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The Occult, Witchcraft, England, and The Darkness Now Growing In America

Written by Print 

Because I have spent so much of my life residing in the United Kingdom, I have come to understand the occult, what it teaches, and the effect that it has on people.  Witchcraft is extremely popular in Britain, and Wicca in particular, has become the fastest growing religion in both England and the U.S.A.  Its prevalence is tied with England's sudden depletion of morality.  There was a better time, when England was a Christian country, and when its people cared for one another.  These older generations valued truth and honor over money and power.  Those times have long since passed.

Compare the inverted pentagram used by witches in their ceremonies (left), and the Goat's Head Pentagram used by Satan worshipers in their ceremonies (right).  Most witches claim not to worship Satan, but neither group has a reputation for honesty.  Most claim to be "good witches", which is the single greatest oxymoron.

Most Americans believe that magick is a laughable myth of children's stories, and the product of hysteria from their nation's early years; but those who practice witchcraft believe in its power. Regardless of whether you personally believe (or disbelieve) in the power of magick, and the forces of the occult; it is undeniable that the occult profoundly changes the character of an individual. This is of paramount importance to understand it. I have seen these changes in several people; and most notably, my own father. Therefore, this topic is very personal for me, and I have seen moreso than most that evil succeeds when good men do nothing.

Many people journey into the occult due to a combination of rebellion and curiosity. When this rebellion occurs in adults, it is usually a response to their feelings of rage toward either society, or God. In many cases, God appears unwilling to give them the power that they desire; so they turn to other (darker) sources of empowerment. In teenagers, this rebellion may either be against God, or against parental authorities. For what rebellion could be worse than to veer down a deceptive path of evil, and for parents to have no clue about their child's safety: either emotionally, or physically? What parental nightmare is worse than having one's own child manipulated, and fed lies against both parents and morality in general, so that their child may commune with Satanic people? Angry teens turn down the path of the occult in order to create these fears, and as a type of revenge. In far too many cases; their lives are destroyed in the process. For the teenagers who are reading this: if you truly have bad parents, then you must remember that your best revenge is success. Self-destruction will only vindicate deplorable parents.

People who turn to witchcraft have a strong desire for power. My father thought of himself as a master of manipulation well before he became involved in witchcraft. He thought of himself as very cunning, and prided himself in his ability to control others. He became involved in witchcraft after he met a witch who owned an occult store in a local shopping mall. The woman told him that she sensed his life was falling apart. Allegedly, he told her everything about his life, including how financially depleted he was, his problems at work, and how he had a daughter who he could not control. She then gave him a magick rock, which was attached to a necklace. The rock would protect him from evil forces, she told him. He was told that it would become darker over time as it absorbed evil, and he would have to wash the evil away in water. The way in which he was manipulated by the woman is both obvious and ironic. The witch saw how my father appeared to be suffering from depression, and exploited his vulnerability. Using his weaknesses, she managed to find out enough about his life to con him into buying some of her products. Indeed, that store became his main place for purchasing occult items, from magick wands, spell books, and more magic rocks.

Witches are very manipulative people, which is spelled out in the Bible where it says that the devil is "the father of lies" (John 8:44, NIV). Often, their manipulative behavior is not as obvious. When people become engulfed by the occult, with its teases about greater power, their hunger for power intensifies. They learn the art of manipulation as a means of power and control. Just as is the pattern of an abuser, the more power that they have (or believe to have), the more they crave it. Both power and money remain at the root of all evil, and they are an integral part of witchcraft.

I watched as my father became greedy, promiscuous, and completely corrupt. He surrounded himself with evil friends, many of whom symbolically dressed in black from head to toe. They literally embraced darkness. He would lend money to some of them, only to be shocked that they never repaid him. I remember having read that the phrase "there is no honor amongst thieves" was originally the phrase "there is no honor amongst witches". I can no longer find the source, but it would certainly seem accurate.

