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'The Cancer Report' Documentary from Health Wyze Media

Written by Print 

Be sure to check out our newest movie project: Prescription For Manslaughter.

Trouble Watching? Watch this video at YouTube.

This documentary catalogs how allopathic medicine established dominance in the early part of the 20th Century, and how natural medicines were arbitrarily banned from the medical profession, despite the basis of this decision being scientifically unsound. The wholesale transition from natural medicines to chemical ones was based on financial and political reasons, at the expense of the patients.

This documentary exposes the carnage of the cancer industry, the financial interests that molded it, and why it is so resistant to change. Meanwhile, cancer treatments kill more people every year than any war in U.S. history. Cancer patients with no treatment at all statistically live four times longer and have a better quality of life. The Cancer Report also catalogs the histories and procedures of the most popular alternative therapies, which generally have significantly better success rates than standard treatments.

We urge all of our readers to watch this documentary and pass it on to friends and relatives.  It is currently available on Youtube, and the full 1.5G movie can be downloaded from  The smaller 788 M.B. (yet still high quality) Divx/AVI version of the movie can be downloaded via a bittorrent program and directly from us. The full movie transcript is available.

If you have any problems viewing the original downloadable edition, then we recommend installing the free and multi-platform VLC program.  It is the best overall video player around. Another excellent option is the Miro program, which can both download the torrent version of the documentary, and play it as well.

For Germans

Dies ist die englische Version des Der Krebs-Report. Die deutsche Version finden Sie hier.

Movie Corrections

  • The following quote was attributed to Ecclesiastes 38:4: "The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth, and he that is wise will not abhor them."  The correct source of this quote is Ecclesiasticus 38:4, which is a book that is omitted from the Jewish scriptures and Protestant Bibles.
  • Due to a typo, the movie states: "All cancers, in absolutely every category, rapidly die whenever body pH goes beyond 8.5."  In actuality, sustaining a pH of 8.5 is likely impossible and the correct number is 7.5.

Is the Documentary Free?

You are allowed to share and copy both the DVD and the movie files freely, with very few restrictions. This movie is essentially free as in 'free beer' and as in freedom too. You have our permission to make as many copies of 'The Cancer Report' as you wish from our DVD, torrnet file, or you may create copies from the downloadable ISO file. The movie may be copied and redistributed in all electronic forms, including reproduction via the Internet, unless the pertinent redistribution network(s) require payments for rebroadcasting it. Otherwise, public display and broadcasting are categorically allowed.

We do, however, reserve our copyright of the movie, and as such, we forbid alterations to the movie without our approval. Additionally, a clear and easily readable attribution to must be clearly rendered in all derivative works, as well as conspicuously citing Thomas Corriher and Sarah Cain as its original producers.

This movie is being distributed under an attribution share-alike license, so others are generally allowed to copy and redistribute it, but we require that attributions to us not be removed.  Because of the non-commercial restrictions from certain media sources utilized in the production, you may only charge a reasonable fee for materials, media, shipping, and labor, if the movie is sold. None of the material from the movie may be used in a purely commercial endeavor, such as advertising.

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Comments (56)
  • john


    I have several friends and relatives with cancer right now.
    I knew of hans neapers book and related the info about the cure with b-17. in almost every case they are unwilling to even try to save their own lives.
    they have been so brain washed and drugged into believing what the government wants them to believe, that they do not trust their own better judgement.
    it's a terrible shame to watch these people become very ill from cemo and look like death warmed over. but they still trust the medical industry over GODS natural health plan for all humanity.
    i have tried, I gave them the info and they refuse it. so my concience is cleared, may GOD help them if it is in his will!!! amen


  • mel

    Yep, Its scary how indoctrinated people are. The agenda is so blatantly obvious but so many people just can't see it.

  • Krissy

    I hear what you are saying I have a half sister that is only 44 and has lung cancer.The things these Doctors have done to this poor woman and I have tried and tried to offer advice about trying some herbs,vitamins,alternative ,etc.Nobody will listen to me.I am told "You are not a Doctor or you are not a Nurse"but I have common sense .All I can say is I pray God will open the eyes of many oneday to see the corruption of the Healthcare System .Where did it go ?What happened to kindness,love ?Does it even exist anymore ?God help us all .

  • C. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)

    It is hard for a person to have faith when there has been a lifetime of brainwashing convincing such poor victims that the doctors are more powerful than God and that their chemicals are more powerful than his medicines. Inevitably, they learn (the hard way) that the wage of sin is death. Her fear of disobeying her godless "experts" -- her lack of faith -- will be both the root cause of her eventual death, and something that she has to answer for afterward.

    It is also worth noting for our Christian readers that 'pharma' comes from the ancient word which denoted practicing witchcraft and sorcery. Such has always led to slow and painful deaths. With the growth of 'pharma', you may notice that gentle natural deaths (ie. in sleep) are virtually a thing of the past, as most people die with horrific chemical "side effects" from a lifetime of poisoning, while being pumped up on pain-killing chemicals until their last agonizing breath. Those are, of course, "the miracles" of modern science.

  • Jeanette H  - Saying it as it is

    Unapologetically speaking the truth, and doing it well. Thank you, Thomas. :)

  • donna  - awesome!

