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Video: The Immorality of Obamacare

Written by Print 

This video demonstrates that contrary to the claims of some, Obamacare (U.S. socialized medicine) is completely immoral, and that it will erode American freedoms. Duke University professor, John David Lewis, catalogs how the opponents of Obamacare have been carefully distracted away from the real problems, and how they were cunningly manipulated into making false arguments that actually promote Obamacare. This is a must-see for understanding how the American people are manipulated.

Professor Lewis (now ironically deceased from chemo) explained the situation of Obamacare better than anyone else, so please pass this video along to friends and family.

If you are having trouble viewing the video here, then you may also watch it directly with Youtube.

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Comments (6)
  • Sam C  - Truly Amazing...

    To step inside of the mind of a conservative. As I watched that video I made a list of all of his "points" and like witnessing Mitt Romney flip flop, flip, flop - it became more amazing the longer the video went on.

    He begins by saying, "This bill is wrong because you have a secretary making patient care decisions based on money." Then he continues by claiming, "Bill will cost too much, will increase by 1.3 trillion" and "this bill is immoral because it is just too expenses to give medical coverage to the average American."

    Okay, so according to him, making healthcare decisions based on money IS important. But the richest most developed country on earth (with a rather small population.) is impossible. Therefore, most people should simple accept that things like PREVENTATIVE HEALTHCARE is just "too expensive."

    Socialised medicine has been a failure every place it has been tried.

    Wait... WHAT?! Where are you getting that from? Because when I type in "Quality of healthcare in the world" America ranks DEAD LAST for Developed Nations. We are right next to CUBA and KUWAIT. The top 20 for best medical care are all... you guessed it SOCIALIZED MEDICINE.

    Obamacare is immoral because it is a attack against freedom, the right to live your own life, and persuit your own happiness. Medical care is not a right. It enslaves doctors by forcing them to give care to sick individuals. Wouldn't care if it would cost "0" dollars, still would be immoral.

    First he says, "Obamacare is immoral because it puts money as #1" halfway through he says, "Immoral because Democrats didn't think about the financial prospects, then here at the end he says, "money isn't the real issue - it's actually about freedom.

    Setting all the flip flopping aside, I'll focus on the "morality".

    Freedom to do what? Not be able to afford preventative treatment to stop illnesses before they cost you a job, house, possibly life - and have no option but to be rushed to the emergency room once a small problem because a big problem and because x10 more expensive than it could of been? Freedom to be enslaved to a out of control for profit system where it costs $500+ for a single Xray scan or stitches on a flesh wound? And finally, if you actually knew ANYTHING about this bill then you'd of seen this :

    According to, Wikipedia, Majority of Americans approve of this bill. "Obamacare" very similar to the Bill ROMNEY PASSED IN 2006 for his state of Massachusetts.

    *Builds on existing PRIVATE INSURANCE SYSTEMS but adds requirements and incentives to ensure most people have health insurance.

    *There is no Government alternative to private healthcare system.

    *People who do not have any form of health insurance will be required to buy it BUT - tax credits will be offered to those who cannot afford it.

    * US system will remain a private insurance market - unlike the socialist countries of other developed nations.

    *Medicare expenses will continue to grow, but at a slower pace than without the Bill. BOTH PARTIES agree this is a good thing.

    *Health bill will reduce Medicare spending by $575 billion over ten years.

    Oh and please tell me more about the DEATH PANELS that... never materialized. Have you worn your "Please don't euthanize me" bracelet lately? Please I honestly want to hear from a Conservative on this.

    I need to know, do you purposely lie through your teeth about everything, or is comprehending reality, just really... really difficult while reading, "Atlas Shrugged" for the 50th time? And please stop saying "constitution this", "founding fathers" that and that liberals are traitors.

    1.) The majority of conservatives still believe "In God We Trust" was put on the dollar bill/ Pledge Of Allegiance by the founding fathers.

    2.) The only instance of nation wide "treason" occurred in American history was during the Civil War when "Conservatives" wanted their "freedom". And we handed you your ass. Just like we did with woman rights, black rights, and gay rights, just like we did during this last election. You must be sore from all the kicking.

    And why do you keep reinacting wars that... you lost?

