I currently have contacts that cycle every 2 weeks. I plan to buy the throw away ones when I can afford it.

So in my case I should ideally have:
1)contact storage solution
2)protein removal solution
3)contact case that is designed for my (daily?) cleaning methods

Are there any ingredients/materials I should look for in any or all of these 3 products. And what soap would you suggest for cleaning because I do not want to expose or ingest any chemicals/metals that I otherwise would not have to......I am afraid to mess with the HP incases my little brother accidentally uses it. But I would like to use the HP for a cleaner.

Thank you so much for the site. I wish you were looking for investors or had a campaign to invest so you could produce more of your own HEALTHWYZE products.

Articles, Book, Forum, Hidden Information......and your own products to go along with it. Whats hard would be keeping your level of of professionalism up to what you have done here because you would need to hire employees and manage them to be as hardworking, reliable, and trustworthy as you.

As a noobie I find myself searching for products online and in stores and trust no one....except this site.