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Hospice Revisited: This Time With An Undercover Recording Device

Written by Print  E-mail

Following the debate about the twistedness of hospice culture, which followed our recent article, 'Hospice and the Death Cults of Modern Medicine', Thomas attended another hospice event.  This time he went undercover, and he was wired with a secret recording device.  You are likely to find the audio (from a supposedly Christian chaplain) to be quite shocking.  Thomas recorded a typical hospice sermon that promoted feelings of despair, doubt, and hopelessness amongst grieving families.  The preacher obviously picked a side, and it was not on the side of Christ. Pay special attention to the phrase "custom of expectation", which is used in place of the word 'hope', and to how hope ("custom of expectation") is always just part of a delusional state of denial.  The preacher also noted that the lighting of the ceremonial candle was to meant to commemorate the hospice deaths ("change that occurred"), instead of commemorating the lives that the people had lived.  He also preached that doubting a doctor or medical procedure is just an act of denial.  He brazenly stated that "the change" (death of a loved one) is responsible for "us being here today", and implied that the deaths were therefore a great thing. Finally, Christians should notice the preacher's dastardly pro-pharmaceutical perversion of the book Ecclesiastes to promote eugenics of the elderly.  To this preacher, Ecclesiastes is just "a poem".  We won't spoil the surprise ending by elaborating about it too much.  You really need to hear it for yourself.  Even the hospice preachers are pro-pharmaceutical death cultists.  Listen to this, and any doubts about our reporting of this topic should be quickly wiped away.

You can listen using the player below, or download the MP3 file.

Comments (5)
  • john


    how do you get this piece to play? I see no link and have tried the player at the top it has the a/e piece.

  • Barb  - hospice recording

    How can I get to hear this recording?? There is no place to "click" to listen to it.

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    Hey guys. I have added a border to the player that is at the bottom of this article, in order to make it more apparent, and added a download link in the event that you're having trouble with the player.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  • john


    clicked on player got nothing. was able to download mp3
    hard to make out what is said, but it sounds very dark and pre scripted almost like a robot. what is the expression on this guys face? is he reading from a script?


  • Anonymous


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