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Shane Geiger: Death By Sprained Ankle and Modern Medicine's Miracles

Written by Print 

Shane GeigerSpraining an ankle should never be a death sentence, and historically it was not cause for funeral arrangements. It now sometimes is, alongside heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, and the long montage of other medically-aggravated conditions. Spraining his ankle was a death sentence for Shane Geiger. We were not given much opportunity to get close to him before his life was lost. Shane was an up-and-coming member of our Sarah's elite Web Team (network engineering) for Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth during the period that she worked for them. It appears that he was previously an honorary staff member of Prison Planet, and his pointed questions at an official governmental press conference about the Trade Center attacks left one cronie almost running to escape. We watched the video wherein Shane left a N.I.S.T. representative stuttering and making a rapid departure. In this information war, we were proud to call him an ally. He was known for being a little bit paranoid, but in light of his bizarre death, his paranoia may have been justified.

The biggest mistake that Shane ever made was visiting a doctor about a sprained ankle. Most people would not expect for such a visit to become a fatal encounter. We are certain that Shane never expected to die from it. The whole fiasco began in July of 2011, while walking his dog. We do not know if the dog or Shane was more to blame, but on that fateful walk, Shane's ankle got sprained. For about a month, Shane waited for his ankle to heal itself, and for the swelling to subside. Shane was not satisfied with the slowness of progress during that month: meaning that he likely had a damaged nerve or there was another secondary injury at play. So he did something that is becoming increasingly dangerous in this era. He visited (or revisited) a doctor. After getting medical care, his sprained ankle suddenly turned into "blood clots". They will never admit what really happened.

The most astounding aspect is that his close family and friends never questioned any of this insanity. The level of brainwashing is astounding. What if we had given him a drug, and suddenly he died of "blood clots"? We'd be in prison now, and Shane would be undergoing a thorough autopsy for evidence of manslaughter or murder. The doctors are legally immune, and you can be sure that no investigation will ever take place. This is normal! This is routine! A young and healthy man is dead, and everybody is too afraid of looking crazy to question what really is crazy. Blood clots are not caused by sprained ankles, and they never have been. They are caused by the potassium-altering diuretic medications that are routinely given by doctors, and they were almost certainly giving him these drugs to reduce swelling. This class of drugs is documented to cause heart failure, but upon death it is called "blood clots"; to make it the victim's fault. That way, the doctors remain 'heroes'. You can't argue when you're dead, after all.

We are disturbed by the fact that we could have helped him, if only he had asked. With the right combination of anti-inflammatory herbs, healthy fats, joint-supporting supplementation, and nerve-supporting supplementation, we could have had him back to normal in a matter of days. Instead, he made the mistake of opting for 'real medicine', and the results speak for themselves. How many times does it have to be said before everyone realizes that the emperor has no clothes? We can promise that some of those who will witness his burial will soon thereafter mindlessly spew platitudes about "the miracles" of modern medicine before the dirt settles. It is sickening, and it is disrespectful to those who have been killed. There is little hope of history teaching us anything when the masses are so brainwashed that they cannot even see what is unfolding before their eyes.

Remember Shane Geiger, the next time that you are tempted to visit a doctor. Rest in peace our fallen comrade. We salute you.


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Comments (34)
  • Louis Wolf  - Shane Geiger

    As an amputee resulting from a blood clot in 2005, I write concerning the very untimely death of Shane Geiger.

    I was much more fortunate that Shane. It's a very long story which I won't bore you with here, but suffice to say that I was lucky to receive very good medical treatment first during five operations at Resurrection Hospital in Chicago, then during four more operations here in Washington, DC at Georgetown University Hospital.

    My surgeon here was Dr. Christopher Attinger - the world's foremost expert on what is known as "limb salvage" - meaning saving limbs rather than amputating them. He heads the hospital's Limb Clinic there.

    If only Shane Geiger's family and/or friends could have known of Dr. Attinger or of the Limb Clinic, Shane would more than likely be alive today.

    If anyone wishes to contact me about this, my contacts are: or 202-362-1718.

    - Louis Wolf

  • Christopher Anderson  - JUST PLAIN FOOLISHNESS!!!!