  • C. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)

    We almost deleted the previous post because it is reprehensible. Such clean-ups are a routine part of our work. We operate a clean site and a tight ship. We normally eliminate such garbage, so that you need not deal with it. We decided long ago that Health Wyze would never become a medium for evil manipulators or fools who would harm our people. Your trust in us requires responsibility on our part. We pledged our honor upon maintaining that trust, when we began our mission, in 2007. May we never violate it. In the case of this previous posting, we will allow it because it will help me to spread an important message about standing up for what is right, true, and noble.

    Allow me to preface by noting that the Internet is the greatest medium for open and uncensored communications ever, but this has unfortunately been exploited by scoundrels everywhere, who are unfit to lead, and who ought never be given a medium for addressing the public. The dastardly presence of the unscrupulous has made the Internet a less credible and a significantly less useful source of information. My generation was not socially prepared for the Internet's technological intrusion, which has allowed masses of devious people to harm society in ways that will not be obvious for at least a generation, but the harm is certainly there, nevertheless.

    The previous poster, who cowardly withheld his real name, is a willing and active part of society's problems. Real men of honor say what they mean, and they mean what they say. They stand behind their words, and they are willing to sign their name. Those who throw stones whilst hiding in the shadows are concerned about winning, but they are not concerned with either honor or truth. Like cockroaches, they scurry whenever light is shined upon them. Shining light upon this cockroach is what I intend to do.

    As with scoundrels, manipulators, sociopaths, and various other evildoers, this dissenter had no qualms about fighting his opponents unfairly. Manipulation through misdirection was the very thing that the video warned us about, and the commenter incredibly behaved in exactly the manner that the video predicted. By behaving exactly as the video predicted -- by trying to distract us away from the main argument -- his reaction most certainly does not disprove the video or its facts. It vindicates the video, Professor Lewis, and us. Many of you will have already noticed how he maneuvered to distract us away from the immoral issues of Obamacare, its dirty politics, and eventually into baiting us into a racial debate. He believes that we will let him win by our going silent. He believes that he can manipulate us using racial political correctness, and that we will be too afraid of being called racists to fight back. This piece of garbage obviously underestimated who he was up against.

    Calling Obama Care a system of 'private insurance' is simply a lie. Once insurance agents interact with governmental agencies for obtaining governmental money, then they in fact, are governmental agents themselves. That's how it works. If someone pays you for work, then you are an 'employee'. If the government pays you to work for them, then your organization is no longer a 'private' company, but a governmental agency. This is especially true if there is no opting-out, which is totally contrary to the American spirit, but we're not supposed to notice the smoke-and-mirrors.

    One of his main points was that America has some of the worst health problems in the industrialized world. We can agree on this point, minus his slight-of-hand trick. Americans actually have the highest infant death rate of any non-3rd-world country, so the most dangerous thing that an American mother can do is have a hospital birth. His 'solution' to this broken industry is to force all of us to funnel even more money into this greed-ridden pit of death and destruction that is already considered world-wide to be the worst of the worst. You see, the real problem with America's death rate isn't because Americans are getting too little healthcare, but it is because Americans are already getting too much deadly medicine. Americans are already medicated more than any other people in the world, and our opponent agrees that there is something terribly wrong with the result. The only thing providing any checks against the catastrophe known as American medicine is the fact that doctors know people can shop elsewhere. American doctors know that people aren't beholden to them, and that it is their customers (not the government) who have the final decision in their own welfare.

    Important Questions:

    * In England, the richest socialized country in the world, one in ten parents are skipping meals to feed their children. Is that the quality of life that we should be seeking for Americans?

    * Will we ever get our rights back once the medical establishment becomes a taxing agent of the U.S. government?

    * Has any governmental agency peacefully surrendered any of its power back to the people in the entire history of the world?

    * Didn't every communist nation begin exactly this way -- with bogus pleas to help suffering people if only those same people would surrender their rights?

    * As is the case with medicare and medicaid already, what happens when you suddenly and unexpectedly must pay a bankrupting hospital bill because coverage was retroactively terminated when you didn't obey the orders of your doctor?

    * If the poor are actually monetarily helped by the Bill, then how does that money help them since they are being told exactly how they'll spend it? Doesn’t that just enslave the poor even more, as well as everyone else?

    * Will the greed, corruption, and horrific medical carnage really stop once we are governmentally enslaved to the very same system that has the ability to perpetually tax all of us at will? Isn't that like paying mafia protection money, in the hope that the mafia doesn't ever become greedier?

    * Will the medical establishment charge us more or less once it has unlimited health taxation power?

    * Why did the White House use Big Pharma consultants to help draft the Bill if it is really meant to cut our expenses? How exactly is that going to play out for us?