One Wiccan practice when joining a 'magick circle' is to tie knots in a rope representing the new member, so that if he leaves the coven, the other witches are supposedly able to untie the knots and thereby destroy every area of his life. Whether the effects of this magick are real or imagined, the witches truly believe it to be real, and will happily work to destroy anyone who refuses to serve them. The coven's campaign of terror, blackmail, and mental slavery begins during the first meeting. This practice would be despicable to most people, but it is very common throughout the occult. A person who has been in these circles will create a self-imposed hell for himself, in which his reliance upon power, anger, regret, and his lack of faith in God will altogether destroy him in time. The hell that they have created will doubtlessly continue after death, in all but the most exceptional of cases. There are some people who manage to learn from their mistakes, swallow their pride, and are blessed with protection from the coven by the Lord. The people who survive and redeem themselves unscarred are few and far between.

The promoters of witchcraft, and especially Wicca, are constantly reminding us that their religion is not Satanic, but research into their history proves otherwise. One of the foundational texts of Wicca is called "Aradia", or "The Gospel of Witches". According to the text, the 'Goddess' Diana is "Queen of the Witches". She is said to have a brother, named Lucifer, who is "The Sun God".  Diana incestuously seduces him to create the unholy union between 'The Goddess' and Lucifer.  The political explanation has been offered that the idea of Lucifer as the true head of the witches was 'too strong meat' for the beginning Wiccans. However, Diana is regularly described as 'Queen of the Serpents'.  A serpent is the most universal symbol of evil.

There are some that have worked their way up the ranks of Wicca, and have fled, and written about it. While some may start out with positive intentions, they are slowly pushed from 'white magick' to 'dark magick', and ultimately into directly worshiping the devil himself. It is then that they become ritualistic sociopaths.  Leaving their coven is like trying to leave a mafia family.

The original meaning of Wicca was: bent, twisted, or warped.


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Comments (25)
  • Voiceofreason

    Wicca and Witchcraft are seperate things that are commonly confused. Witchcraft is a form of paganism, and Wicca is a form of paganism but not the same as Witchcraft...Wicca was created in the 1950's by Gerald Gardner, it is a fertility based religion that is closed to outsiders, only those initiated into a coven that can trace its roots back to gardner is actually Wiccan, all others miss understand the word. Wicca doesn't believe in the existence of Satan or God and so doesn't worship either in any form.

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    Let me guess, you're one of the "good witches", right, like from the Wizard of Oz?

    Actually, Wicca and witchcraft are not separate. Instead, wicca is merely a branch of witchcraft, which is, in fact, related to Satanism. The fact that the goddess Diana is named "god of serpents" is no coincidence. Neither is the fact that the great majority of what you said is false. After all, a common name for the Devil, is "The Prince of Lies". In the "religion", Diana is actually the sister of 'Lucifer'.

    For those who have trouble believing that these groups actually worship the 'god of serpents' or 'Lucifer', refer to the Gospel of Witches(1899).

    While Wicca may be a new name that is used to modernize what has unfortunately been around for centuries, the cult is not actually new. In fact, most witches like to boast that it pre-dates Christianity. Wicca is simply a new name that is used to make witchcraft more socially acceptable. This sort of deception can be found throughout witchcraft. By a 'fertility-based religion', I assume that you refer to the fact that they constantly worship the 'mother' figure, as a constant insult to God?

    On one final note, a disbelief in Satan does not mean that you do not follow him. While many of those in the lower-stages of witchcraft do not realize who they are serving, it is always clear to the leaders of the coven. By then, it is often too late to turn back, as covens don't like to let their people go. When asked where they get their "power", most new witches would exclaim "From nature!". The term 'Mother Nature' actually comes from the Pagan ideology, and refers to the mother goddess (Again, the god of serpents).

    You also forgot to mention that whilst many wiccans claim to hold no belief in the Devil, they do believe in devils, and many knowingly follow them. Asmodeus, for instance, is the devil of sensuality and luxury. Covens can call him by standing in the shape of a pentagram (see the article above). I'm sure that you forgot to mention the devils by coincidence.