    Excellent article like always Thomas. Absolute, pure, genuine evidence that allopathic medicine is dangerous. I mean, i know the majority of doctors have no clue what they are doing, but to turn a sprained ankle into death just takes the cake seriously. How can these people look at themselves in the morning? And who really knows how many other cases of this have happened but have just went unreported. This is ridiculous.

  • Lisa

    I'm sorry for the loss of your friend.
    My husband and I made the decision a couple of months ago to remedy an infection in my son's hand at home rather than take him to the doctor. He is fine now, and the news about Mr. Geiger validates our conviction to avoid doctors when we can.

  • Jeffrey Hunter  - I do not trust doctors

    I have never trusted doctors, theu usually give you bad news and then take your money. I watched as my mother wilted away after a greedy doctor convinced her to have knee replacement so he could collect $8000 for Media Care. She never recovered from that operation and her health went down hill fast after that

  • Adam Geiger  - PLEASE Take This Article Down.

    First Shane is my big brother, and I flew out to New York this week after his death. Reading articles like this that spew hate and misinformation are extremely hurtful to our family. I appreciate people trying to keep his memory, and ideals going. But please if you are going to state “facts” about my dear brother please have them correct.

    #1. Shane’s first visit for any medical help was when the paramedics started CPR in his apartment. After his heart attack. He had not gone to a doctor. I have no idea where you got your information from but it is not true.

    #2. A sprained ankle for Shane turned into around one month with very limited activity. As anyone with any knowledge knows, sitting for prolonged periods of time with little to no activity, along with a swollen injured lower extremity is a prime candidate for a blood clot. If you knew my brother, witch I know you did not. He loved to spend hours on his computer or at a chess board. He also came up with cleaver ways to avoid having to leave his apartment after the injury, like fishing for food from his apartment window.

    #3. You really think we have not questioned this? Really? Are you fricking kidding me? My only brother DIES and you don’t think we have enough intelligence to question it? Really?

    #4. Shane is undergoing a through autopsy. Not because it was a suspicious (i.e. criminal) death. Because he was 40, and healthy 40 year olds don’t just drop dead. As much as I love him, he was not healthy. I can name off 3 conditions he was experiencing, but I will not because it is no matter to you. I will say that a blood clot was not ALL that killed him.

    #5. So I am an EMT with 10 years experience. I know enough to read a medical chart as well as having competent conversations with medical professionals. I asked the questions, I am not afraid. This runs in our Geiger blood. We are not nor will we ever be afraid to question. I was at his bed side seeking the truth. WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU!

    #6. I will take your bet, and everything that you own. They were giving him NOTHING. He was however self medicating with ibuprofen. I know this because I had sprained my ankle 2 days before he did and he emailed me to offer advice on what he was doing.

    #7. I know this plea to remove my brother’s name from this fear mongering post will fall on deaf ears. To me this post soils a great mans legacy. My brother worked hard and for years to find the truth of 911 and many other things. That is the way he should be remembered. Unfortunately this post will show up instead.


    Remember my brother the way he would have wanted. To question everything and not to listen to people who give you their side and expect you to believe it is true like Mr. Corriher is. Check your facts. That is what Shane would have wanted. Just ask someone who knew him.

    Adam Geiger

  • C. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)

    I knew that Shane's family would have the biggest problem with what we have written, but the true reason for the disagreements are psychological instead of factual. For example, Shane wasn't killed by bed rest, and all the certifications from "experts" in the world won't change that self-evident fact. We know that you and your family are in great pain, so we do not wish to fight or dispute you. We do not wish to cause anymore pain, but we will neither be silenced about a murder. As Dr. Carl G. Jung once noted, the core of all neurotic behaviors is the avoidance of pain (brought by honest assessment).

    If you must convince yourself that your brother killed himself by sprained ankle, aspirin, being overweight, brushing his teeth too often, using deodorant, or whatever other rationalizations that you can muster to avoid the obvious, and to make yourself feel better about what happened, then so be it. Deep down you know the truth, and I suspect it is going to eat you alive until you honestly confront it.

