is official; doctors are killing people.

There are, of course, rationalizations for the reductions in mortality, but they are poor.  During the strikes, emergency care was always ongoing, whilst elective (unnecessary) surgeries ground to a halt.  This is one of the main explanations for the lowered mortality rates during doctor's strikes, and the lack of deaths by pharmaceuticals has been ignored.

A 2008 review published in the Social Science & Medicine journal analyzed five separate incidents in which doctor strikes led to decreased mortality.   They also attempted to blame the lack of elective surgeries, but in the end, they were forced to admit that "the literature suggests that reductions in mortality may result from these strikes".  So, the best way to reduce deaths in this country may be to fire the doctors.


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Comments (4)
  • john  - concerned CHRISTIAN

    doctors are the leading cause of death in the united states, in all catagories of health

  • C. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)

    Oh, do we ever know it. One of these days, we need to post an article that just lists the death statistics.

    I remember off the top of my head that the average doctor is approximately 9,000 times more deadly than the average gun owner, and that an average doctor has a 17% chance of killing at least one patient, every single year. This comes from their own statistics, so you can be sure the percentage is much greater than 17%.

    What other group in our society could get away with such mass-murder? Even in the military, it is usually other people killing ours; instead of us killing ourselves.

    I remember the case of President and General George Washington. He had a reputation for strength, stamina, and luck. He was the real-life super-hero of his day, and some people remarked that he had obviously been blessed by God. Throughout his life, he only used what is now known as "alternative" medicine, until the last day of his life. He was apparently in so much pain that he finally allowed the butchers of allopathic medicine to try a new "scientific" procedure on him called blood letting. It took them only a day to finish him off.

    Radiation "therapy" and other "great innovations" will someday be mocked as blood letting is now. Amazingly, our detractors like to call us the quacks, and they love to dishonestly associate things like blood letting to us. We know the history, and the more that one learns the worse it gets. Modern medicine isn't really medicine at all; any more than blood letting was.

    To truly understand how and why things are as they are requires a study of psychology, and of the dark mystery religions: not science. Medicine has long been seen by the powers-that-be as an industry of addiction that can be used as method for control, wealth, power, and for covertly monitoring and dealing with the enemies of the coming communistic New World Order. Regular doctors rarely realize that they are just pawns of truly evil people in a much bigger game.

  • Sheila  - the medical profession is to blame for many health

    I have always believed that the medical profession kills as many as it cures.
    And nothing I have read or learnt in over twenty five years has changed my opinion.

  • Sheila  - read about organ donation and brain death

    the term brain death and brain stem death were invented by a group of medical people at Harvard. They were instructed to facilitate organ donation. Read their criteria, anyone who cannot breath on their own is liable to be certified as brain stem dead and used for organs. Most organ donors still feel pain. Some doctors speak up and say this, most do not, they follow their establishments rules and ignore the stress response on the machines which proves that the people are feeling pain when they are operated on.
    Organ donation from beating heart patients must be stopped, it is legalised torture and murder.

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