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Mail Bag #11: Trusted Companies, Pagan Infiltrators, Colloidal Silver, and Supplement Safety

Written by Print  E-mail
From: Thomas Corriher
To: *************
Subject: Re: Some Questions
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2011 14:23:00 -0500 (EDT)

"First, do you know of a good place online that I could buy some "high quality" Fo-Ti root and/or Saw Palmetto? In the past, I bought some from this website..."

We usually avoid recommending particular brands for a variety of ethical and journalistic reasons.  The real question is: who can you trust?  Being informed means reading the labels and learning something about the history of the company.  Sometimes the choice is a particularly tough one, and the person is left following his intuition.  Perhaps prayer would help.

We tend to avoid companies with "gaia" or "mother" in the name.  These typically reference the demonic and pagan "Great Mother" or "Mother Earth" from the satanic "religions" of witchcraft.  The alternative health movement is infested with them.  They have tried to hijack God's medicine as a type of ultimate insult.  (Check the magic spirit-sweeping wands at Whole Foods, which are usually located near the supplements, or 'The Witches Almanac' found in some Earth Fare stores.)

"However, it was a cheap brand, and I don't really think that it worked. I am looking for some that is "high quality," and also safe to use."

Trust your body.  It will eventually let you know if something is hurting it or helping it.  Remember that herbal treatments get much slower responses from the body than potent chemicals do, so herbal therapy requires more patience.

Purity is probably the most important principle, because purity generally equates to safety.  Like with drugs, the body will sometimes develop a tolerance to them, so that they appear to stop working entirely.  With pharmaceuticals, this means that the drug will never be useful again.  However, the body will usually reset itself after a short vacation from a herb, so that the herb becomes effective again, when the treatment is restarted.  Also like drugs, herbs will effect different people somewhat differently, but they are practically always safe (unlike drugs).

"Second, is the Niacin that is pictured on this page a good brand to use..."

Maybe.  We just used an image that was appropriate for the article.  I really do not know.

"Third, is there any way that I check colloidal silver that I buy to make sure that it is actual colloidal silver, and doesn't have salt or anything else added to it? I've been looking to buy some, but I guess I might be a little paranoid about the argyria condition, along with the claims that it can cause kidney damage."

You are justified in your paranoia.  Impure and improperly made colloidal silver can be dangerous.  Trust is very important on this topic.

"Finally, I have some supplements that contain Iodine that came from Kelp. Is this really not safe to ingest? What about the people who ingest iodine, and say that they start to feel better after ingesting it?"

We have lots of people who claim to feel better after using magic spirit wands or after drinking chlorine.  These are likewise not of good science or good medicine.  We know that heavy metals are bad, and there is documented proof.  We know that kelp contains them, and we know that drinking iodine (not iodide) is toxic from toxicology studies.  Reference the poison control center notice on a typical bottle of iodine.  Case closed.

If you listen to people like that, then you might be wiser to just go to a regular doctor.  There are mountains of disinformation out there, and that is why we do what we do.

"Thanks in advance, and sorry if this was sent to you more than once."

No problem.


Thomas Corriher


Comments (2)
  • John Schmeida  - My experience . . .

    I've become a big fan of sushi over the years. Sushi is generally made with kelp that holds the rolls together, which is a good source of iodide. The raw/cooked fish contains chelating minerals to keep the metals out. Sushi is also generally served with ginger and wassabi, both being great for inflammation. The Japanese are brilliant chefs !!

  • john

    for those interested in colloidal silver, if you go to and look through the catolog you will be able to buy your very own silver generator. I have owned one for 3 years now and it is the best thing I have ever used for personal health and wellbeing. it works great and it is very cheap to make your own colloidal silver, and the fresher the better! I have not been sick in a long time thanks to this.
    also I just read today that europe has just banned the sale of colloidal silver, so it will not be long before it will be banned here! codex is rearing it's ugly head.

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