    If Shane could speak for himself, I feel certain that he would not say he killed himself with "self-medication" on ibuprofen. I honestly feel that you do him dishonor by putting those words into his mouth. We will not tolerate blaming the victim (to make yourself look better), and you should be deeply ashamed of yourself. It is what we have come to expect from the medical community -- like "blood clots".

  • Christopher Anderson  - Sorry as well...

    I'm sorry for your loss as well...but like Thomas say....and the majority of us that follow him and Sarah agree...DOCTORS ARE MURDERERS!!!! They poison people for profit, they misdiagnose conditions the majority of the time, and most of them follow the status quo for patients and then they turn around and use alternative methods for them and their families health. We all know somebody whose life has been destroyed by chemo, pharmaceuticals, etc. etc., but do not blame the one person who actually calls out the real reason for your brother died. CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE DOES NOT WORK!!! NOBODY SHOULD EVER PLACE THEIR TRUST, HEALTH, OR LIVES IN THE MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT UNLESS YOU HAVE BEEN IN A MAJOR ACCIDENT DUE TO EXTERNAL CIRCUMSTANCES!!!

  • Duane  - Why use Shane's death as propaganda?

    I am Shane's oldest friend, having met him at a summer camp for language nerds when we were 15. We have had many adventures together, and of course, discussed and debated his passion for truth and knowledge. His passing is a great personal loss. Thus, I am irked that his death is used as an example of the failure of modern medicine, and that his friends and girlfriend are called into question here... so not cool.

    The truth here is that Shane may have failed (or been unable) to follow some basic medical best practices. For one, he was overweight, which any doctor (traditional OR alternative) will tell you is a risk factor for many complications, including deep venous thrombosis (blood clots.) Added to that, he was laid up in bed for several weeks due to the severe sprain from stepping into a hole of some sort. Again, prolonged bed rest is a primary contributor to pulmonary embolism, which is what put Shane into cardiac arrest.

    A claim that the drugs used by modern medicine led to this tragedy is not based on any facts, so why do it? Don't make Shane into a martyr for your cause (as honorable as it may be) when it would be much more useful to look at the facts and opt to live more healthfully in the first place. And perhaps we should channel our anger instead at communities that allow holes to remain unfixed.

    Thank you for reading, and feel free to contact me if you'd like any additional information about Shane's passing. We will all miss him.

  • C. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)

    You want the facts, huh? Okay, then let's talk facts. Show me just one case, in the entire history of the world, where any person who was not being medicated with the "miracles" of chemistry got blood clots from a sprained ankle. How many people using alternative treatments for sprained ankles have gotten blood clots in history? Can you find one? Can you count them on one finger or less? How about if we compared that to deaths from PROPERLY PRESCRIBED medications (not counting mistakes), which is the 4th leading cause of death in the United States, according to the 2005 census? Perhaps we could compare that to the deaths caused by alternative medicines. I'd love to do that with you publicly, by the way.

    I dare you to prove me wrong. Prove me wrong with the facts.

  • Duane

    Fact #1: No census occurred in 2005, and a census doesn't deal with causes of death.
    Fact #2: Shane did not get a blood clot from his sprained ankle, as you keep saying. It was the long period of relative immobility. Uncommon, but it can happen to anyone, given the right circumstances
    Fact #3: You are kind of a hideous human being to call Shane's brother into question, or to say that Shane "killed himself" with anything. My god, man, have you no shame?

    Please remove this worthless bit of propaganda from your site out of respect for the deceased.

  • C. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)

    The mortality census is not part of the regular 10-year census. That official census information can be found with a quick Google Search.

    For the really lazy, here it is already highlighted.

    The U.S. Census Bureau is obviously involved in our propaganda operation.

    We're still waiting for the mortality statistics for alternative medicine, and I notice how casually that is being ignored.

  • Tom

    Shane was a friend of mine in high school. He was an excellent wrestler and a good guy. I hadn't seen him in year but feel very saddened by hearing of his passing.

