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Mike Adams

Pneumonia and Colloidal Silver

Written by Print  E-mail

My lack of immunity against American germs has kept me busy this week. They threw their worst at me in a triple assault. It began with a fever causing ear infection indicating that someone had brought home the bacteria responsible for bronchitis. Days later, I began experiencing the symptoms of a lung condition known as pleurisy, which is sometimes mistaken for heart trouble. The presence of pleurisy indicated that the infection had already moved to my lungs as pneumonia. The pneumonia was aggravating my lungs to the point of causing pleurisy, while depleting my body's oxygen and immune functions, so that the original bronchitis infection could grow unabated. This is typically the sort of situation requiring a month in a hospital, and a massive bombardment of potent antibiotics. In fact, pneumonia is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, and the leading cause of death in developing countries. Throughout history, pneumonia has killed more people than any other cause. This is why I have not had the energy, or mental clarity to write. Although my health is not entirely back to normal, the illness is rapidly fading, and we managed to stop it just in time before it required a hospital stay.

I would like to mention what has helped immensely during this period of sickness. Colloidal silver is a powerful, natural antibiotic, virus killer, anti-fungal, infection preventative, which also has steroid like regenerative properties. It should be considered the greatest super drug in history, except for the fact that it is not a drug. Acting as a catalyst, it disables the enzyme that bacteria, viruses, and fungi need for their oxygen metabolism. It suffocates without corresponding with, or harming healthy human body enzymes, or altering other parts of a body's chemistry. Because colloidal silver merely controls the distribution of oxygen and electrical charges needed by invading organisms, it is impossible for infectious conditions to develop a resistance to silver, regardless of how often it is used. Its ability to attack viruses makes it superior to the modern pharmaceutical drugs made by the establishment which claims viruses are 'untreatable'. This bogus and unscientific contention is solely the result of their conventional antibiotics being unable to suppress viral infections. It is a convenient and profitable lie for them. Colloidal silver is a direct threat to their business because they cannot patent either silver or water. So it is in their financial interest that we remain ignorant about colloidal silver.

Have you ever heard of colloidal silver? (HINT: There are strong reasons why you have not.) Prior to the development of the powerful antibiotic pharmaceutical industry in the 1940s, conventional doctors prescribed colloidal silver as a common practice. In 1938, the use of colloidal silver discontinued, which is without coincidence the same year that the F.D.A. was created. Do you remember the horrific and costly polio epidemic which followed? Colloidal silver kills polio. It is extremely safe, extremely effective, and most important to industry: extremely cheap -- and that is why we are are not supposed to know about it. The FDA has gone on the offensive against the distributors of colloidal silver, and is actively engaged in a process of discrediting it, even though it admitted (via a Freedom Of Information request) that it can not document a single side effect of properly manufactured colloidal silver. The FDA intentionally attempts to confuse the public by misrepresenting silver products. The FDA highlights the antiquated use of silver proteins and salt compounds as evidence of silver having serious side effects, while sidestepping the truth that isolated (colloidal) silver is no more like these products than hydrogen alone is like water. In other words, they already know it is only the impurities added to silver by the pharmaceutical industry which may make it dangerous. It is comically disturbing to realize that the FDA approved these poised silvers, and uses the cases of them having undesirable effects as evidence to suppress the pure stuff. The FDA is not protecting who you thought it was.

In conventional medicine, the only real treatments for viruses are preventative vaccinations (which have their own risks and side-effects when actually effective) and drugs which merely treat some of the symptoms. In other words, it is a state of near helplessness. One of the greatest weapons of alternative medicine is colloidal silver. It consists of atomic sized silver particles which are combined electrically with pure water. How is that for a list of ingredients? It is no coincidence that throughout much of history the finest containers and "silverware" for foods were made of silver, because the benefits of this substance in trace amounts have been known about for a very long time. Before the invention of refrigerators, silver coins were sometimes placed into water and milk containers to work as a preservative. Colloidal silver is currently only sold as a dietary supplement, because the FDA is preventing manufacturers from discussing or listing "medical claims".  It has been known to cure infertility, acne, pneumonia, sudamona (flesh eating bacteria), cancer, herpes, and general sickness. It has been documented to kill over 650 types of bacteria and viruses. Only eight pathogens have been discovered which are resistant to silver, and these are quite rare.



Comments (3)
  • Katrina

    Where can I get this stuff?! it sounds amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin

    I've read that colloidal silver was banned by the FDA in 1999 because it can result in argyria, a permanent collection of silver under the skin. The end result is a permanent blue coloring to the skin. Although colloidal silver is known for its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties, I have no desire to turn blue. I considered taking it on various occasions until I discovered the blue-skin side effect; fear got the best of me. I saw a show on television the other night where a branch of the British military outfitted their soldiers with underwear made with silver threads woven into the fabric to kill bacteria for soldiers who must go for days without changing clothes. So there is no doubt silver works, but for me, turning blue is a risk I'm not willing to take. A man by the name of Paul Karason is an example of someone who suffers from argyria resulting from the use of colloidal silver and he is VERY, VERY blue! He's appeared on the Today show and Oprah and can easily be found via internet search engines as well as on YouTube. Stan Jones, a Libertarian who once ran for Montana’s Senate seat also suffers from the condition as a result of taking colloidal silver. For me, I'll stick with other alternative treatments. Love this website, by the way. I refer to it often.

  • Anonymous  - Colloidal Silver Has Saved My Life!

    I have an auto immune deficiency. I also have severe upper respiratory issues ... that is until I found colloidal silver 5 years ago! While everyone is taking toxic pharmaceutical drugs and piling up on the over-the-counter decongestants and cough medicines, I am making and taking my own colloidal silver which has performed healing miracles in my life! I wish I had known about this stuff when I was very young! It makes my allergy problems just about non-existent taken on a daily basis and when I catch a cold or even the FLU, silver knocks it out within 4 days! Also, there are alot of lies on the internet specifically started the pharmaceutical reps that silver will turn your skin grey or blue. This is not true! You have to do your research and find out WHY this happened to people then you have to find out HOW to AVOID this happening and still benefit from this amazing miracle water! Don't just listen to everything you HEAR. Do your research and ask questions because they don't want you to know the TRUTH. They want to scare you so you will run away from colloidal silver. Why? Because it's VERY cheap and it WORKS! I am living proof of this and I swear by it. I could NOT live without colloidal silver. I don't take any medicines and silver is known to help in a variety of health conditions. I will use it for the rest of my life and I thank God for it!

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