  • Voiceofreason

    Wiccans don't worship Diana, or "mother earth" or anything like that, they are a fertility based religion and they only worship the lord and lady of the british isles (which arent any other god and goddess, they are limited to the wiccan faith), and even then they place higher values on practice rather than belief. Wicca doesn't pre-date christianity, it was created in the 1950's as stated above. I would also like to point out the lucifer isnt a name its a description used for an angel, jesus, and a few ancient kings "bringer of light" was used to represent the christ. Satan (not lucifer) is probably who you're aiming for with this uninformed argument. I suggest you study your own religion and those that you are spreading uneducated lies about before making statements, it only makes you look like a dime a dozen crazy zealot.

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    When you describe Lucifer as Jesus (messiah) you really make my point. Here is a quote about Lucifer from the "Gospel of Witches":

    "Diana greatly loved her brother Lucifer, the god of the Sun and of the Moon, the god of Light (Splendor), who was so proud of his beauty, and who for his pride was driven from Paradise."

    As I explained previously, Wicca is nothing more than a branch of witchcraft, and witchcraft started long before the 1950s. However, it is surprising that you lend so much credence to a "religion" that was only invented 50 years ago.

  • Voiceofreason

    Diana, the moon, the sun and lucifer have no place in Wicca, in Witchcraft in general maybe, but not in Wicca. I have personally never heard of the "gospel of witches", Wicca doesn't have any set religious book. If wicca is no more than a branch of Witchcraft then christianity is no more than a branch of lucifarianism. I personally do not practice witchcraft and am not of the Wicca but being that it is only roughly 50 years old it seems to have more respectable members that don't judge everything with a heartbeat, unlike other religions which will remain nameless. Also along with that quote you gave me...If Diana was Lucifer's sister was Diana an angel as well? since Lucifer is generally seen as a fallen angel.

  • Angus

    I practice witchcraft and I am not of the Wica. Witchcraft was around long before Gardner created the religion of Wica.

    Devil also means Little God or Little Master. The Devil as you see him (whose name is Satan, BTW) is a wonderful fictional tale created by one John Milton. Satan is not equal to Lucifer in any shape or form. I suggest you read the story about the Fall of Babylon a bit closer because Lucifer is a title for Light Bearer and is not the same as the Adversary.

    You are also wrong in that you believe the Wica worship Diana at all. They worship the Lord and Lady of the British Isles whose names are oathbound and since Gardner mentions Diana as being a form of one of those goddesses we can safely assume that Diana is not the Lady.

    By fertility based it means exactly what fertility means. The Lord and Lady within the Wica are both of equal power, the God and Goddess are equal or else it is not Wica any longer. One gender is not greater over another. If they worshiped only one of the two deities it would not be Wica. Dianic Witchcraft =/= Wica in any way shape or form.

    Wicca is not a "new name" to make witchcraft more acceptable. It has indeed become that thanks to idiots like Silver Raven****, but that is not why Gardner used it. As I see it, VoiceofReason did not claim that Wicca pre-dates Christianity, and if that is who I think it is, she would never do so.

    How is it that the Wica worship a deity that is not part of their cosmology? Please explain that. Furthermore, how do you not know that you are praying to Satan when you pray to YHVH? The voice you hear could be the Satan in disguise, and you would have no idea at all. The Bible does not say that other gods do not exist, it merely states to the Israelites to worship Abraham's god ONLY since the Israelites hailed from the tribes of Sumer and they had a belief that each person had a personal god. Abraham's god and Abraham's people worship YHVH, Only.

    I certainly do get my power from Nature and the Powers of the cosmos and the Underworld and Fate and the Devil in the guise that I know him as the Goat Angel of Light. This is not the same for all witches of course, and you have no authority to say otherwise as far as I am concerned. Your research is shoddy and very poor.

    Which of the Wica do you know that they believe in devils? I am sure that VoiceofReason can say more on that, as I am not so certain. However, I will say that I do not believe the Wica work with the Goetia at all. And also, why call on upon a demon of sensuality when the Goddess is the epitome of such a trait?

    To the point of your little essay, if one could call it that, it seems that you are calling all witches, Wica when that is not the case. As I said I practice witchcraft and I am not of the Wica. All of the Wica are witches but not all witches are of the Wica. Furthermore, it seems that your father just had a run in with some witches that happened to work in that way and falsely called themselves "Wiccan". I will tell you now that they were not of the Wica.