  • Friend of Geiger  - Friend of Geiger

    In the last year and a half i have not been close to Geiger (Adam that is). But for the previous 3 years, i had...he was definitely one of my best friends. I can tell you don't know much about the Geiger's from Nebraska. My friend, Adam, Shane's little brother, is anything but afraid to qusetion anything, or go against the grain, or against the norm. Hell, sometimes he does it for sport. From the dangers of Walmart to his great patriotism...what Geiger thinks (adam) everyone knows, and he doens't give a damn who thinks otherwise. So my question to you is the you know for sure that none of this family is questioning any of it? I don't know, maybe you do know for sure. If they are choosing to question or not to question, it's their own PRIVATE family right. Also, neither doctors nor medicine are perfect. And you may not know it *sarcasm*, but the human body is an awesome yet unpredictible being. What may cause one side effect in one person, may cause a totally different one in another. And don't think the Geiger's are any stranger to this whatsoever. They are quite familiar with it. Shane & Adam's mom passed a few years ago from cancer and another close family member has been battling an illness in which she has been hospitalized several times and coincidence that sometimes they are because of complications of medications not acting the way they have before or the way they should. Not because the doctors are to blame, but because the human body creates it's own spiderweb at times. Think what you want, but leave the family out of it. They are people too, even if you do not know them, and they have lost someone great to their heart, thank you.

  • C. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)

    What's amazing is that your attempts to silence us made our points better than we could have. I'm not sure if I should thank you, or not.

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    I was a friend and colleague of Shane, and I think he would be disgusted by some of the excuses made to explain away his death. I still have an e-mail from him expressing that he was never close to family. From these comments, I am quickly coming to understand why.

    His self-medication probably extended his life, and it was not the blood-thinning ibuprofen that gave him blood clots.

  • C. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)

    I so agree. His family clearly was unworthy of Shane. I know the feeling, so does Sarah, and many of you out there. A prophet is always hated in his own country.

  • Chip Parker  - Wow

    I think you all should be ashamed for your bizarre and completely uneducated subjective claims in these comments.

    Shane was a good friend to me, and a great colleague. He technically died a week ago. Your lack of tact in this article (if you can call it that) is pathetic. Have the words "too soon" ever been said to you.

    Go ahead, feed your egos, and lay out your crack pot conspiracies for how a natural type of death had some "medical agenda". It's bullocks; stop feeding your egos with this BS.

    Studies have show that up to 12% of blood clot patients came as a result of minor leg injuries. This was a sad, unfortunate, mediacl issue that resulted in us losing a good friend, and great person.

    Why don't you stop trying to come up with answers for it by blaming the medical community, stop blaming a family you don't know and who is still in mourning, and start acting like compassionate human beings by remembering and thinking of Shane.

    I can't say it better then Duane: Please remove this worthless bit of propaganda from your site out of respect for the deceased.

    Otherwise, you may find your site anomynously having some lulz problems...

  • C. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)

    You would not be calling us crack pot conspiracy theorists if you really were a friend of Shane. He called people like us 'truthers'. Our Sarah did actually know Shane, and would never have called him a conspiracy theorist either, as you and the rest of your sock puppets likely did. We're really getting a good feel for the family here, as their repeated attempts to glorify themselves, at the expense of their dead member, by implying that Shane killed himself through laziness (not moving for too long). You people are disgusting, and from what I know of Shane, he agreed.

    "Studies have show[n] that up to 12% of blood clot patients came as a result of minor leg injuries."

    Could you cite any cases where this actually happened to somebody who was not being "helped" by modern medicine? One case shouldn't be hard for you to list, right? Likewise, could you name a single case of this happening to anyone who was being treated with any alternative therapy? Don't cheat by saying 'blood letting' because that was the establishment's technique, and its not modern. That's how they used to "save lives", by the way.

    I must have bulls-eyed my prediction of what they prescribed to Shane, didn't I? I notice that you guys have been carefully avoiding that, while incredibly trying to accuse me of being the manipulator. It's just too rich.

    If you cannot win based on the facts, then you should continue pouting and making childish threats. We make a habit of taking on the establishment and the government, so don't believe for one moment that you could hope to frighten us.

    Have a nice day.

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    This reminds me of an episode of South Park, in which the kids were complaining that the doctors were killing Kenny. The doctors replied, "No, we're allowing him to die".