    This is a must see for everyone, although it might not be everyone's choice.I have studied alternate therapies for over 15 yrs. and this is a wonderful summary and history on one of the biggest assaults on the population. There is so much wisdom contained in these videos. Not only could the suggestions dramatically improve a cancerous condition, there are many great principles to follow for overall health.Follow your intuition and chose the modalities right for you. Great work Healthwyze!

  • Taylor  - Thank you so much

    I am an 18 year oldboy from Canada and I am seriously going to spread the word about this outrage...I have never been more touched in watching a video and I thank you. The infor and statistics given during this video are astonishing. I really hope that I keep this information in my mind for the rest of my life. (If) I am diagnosed with Cancer of any kind, I will be sure to try my best to fight it off by eating healthy and avoiding Chemotheropy...Thank you and May God bless...I hope there truly is a God out there.

  • Johnny Edwards  - WOW - Great

    My mom has cancer...for the third time in ten years...I will pass on to her the information i learned in this great and informative video. I would like to obtain a dvd copy of this as soon as it becomes available. Thank you again for all that you do, GOD bless.

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    Hey Johnny;

    We are currently working on producing a DVD, but have run into some technical problems. Nevertheless, they should be ready soon. Thanks for your comment, and your patience.

  • Sue Thompson

    WOW - this tells everything I have believed for 12 years. In 1999 I was diagnosed with an "incurable" cancer, so they said. For nine years, after taking the natural path to healing, my body is clean of that. What you have documented here is so true and everyone that wishes to live a happy and healthy life must take ownership of their life and heal themselves as God intended - naturally - no surgery, drugs or radiation!!!!! Chemo is poison- everyone seems to accept that fact but still listens to the doctors and think that's their only way out. In truth, that's their way to death!!! How can I help to get this documentary out?
    Thank You!!!!

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    Thanks for everyone's support. You can help to distribute the movie by telling friends and family, and posting to forums, message boards, and social media sites that you use. In addition to the Youtube player, you can download the full high quality movie from It is 1.5GB. The movie is completely free, and we encourage sharing with others.

  • Wendy Dyer

    Dear Sarah & Thomas, i would love to order this DVD but i live in South Africa and when i checked on EBay i think it would cost me approximately R650 to ship it to South Africa.I am watching it in installments on youtube for now. Thanks

  • Jo's Health Corner

    thanks for making this great film.

  • Calvin

    Great video! You should have included the sodium bicarbonate(pure) and molasses/honey cure. Although the theory is that cancer is caused by a fungus but still in an oxygen poor environment the treatments have been successful.

  • Calvin

    Also the Cannabis oil cancer cures are worth mentioning in your video:

    Cured: A Cannabis Story (A film by David Triplett)

    Vitamin Cannabis

    Run from the Cure - The Rick Simpson Story

  • Maurintius  - What if Cannabis Cured Cancer?

    Another very good documentary to watch about cannabis as a cure for cancer is What if cannabis cured cancer?
    It's a documentary recently made, end of 2010 if I remember correctly.

    And a very good study about the cannabinoids in THC as a cure for cancer is the one of Manual Guzman.Cannabinoids: Potential AntiCancer Agents
    The article is written in Dutch but if you scroll down you can find the link to download the file, somewhere beneath the third video. The link is in English so I'm guessing you'll find it.


  • Ellen Wedding

    Sarah or Thomas
    Can I order this DVD thru the mail??? If you all dont want to send me your mailing address do you all have a PO box????? I can send you two the cash for a DVD or two......
    Thanks for being there

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    Sure. Our mailing address is:

    142 Redwood Drive,
    Mocksville, N.C. 27028

    If you're sending a check, please make it out to 'Thomas Corriher'. You can find out what the current price is by going to the store ( and pretending to do an order. The checkout page will provide the total price, including shipping.


  • Ioseph

    Just checking in. Reporting I'm a torrent seeder for the video. 100% of my away time from the computer is seeding.

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    Thank you. We appreciate you providing the bandwidth, and supporting its circulation. It's much appreciated.

  • Jhimi  - Subtitle

    IS there a subtitle in spanish or porutguese released ? I'm Brazilian and i it would be easyer to understand and show other people that don't understand english .Congratulatios and thank you guys .

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    When someone volunteers to make a copy of the movie in one of those languages, then we will provide that person with all the files and software he needs.

  • Maurintius

    Hmmm, I may know somebody who's able to translate it to Dutch, or at least add Dutch subtitles.

    I'll ask him.

  • Suzanne Rosenorn

    Thank you so VERY much for giving us information like this video. It makes me want to return to school to be an alternative medicine practioner.

  • Cynthia Cameron  - THANK YOU!

    I have seen much of this first hand when my husband had throat cancer. We did put up a site hoping to help others. Ironically it published the say he died. I have seen the atrocity called "Hospice". You have answered my most fervent prayers for the truth to come out - just as you have done, with all honesty.
    BLESS YOU!!!!

  • Rose Landes

    I would be more than happy to translate you video to spanish I lived in Peru and Costa Rica please let me know I speak fluent Spanish love your honesty no other health site will actually cal out the frauds keep it up :P

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