    * Isn't that why the Bill is about 3,000 pages -- to prevent us from reading or understanding it?

    * Will the industry's greed really be stopped by governmental hand-outs to them, and will our deadly health care suddenly become safe and effective?

    * Won't the poor be taxed too, once we run out of other peoples' money? Can you name a country with socialized medicine that this hasn't happened in?

    * If the expense is really the issue to be solved, then how does even more taxation make the poor wealthier?

    * Isn't the government already the problem by banning cheaper, safer, and more effective alternatives to financially prop-up the system that helped write the Bill?

    * How do we opt-out when we find better alternatives? Where is that in the Bill?

    * If governmental take-overs are really a positive factor in a nation's quality of life, then can you name any communistic nation with a superior quality of life?

    * What happens when you are refused treatments because you are on some type of "no fly" list, or worse, when the government mandates certain treatments that the doctors know will kill you?

    * What happens to the patients who are too expensive? Will they start cutting off the elderly as has happened in England, or will they cut costs like Greece, by amputating limbs of diabetics who don't need it?

    * You can fire your doctor. Will you be able to fire Obama Care?

    * If Obama Care is about promoting smarter, preventative care, then when do I get my money back for my supplement purchases and organic foods? Does the money actually just go back to Big Pharma, as if that is how they had it planned all along?

    I would like to remind all of you about how my opponent ended his post with an accusation of about how people like us fought for freedom during the U.S. Civil War, but instead of obtaining it, we were thwarted by people like him who boasts that they "handed you your ass". That's called the Freudian slip, and I'll explain it in the coming paragraphs. For now, just pause for a moment to let that sink in.

    Our contender believes that he has us profiled well, so I'll return the favor. This elitist is so over his head that I'm not even sure where to begin. I shall endeavor to begin by stating that we are furthermore not taking his bait in allowing him to polarize this discourse by painting us to be political extremists. Nice try, though. In his mind, being "conservative" is a derogatory slang indicative of a political extremist. However, with this in mind, it becomes obvious who the extremist is. You see, disagreeing with him makes a person "conservative", and we all know that makes a person inherently bad. Case proven, and we hardly need more evidence than that.

    Like with his racist thing, he thought that he could intellectually disable us by causing an emotional reaction. We are supposed emotionally concentrate on his bogus arguments that are in no way related to the core message (about manipulation) from the video. One might gather that our visitor is afraid of the facts, and I notice he casually glossed over the main point of the video -- distracting us elsewhere -- as the video predicted that certain people would try. Perhaps if we all get emotional enough about the bogus racial issues, his fake concern for the poor, and his bi-polar politics, then none us will notice that he actually had no real arguments against the main argument of Professor Lewis, which was specifically about these dirty tricks.

    I'm glad that he mentioned the U.S. Civil War. His implications that anyone disagreeing with him must be like a racist Southern conservative is simply more bait, and it tells us much about this person's (lack of) character, and ability to have an intellectual debate.

    Firstly, it is obvious that he's not just a yankee, but a damn yankee. (Couldn't resist) He's also proof of how little we have learned from history. There was actually no treason during the U.S. Civil War, at least not from the Confederacy.

    The Founding Fathers (of the U.S.A.) had specifically written the U.S. Constitution to ensure that membership in the Union would always be voluntary and at-will. This was so important to them that it was likewise codified within the Bill of Rights. They demanded that the powers of the states would always be supreme to that of the federal government. In fact, the Union had already been dissolved once, when the Articles of Confederation were judged to be an unfit constitution for the republic.

    Thus, the U.S. Civil War dishonored the memory of the Founding Fathers, and it threw away all that they had worked so hard for, bringing tyranny to the New World for the first time. It is important to note that no person from the Confederacy was ever tried in court for treason or for any other crimes against the United States, because a protracted court battle would have vindicated the Southern leadership. Our detractor even agreed that it was the freedom fighters who lost the war. The South and the rest of the world regarded the Civil War as the 'War of Northern Aggression' before history was rewritten.

    As far as the Confederacy being "handed [its] ass", I cannot resist correcting this juvenile behavior. In actuality, the Confederacy won the overwhelming majority of battles during the war. It did this with about 10% of the industry, about 30% of the population, inferior weapons, and while being outnumbered in every battle between 3-to-1 and 10-to-1. Regardless of whatever misplaced regional pride that our opponent hangs upon, the Confederacy's General Lee routinely made fools of the men who he so hero worships. Lee was so effective, that Northern generals stopped hoping for victories, but instead for merely lesser losses. The South finally surrendered because the North had successfully destroyed the South's food supplies and its ability to get food from the other nations who were supporting its second war of independence. The rest of the world saw people like our opponent here as monsters, and rightly so. The populations of other nations wanted to see the "great experiment" of freedom play out, instead of being murdered in its infancy.