  • Anonymous

    so sorry to here of a good mans passing!

    but I must agree here doctors and the whole coporate medical establishment, are rotten to the core!!!

    never go to one especialy if you are a truther!

    they have some wonderful majical concotions ,that always come up as natural death when taken. trust no one but JESUS CHRIST!!!

  • Christopher Anderson

    One word describes Shane's "FAMILY"...ignorant!!!! You people need to seriously understand what is going around you. This is not a conspiracy...its whats really happening!!!! HOW DOES A REASONABLE PERSON REALLY BELIEVE THAT IMMOBILITY WILL CAUSE DEATH?

  • Lisa  - Really?

    I just learned of Shane's death today and immediately contacted both Duane (his friend for many years) and his brother Adam. I have known Shane for a couple of decades, in person, by e-mail, and by phone conversations. I really don't want to pile on here because it's sad enough that he is dead but I think this opening line of yours says it all: Neither Sarah nor I were given much opportunity to get close to him before his life was lost.

  • C. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)  - Yes Really, you piece of human garbage

    We admit regretting our lost opportunities in retrospect, but we certainly knew Shane much better than you did, considering that you learned about it from Adam's gossip channels a week later. That is saying something, isn't it?

    We did the right thing by honoring a true American patriot, a friend, a truth seeker, and a tragic victim of manslaughter. So, every time the human trash drops in to kick Shane again, or to kick us for honoring him, it reminds us that we have done the right thing.

    May you, and the rest of Adam's cheerleaders get the same degree of medical "care" that Shane got, and I hope that your families likewise defecate upon your memories afterward.

    No more trash will be allowed to be posted here. I was happy to let you people expose yourselves, and to help me to make my points, by doing exactly as I predicted. Then there comes a time when the stink is too great, and then a person must walk away and shower it off.

    In the aftermath, it is deliciously ironic that this report did not disrespect Shane; but it will now stand as a permanent record that demonstrates what kind of family that Shane unfortunately had; especially his brother, Adam Geiger. It's a shame that we cannot pick our families before birth, and I have a pretty good idea who Shane is rooting for.

  • Sai Kit  - Again, You Guys Are Right On

    I read throught the article and the comments in one sitting and again, you guys made so much sense and the opponents made so much rude and emotional arguments, including personal attacks of course. Same old same old.

    I am glad that to see that you guys consider yourself a family to another truther, and it reminds me of how you rescued Sarah from her natural family.

    It's true that we really didn't choose our natural family, and Jesus said if we love our family more than we love him, then we are unworthy of him. Our real family only include those who do the will of God.

    This dialogue clearly illustrate this truth yet again.

  • Mel  - okay

    I was a friend of Shane's too, just found out that he died. I have no agenda whatsoever, & I just wanted to say that -- it makes sense to me that he died of a blood clot related to immobility. Why is that so far-fetched to believe? My mom sees articles about it all the time. Kids sitting for 20 hours with X-boxes, etc.

    And, much as I loved Shane as a dear friend, like his brother said, he really did not appear to be the healthiest or most mobile of individuals. Instead he channeled a lot of his vitality into his work on the computer.

    If Shane stumbled across this article & ensuing comments, I can just see him chuckling to himself & then proceeding to analyze both sides for logical fallacies...

    * Love you Shane, RIP *

  • C. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)

    This kind of denial is the very reason why we posted this article. We figured that nobody could possibly excuse the establishment or blame the victim in this incredible case. The incredible level of ignorance fueling the party that is kicking Shane after he's already down shocked us, and we've been witnessing this sort of stuff for a long time. So it could have been the X-box that really killed him? I'm almost speechless.

    We're more accustomed to this religious stupidity concerning less easily provable topics; such as cancer deaths. Take for instance, a person who dies of "cancer", since everyone knew that the 10 years of chemical poisonings and "treatments" with freakin' nuclear radiation had absolutely nothing to do with his death. It was all his fault for having smoked in his youth.

    It is very fortunate for the establishment that so few people can independently think for themselves, or possess any reasoning skills whatsoever.

    By condoning and excusing the people who killed Shane, you deniers of the obvious are part of the problem, and are the reason why things like this will continue happening.

  • Gary  - The power of focus?

    From reading the above to big Q's come to my mind.