    In other news it seems that you have mistakenly misunderstood the meaning of the inverted pentagram. If my research tells me true the inverted pentagram is a symbol of the Divine coming down into mortality. If I remember correctly is the symbol of many a second degree in a three degree system be it Wica or no.

    In an even further note, the serpent is also a symbol of intelligence in a few cultures. The Norse myths come to mind of Odin, master of sorcery and intellect. If by "universe" you mean "Christian Worldview" then you would be absolutely correct.

    Bill Schnoebelen also describes Wica as a nature-worshiping religion when this is so not the case. His book is a complete fallacy and misuses the title of Wica to no end. What he experienced was a different form of witchcraft, most likely Satanic witchcraft from what I gather, and has no connection what so ever with Wica.

    It also seems that you based your little essay off of his writings which, though cute at first, you must realize that your research was poorly done and that you need to try again.

    Wicca actually meant TO bend, TO twist, TO warp; this mostly likely had to do with fate as the witches of the past were said to be able to change the fates of others. Of course, this was more seidr than witchcraft, but you get my use of the term I am sure.

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    The 'light bearer' interpretation that you refer to can only be found in the NIV, and not in older versions such as KJV. Refer to the following quote about Lucifer from the Gospel of Witches:

    "Diana greatly loved her brother Lucifer, the god of the Sun and of the Moon, the god of Light (Splendor), who was so proud of his beauty, and who for his pride was driven from Paradise."

    I love the way that you guys have a different version of Wicca to everybody else. It's amazing that you think that all of the other witches got it wrong.. but not you. Nature worship has always been associated with paganism, and also with wicca.

    I feel no need to respond to your questions which obviously mock God. However, the fact that you worship the "Goat Angel of Light" is very telling. If any readers have trouble recalling the goat symbolism, see the Goat's head pentagram above.

    The serpent is a symbol of treachery, cunning, deceit, and evil. Using pagan figures such as odin really emphasized the fact that you're a heathen that isn't worth our time. Just to recap, the symbols that you referred to include Lucifer, the goat, and the serpent. You are exactly the sort of example that we needed to complete this article. Thanks.

    Oh, and just so that you know: I have the only authority needed to say so. We'll be waiting for the incoming hexes and magic curses, but I don't think you'll get very far with that. :woohoo: My Lord is substantially stronger than all of yours combined.

  • Voiceofreason

    Just to correct you quickly, It is a large missunderstanding that Wicca is a nature worshiping group, it would be more correctly defined as "a fertility based witch-cult" seeing as none of their rituals really involve "nature" but more fertility/sex. I think how closed minded you are means that this conversation will get about as far as chatting with a rock but I'll finish with commenting on your last tidbit. There is no such thing as hexes and curses, if your lord was substantially stronger than a termite he would be capable of doing stuff which from my experience he is not SO with that said I wish you good luck in life and hope that you are one day not as blinded by your judgemental/hate filled nature.

  • Mo

    You simpleton,

    satan has many names and many forms.

    Just because you don't call yourself a witch, or confess to worshipping devils, doesn't mean you don't. The worship anything or anyone, other than the one true God, is witchcraft, FYI. You might not like it, but that is a fact.

    BTW, YOU should do your OWN homework if you are going to quote the Holy Bible to Christians. Their is only one God and it says so in black and white. You fools love to bend, to twist, to wrap.

    To you others reading, sorry for this late post. But really, what a lot of garbage they speak. Sometimes it is hard to resist telling them so.

  • C. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)

    Yes, we know about that whole "fertility" thing. Fertility is a thin guise for sensuality idolatry. We also know about the common sex orgies you people will be participating in for Easter. We know about you, so stop pretending that we don't.

    Of course you do these things, since extramarital sex is a sin against the Lord, it's naturally one of your "religious ideals" -- like lying, and hurting people -- but most importantly, it's pulling people away from God. That last one is the big one for you people. It is the basis of all the games and deceit.

