I got prescribed an antedepressant after childbirth and then went on to have a psychotic breakdown (paranoid delusions), and so got put on antipsychotic. Nearly twenty years later I have diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, and morbid obesity caused by the drugs. I've withdrawn from the antedepressant by myself but the antipsychotic is proving really problematic (voices, insomnia, tactile hallucinations when I reduce the dose too quickly and I honestly think its linked to the drug or toxins or i wonder if i was originally nutritionally deficient when i first got depressed). Do you have any advice for getting off this? It's amisulpride which isn't even licensed in the US - i'm in the UK. The doctors here are totally bought into the 'science' by big pharma and won't support me coming off this med even though there's evidence of it making me very ill. I want to treat the diabetes but i don't see much point until i can get myself off the antipsychotic which has caused it.