    1. In light of Adam's (Shayne's older brother) information - "#1. Shane's first visit for any medical help was when the paramedics started CPR in his apartment."

    Either this is truth or not! - If this can be verified then I believe it makes an article with the phrase "death by sprained ankle" sensationalist at the very least... Of course if it can be verified that Shayne had seen a "doctor" in connection with his sprained ankle before the CPR event, then everything else said in support of the allopathic systems handling of this case can be questioned.

    2. Concerning Thomas's statement "and I'd bet everything that I own that they were giving him exactly these type of drugs "to reduce swelling". This class of drugs is documented to cause heart failure,"
    Whilst I agree with this statement in principle - AFAIK there is no supplied evidence that Shayne had taken any prescribed medication! If the name or class of drug that was prescribed (for the sprained ankle) could be produced here then it's blood clotting abilities could be assessed by the readers!

    My sense is that there has been a level of pointless discussion expressed in this comments section, It has been based on and pursued with too much suppositional information to be genuinely usefull to all concerned.

  • C. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)
    So he did something that is becoming increasingly foolish in this era. He visited (or revisited) a doctor. Soon after, his sprained ankle turned into "blood clots".

    Friends of Shane did report these facts, and our detractors (above) went to great efforts to avoid them. The consequence of his medication was main point of this article, so the mental aerobics that they performed to avoid the story's main topic were incredible.

  • Jeremy

    What I find more amazing than anything is that all of these "FRIENDS" of an obvious loner, Shane come out of the woodwork in defense of the medical community.

    Thomas, you're not arguing with "FRIENDS" of Shane, but plants from within the medical community posing as "I was a good friend of the loner, Shane."

    When you are in the truth mindset that Shane was in, you don't have any good friends that would defend the medical community as these frauds have done, because his true friends would be like-minded friends.

    We see these type of people always come out of the woodwork in defense of any article that tells the truth about the fraudulent medical industrial complex.

  • Lou

    "The biggest mistake that Shane ever made was visiting a doctor about a sprained ankle."

    The simple truth is that in today's ubber corrupt world, it is not just the Medical Industry that is corrupt, you take a risk visiting ANY establishment controlled entity. Yes this is a SAD fact and no most doctors are not evil people. It is hard to EXACTLY evaluate risk so if you feel it is worth it in your situation do it.

    However as to visiting a "doctor" a few facts may help make your decision rather easy.

    o The toxic drugs you will be given work on symptoms at best and CANNOT "cure" any chronic medical problem you may have.

    o Toxic drugs OFTEN lead to medical problems in addition to those that brought you into the "doctors" in the first place.

    o One Toxic drugs OFTEN lead to more toxic drugs to counter the symptoms of the first toxic drug.

    o Visiting a medical establishment OFTEN leads to more visits to more "medical" establishments.

    o The more you visit these, dare I say quacks, the more you will be "tested" with often destructive methods. Once they start sticking tubes into you and dosing you with toxic radiation things can quickly spin out of your control. Doctor Michael Ozner speaks eloquently of patients getting sucked into the maelstrom of senseless "medical testing" often ending in a needless death. Me I intend to die and perhaps senselessly but I want to have fun doing it!

    So where do you go if you cannot visit a "doctor"? IMO you go nowhere; you LEARN an bit about your body; you learn a bit about food and nutrition; you learn a bit about the SUN and it's immense POWER. Well you get the picture. With a relatively few hundreds of hours spent learning about your health you will feel very COMFORTABLE about providing 99+% of your own health care. AND conversely you will FEAR the quacks, er "doctors" and their dens of inequity. I understand there are LOTS of good doctors out there. The problem is they are ALL playing on the Rockefeller's HHS playing field.

    As for paranoia, in today's computerized world with drugs soon to be manufactured specifically for a specific person with a specific SS#, you have to be a FOOL to accept this invitation for a personal specific depopulation act. The future of pharmacology is personal DNA modification. Make that modification of YOUR DNA thank you.

    Oh by the way how did Andrew Breitbart die?

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    We rarely get comments written this well, and from someone with a site that is so clueful.


    If you want some of your work to be featured at The Health Wyze Report, let us know.

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