    Everything you do is intended to mock and insult the Lord -- like what you are doing here, and of course, those Easter orgies too.

  • C. Thomas Corriher (Managing Editor)

    "You also seem to be at war with the incest thing when such acts are scattered across the pages of Greek Myth. Zues had children with Hera, you know. Don't insult a culture just because it doesn't fit within your worldview."

    For those readers who missed this because of its slightly obscured meaning. The satanist ("good witch") is promoting child molestation as a cultural activity to be practiced with one's own children. He knew that Sarah would immediately catch the meaning, and so it was an attempt to bait her. Nevertheless, child molestation is "holy" to these people -- it's what their "gods" do, after all.

    This "debate" is over. Child-molesting satan worshipers won't use our site to spread their poison.

  • Emily  - Great article!

    Hello there. I was just browsing your site and I really find it very useful. I am very happy to read this article because I do find that most people find witchcraft to be trivial and people need to see the truth.

    I myself am a muslim and we believe witchcraft as one of the biggest sins because people who practice witchcraft are not only hurting other people/families and themselves, but they are worshiping other than God by worshiping the devils to get them to do what they want.

  • Emily

    Sarah & Thomas,good for you! go girl! for speaking out and defending our lord JESUS CHRIST,who has All the power & authority over the earth!

  • Sai Kit  - I am confused

    According to the erectile article, Thomas isn't a Christian, but according to this article, Sarah seems like a Christian as she made reference to God, and even Satan.

    So Sarah, are you an adopted child of an agnostic family (Thomas?).

    I don't mean to criticize anyone or anything here. Your website is of very high quality both medically and spiritually. I wonder why Thomas, who has quite a few things to say against Christians, and obviously drew a clear line between himself and us, would team up with a Christian Sarah? Just a question to learn more about the powerful source of this website (Yeah, God's medicine, but are we talking about the Biblical God?)

    I also have left a comment on the erectile page, and you may check that out to see what I thought about you guys (it's positive).

    And Sarah, I think the man who will marry you are so blessed! That man must be godly and be couragous to take a stand, or he doesn't deserve a godly girl like you.

    You are only 20 and it baffled me how much you know. When I was 20, I heard about these things, but not in depth, and certainly not knowlegable enough to write about them, and let alone actively promote them on Youtube.

    You are beyond any girl that I have seen.

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    Thomas is a Christian. You should re-read the article about erectile dysfunction again, because I think you read it wrong. Thomas merely explained that the Puritan influence has wrongly made some married couples uncomfortable with intimacy.

  • Jim  - Occult History

    Sarah, I am proud of you for the stand you take on this issue. Have any of witchcraft or wica even considered to influence that kabala Judaism has had on modern paganism? They should serious study the history in Europe between 1050-1150.

    Also could you share any references that you found valuable in your studies?

  • Sai Kit

    I guess it is the writing style. Normally when a Christian criticizes a Christians group or in general, he won't write as if Christians are third party, and not mentioning himself as one. I am happy to hear he is one.

  • Krissy

    Sarah and Thomas
    God Bless You both and thank you for teaching the truth and keeping true to God .I love God and he has been very good to me .:)

  • Tala

    "Of course you do these things, since extramarital sex is a sin against the Lord, it's naturally one of your "religious ideals" -- like lying, and hurting people -- but most importantly, it's pulling people away from God. That last one is the big one for you people. It is the basis of all the games and deceit.

    Everything you do is intended to mock and insult the Lord -- like what you are doing here, and of course, those Easter orgies too."