    It is the victors of any war who get to rewrite history, and I can think of few better examples of this phenomena than the U.S. Civil War. To drive the point home of our enemy's politically correct stupidity, allow me to quote from the 'great leader' of the 'good guys':

    "I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races - that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, not of qualifying them to hold office, not to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between white and black races which I believe forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality."

    -- Abraham Lincoln (Lincoln-Douglas Debates)

    Abraham Lincoln had planned to ship all people of color back to Africa after the war, but for some reason that has disappeared from the newer history books, in large part due to people like this one. Lincoln wrote that the freed slaves would be a permanent problem unless eliminated. So much for the hero worship.

    By trying so hard to use racist labeling to win his argument, our opponent has exposed himself to be the one with racial issues, and these are issues of the most despicable sort. I can promise everyone here that he is a caucasian man, who is so ashamed of his own race that he feels that he must prop up people of the negro race to make himself feel okay. He supports everything that Mr. Obama supposedly does, not based upon ideals or virtues, but simply based on Obama's 'blackness'. That in itself is treason against the United States. He inwardly believes that Obama will wreak destruction upon the U.S. with a hint of glee, as his hero Lincoln did, and likewise all the detractors will simply be labeled as racists, in order to get their arguments ignored.

    We won't let it stand at The Health Wyze Report. We are dedicated to truth, which is something our opponent will never understand. We willfully allowed ourselves to be distracted for the sake of exposing such people amongst us. They are the reason why we are in such bad shape, and the first step to making things better is exposing them. The Health Wyze Report will not be used to spread disinformation or a communist agenda.

    "Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power."

    -- Benito Mussolini
  • Anonymous  - Now that's really amazing

    I noticed that the IP Address for Mr. Sam above was I guess this site displays address for non-registered users, because Tom's didn't show anything, or he's able to remove it.

    Anyway, I looked up that IP address for Sam using a 'whois' server, and I see that he is using Windstream Communications for his Internet provider in LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS.

    Why aren't you living in the glorious progressive North, Sam? Why have you moved into the Bible Belt and surrounded yourself with CONSERVATIVE SOUTHERNERS? If the progressive Northerners have always been better than those backwards Southern red-necks, then why don't YOU live in the North?

    Perhaps you should tell all your friends and neighbors how you really feel. You find your bravery on the Internet, don't you?

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    Just so that everyone knows: Sam posted again, but we are not publishing it. I wanted to ask him how it feels to lose his freedom. After all, losing his freedom here is for everyone's benefit, and that makes it okay.

  • Todd  - Excellent reply

    Excellent discussion. I agree that ObamaCare is immoral, and it was nice to see the case so eloquently made in the video.
    There's an interesting phenomenon here, keep in mind, that there are supposedly hundreds of employees of Obama, the left, or whatever you want to call it, that scour the web and post fanciful replies supporting the liberal agenda. These people are paid to do this. Truly, the left is more organized and better at putting the internet to use for their agenda, but I think conservative folks are getting the hang of it.

    Thanks guys, love checking in with you every so often.

  • alan dietrich  - FREEDOM

    It looks like we have lost our freedom with Obamacare. I have always opted for alternative medicine to be used in connection with mainstream technology. For a long time I have felt natural is safer and should be an option.Big Pharma has forced prescription medicine to the point where pharmaceuticals are no longer effective against disease.I have had cancer 3 times. The third time I decided I was going to get to the core, and not just cover it with a bandage.I found the Gerson cure online, and other sites on natural remedies, as well as Drs who have been defrocked by the medical community.I made a concerned decision, and one I feel should be available to everyone who is faced with serious medical issues. Today my cholesterol is good as well as every other test result, and without but one prescription for back pain,and I am trying alternatives for that also. The expense is on me, but the cost of my home remedies is 1 50th of what prescriptions would be. I am not bogged down under a fog of drugs.When I was younger I remember the Dr coming to the house, and we never saw much of him.Today my dr. has me in every three months.I am near 70 and it is not necessary for this extra cost.It is so immoral to force people to pay for something they don't need or want.

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