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Walmart is Becoming a Health Hero with Surprising New Policies

Written by Print 

In a press release last week, America's biggest retail chain, Walmart, has announced that it is going to stop selling certain unhealthy foods by 2015.  Manufacturers will be forced to reformulate, or their products will be removed from all Walmart stores.  At a time when governmental agencies like the Food and Drug Administration are unwilling to take any action about the poisonous foods that line grocery store shelves, it is refreshing to see a company filling the void.

One of Walmart's key plans is to remove all foods that contain trans fats.  Trans fats are the menace that were presented as the healthy alternative to natural saturated fats, such as butter.  The chemical industry has been killing us with their hydrogenated oils for too many decades to count.  There are still some questions, however.  For instance, the government tells us that if a product contains less than 1 gram of trans fat per serving, it doesn't exist (on labeling).  Thus, if a serving size was listed as 1/4 of a teaspoon on a package of peanut butter, and it contained 0.5 grams of trans fat, it could be labeled "No Trans Fats", which is fully blessed by both the F.D.A. and its equally perverse twin, the F.T.C..  This is how the consumer manipulation game is played.  With only two teaspoons, 2 grams of trans fat would be consumed, which suddenly does exist again under government regulations, if only the 'serving size' had been honest.  We will have to wait and see if Walmart makes a better regulator than the government.

Another concern is that when partially hydrogenated oils are removed from products, they could be replaced with Canola oil.  Canola is already being found in a large portion of foods, even those that are supposed to be healthy, and such a rule would likely lead to an unfortunate increase of its use.

Walmart also plans to reduce the sodium by 25% in some processed foods, including luncheon meats, salad dressings, and frozen meals.  It is no secret that people who eat the American diet get too much sodium.  While mineral-rich sea salt is needed, excessive sodium in processed foods comes in the form of monosodium glutamate, bisodium sulphate, table salt, and a range of other chemicals. These chemical industry variants of sodium are toxic because they are stripped of the buffering minerals that natural salts have.

Walmart also plans to reduce added sugar by 10 percent in dairy products and fruit drinks.  Hopefully, their plans will extend to include high fructose corn syrup, rather than just sugar.  It is not uncommon for parents to purchase juice under the impression that it is a healthy beverage, when in fact they are providing their children with something that is laden with chemically processed sugars and high fructose corn syrup.  The latter leads to hardening of the arteries in even the young, and it is why many of our young have worse arteries than our grandparents.

We applaud Walmart's efforts to create a healthier America.  While this is only a small step in the right direction, it is something that the U.S. Government has repeatedly failed (or refused) to do.  While Walmart has a bad reputation for toxic Chinese-made products, and poor employee care; they are nevertheless doing something so undeniably right in this case.  Other news sites have been unwilling to report this story, because it has become politically incorrect to report anything positive about the gigantic retailer.  However, they are doing more for people's health than any other large retailer that we know of.  Without doubt, they are going to be taking lots of flack from powerful corporate partners and their own stock holders, for doing the right thing.  We should support them, and spread the news.  This is big... really big.  Walmart has the power to take us a long way toward shutting down the poison companies.  It is health wyze to make Walmart an ally whilst we have this monumental opportunity.


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Comments (7)
  • Anonymous Coward

    I would doubt this to end well. Most of their shelves are filled with "Great Value" store brand which is absolute GARBAGE quality.

    I'm a baised Publix shopper and label reader.

  • C. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)

    To whoever you are 'Anonymous', we have actually visited Walmart stores to carefully compare Great Value (Walmart brand) foods with those from the typical food corporations. In most cases, the Great Value foods are superior in wholesome ingredients and lack of toxins. Of course, this varies, so a buyer should always shop with caution, and this rule applies even to stores like Whole Foods.

    You may be as biased as you like, but we practice an old form of journalism in which truth carries more weight than political correctness.

  • Sailor  - I still don't trust them

    They made a bad move teaming up with home land security, my husband won't even enter a Walmart now for this very issue.
    I don't have faith that Walmart will have healthy products on the shelves, how can they keep low prices and have real ingredients too? I'm sorry, you can applaud them, but they are out there to crush the little guy. And on top of that, they support Planned Parenthood, all around they are an evil corporation. The only reason they would make this change is if they were losing money, or foresee losing money. I guarantee its just about the almighty dollar.

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    The Planned Parenthood relationship was due to their pharmaceutical division, and as long as they have a pharmacy in their stores, they will have a dark side. This is the same for all grocery stores. However, that doesn't mean that we shouldn't applaud them when they try to clean up the food supply. If you think we're going to make the world a better place by hurling rocks at people when they do the right thing, you're a fool.

  • john

    with all do respect, walmart is the government, all mega corporations are. I highly doubt that walmart is concerned about our health in any way, except maybe to help depopulate to the earth to the corp. end model of 500 million people!

  • Sai Kit

    Walmart is a bright light of capitalism and free market if you think in terms of economic.

    They have no obligation to allow unions and provide any extra benefits to employee, because the employee can go to the greener pastures if they have the skills, but since they don't, they have got to get stuck with whoever is willing to hire them. They have no right to organize unions, increase employers' burdens and expense, and reduce future employment opportunities for non-union workers.

    They kill the inefficient small guys who are not serving the customers as good, and therefore customers save more money and when they do, they pay off debts and have more money to invest or save.

    Walmart is doing good things for the economy overall.

    People are too brainwashed by socialists and undercover revolutionary/unionist/communists to see the truth.

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