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From Christmas to X-mas, Happy Holidays, and Winterfest

Written by Print 

The term X-mas has been aggravating to many Christians for years, because it was a method of removing Christ from Christmas.  The 'X' has been an attempt to literally cross out the Christ.  Historically, there have been many abbreviations for Christ over the past 1,000 years. The Anglo-Saxons used the terms Xt or XP to describe Christ, whilst the Greeks used the letter 'X' (Chi).  In ancient Christian art, both X and xp are abbreviations for Christ. The Oxford English Dictionary dates the abbreviation of 'X' for Christ back to 1551.  This was 60 years before the first version of the King James Bible was completed. Xian and Xianity were used around the same time, and are sometimes still used today; although not with the frequency of X-mas.  The term Christ actually comes from the Greek word for anointed.

Some of the godless people conspiring against the Christian faith have contended that the use of X-mas was not an attempt to remove the meaning of Christ from Christmas. These same people changed their methods when the history of the letter 'X' was recently discovered in regard to Christian history.  So, we now have substituted for 'X-mas' the phrase 'Happy Holidays'.  Ancient Greek?  I do not think so, and political correctness on this issue has taken its toll. 'Winterfest' is now the correct term for Christmas in Britain, where the Christian faith has been virtually eliminated. I hope that good American Christians will not allow this to happen here, but it looks like it is already happening.  When Christmas time returns again, do the right thing, and testify about the true meaning of the celebration whenever you hear these things. Someday the Christ may return the favor by testifying on your behalf.

Comments (5)
  • stephaney  - knowledge for the soul

    First off while I have not read all I am in agreement with most and have enjoyed reading on your site. I my self feel lead to search and know the truth as the truth does set us free. When we look back in history we know that man has corrupted most if not all of what he has touched including the books that are writen for it. Only the Holy Bible has been kept in tact by the power of God which was a promise, even so there are things added and taken away in many versions today. I do beleive that God does care about the detailes of our lives and always has, that it is important to be aware of what is going on in the world and do what we can to make it better. If you have read the Bible than you must know that these are the latter days in which we live now and God says our lord will be back soon to do away with those that are destroying the earth. You must also know that satan has decieved the whole world though i feel we do not have to remain that way. I spent days of weeks doing my own research to find that all of the holidays YES even christmas are of pagan oragin and in the word God say s do not look to the people and say how do they serve thier gods NO DO NOT SERVE THE LORD YOUR GOD THIS WAY. You see christmas was not celebrated by Yashewa aka Jesus or any of the EARLY CHURCH nor was it celabrated by the first americans who came here for religouse freedom it was well known fact that this was pagan eventually many older true christains died and emagrants continued to come from all areas most with pagan background they finely excepted these things and tried to make them something good but as you know when you let evil in well its all big buisness now.Dont take my word for it do the research for yourself or better yet open a Bible.Remember as the truth can overwhelm us we have to give all of our worries to God fear is from the enemie and will distroy you so be of good courage and God will make a way.

  • David Underwood

    Bravo! I certainly agree and pray that I do not offend, although sometimes the Word DOES offend even those who are believers! Every beautiful event that God orchestrated to fulfillment has been done in HIS perfect timeline and NOT in any way tied to a pagan date, celebration, or otherwise even REMOTELY intermingled with ANYTHING to do with pagan celebrations. Do we honestly think that the God who never changes would now say that He is okay with the ways of the heathen? I know that really precious people with good intentions love their traditions that they have been brought up with. I also know some really sweet Hindus who are as LOST as an all American good ol' boy who loves Mom, apple pie and Christmas, Easter, (Ishtar), et. al., but has never surrendered his life to the Messiah of Israel! God definitely has holidays, no doubt! Holidays that you and I as believers in the Messiah that He sent will be celebrating when that same Messiah returns. Read Zechariah chapter 14. And, yes I'm talking about Jesus, (Yeshua), the Son of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God that never changes,.. not for me, you, or any beloved celebration.

  • Enrique Mapa

    I was in the same boat as you before I delved into researching the history of the past - what the first century church had practiced as believers in Christ Yeshuah (His name in hebrew or Jesus in greek/english translation). There was never a command from God to celebrate His Son's birthday on Dec 25. Up until the second century the gentile believers of Yeshuah followed the practice and traditions of the Jews (who believed in Yeshuah). Disciples like Peter, John and James and the rest of the 12 apostles and of course many other jews were the first christians - more appropriately called today messianic jews. However, the influence of the greco-roman empire on the then known world had most of their citizens practice pagan religion - worshipping many different gods (greek and babylonian), Zeus and Baal to name a few. Majority didn't know the God YHVH (Yahweh) while significant numbers of the reco-roman world had already been following the messianic jews (those who believe in the Christ). Emperor Constantine tried to appease both camps but more in the favor of the greek-roman citizens as he hated the jews. Based on this bias he changed the biblical Sabbath to Sunday, embraced the celebration of the Saturnilla on Dec 25 as the birth of the messiah, and removed all the God-commanded jewish celebration. Those celebrations or feasts are God's command and must be followed throughout eternity (see Leviticus 23). That's why we as christians are oblivious of the true birth of Christ. It is the Feast of Tabernacle during which He was born. The word in the John's gospel can lead us to that - "And the Word was made flesh and dwelt (tabernacled) among us." There are scriptures in Luke that would point to the season (moedim in hebrew) when Christ was born. Particularly the part where Zachariah the father of John the baptist came from temple duty as priest and impregnate Elizabeth - . Zechariah was part of the division of Abijah. Note that John the baptist was 6 months older than Jesus. It is easy to trace the birth of Christ with this scriptures.

  • Amy C  - Christmas is a pagan holiday in the U.S.

    Christ was not born on 12/25 and the way Americans celebrate it with gifts, lying to their kids about Santa (even Christians do it) and decorating a tree is pagan. Santa = Satan. Santa also had an evil sidekick named Krampus, who tortured children to death if they were naughty. So it was much more devastating than just getting a lump of coal. Extreme fear tactic. I think somehow the Catholic church is tied into all of it, b/c I saw a YouTube video with Santa wearing the pope hat. I have yet to fully research this stuff.

    The three wise men came sometime in January, forget the exact date though. They were astronomers, not "kings" (or maybe they were astrologers?).

    Anyway, it's all a good story/myth... Christ's birthday should be celebrated every day - that's what I tell my kids!

  • Michael Meredith

    Many people believe that when the Christian religion adapted to the Roman Empire, it then became an empirical religion ( Ghandi).
    It is hard to imagine Jesus telling conquerers to go out and conquer, steal, rape, enslave, and generally do what empires have done for all time. The English Empire( not totally deceased even today) is not the least of these agressors, nor their American offspring.
    For the other side, he did tell his followers they would need to protect themselves, and even held a sword briefly ( imagine that).

    Christ's birthday should be celebrated every day - that's what I tell my kids!

    Thats what I think too, Amy

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