    Right on Thomas! I love people like this who just set the record straight! I dont know a lot about Satanism and I dont know a lot about Wicca either, since I am not either of these. I am actually a Muslim, from the Shia sect, though I would just like to say I am just a muslim who comes from no sect and I am just a person who believes in God who comes from the religion of christianty and judaism rolled into one, we are all a big family. I believe in Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Noah and all the Prophets. I love Jesus with all my heart, all Muslims do. I have noticed as well there is so much Satanism today, dont even get me started on present music, music videos and movies! Everything is so evil. Lived in the UK as well just like you Sarah I have seen it for myself. There are so many people believing in Wicca, dressing up in black, the black make up..I really feel uncomfortable around them because theyre not nice people either! Always slandering God and believing that Satan is cool and etc, I mean of course they would when young people are fed crap like Twighlight and Harry Potter right? I mean its honestly getting worse. Im only 21 and I can see how it has changed people in the last 10 years there has been this explosion of magic, wicca and satanism. But we have to expect it because this is what is says in the Bible and also Quran, that we are living in the age of ignorance and this age is the worst of all the ages. Increase in sex without marriage, increase in children born out of wedlock, increase in promiscuity, increase in slandering God, increase in depression, increase in pollution, unfairities and corruption and liers in government. Neither my parents were religious, but similar to Sarahs story, I broke free from my Godless life and chose Islam. And by the way I dont represent Bin Laden, terrorists or anything like that at all! That is extremism called Wahbbism from the Sunni sect of Islam encouraged by the Kings and Queens of England a long time ago when they brought the monarchy government to Saudi Arabia. In islam we are not even allowed to have Kings and Queens. How things have become corrupted and evil... :(

    God Bless Sarah, Thomas and believing men and believing women!

  • Rose Marie

    You remain deceived if you think the religion of Islam will save you. Only the blood of Jesus can wash away the sin of mankind. If you want to know the truth check out or google - how to be saved and know it.

  • Shelly howard  - WOW! you guys ROCK!!

    I ended up on this site from researching about Iosol/Iodine supplementing...but WOW!! I was knocked over by Sarah and Thomas...sarah's comments to that crazy guy on Iodine topic was awesome! so professional,mature,and to the point! Then I clicked onto this Occult/wicca article...and BAM! LOVE how you guys just set it straight! I cannot wait to read up on all you have on this site...I truly know you are straight up and not some Health Wacks giving me gibberish! I am familiar with some research facts on withcraft/wicca and you guys nailed it...and didn't back down! LOVE it...thank you for doin what you do. I am an researching on things and going deeper.This site will definitely enlighten me! thank u! God bless!

  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)

    Thanks Shelly. By the way, we are always looking for new writers (Hint). Be forewarned though, that the pay is low that you will practically owe us.

  • Craig Hilles  - Just responding to one of the witches (Angus)

    "The Bible does not say that other gods do not exist, it merely states to the Israelites to worship Abraham's god ONLY since the Israelites hailed from the tribes of Sumer and they had a belief that each person had a personal god. "

    Not true, look in the New Testament.

    For 1 example of many, in James (the brother of Jesus!) 2:19 he says "You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that — and shudder"

    So yes there are supernatural entities, but just one god.

    I'd hate to see what would happen if someone would start worshiping a demon.. Probably something bad... :)

    Sorry to open an old thread but I was JUST reading "The Ultimate Evil" about the son of sam murders and this one caught my attention.

  • Jimmie Miller  - other god's

    Yes, that guy must have been reading from a different bible or something because the angels were directly created by the one and only God as were Adam and Eve. Satan/Lucifer and the other fallen angels then deceived people into thinking they are "other gods" to steal worship from God and redemption from us. I can understand more how paganism was started when uneducated people were faced with things they couldn't understand or explain. However, you would think people today would know better than to keep falling for the same old deception, it's so sad and frustrating...

  • Nathan MacInnes  - Foolish

    I think the witchcraft issue is seriously underestimated. They are linked,not directly but they have the same goals. There are many who follow witchcraft for many reasons, but one thing is for sure, witchcraft involves sex as does the old religion of Baal. Sexual infidelity is agreed to be the way, by all religions of the good God to be the second worst sin in goods eyes. Through it people are blackmailed, addicted and coerced to ill use.
    Satan is indeed the light bringer at one point second only to Christ in goods eyes, but that fact alone led him to fall due to pride.
    Note that witchcraft is well hidden from the public eye. This is so Religion can first be demonized as pointless as Satan wants to hide until his groups become popular.

    In uk, pedophilia has become popular and a way of worship for both witches and finalists, it also is kept out of the press and away from public attention.

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