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Quick Tip: Answering Questions about Radiation from Japan and Potassium Iodide

Written by Print 

Potassium iodide is the only remedy that is mentioned by other sources for protection against radiation, but it will only partially protect the thyroid and the female reproductive organs. While its usage may be a good idea for especially vulnerable people, it is important to remember that the rest of the body will still be completely unprotected.

If potassium iodide is unavailable, applying a patch of regular iodine (not the povidone type) to the skin, and allowing it to absorb transdermally is a good option. You can also purchase potassium in grocery stores as a salt substitute. Only a small amount of potassium is needed.

We are warning readers to not consume any underwater vegetation (e.g. seaweed) to obtain iodine, because of the significant risks of heavy metal contamination, pollutants, and bacterial toxins. Likewise, drinking iodine is a foolish endeavor that will generally hurt the body much more than it helps. Iodine is a completely different substance from the recommended potassium iodide.

In the 1950's and 1960's, experiments were done, particularly by the United States Army, showing that the consumption of broccoli and other dark green vegetables protects a body from radiation damage to a surprising degree. This led to further research into the most common factor of such vegetation: chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll (the green pigment of plants) has a tendency to cleanse the body of many toxins, including aflotoxin, benzo[a]pyrene, and dioxins, all of which are known carcinogens. It is worth noting that radiation exposure produces benzene compounds, such as benzo[a]pyrene, within humans. Chlorophyll is also able to directly shield a body from radiation damage, which has been demonstrated in multiple studies. Given the U.S. Military's refinement of atomic weapons, there is not a more credible source than the aforementioned military studies. Military studies which used conventional cabbages and broccoli as a small chlorophyll source enabled test subjects to show dramatic recoveries from radiation poisoning, so concentrated liquid chlorophyll, like that which is available at most health food stores, should be expected to yield impressive results.

Linus Pauling and his colleagues at the Linus Pauling Institute demonstrated that vitamin C taken after medical radiation reduced patients' radiation sicknesses, and subsequent cellular damage. It is recommended that, at a maximum, 3 grams (3,000 mg.) of vitamin C be taken daily to suppress radiation sickness.

Apple pectin is a food-based supplement that removes radioactive particles from the body. It was used following the Chernobyl nuclear disaster with stunning results. The dosage was 800 mg. for every 100 pounds of body weight.

We also recommend that people take flax seed oil. It is most effective when it is combined with something containing a sulfur protein. This mixture is a core component of the anti-cancer Budwig protocol.


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Comments (9)
  • Justin  - Locked Link

    Thanks for the timely information. As I live on the west coast I've been concerned about, even the small amounts, of radiation.

    Also I'm getting a locked out page on the army_irradiation_chlorophyll.pdf link.

    Keep up the good fight.

  • john

    hi all

    just like to mention, I am radiation worker trained and updated on a by yearly basis. I have also worked at several rad sites in the USA. my point is, the most damaging aspect to rad material is if it enters into the body as a particle. as long as it remains outside the body it is a temporary hazard, once it is ingested or inhaled it can do great damage in a short period of time. this is because it is close to the inturnal organs where the cells are mutiplying at a fast pace. as long as that particle remains inturnalized it is able to cause cancer at a fast rate.

    I suggest the people on the west coast start eating apricott seeds to help prevent the begining and advancement of cancer cell formation. may GOD help us all!!! amen


  • Emma

    Don't forget we've now got the problem of contaminated foods entering our diet. Already, green leafy vegetables are showing higher levels of radiation, so they could exacerbate rather than relieve the problem. Whilst that is currently limited to Japan, it will spread and we will need to carefully monitor where our food is coming from.

  • Anonymous  - transuster

    My grandchildren's mother who already had Stage III ovarian cancer moved to Hawaii 2 weeks prior to Fukushima, and now has head-to-toe skin cancer! The emergency room workers told that she should have avoided the sun and that the radiation from Japan had exacerbated her pre-existing disease. OMG! What can be done? She is only 23 years old. :(

  • Anonymous  - transuster

    I have forwarded all of your above advice to her and pray for the best. :(

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    I am sorry for the delayed response. We have been extremely busy recently creating the upcoming documentary, "Prescription for Manslaughter".

    You should also give you friend the following information, if she will listen:
    The True Budwig Protocol

  • transuster

    Thank you, Sarah:

    I have forwarded the link; and no, I doubt she will listen. But my son will.

    High regards,


  • george zalai  - Radiation fallout from Fukushima

    Is there any organization which monitors/reports harmful radiation in different foods as fruits, vegetables, meats, milk, etc in different regions ?

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